Student Organizations

Animal Allies

The mission of Animal Allies is to raise awareness about the exploitation of animals and work towards ending their suffering through avenues such as advocating and campaigning for policies that bring about positive change for animals, engaging in animal-related community service, and providing resources to guide individuals to more compassionate lifestyle choices.

Contact: Shinae Yoon and Azucena Lucatero

Bird Club

A club devoted to the recreational observation of wild birds, primarily in the Crum Woods. Other planned activities include guest speakers and field trips outside the Swarthmore area.

Contact: Sayed Malawi


Earthlust is the organizing body for Ecosphere and the collective organizing space for all the sub-groups and organizations that are part of Ecosphere.

Contact: Nathan Graf

Environmental Justice

The Chester Gardening Cooperative is a collaboration between of Swarthmore students and Chester residents to maintain a community garden located in the Ruth L. Bennett Homes, one of Chester's public housing developments.

Contact: Tyler Huntington


Farepath hopes to collect food donations through an app system so that there is a stronger relationship between the donor and the collector. The app was originally funded through a Lang Scholarship.

Contact: Jimmy Shah

Garnet Go Green

Student-athletes, coaches, and staff from the Swarthmore College Department of Athletics are working together to reduce the environmental impact of the Garnet athletics programs. The purpose of the Garnet Go Green initiative is to ensure that the Swarthmore College Department of Athletics is doing its part to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Contact: Bridget Scott and Ross Bednar

The Good Food Project

The Good Food Project provides a space on campus for students to explore and discuss issues surrounding food production and consumption. We run a student garden on campus, bee hives, and host Swarthmore's annual Meat Day.

Contact: Bennett Thompson and Olivia Ortiz

Mountain Justice

We are a group of students, faculty, and alumni calling on the Swarthmore Board of Managers to divest our endowment from fossil fuels and reinvest in just and sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. See the MJ website here.

Contact: Stephen O'Hanlon and Sophia Zaia


Swarthmore's Outing Club - taking Swatties hiking, climbing, backpacking, and rafting since before you were born. Go outside or go home.

Contact: Philip Queen

Power Push

Earthlust and Mountain Justice co-created a project, Power Push: Growing a National Movement for Climate Justice, with aims to connect current Swarthmore students to the growing national student movement and to allow them to serve as visionaries for that movement. The strategies encompassed within Power Push include: building regional networks by connecting with student climate justice activists at nearby campuses, participating in resistance on the front lines of extraction, supporting campaigns to de-finance the industry, and lobbying for regulation of the industry.

Contact: Laura Rigell and Hazlett Henderson

Serenity Soular

The Serenity Soular Project is an ongoing collaboration between Swarthmore students and the Serenity House in North Philadelphia. The mission of the Serenity House is to provide a peaceful and welcoming community center in the midst of an impoverished neighborhood. Swarthmore students have worked with Serenity House in the past to develop a community garden and are now helping to provide job skills training on solar and other green technologies.

Contact: Laura RigellNora Kerrich, and Amit Schwalb