EmergenSee Mobile Safety App

Download EmnergenSeeEmergenSee is a mobile application that provides an extra level of safety for users who may encounter dangers as they are travelling alone at night or if they are witness to a crime or dangerous situation. Specifically, it allows Swarthmore students, faculty, and staff to connect directly to Public Safety by activating the app on their Apple or Android based Smartphone. Once the App is activated, live video and audio is sent from the phone, along with location information, to the department's Communications Center.

If the situation permits, users can even live chat on their smartphones with Public Safety  Officers via text.

Emergensee's GeoFence technology maintains a designated perimeter that includes the Swarthmore campus and surrounding areas in Swarthmore Borough. The GeoFence serves as blue light protection, since once you tap the EmergenSee app and press Start, the app immediately alerts Public Safety. A full brochure on the EmergenSee App is available here (pdf).

Here is how to get the EmergenSee App on your mobile device:

To obtain EmergenSee directly from either iTunes or the Google Play store please see the following guides:

EmergenSee for Android(pdf)

Emergensee for ios devices (pdf) 

Download the EmergenSee app from EmergenSee's website.

  1.   Set-Up: 
  • "Open" The App
  • "Create Account"  Your Account
  • "Accept"  Terms of Use
  • "Agree"  To Private Data Acknowledgement
  • "Profile" Enter Your Name, Swarthmore  E-Mail Address, Cell Number, Create a Password... Select "Next"
  • On the "Add Organization" Screen Tap "Add my University" (search for Swarthmore) - Click "Add" and Tap "OK" if prompted

Optional: If you would like to add additional contacts* to be notified in the event of an emergency, please do so here.

If prompted, please allow EmergenSee to use your location. In the event of an emergency, this will help pre-selected contacts and Public Safety find your location quickly and accurately.

2.   Run a Test. Test the App from your device to insure all functions are working properly and that Public Safety and any additional contacts have been notified.

Special Default Notice:  By default, EmergenSee "Auto-Start Incident"  is pre-set to "OFF" allowing you to "Set-Up EmergenSee" without alarming your contacts with a false Emergency Situation.  In this Mode, you have one additional step of selecting the "Start" Bar on the bottom of your screen.  Once you have completed your "EmergenSee Set-Up"  we recommend you change your "Auto-Start Incident" to "ON".  Go to the EmergenSee "Home Screen," select "Settings," then "Incident Options".            

Note:  If you are Traveling outside Swarthmore College's Geo Fence / Abroad - Please Contact Public Safety for a special ProCode that will allow you to contact us.

Additional contacts: EmergenSee Professional Partners, 24/7 Monitoring Centers (where available), family, and/or friends.