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Class Agent Letters

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1. Produce copies of this letter for
Classmates who have not yet made a gift or pledge this fiscal year
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The following alumni are excluded from above mailing lists:
Alumni who do not wish to be solicited by the College for gifts.
Alumni who do not want their address made public.
Alumni known to have inactive or incorrect addresses.

Please note: For classes 1980-2010, letters will automatically be sent from our office via email to classmates for whom we have a valid email address. Classmates without an email address will receive a hard copy letter with your electronic signature unless you indicate otherwise in the special notes section below.

If you are a pre-1980 class and would prefer to have your letters sent via email, please check the appropriate button below.

Send the letters via email.

Ship the letters to me for signature, personal notes, and mailing.

Mail the letters directly to my classmates, with my scanned signature. Please mail a scanned image of your signature to Kara McDonald or use the appropriate "Browse" button below.

Special notes concerning your agent letter.

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Letters will be produced in the order they are received.
Questions? Contact Kara McDonald at (610) 328-8622, toll free at (866)792-7842 or