Town Center West

architectural concept for the Town Center West
The College's Board of Managers approved this architectural concept for the Town Center West project at their May 2013 meeting.

Town Center West (TCW) is a development concept that includes the construction of an inn, restaurant, and retail space to house a campus and community store. The inn—the centerpiece of the project—is imagined as a hub of intellectual energy and a gathering place for faculty, students, and staff; for visiting scholars and speakers; for alumni, parents, prospective families, and friends of the College, and visiting friends and family members of local residents. The TCW development, which has the additional feature of being in close proximity to a regional rail line, will also provide a closer, stronger connection between Borough residents and the College community.

Incorporating elements of Swarthmore Borough's Revitalization Plan and remaining consistent with the College's mission, the goal is for TCW to serve as a physical and social link between the Borough and the College, promoting collaboration, communication, and opportunities for intellectual engagement involving the entire community. The project will be built on College-owned land near the south entrance to campus and the SEPTA regional train station. All of its components will be open and available to the public.