External Review and Task Force on Sexual Misconduct to Begin Work

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Swarthmore must be a place where sexual misconduct and violence will not be tolerated anywhere, anytime. When it occurs, we must support survivors fully, and we must adjudicate swiftly, surely, and always fairly.

As you know, I recently announced that we have hired an independent external review team from Margolis Healy & Associates and appointed the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct, composed of students, faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Managers. The Margolis Healy team will make their first visit to our campus beginning next Monday, May 20, and will be here through most of that week. Please be assured that they will return to campus in the fall, when all students and faculty are here, to provide ample time for input from all community members.

Over the next several months, the independent team will thoroughly review our sexual misconduct policies, programs, support practices, and adjudication. Next week they will begin their work by meeting with members of the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct as well as many other areas of campus, in particular Public Safety, the Dean's office, the President's office, Athletics, and Human Resources, among others. They will also meet individuals who have indicated an interest in meeting with the team.

There will also be some open times that students, faculty, and staff can arrange to meet with them individually. Anyone who has an interest in doing so should contact them at swarthmore@margolishealy.com. This email address is also the best way to communicate any specific suggestions, experiences, or concerns you may have about our current policies and practices related to sexual misconduct. Someone from Margolis Healy will be in touch with you. The members of the review team include Pam Heatlie, Linda Langford, Anne Munch, and Tom Tremblay, in addition to Gary Margolis and Steven Healy.

We realize that next week many students and faculty will have left campus for the summer. If you have done so, but want to reach out to share your thoughts, feel free to communicate with the review team at swarthmore@margolishealy.com. Again, please be assured that the Margolis Healy team will return in the fall to provide additional opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to contribute to analyzing our current practices and to continue their work with the internal task force to make recommendations for improvement.

We look forward to beginning this important work and urge community members to participate either next week, if possible, or when classes resume in the fall.


Rebecca Chopp