The following list includes courses that fulfill the public policy foundation requirements in political analysis, economic analysis, and quantitative analysis as well as other courses that count toward the program.

Please follow the linked course number for course descriptions, prerequisites, and information on when the course is offered.

Political Analysis Courses
Course Name Course Title
POLS 002 American Politics or equivalent policy analysis in political science
POLS 003 Comparative Politics
POLS 004 International Politics
Economic Analysis Courses
Course Name Course Title
ECON 011 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 041 Public Economics
ECON 141 Public Economics* (seminar)
Quantitative Analysis Courses
Course Name Course Title
STAT 011 Statistical Methods
STAT 053 Mathematical Statistics
ECON 031 Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 035 or
ECON 135
Advanced Econometrics*
ENGR 057/ECON 032 Operations Research
Policy Courses and Seminars
Course Name Course Title
PPOL 097/098 Public Policy Thesis
POLS 015 Ethics and Public Policy
POLS 023 Presidency, Congress, and Court
POLS 029 Public Opinion, Polling, and Public Policy
POLS 032 Gender, Politics, and Policy
POLS 039 Faith Based: Social Policy in the United States
POLS 041 Political Economy and Social Policy: The United States in the 1990s
POLS 043 Environmental Politics and Policy
POLS 045 Defense Policy
POLS 047 Global Policy and International Institutions: Hunger and Environmental Threats
POLS 048 The Politics of Population
POLS 055 China and the World
POLS 069 Globalization: Politics, Economics, Culture, and Environment
POLS 068 International Political Economy (Cross-listed as ECON 053)
POLS 106 The Urban Underclass and Public Policy *
POLS 107 Comparative Politics: Greater Europe*
POLS 108 Comparative Politics: East Asia*
POLS 109 Comparative Politics: Latin America*
POLS 111 International Politics*
ECON 005 Savage Inaccuracies: The Facts and Economics of Education in America (Cross-listed as EDUC 069)
ECON 022 Financial Economics
ECON 041 Public Economics
ECON 042 Law and Economics
ECON 044 Urban Economics
ECON 051 The International Economy
ECON 053 The International Political Economy (Cross-listed as POLS 068)
ECON 061 Industrial Organization
ECON 073 Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Economics
ECON 075 Health Economics
ECON 076 Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
ECON 081 Economic Development
ECON 082 Political Economy of Africa
ECON 083 Asian Economies
ECON 101 Advanced Microeconomics*
ECON 141 Public Economics*
ECON 151 International Economics*
ECON 161 Industrial Organization and Public Policy*
ECON 171 Labor and Social Economics*
ECON 181 Economic Development*
EDUC 068 Urban Education (Cross-listed as SOAN 020B)
EDUC 069 Savage Inaccuracies: The Facts and Economics of Education in America (Cross-listed as ECON 005)
EDUC 141 Educational Policy
HIST 049 Race and Foreign Affairs
HIST 054 Women, Society, and Politics
LING 018 Language Policy in the United States
SOAN 020B Urban Education (Cross-listed as EDUC 068)
BIOL 210
(Bryn Mawr)
Biology and Public Policy (Bryn Mawr)

* Please note that seminars, designated with an *asterisk, are limited in size and that most departments give priority to departmental majors and minors, so Public Policy minors may not be admitted.