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Parchment with the map of Ireland

Map of Ireland

"When I go to Israel and Palestine, I say look at Northern Ireland; when I go to India and Pakistan and they are trying to sort out Kashmir, I say look at Northern Ireland; when I go to Sri Lanka and all the other trouble spots of the world, I say look at Northern Ireland. Peace is within reach." — President Clinton

As a participant on the NI Semester, you will be enrolled for three courses delivered by the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, at their Belfast campus in Northern Ireland. Two of the courses will be delivered via tradition class room/small seminar style sessions, and the third course, involving the service learning component, will be delivered via a mix of class room based and in-situ based learning within and in association with your community placement organisation and under the supervision of Dr. Denise Crossan.

The courses are as follows:

  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Social and Political Reconciliation
  • Lessons Learned from the Peace Process in Northern Ireland (service learning / research component)

Successful completion of the coursework assessment carries 10 ECTS for each module within the European Credit Transfer Scheme. The normal semester workload for a full-time student is 30 ECTS.

In order to be eligible for the program, you must take one of the following courses at Swarthmore before traveling to Northern Ireland:

  • DANC 004. The Arts as Social Change
  • PEAC 015. Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
  • PEAC 025B. Transforming Intractable Conflict

You are encouraged to speak with Prof. Lee Smithey prior to your application to the program.