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Manuscript Collection with resources on World War I in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection

There are over 200 large and small mnuscript collections with resources on the years 1914-1918 located in the Peace Collection. These cover at least ten countries, and probably more. Some collections contain materials from before and after the war period. Collections with material connected to the Great War, but occuring after 1918 have not been included here. To see the full list of SCPC manucript collections see our web site. Finding aids are available for many of the manucript collections listed here, and those are link to the site

Manuscript Collections

Photographs or Images on World War I in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection

Many of the manuscript collection in the Peace Collection were donated with contemporary photographs. These photographs are connected to their "parent" manuscription collection, so for example the Jane Addams photographs were donated with her papers and are thus designated, even when the subject of the photographs indicated persons or events other than Addams. The majority of the thousands of photographs in the Peace Collection have not been digitized, and so are not available on our web site. A list of manuscript collections with World War I photographs has been provided below. Peace Collection staff have created several on line exhibits for certain photograph colllections and those with World War I images are linked below.

Photograph Collections

Resources on Conscientious Objection During on World War I in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection

One of the largest areas of collecting areas for the Peace Collection on opposition to war during the twentieth century has been on conscientious objection and conscientious objectors. Archivist Anne Yoder has created several special web pages, attached to the Peace Collection web site, which cover this area. In addition, she has created an online database of U.S. World War I conscientious objectors, with information about their prison or other military imprisonment service, religion, and other biographical material. There is material on conscientious objectors outside the United States, especially covering Great Britain during WWI. Other manuscript collections, photograph collections, etc. in the Peace Collection may also contain material on conscientious objection, so finding aids should be searched for names of individuals, organizations, or topics of interest.

Conscientious Objection

Resources on World War I in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection Subject Files

The Subject Files contain miscellaneous resources on a wide variety of topics that are usually not connected to a particular individual or organization whose papers are otherwise held by the Peace Collection. Subject File 1 originated with the Peace Collection's first Curator, Ellen Starr Brinton (1935-1951). There are several subject file topics with specific materials on World War I from several countries, especially the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. Several topic areas have their own folder by folder lists. These are listed below.

Subject File

Digitized Newsletters from World War I in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection

The Peace Collection has many newsletters and periodicals from the World War I period. All titles may be found in the Swarthmore College Library catalog. Only the titles listed below have been digitized so far, and are available from the Peace Collection as pdf files..

Newsletters online

Manuscript Collections

United States


Jane Addams Papers
Devere Allen Papers
William C. Allen Collected Papers
Brent Dow Allinson Collected Papers
American Association for International Conciliation Collected Records
American Civil Liberties Union Records
American Congress for Democracy and Terms of Peace Collected Records
American Embargo Conference Collected Records
American Friends Service Committee Collected Records
American League to Limit Armaments Collected Records
American Neutral Conference Committee Collected Records
American Peace Society Records
American School Peace League Collected Records [see American School Citizenship League]
American Society for Judicial Settlement of International Disputes Collected Records
American Society of International Law Collected Records
American Union Against Militarism Records
Fannie Fern Andrews Collected Papers
Anti-Enlistment League Collected Records
Association to Abolish War Collected Records


Emily Greene Balch Papers
Roger Nash Baldwin Collected Papers
Katherine DevereuxBlake Collected Papers


California Peace Society Collected Records
Chicago Peace Society Collected Records
Children's Crusade for Peace Collected Records
Collegiate Anti-Militarism League Collected Records
Committee for Democratic Control Collected Records
Committee of One Hundred Friends of Conscientious Objection Collected Records
Conference of Peaceworkers Collected Records
Paul Markley Cope Collected Papers


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana Papers
Eugene Victor Debs Collected Papers
Dorothy Detzer Papers
William Nye Doty Collected Papers


Eichel Family Papers
Emergency Anti-War Committee [Chicago] Collected Records
Emergency Federation of Peace Forces Collected Records
Emergency Peace Committee of Massachusetts Collected Records
Emergency Peace Federation Collected Records
Edward Evans Papers


Fellowship of Reconciliation Records
Lella Secor Florence Papers
Rose Dabney Forbes Papers
Henry Ford Peace Expedition Records
Theodore Foulk and Mabel Foulk


Harold Studley Gray Collected Papers


Wray Hoffman Collected Papers
Jessie Wallace Hughan Papers
Hannah Clothier Hull Papers


Industrial Workers of the World Collected Records


David Starr Jordan Collected Papers


William Kantor Collected Papers
Kate Kelsey Collected Papers



League for Democratic Control Collected Records
League for Industrial Democracy Collected Records
League for Permanent Peace Collected Records
League for the Amnesty of Political Prisoners Collected Records
League to Enforce Peace Collected Records
Erling H. Lunde Collected Papers


Lazarus Baer Marcowitz Collected Papers
Mary Stone McDowell Collected Papers
Edwin and Lucia Ames Mead Papers
Tracy Mygatt and Frances Witherspoon Papers


George Nasmyth and Florence Nasmyth Papers
National Peace Federation Collected Records
Scott Nearing Papers
New York Bureau of Legal Advice Collected Records


Kate Richards O'Hare Collected Papers
Organization of American Women for Strict Neutrality Collected Records


Alice Park Collected Papers
Patriotic Peace League Collected Records
Pennsylvania Arbitration and Peace Society Collected Records
People's Council of America for Democracy and Peace Collected Records
Amos Pinchot Collected Papers




