Campus Services

EmergenSee Mobile Safety App

EmergenSee is a mobile application for both Apple and Android phone user  that provides an extra level of safety for members of the college community who may encounter dangers as they are travelling alone at night or if they are witness to a crime or dangerous situation. More information can be found here.

Bike Registration

Bicycle owners are urged to register their bikes with Public Safety. Decals and an engraving tools are part of this free program. High security bike locks are carried by the College Bookstore.

Campus Shuttles

Public Safety operates the evening campus shuttle, a radio-equipped van that transports students around campus during the evening and early morning hours. Public Safety also administers the student van driver certification process for non-athletic events.


Public Safety Auxiliary Patrol Officers provide walking escorts between campus locations after dark upon request. Medical escorts are provided when a student is sick or injured and urgent transport to Worth Health Center is required. They are not used for routine doctor or similar appointments. If Worth Health Center is closed, transports are provided to local hospital emergency rooms.

ID Cards

Student ID cards are issued by Public Safety. Lost ID cards can be replaced for a $10 fee at the Public Safety office in Benjamin West House. Admission to all Social Affairs Committee events, College movies, Upper Tarble dances, etc., is by valid College ID only. IDs are checked at the door and checkers are instructed to allow no exceptions. Any guest of a student must be signed in with the name of both the host and the guest recorded at the door.

Lockouts and Jumpstarts

Public Safety officers often assist students locked out of their rooms, as well as community members who are locked out of their vehicles.  Anyone needing a jump start is also encouraged to contact Public Safety.

Lost and Found

The College Mail room is recognized as the lost and found headquarters on campus. However, Public Safety will temporarily hold lost items, as will the circulation desk in McCabe Library, the Food Service Director's Office in Sharples Dining Hall, the English Literature Department in Lang Performing Arts Center, and the Office of the Chair of Physical Education and Athletics. Valuable items can also be held in the Business Office.

Permits for Bonfires

Bonfire permits and instructions may be obtained from Public Safety here [pdf] and at Benjamin West House during business hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A $25.00 non-refundable fee is required for each bonfire permit issued. Fire extinguishers must be picked up at Benjamin West House on the day of and prior to the bonfire.


Public safety provides secure storage for students over winter, spring, and summer breaks. More information is available here.