Daily Gazette

The Daily Gazette is Swarthmore's only daily source of news, arts, and sports.  Our email- and Web-based publication comes out every day classes are in session and is received by over 2,200 students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. All students are invited to report on news or arts, cover athletic events, take photographs, or help out in the publishing process. You can choose the level of involvement you want to have on a week-by-week basis. Drop us a line at more


The Halcyon is the College's yearbook. In order to include graduation ceremonies, the book is published and circulated in the fall of the following school year. Therefore, most of the organization of staff takes place in the first few months of the fall semester. We are always looking for help in any of the following areas: photography, writing, business (ad and book sales), and layout design. more


"Mjumbe," the Swahili word for "messenger," is a literary magazine sponsored by the Black Cultural Center. Mjumbe strives to showcase the literary talent of black writers in the form of poetry, prose, short stories, political commentary, opinion articles, and the like. Photography, paintings, and drawings are also welcome to the magazine, distributed annually at no charge. Please submit any and all entries to

ñ (Enie)

ñ (Enie) is the College's Spanish-language literary magazine. Enie serves as the primary advocate for Spanish-language related events and through its annual magazine provides a space for creative writing in Spanish for the Tri-Co community. Submissions, which are limited to poems, short stories, and essays, have typically come almost entirely from Swarthmore students and a few faculty members, but all interested members of the Tri-College community are invited to submit works for publication. Enie promotes, encourages, and affirms the written and spoken presence of Spanish by both native and non-native speakers of all ethnicities. The publication is distributed at no charge to the community.


As a publication centered on the idea of diversity, Ourstory's mission is the creation of a space that facilitates the expression of an array of voices. Our goal is to create a community on campus that supports and sustains creative works that engage and connect our campus on issues that are pertinent and compelling to our lives, such as those of race, class, gender, sexuality, and politics. After all, as a campus community, we all come from very different places and backgrounds, so hopefully through this work we can create a forum for expression of and dialogue across those differences.


The Phoenix is the College's weekly student newspaper. Since 1881, and now published every Thursday when classes are in session, the Phoenix has comprehensive coverage of news, living and arts, opinions, and sports. Hiring is done on a semester-by-semester basis for editorial, reporter, photographer, and business staff positions. Contact the Phoenix by e-mail at more


Remappings is the College literary magazine that represents the Asian/Asian Diasporic community on campus. It highlights work by students, staff, and faculty and provides an expository space and a forum for their voices. Remappings is published once a year, generally in the spring.

Small Craft Warnings

Small Craft Warnings is Swarthmore's oldest literary magazine. We publish our magazine biannually in a perfect-bound magazine with an onion skin cover page. We look to publish student, faculty, and staff members' prose, poetry, fiction, and artwork. Our editorial board is made up of about 10 students, and we accept applications for new editors every fall. We likewise host writing-related events around campus, such as our Valentine's Day Poetry On Demand table and faculty readings.more

Spike Magazine

Spike Magazine is Swarthmore's oldest humor magazine (since 1993). We publish one issue per semester, along with the occasional satire or special edition. We are always interested in new recruits, so please feel free to contact us at more

Sudan Radio Project

The Sudan Radio Project is a monthly student radio broadcast that explores the historical, political, economic, and social context of current conflicts in Darfur and elsewhere in Sudan. The project uses personal stories as well as in-depth analysis to educate listeners about often-overlooked aspects of the situation in Sudan and to give them the tools to effect change. more
Contact: Chelsea Davis (cdavis1) or Laura Wang (lwang2)

Swarthmore Migration Project

The Swarthmore Migration Project is an online multimedia project which aims to increase awareness of migration issues by giving a voice to people whose stories have been ignored, underreported, or misunderstood. It weaves these stories together using text, audio, photography, and video to provide new insights on multiculturalism and globalization. It intends to foster discussion by creating a portal for those who are looking for a basic understanding of migration as a phenomenon, as well as who seek an in-depth understanding of the issues. more

War News Radio

Carried by public radio stations nationwide, War News Radio fills the gaps in the media's coverage of the war in Iraq by providing balanced and in-depth reporting, historical perspective, and personal stories. more

WSRN 91.5 FM

WSRN 91.5 FM, the Worldwide Swarthmore Radio Network, is the College's radio station. We broadcast at 110 watts at a frequency of 91.5 MHz every day from approximately 8 a.m. to 4 a.m. Currently, a simultaneous webcast is also available to listeners on campus and worldwide. WSRN's musical programming includes rock, hip hop, folk, jazz, blues, classical, world, electronica, soul/funk, and live performances. Talk programming includes news and politics, comedy, drama, and variety. Our studios and offices are located on the fifth floor of Parrish Hall. WSRN is entirely operated by the students of Swarthmore College. We have been broadcasting since 1940. more