Selection Process

Overview of the Process at Swarthmore

  • Early each Spring term, faculty are invited to nominate a student who may have the potential to become a college professor.
  • Student nominees are then informed about how to proceed with the process.
  • Interviews with coordinators follow and nominees decide whether to proceed.
  • Required application material for dossiers include 2 letters from faculty, a personal statement, and a listing of relevant activities.
  • Selection Committee meets late in April to choose 5 new MMUFs.

Selection Criteria

  1. Academic promise.
  2. Interest in pursuing an academic career in Mellon-designated fields of study.
  3. Potential for serving as a mentor and teacher for a wide variety of students.
  4. Race and ethnicity (in relation to under-representation in Mellon-designated fields of study).
  5. Demonstrated commitment to increasing opportunities for underrepresented minorities, breaking down stereotypes, increasing cross-racial and ethnic understanding, and enabling others to better understand persons of different races and ethnicities.
  6. Commitment to participating fully and enthusiastically in all aspects of the MMUF program, including attendance at conferences and meetings.
  7. Status as a US citizen.

For More Information

Please contact the program coordinators.