The Swarthmore Connections

With the strong encouragement of the College administration, active exploration of developing and enhancing the role of cbsl in the College's curriculum has been under way for a couple of years, involving a number of faculty members, administrators, and the Lang Center. The hope and expectation is that cbsl will find prominent representation in a number of courses in all three divisions of the College, and that a small number of off campus semesters - domestic and abroad - with cbsl foci will be developed for our students. Our Northern Ireland explorations are an instance of the last, other instances of which include foreign study possibilities in Costa Rica, Ghana, Poland, and Italy.

The Swarthmore people most heavily and directly involved in our NI Semester include Lee Smithey (Director of Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) at Swarthmore, whose principal research focus is Northern Ireland and the peace processes there underway); Sharon Friedler (Faculty Adviser for Off-Campus Study, Director of Dance, convener of faculty /administration discussions on CBSL in the College curriculum, founder and Director of a Swarthmore cbsl initiative in Ghana, heavily involved in CBSL explorations and initiatives in Italy, Poland, Northern Ireland); Joy Charlton (Sociologist, Associate Dean, Director of the Lang Center); Patricia Martin(Director for Off-Campus Study); Rosa Bernard (Assistant Director for Off-Campus Study, whose capable hands will manage the administrative end of the NI Semester); Steven Piker (Anthropologist, former Foreign Study Adviser); and Jennie Keith (Professor Emeritus of Anthropology);

As regards what is presently strongly represented in the Swarthmore curriculum, the NI Semester will importantly connect with and enrich (at least) the PCS Program; the Public Policy Program; and the Departments of Sociology and Anthropology, Political Science, Religion, History, Dance and Theatre.