Sharon Friedler

Stephen Lang Professor of Performing Arts, Director of the Dance Program

Sharon Friedler Biography

Professor Friedler has been choreographing for over 25 years for both professional and college dancers. She was one of the first choreographers in the country to work with and introduce into a college curriculum a program for choreographic notation on the computer (now known as Life Forms and Dance Forms). At Swarthmore she teaches courses in the history and theory of dance, in modern dance technique, and co-directs the College dance and drum ensemble for which she teaches traditional dances from Ghana. Her most recent written research is focused on developing an anthology for undergraduate students and the general public on dances of Africa and her Diaspora.

Professor Friedler is also involved in the College's study abroad initiatives in Ghana, Italy, Northern Ireland, and Poland. In each of these countries her interest is in helping students engage both with local traditional and contemporary dances as well as finding placements for students that employ the arts as a social change agent.

Professor Friedler is also the co-editor of the book Dancing Female: Lives and Issues of Women in Contemporary Dance (1997). She received her B.A. from Colby College and her M.F. A. from Southern Methodist University. Previously she taught at the Universities of Missouri and Minnesota.