Acalog: Academic Programs

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Getting Started with Academic Chapters

To edit administrative chapters, choose Programs & Cores from the left-hand menu.

academic programs

Select your Academic Program

The programs you have permission to edit are listed with a highlighted yellow icon; programs you cannot edit are grayed out. Select the program to be edited.
Academic programs

Editing the Faculty List and Introduction

  1. To edit the the faculty list and introductory text, switch to the Edit tab using the horizontal menu.

    Edit program

  2. Use the text editor to make any needed changes. For editing tips, see Working with the Editor.
  3. Footnote Key:

1 Absent on leave, fall YYYY

2 Absent on leave, spring YYYY

3 Absent on leave, YYYY-YYYY

4 Absent on administrative leave, YYYY-YYYY

5 Fall YYYY

6 Spring YYYY

7 Affiliated faculty

8 Ex-officio

Editing Program Text in Cores

The academic program content that follows the faculty list and introduction is located in a series of cores. Cores are comprised of text and/or course lists.

  1. To locate the core you need to edit, switch to the Cores tab using the horizontal menu.


  2. Click on the core you need to update.
  3. Using the horizontal menu, click Edit Core.
  4. Use the text editor to make changes. For instructions, see Working with the Editor.
  5. To save your changes, scroll to the bottom. Under "Save Options," click Next.
    Once you click "Next," your changes will be saved and a new snapshot of the page will be taken. The snapshot can be used by an Acalog administrator to track changes to the content.
  6. Optional but recommended: Enter a brief comment describing your change and click "Complete Snapshot"

Editing Courses in Cores

The final section of Academic Program chapters is usually a list, or lists, of courses offered. These lists are maintained in cores. To update the course list(s):

  1. If necessary, navigate to the Academic Program: Select Programs& Cores from the left-hand vertical menu, then select your Academic Program from the list.
  2. Choose Cores from the horizontal menu.
    select core
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list of Cores to find those that list courses and select the core you need to update. Titles vary by program but cores with courses are generally listed at the bottom.

    cores with courses

  4. On the horizontal sub-menu, select Courses.

Adding a New Course to a Core

Use the Course Filter under add courses to search for the course you wish to add.

  1. Use the search controls to select the prefix and type in the course number.
  2. Click Filter to search. Results will appear below in the Add Courses section.
  3. Use the check box to select the course(s).
  4. Click Add Course.

Re-Ordering the Courses in a Core

  1. Hover over the course in the list. When it is highlighted click, drag the course and drop into its new position in the list.
    re-order core courses
  2. Click Save Ordering.

Removing a Course from a Core

  1. Locate the course in the core and check the box in the Remove column

    remove course

  2. Click Remove Selected