Entrance Garden. Photo by Becky Wehry.

s a gardener, I am responsible for chores such as mulching, trimming the edges of grass lawns, and weeding. Seeing how the colourful bloom of summer gradually faded into the fall colours, and how the coruscating brilliance of winter gave way to the fresh sprouts of spring, is one experience I will always cherish.

"The entrance garden of the Scott Arboretum, showing off its elegant calocasias, brightly coloured red and yellow cannas, and striking bananas has made the deepest impression on me. The garden's vibrant flowers warmly welcome me to work each day. I greatly treasure every minute spent here, cutting back over grown tropical shrubs and enjoying the sweet sounds of song birds in midday."

Omari Faakye '10
Gardener assisstant
Accra, Ghana