Froer Holly Collection. Photo by Diane Mattis.

ersonally, I don't think this photo does the Holly Collection justice. It doesn't show just how large the collection is -- and trust me, it's HUGE. In my freshman year, I helped Todd Rounsaville, then the curatorial intern, do some annual evaluations on the collection. The Arboretum was preparing to submit a report to the Holly Society of America, so we were making sure all the trees were still there after a year and still healthy. (Apparently ages ago, there used to be problems with people carting off valuable hollies to use for Christmas trees, and who knows when someone might again mistake an important holly for a common fir tree?) It's not easy doing roll call on trees. Todd would stand and evaluate the condition of the tree, and in the meantime, I would crawl through the branches, avoid some thorny patches, and try to find the ever-elusive silver identification tag each tree has tied somewhere along its trunk. The end result was that I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit about the various collections around campus."

Reina Chano '09
History and peace & conflict studies
Educational programs asst.
Tokyo, Japan