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Fall 2013 | Spring 2014

Fall 2013
Course Course Name
LITR 006G First-Year Seminar: Exploring the Boundaries of Travel Writing (Wegener)
LITR 013R The Russian Novel [Cross-listed as RUSS 013] (Johnson)
LITR 016CH Substance, Shadow, and spirit in Chinese Literature and Culture [Cross-listed as CHIN 016] (Berkowitz)
LITR 035J Narratives of Disaster and Rebuilding in Japan [cross-listed as JPNS 035] (Gardner)
LITR 0054G German Cinema{Writing Course}[cross-listed with GMST 054&FMST 054] (Simon)
LITR 077F Caribbean & African Literature and Culture in Translation (Rice-Maximin)
LITR 086R Nature and Industry in Russia [Cross-listed as RUSS 086] (Staff)
Spring 2014
Course Course Name
LITR 025 War in Arab Literature & Cinema [Cross-listed as Arab 025] (Al-Masri)
LITR 024J Japanese & Film Animation [Cross-listed as JPNS 024 / FMST 057] (Gardner)
LITR 017R First-Year Seminar: Love & Sex in Russian Literature [Cross-listed as RUSS 015] (Forrester) 
LITR 047R Russian Fairy Tales [Cross-listed as RUSS 047] (Johnson)