Her Hat Was in the Ring!

U.S.Women Who Ran for Political Office Before 1920

Cartoons and images of Belva A. Lockwood
Image from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Magazine, September 30, 1884

This page of cartoons about American women in politics comes from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Magazine. In these illustrations women only have access to the political system through a man, stranger or family member. However, Belva Lockwood in the center of the pages appears as a serious and stately woman, a possible alternative for women to "Voting By Proxy" . The editor and owner of Frank Leslie's (from 1880-1902) was Miriam Leslie, an ardent supporter of woman's suffrage. Leslie made Carrie Chapman Catt the residuary legatee to a considerable fortune after her death, with the expectation that it would be used in the suffrage cause. The positive view of a woman presidential candidate in this magazine was one of the few in its day.

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