Student Organizations Interns

Student Interns

From left to right: David Ding, John Larkin, Sun Park, Casey Simon-Plumb, and Tim Vaughan

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Casey Simon-Plumb

Hiya, I'm Casey, class of 2018. Like any Swattie I'm crazy busy, involved with equestrian, the Phoenix, Tango, Salsa, SAO, Questbridge and more. I love the sense of community that a small school can offer, and love interning for the OSE to facilitate a better atmosphere for us all.

John Larkin

Hi my name is John Larkin and I'm a sophomore of the class of 2017. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio and proud of it. I am extremely grateful to be part of the Student Employment Office. I am a potential chemistry or engineering major (still deciding!). I am part of the Swarthmore Men's Tennis Team, a math Pi-rate, formerly part of the Orientation Committee, and Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Thank you!

Tim Vaughan

Hi! I'm Tim Vaughan. I am a Senior at Swarthmore from New Hope Pennsylvania. In addition to being a Student Activities Intern I am on the varsity track and field team, Rhythm and Motion, Sixteen Feet, and the President of the Senior Class.

Sun Park

Hello! I'm Sun Park and a member of the class of 2016. In addition to being an OSE intern, I am the Student Government Co-President, a research assistant in the Economics department and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.

David Ding

Hi Swatties! I'm David Ding '16 from Edmond, Oklahoma, and I want to work to make Swarthmore a fun, enlightening place that caters to the interests and preferences of everybody. Working in the Office is a lot of fun! Getting to put together fun-day activities, creating engagement events, and working with like-minded peers is definitely something I can look forward to every time! I am involved with StuCo, Interfaith, and Capoeria, and if you have any questions about my work as an intern or anything else above, feel free to contact me!

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