Utility Relocation Work

June 29, 2011 - This summer, Swarthmore College will perform some utility relocation work on the southeast corner of campus, which necessitates the removal of six trees. In addition, the College will begin the relocation of the softball field from its existing location to a new location closer to Palmer Residence Hall. This work would be necessary if the proposed Town Center West project is approved.

College Selects Cope Linder Architects to Design Town Center West Project

May 9, 2011 - The Philadelphia-based firm of architects, landscape architects, and planners is charged by the College with designing the mixed-use project, which will serve as a physical and social link between the Borough and the College, promoting collaboration, communication, and opportunities for intellectual engagement involving the entire community. more

Guest Column: A Statement of Principles

by Rebecca Chopp, president of Swarthmore College
March 24, 2011—In anticipation of a future inn and restaurant being built as part of the Town Center West project, the student group Swarthmore Labor Action Project (SLAP) has asked the College to enter into a "neutrality" agreement with the hotel industry union UNITE HERE and to endorse a card-check approach to union organizing. I write to state the position of the College administration, which has been shared with the Board of Managers. more

Guest Column on Rumors and Realities of the Town Center West Project Appears in Local and Student Press

by Maurice Eldridge, vice president for college and community relations
March 3, 2011—On February 19 the Swarthmore College Board of Managers approved the College's proposal to self-develop the Town Center West project which will include building an inn, restaurant, and relocating the Campus Bookstore to the south end of campus, near the SEPTA train station and across from the Borough's commercial district. In the two weeks since, a number of rumors and misperceptions have arisen. It seems prudent to address these as Borough residents and the campus community begin to have more in-depth discussions of the project during a series of public meetings. more

Board of Managers Approves Town Center West Proposal

Feb. 21, 2011 - the Board of Managers approves the College's proposal to self develop an inn with 40-to-45 guest rooms, a restaurant, and the relocation of the College-run bookstore. more

Members of College's Town Center West Advisory Committee Appointed by Board of Managers

Sept. 28, 2010—Last week, the Board of Managers appointed members of the College's Town Center West Ad Hoc Advisory Committee. The committee, which includes student, faculty, staff, and Board representatives, will provide institutional perspective for the proposed Town Center West project and keep the community informed about the project's progress. more

Guest Column on the History of Project Appears in Local and Student Press

by C. Stuart Hain, vice president for facilities and services
Sept. 16, 2010—There has been much discussion of the Inn project in the campus and local press lately. As proposed, the project would include building an inn, a restaurant, possible residential apartments, and a relocation of our campus bookstore to a space adjacent to the college's athletic complex and in close proximity to the train station. Since some of our students were not here when this planning process began and some new residents have moved into the area, I thought it might be helpful to lend some historical context to the conversation. more

Swarthmore Borough Receives $2 Million Award to Pursue Town Center West Project with College

June 4, 2010—The Borough of Swarthmore was recently awarded $2 million through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program to pursue the Swarthmore Town Center West project with Swarthmore College. The project fulfills both Swarthmore Borough and Swarthmore College aspirations to create an inn as well as the potential for an affiliated restaurant and the relocation of the College Bookstore to a site adjacent to the town's business center. more