OSE Interns

The OSE Interns are your number one resources for event / party planning, funding requests, advertising events, contacting student organizations, and Friday Fun Days!  You can always reach them @ oseinterns@swarthmore.edu!

Chiara Kruger

Hey everybody, my name's Chiara Kruger and I'm a senior. This is my second year as an OSE intern and now I'm Co-Director! I'm really excited to make this a fun year for everyone. If I'm not in the office, you can catch me making some films around campus or dancing in LPAC. Recently, I've gotten back into writing so if you want to hang out and write sometime I'd love to do that. People are what most inspire me so let's do some creative stuff together. Plus, since I'm an RA on Wharton CD 3rd, I'll probably have some snacks too.

Medgine Elie

Hi! My name is Medgine Elie and I’m a senior from Philadelphia majoring in political science and educational studies. I hope to teach elementary school in Philadelphia after I graduate. I love tutoring with Dare2Soar and singing with the Swarthmore Gospel Choir. I decided to work in the OSE this year because I want to support student groups and have more inclusive social events on campus.

Freddy Bernardino

Whats good, my name is Freddy Bernardino and I am part of the Class of 2018. I am from the unfortunate state of Arizona, specifically Phoenix and I plan to Special Major in Education and Latino Studies. I decided to becoming an OSE Intern because I honestly spend like 80% of my day in the office so i decided to get paid while being there. I am also pretty passionate about Student Activities specifically those that include marginalized identities. I am also currently the Co-Chair for ENLACE and am a member of RnM and those two pretty much take most of my outside time besides crying about homework. Anyways, catch me in the OSE literally everyday. 

Jeff Novak

I am a junior from West Chester, Pennsylvania, and I’m pumped to be an OSE intern this academic year!  I am a Computer Science and Math double major with academic interests also in Spanish and Economics.  Outside of class, you might see me touring different groups around campus as a tour guide, kicking a soccer ball around as a member of the men's club soccer team, or answering computer science questions as a Ninja in the Computer Science department.  One of my favorite past times is meeting new people so if you see me around campus, feel free to come up and talk with me!

Nikhita Luthra

Nikhita is a senior at Swarthmore studying Honors Math and Economics. She avoids turning into a calculator by exploring and traveling with her friends, going to concerts, learning how to cook, and recently, watching Homeland. It is very, very relevant that nothing warms her heart more than (1) a really spicy piping hot curry and (2) labrador retrievers. 

Bryan Alvarez

I'm from Aspen, Colorado. I'm currently a sophomore. I'm planning in majoring in Biology and double minoring in Political Science and Latin American and Latino Studies. I am the Liaison for the Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter, and I'm the Vice-President of the Animal Allies. 

Khan Shairani

I'm Khan! I'm a junior and a RA in Willets. I enjoy the outdoors and reading! 

Lisa Kato

Hi! I am a sophomore from Tokyo, Japan. I love eating and dancing and singing (occasionally all at the same time) and am trying to travel more this year! I am very excited to make the campus an even more fun place to be everyday and inject as much fun as I can into everyone's busy lives.