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Exhibit of Photographs
There are more images (photos and lantern slides) available from this collection.

Members of The Young Democracy photographed in 1918
(Devere and Marie Allen are standing in the center row, second and third from the right)
Devere Allen in 1921
Devere Allen in 1930
 Marie Allen in 1930


Leaders of the League for Independent Political Action, 1932: Oswald Garrison Villard
handing a plank suggestion to Dr. John Dewey at the convention of the League in Cleveland.
At the left are Devere Allen and Paul H. Douglas; at the right are Howard Y. Williams and John W. Herring.
(New York Tribune, July 17, 1932)

 Devere Allen in the 1930s
 Devere Allen in the 1940s
Devere Allen in 1946

Samuel Inman presenting a check to Devere Allen|
at the Worldover Press anniversary dinner, 1954.
Eleanor Roosevelt, the keynote speaker, seated in center.


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