Prerequisite for Courses in Psychology

The most common way to fulfill the prerequisite for further work in psychology is to take PSYC 001: Introduction to Psychology.

A second entry point is a psychology first-year seminar: PSYC 006: First Year Seminar: Happiness or PSYC 007 First Year Seminar: Early Social Cognition.

A student may also meet the prerequisite with a grade of AP 5 on the psychology Advanced Placement test. In this case, an entering student should seek guidance from the department chair or academic assistant about selection of a first psychology course. (Swarthmore credit is not granted for AP or IB work in psychology.)

Other Course Prerequisites

Some psychology courses have additional prerequisites; these are listed in the course catalog and below:

Course Prerequisite(s)
025: Research Design and Analysis Stat 011 previously or concurrently
029 Practical Wisdom 1 from a range of courses in Political Science or Philosophy
046 Psychology and Economic Rationality PSYC 001 and ECON 001, by application
050 Developmental Psychopathology 001 and either 038, 039 or permission
055 Family Systems Theory and Psychological Change either 037, 038, 039 or permission
057 Psychology of Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Intergroup Relations 035 and instructor's permission
090 Practicum in Clinical Psychology instructor's permission, by application
091 Advanced Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience 030 or instructor's permission
130 Physiological Psychology seminar 030 and instructor's permission
133 Perception, Cognition and the Embodied Mind 032 or 033 and instructor's permission
134 Psycholinguistics seminar 034 or equiv. prep. and instructor's permission
135 Social Psychology seminar 035 and instructor's permission
136 Thinking, Judgment, Decision Making 036 and instructor's permission
138 Clinical Psychology seminar 038 and instructor's permission
139 Developmental Psychology seminar 039 and instructor's permission

Enrollment in seminars

Enrollment in seminars ordinarily is open to all students who meet the entrance requirements set by the instructor and have an average of high B or better, whether or not those students are participating in the Honors program. Enrollment in seminars is open only to students who have previously taken the corresponding 30s-level course.

The Psychology Department encourages qualified students in Course to consider taking honors seminars in the subjects for which they have appropriate preparation. Seminars in the department entail advanced work built upon a core course. These seminars are 1 credit and involve amounts of work similar to a course. Any student interested in taking an honors seminar should consult the instructor.