Frank Moscatelli

Professor of Physics

Frank Moscatelli, Professor of Physics
Frank Moscatelli, Professor of Physics

Professor Moscatelli is working in the relatively new field of cold atoms or BECs (Bose-Einstein condensates). His research is in cooling, trapping, and guiding atoms; lasers; and spectroscopy.

His calculations on why the World Trade Towers fell (on 9/11) were cited by Scientific American, the BBC, The New York Times, and the State Department, among others. "It was not necessarily a hard answer; any physicist could have done my calculations. But it was a good question. That's a lesson-knowing the right question," he said in a College Bulletin interview later.

He received a B.S. from C.W. Post College and an M.A. and Ph.D. from New York University. He spent 2 years in a post-doctoral position with the Physics Department of the University of Oxford, UK.