Deadlines for Researchers Submitting During Summer / Early Fall of 2014

The IRB committee is working this summer (during June and July) and will be reviewing proposals and other materials (continuing reviews, amendments, etc.) that do not require full board review. Because the summer committee is very small, some functions are limited and it may take longer to review proposals than during the academic year.

The IRB committee will not have capacity to work on any proposal reviews between August 1st and September 15th*. During this period, committee members will be completing trainings and preparing for the 2014-2015 academic year. Proposals that have not made their way through the review process by the end of July will be reviewed during the fall semester in the order in which they were submitted. The IRB expects to resume regular functions starting September 15th.

The IRB will continue to handle reports of unanticipated problems and respond to calls and email messages from research participants and/ or research subjects. These functions continue year round. Please note the following summer submission timelines:

  • New proposals and amendments that meet criteria for Exempt/Expedited Review will be reviewed in the order in which they are submitted. Because the IRB review process takes a few weeks, it is likely that proposals submitted after July 15th will be reviewed in September.
  • Continuing Review materials are due at least 20- 30 days in advance of the protocol's expiration date (notifications are currently being sent as expiration deadlines approach). Note that IRB approval is valid for one year (You can find the expiration date on the IRB approval letter or by logging in to the IRBManager system). If the protocol expires all research will be suspended until the IRB can review and approve the materials. If the review process cannot be completed prior to July 31st, the research will remain suspended until the IRB functions begin again in September. If you have any questions about when your protocol expires or the continuing review process, please contact the IRB at
  • Proposals, amendments, and continuing reviews that require Full Board Review will be reviewed during the fall semester. As in past years, the IRB does not have capacity to conduct full board reviews during the summer.

*Note: Currently, there are no proposals which will lapse in approval/ need continuing review during this period and so no proposals will lapse in approval as a result of this break in reviews.