Social & Recreational

Spring Celebration

Boy Meets Tractor (BMT)

BMT is Swarthmore's most illustrious (and only) sketch comedy group. BMT writes, produces, and performs all of its own sketches and puts on at least two shows a year in a combination of live action and video. Auditions are held at the beginning of the fall semester. For a good time (or to ask questions), email

Chess Club

The Swarthmore Chess Club welcomes chess players of all skill levels, including rank beginners. We're happy to teach you! We meet every Friday at 4:30 in Kohlberg Commons. We also run a yearly campus-wide rapid tournament.

Delta Upsilon Fraternity (DU)

The Swarthmore DU chapter is affiliated with Delta Upsilon International Fraternity, a non-secret fraternity which currently boasts 84 active chapters in the United States and Canada. All students are welcome to participate in our social, recreational and service functions.


Knit-witsKnit-Wits seeks to provide an environment where students can meet to participate in a restful and productive activity. We are a group of people who love to knit and thrive on the satisfaction of a completed project, and we would like to share this satisfaction with others. By providing free yarn and allowing students to borrow needles and pattern books, we make knitting available to students of all financial backgrounds, and by having supplies on campus, we cut down on the time required to begin a project, thereby opening knitting to a wider and more diverse group.

Ladies Soiree Society (LaSS)

LaSS is an all-inclusive organization that aims to create solidarity among women and to form a network of friends with diverse interests and backgrounds. We host a variety of social events, including parties, intimate gatherings, group dinners, Philadelphia outings, and barbecues. We also participate in local charities and host fundraisers such as the annual Mr. Swarthmore competition.

Large-Scale Event Committee (LSE)

Large-Scale Event CommitteeThe Large-Scale Event Committee is a group of 10 or so students who organize and coordinate the Large-Scale Event and Worthstock each year. Recent events include performances by The Roots, Wanda Sykes (left) and the New Pornographers. If you are interested in serving on the committee, you can apply through Student Council during the appointments process. If you would like to make suggestions to the committee, please email

Movie Committee

Movie Committee provides students with a brief escape from the "Swat bubble" and a way to catch up on recent movies they may have missed in the theaters. We show a free movie on campus each weekend during the academic year and try to show a broad range of movies that cater to the largest possible on-campus audience.

Ninja Grams

NinjaGram is Swarthmore's only ninja-powered Valentine's Day card delivery system. Every year, we deliver hundreds of cards to students, staff, and professors, offering priceless comedy and fundraising for charity in the process. We can always use your help, so come join us! more.


The OutsidersThe Outsiders is a club for students interested in hiking in recreational areas outside the Swarthmore area. We believe that outside activity is important because it builds self-confidence and a sense of community. We will also support students who are interested in outside activities besides hiking, such as rock climbing. The club brings together people who share a common interest in the outdoors.

Paces Café

Paces is Swarthmore's oldest student-run café and operates Sunday - Wednesday from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Enjoy a variety of desserts, special menu items, coffee, and music at a hip location. All the food, service, and entertainment is provided by student employees at a better-than-reasonable price. Come in for 75 cent bottomless coffee, desserts from a dollar, and delicious specials. Bring your work - Paces is wireless!

Phi Psi Fraternity

Phi Psi is a local fraternity. The group prides itself on its openness and any student interested in pledging the fraternity should contact one of the officers. Entrance to any Phi Psi event, whether S.A.C.-funded or not, is never exclusive to the brothers or a guest list. The entire student body is always welcome. more

Psi Phi

Psi Phi is a broad club which supports gaming, holds a large science fiction and fantasy library, runs weekly games of Magic: The Gathering, publishes the Bug-Eyed Magazine, and hosts a bevy of major events including the annual Dactyl Hunt (a giant LARP), a game of capture the flag with super soakers in the spring, the Schlock Film Festival, St. Valentine's Day Massacre, and the Root Beer Kegger. We meet every Saturday at noon in Sharples Room 4.

Qüb Café

A late-night lounge housed in the Kitao Art Gallery that serves Asian-inspired food, Open on weekends, it, like the gallery, is completely student run.

Rose Tattoo Café

Rose Tattoo Café is a concert series of student musical performers. The group provides a venue for solo artists and campus bands. All genres are encouraged to participate. Typically, three concerts are held per semester in Paces Café . Free desserts and non-alcoholic refreshments are provided. We are always looking for both performers and volunteers. No stage experience necessary. Volunteers are treated with the utmost love and affection, so please help!

Shogi Club

Shogi is a traditional Japanese board game, similar to Western chess, in which pieces you capture from your opponent become your own to use. As a result, Shogi games are simultaneously strategic and tactical, often culminating in explosive attacks on the opponent's king. The Shogi club is privileged to have the support and guidance of Associate Professor of Philosophy Alan Baker, master player and 2008 U.S. Shogi Champion. All levels of experience are welcome, so come check it out!
Contact: Phil Chodrow (pchodro1)

Social Affairs Committee (SAC)

SAC is responsible for providing a balanced social calendar every weekend. The committee's responsibilities include funding all-campus parties, study breaks, and events and collaborating with groups and organizations to co-sponsor College events such as the Fall Formal, Screw Your Roommate, Spring Formal, and two non-alcoholic, all-campus events each month. The committee meets Mondays in Kohlberg 330 at 10 p.m. to hear proposals and plan events for the weekend following the upcoming weekend. SAC members are selected each semester by Student Council and serve for a one-year term. Contact for more information.


The main objective of Vertigo-go is to entertain the student body with non-offensive improvisational comedy. The group also serves as an ambassador for the school at comedy festivals in the Northeast.