Security Services

Campus Patrols

Public Safety provides round-the-clock uniformed patrols of campus buildings and grounds by professionally trained patrol officers. All officers are in constant radio contact with the Communications Center and will be dispatched immediately to the scene of any emergency. As weather conditions, staffing, and operational activities permit, these patrols are also conducted on bike by Public Safety officers and auxiliary patrol officers. Students are encouraged to call the department at x8281 any time they feel Public Safety can be of assistance.


The College uses closed circuit television to monitor public areas in order to deter crime and to assist the Public Safety in providing for the security and safety of the campus community. More information is available in the College's CCTV policy.

Emergency Telephones

Public telephones are located throughout the campus and are connected to a county-wide 911 network for toll-free connection to the Delaware County Communications Center.

ID Cards

When investigating a suspicious or unusual circumstance, a Public Safety officer may ask to see your ID card. By showing it, you will contribute to the overall security of the campus. By not identifying yourself, you risk being treated as a trespasser and being subject to disciplinary action for failing to cooperate with a Public Safety officer.

Swarthmore ID cards are not transferable. Anyone found loaning an ID to another individual for use at Sharples Dining Hall or any College function will be fined $35. The borrower will also be fined $35. Misused cards will be confiscated and returned only on application to the Dean. Rude or abusive behavior in connection with ID requests will be refered to the Dean's Office.

Smoke Detectors

Fire Safety is a shared responsibility between the Dean's Office, Public Safety, the Maintenance Department, and building occupants.  Swarthmore began upgrading and modernizing its fire detection systems more than a decade ago. We also began a major retrofit of dormitories and academic buildings to install sprinkler systems. More information can be found here.