Her Hat Was in the Ring!

U.S.Women Who Ran for Political Office Before 1920

"Another Declaration of Independence" by Paul Stahr
Harper's Weekly,

This drawing, by magazine illustrator Paul Stahr, is based on the famous painting by John Trumbull, "The Declaration of Independence" (which may be seen in the top left hand corner of this Stahr version). The Trumball painting, depicting key political figures in the fight for independence from Great Britain, with early leaders of the new nations, such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. The Trumball painting was commissioned in 1818.
Stahr shows the women, almost 100 years later in "Another Declaration for Independence", as serious actors in the continued work for independence.
He may have intended that some of the women depicted represent actual suffrage leaders. The flags and banners behind the women in the Stahr version promote Vote for Woman and The Woman Suffrage Party.

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