Committee Membership


Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Susan Eagar, Special Assistant to the President
Mynetta Edwards, Administrative Coordinator
Jan Semler, Director, Capital Planning and Project Management

Senior Leadership 

Liz Braun, Dean of Students
Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Karl Clauss, Vice President for College Advancement
Susan Eagar, Special Assistant to the President
Jan Semler, Director, Capital Planning and Project Management
Stu Hain, Vice President for Facilities and Capital Projects
Valerie Smith, President
Tom Stephenson, Provost

Advisory Committee

Amber Adamson '01, Alumni Representative
Jackie Helene Bailey-Ross '12, Alumni Representative
Peter Baumann, Professor, Department of Philosophy
Jim Bock '90, Dean of Admissions
John Caskey, Professor, Department of Economics
H.G. Chissell, IV '96, Alumni Representative
Joel Cooper, Chief Information Technology Officer
Anthony Coschignano, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
Elise Cummings '19
Logan Grider, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Department of Art
Rachel Head, Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Student Engagement
Jesus Hernandez '19
Adam Hertz, Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Sharmaine LaMar, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of the College
Kelley Meagher '89, Alumni Representative
Nancy Nicely, Secretary of the College and Vice President for Communications
Pamela Prescott-Caesar, Vice President for Human Resources
Peggy Seiden, College Librarian
David Singleton '68, Member of the Board of Managers
Aurora Winslade, Director of Sustainability

​Student Committee

Isabel Baskin '17
Guihyun Byon '19
Elise Cummings '19
Simona Dwass '19
Jesus Hernandez '19
Jasmine Jimenez '19
Cameron Ricciardi '19
Krystelle Thomas '19
Wendy Wu '19