John Nevin Sayre Papers
Rosika Schwimmer Collected Papers
Anna Garlin Spencer Papers
Anna Louise Strong Collected Papers
Sydney Dix Strong


Edward Thomas and Margaret Loring Thomas Collected Papers
Evan Thomas Collected Papers
Dr. James L. Tryon Collected Papers


James W. Van Kirk Collected Papers
Oswald Garrison Villard Collected Papers
Rudolph Vrana Collected Papers


Julia Grace Wales Collected Papers
War Referendum Campaigns Collected Records
James Warbasse and Agnes Dyer Warbasse Collected Papers
Lydia Wentworth Papers
Robert Whitaker Collected Papers
Woman’s Peace Party [U.S. section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom] Records
Monroe Wulff Collected Papers



Anti-Compulsory Service League Collected Records
Anti-Conscription Campaign Committee Collected Records
Anti-Conscription League of Australia Collected Records
Australian Freedom League Collected Records
Australian Peace Alliance Collected Records
Australian Socialist Party Collected Records
Australian Union of Democratic Control for the Avoidance of War Collected Records
Melbourne Peace Society Collected Records
Peace Society, New South Wales Branch Collected Records
Women's Peace Army Collected Records


Alfred H. Fried Collected Papers


Ligue des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen Collected Records
Marc Sangnier Collected Papers


Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft Collected Records
Deutsche[n] Liga für Menschenrechte Collected Records
Martha Freund-Hoppe Collection
Ludwig Quidde Collected Papers
Helene Stöcker Papers
Verband[es] für Internationale Verständigung Collected Records
Verlag Neues Vaterland Collected Records

Great Britain

Horace Alexander Papers
Norman Angell Collected Papers
[Duke of] Bedford Collected Papers
A. Fenner Brockway Collected Papers
T. Corder Catchpool Collected Papers
Fellowship of Reconciliation Collected Records
Friends' Ambulance Unit Collected Records
Friends' Emergency and War Victims Relief Committee Collected Records
Friends War Relief Service Collected Records
Friends War Victims Relief Committee Collected Records
A. Ruth Fry Papers
Emily Hobhouse Collected Papers
Henry Hodgkin Collected Papers
Independent Labour Party Collected Records
League of Nations Union Collected Records
E.D. Morel Collected Papers
National Council Against Conscription Collected Records
National Council for Civil Liberties Collected Records
National Labour Press Ltd.Collected Records
National Peace Council Collected Records
No-Conscription Fellowship Collected Records
No Conscription League Collected Records
Caroline E Playne. Collected Papers
Hugh Richardson Papers
Bertrand Russell Collected Papers
Helena Maria Swanwick Collected Papers
Sydney Turner Collected Papers
Union of Democratic Control Collected Records
Wilfred Wellock Collected Papers
Alexander Wilson Collected Papers
Theodora Wilson Wilson Collected Papers


American Peace Society of Japan Collected Records


Algemeene Nederlandsche Bond "Vrede door Recht" Collected Records
Algemeene Nederlandsche Vrouwen Vredebond Collected Records
Nederlandsche Anti-Oorlog Raad Collected Records
David Van Embden Collected Papers

New Zealand

National Peace Council of New Zealand Collected Records
H.R.Urquhart Collected Papers


Svenska Fredsförbundet, Stockholm Collected Records
Svenska Freds-och Skiljedoms-Föreningen, Stockholm Collected Records


Central Organization for a Durable Peace Collected Records
Pierre Ceresole Collected Papers
International Peace Bureau Collected Records
Interparliamentary Union Collected Records
Ligue des Payes Neutres Collected Records
Société Suisse de la Paix Collected Records

Photograph and Image Collections

Manuscript collections which have World War I era photographs. Most of these photographs are not online

The links listed here are to online photograph exhibits.

Jane Addams Papers-more Jane Addams photographs are available in the Peace Collection Photograph online collection.
Devere.Allen Papers
William C. Allen Collected Papers
American Union Against Militarism Records
Anti-Enlistment League Collected Records
Emily Greene Balch Papers
Eichel Family Papers
Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.) Records
Fellowship of Reconciliation (Great Britain) Collected Records
Lella Faye Secor Florence Papers
A. Ruth Fry Papers
Henry Ford Peace Expedition Records
Jessie Wallace Hughan Papers
Hannah Clothier Hull Papers
William Kantor Collected Papers
Mary S.. McDowell Collected Papers
Tracy Mygatt and Frances Witherspoon Papers
New York Bureau of Legal Advice Collected Records
Jeannette Rankin Collected Papers
John Nevin Sayre and Kathleen Sayre Papers
Woman's Peace Party Records

Subject File

Ellen Star Brinton, the first Curator (1935-1951) of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, established the Subject File as a way to organize miscellaneous material, not connected to a particular individual or organization.
The subject areas listed below contain material about World War I, although any subject listing with material dating to 1914-1918 might contain resources. Some subjects have their own detailed lists of material.

Art; cartoons; posters 
British and French Women, WWI 
Conscientious objection
Events: Individual Events [Peace Congresses]
Foreign Policy [U.S.]
International Law
Literature: Peace Poetry
Military Training
Music and Peace
Opinions on War and Peace
Pacifism: Moral and Religious
Warfare and Weapons
Women and Peace

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