Re-imagining the Swarthmore Student Experience

Students in an outdoor classroom at Swarthmore College

An effort is underway this fall to help us think more holistically about both the nature of students’ lives beyond the classroom and the types of spaces that might support those experiences, both now and into the future. Brightspot Strategy, a firm that specializes in helping higher education institutions and other organizations improve work and learning experiences, is helping to lead this effort and has met with various constituencies on campus to conduct interviews, surveys, and workshops.

A culminating visioning workshop, developed in close collaboration with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the team from Brightspot, was held on Oct. 17, 2016. The event was open to all community members and included three sessions focused on the guiding principles that have emerged from the visioning process:

  • Community and Belonging
  • Exploration and Curiosity
  • Growth and Development

These sessions featured moderated group discussions with staff, faculty, and alumni experts, followed by questions and answers with members of the audience.