Watch: Kaaren Williamson

Title IX Coordinator

Watch: Nina Harris

Violence Prevention Educator and Advocate

Watch: Beth Pitts

Associate Director of Public Safety for Investigations

Watch: David Ramirez

Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

Watch: Beth Kotarski

Director of Worth Health Center

Watch: Amy Jones

Explaning the role of the Grievance Advisor and Community Educator

Watch: Joshua M. Ellow

 Alcohol and Other-Drugs Counselor & Educator

Watch: Nathan Miller

Dean of the Senior Class and Director of Student Conduct

Watch: Clothesline Project Fosters Empowerment

The annual project encourages survivors of sexual assault and their allies to design T-shirts for display in front of Parrish Hall. More

Self Defense Classes

Director of Public Safety Mike Hill leads Rape Aggression Defense classes, which students can take for credit, several times during the year.

Swarthmore College is committed to creating and fostering a learning and living environment that is free of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment of any kind. If you or someone you know is the victim/survivor of sexual misconduct, you are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from one or more of the resources available, both here and off-campus.