Drug & Alcohol Counseling


Swarthmore students have access to an AOD specialist as part of the wellness and prevention efforts on campus. Located in the health center, the AOD Counselor and Educator provides individual and group services.  All AOD supports are student-centered and tailored to the individual needs of each case.  Please refer below for contact information.

The overarching priority of the College with respect to drugs and alcohol is ensuring the safety and well-being of Swarthmore students. The College is committed to providing guidance so that students can learn to develop a responsible approach to social challenges, including those relating to alcohol and other drugs (AOD).  


Assistance for Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Challenges

Swarthmore College maintains the local, state, and federal laws governing alcohol and drug abuse, while upholding an in-house AOD policy.  For additional information on these expectations, please refer to the student handbook.  In regards to the campus environment, Swarthmore College endorses a substance-free experience for all community members.  When drug or alcohol problems do arise, the AOD counselor will assist the situation and make recommendations therein. In some cases involving violations of the Student Code of Conduct, the College may include specific suggestions relating to AOD health and development.



Personalized Feedback Index (PFI)


The purpose of the PFI is to provide you with information about your alcohol use.  Your personal data will not be identifiable.  The questions usually require about 10minutes to complete, followed by a summary that is specific to your responses.  Click the "360PROOF" icon to begin the questionnaire.


Alcohol and Other-drugs Counselor and Educator 
Joshua M. Ellow, MS, ICCDP-D, CTT
Health Center, Room 126

Resource of the Month



For general information 
Deans' Office: 610-328-8365 
Psychological Services: 610-328-8059
Worth Health Center: 610-328-8058

Local Off-Campus Resources
Alcoholics Anonymous (Central Office): 215-923-7900
A.A. Meeting Information: 610-527-9711
Crozer-Chester Medical Center: 610-497-7200
Narcotics Anonymous: 610-534-9510

In case of acute intoxication or other emergencies:
Public Safety: 610-328-8333
Worth Health Center: 610-328-8058
(Call 911 if other resources are not available.)