The following was adapted for the web from an article by Elizabeth Redden '05 in the June 2005 issue of The Bulletin.

    1. Start classes each semester on a national holiday: Labor Day in the fall, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the spring.
    2. Play misery poker: “I’ll see your two seminar papers and raise you one lab report and a dance performance.”
    3. Watch The Graduate.
    4. Make s’mores at a bonfire in Crum Meadow.
    5. #24. Sail—or sink—yourhomemade boat at the Crum Regatta.
    6. Don't just keep up with the news, report it for War News Radio.
    7. Make friends with the shuttle driver on the way to Bryn Mawr.
    8. Use the word “hetero-normative” during a lunchtime conversation.
    9. Get locked into a library overnight.
    10. Walk through Crum Woods after the first snow.
    11. Hit “the beach.”
    12. Wander South Street on a Friday night.
    13. Wait in line 10 minutes for the pasta bar every Wednesday and Sunday night for four years.
    14. Try “pasta wrestling” at Pub Night, Swarthmore’s Thursday-night answer to one of Ireland’s great institutions. (Try to forget this when you line up on Sunday to repeat No. 12.)
    15. Run the McCabe Mile—18 laps around the McCabe Library basement to win a roll of Scott toilet paper.
    16. Lie in the grass and listen to the “Worthstock” concert the weekend after classes end each spring.
    17. Yell, “safety school!” at a Haverford-Swarthmore basketball game.
    18. Be clueless about what you want to do after you graduate - except in an abstract, “save the world” kind of way.
    19. Snuggle with friends at an outdoor movie night on Parrish Beach.
    20. Assemble a costume at Goodwill and hit the Mary Lyon Halloween party.
    21. Read Foucault.
    22. #52. Ask for an extension on a paper... #53. Ask for an extension on the extension.
    23. Sail - or sink - your homemade boat at the Crum Regatta.
    24. Try to get eight hours of sleep one night a week.
    25. Dance in Terpsichore, a dance recital in which students choreograph pieces for other students. No experience required.
    26. Eat a phoenix while reading The Phoenix.
    27. Learn that it’s OK to get an A- (or a B+ or a B).
    28. Eat soul food and listen to spoken word at the Black Cultural Center’s Soul Shack.
    29. Get to know a professor well.
    30. Shamelessly score condoms from Worth Health Center for 20 cents apiece.
    31. Get a hug from Phineas the Phoenix.
    32. Leave a party early to do homework.
    33. Read Edward Said’s Orientalism.
    34. Eat sushi at the Science Center coffee bar.
    35. Interview a candidate for a teaching position at the College.
    36. #55. Get “screwed” at the Screw Your Roommate blind-date dance.
    37. Drop everything at 4:30 and go to practice.
    38. Read, write, or dream about “deconstruction.”
    39. Fall onto the ice, or slap the puck into the net, at a Motherpuckers game.
    40. Attend a strange new play in the Frear Ensemble Theatre, a “black-box” experimental studio.
    41. Freak out about your high housing lottery number.
    42. Randomly run into other Swarthmoreans in exotic locales around the world.
    43. Let out a “primal scream” - along with everyone else on campus - at midnight on the first day of finals.
    44. Kiss one of your friends. Joke for the rest of the year about how incestuous your group of friends is.
    45. Ask for an extension on a paper.
    46. Ask for an extension on the extension.
    47. Camp out on Parrish Beach as part of the annual Earthlust sleepover.
    48. Get “screwed” at the Screw Your Roommate blind-date dance.
    49. Borrow a Sharples tray and sled down the hill from the bell tower.
    50. Be in a class discussion that runs more than four (or five or six) hours.
    51. Go to the gender-bending Sager dance in clothes your parents wouldn’t like.
    52. Wield foam bats for the pterodactyl hunt.
    53. #71. Go to first and last Collection in the amphitheater. Appreciate closure.
    54. Take an honors seminar whether you’re in honors or not.
    55. Sing all the words to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” at a party.
    56. Study abroad junior spring or fall.
    57. Buy 14 candy bars and five chais on the last day of finals to use up your meal points—or get friends to buy you chais after you run through your points during the fourth week of the semester.
    58. Get an internship that makes your humanities major more marketable after graduation.
    59. Go to First and Last Collection in the amphitheater. Appreciate closure.
    60. Take a course in a department you never thought you could excel in.
    61. Use the word “hegemony.” All the time.
    62. Chalk the sidewalks around campus with socially responsible propaganda.
    63. Have a picnic in the Dean Bond Rose Garden. Wonder, “Who was Dean Bond?”
    64. Bring your paper to a student Writing Associate (WA) to get “WA’d.”
    65. Play your favorite music and gossip into the microphone on your own WSRN show.
    66. Go to a lecture on “The Element of Surprise in Egyptian Art”—just because you can.
    67. #92. Take a dance class for academic credit: African, Kathak, tap, yoga, ballet, modern, or flamenco.
    68. Pull an all-nighter to finish (start?) tomorrow’s paper, due at 10 a.m. Skip your 10:30 a.m. class to sleep.
    69. Go to Jamboree, a three-hour a cappella concert held each semester, because you have a friend in each of the eight groups performing.
    70. Point out the “inherent contradictions” in an author’s argument.
    71. Learn the pizza man’s life story.
    72. Shower post-practice with 12 of your closest friends.
    73. Re-evaluate your basic assumptions about the world.
    74. Take a dance class for academic credit: African, kathak, tap, yoga, ballet, modern, or flamenco.
    75. Sing by yourself in the bell tower. Don’t you sound great?
    76. Read Plato.
    77. Hunt for eels in the Crum Creek at night.
    78. Be awakened by the buzzer signaling closing time in McCabe Library.
    79. Watch the sun set over the amphitheater.
    80. Do something good for the world.