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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Marx, Sallie (birth date -2013
Sallie Marx Papers
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DG 270

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Sallie Marx (1929 -2013), was a long time activist in New York City and was a war tax resister for over four decades. Marx was a co-founder of the New York Peoples Life Fund in 1971.

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Gift of the Estate of Sallie Marx and Joanie Hieger Zosike, 2017 [Acc 2017-037]
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Historical Background
Sallie Marx (1929 -2013), was a long time activist in New York City and was a war tax resister for over four decades. Marx was a co-founder of the New York Peoples Life Fund in 1971. The NYPLF redirected funds to social justice and community building efforts in New York.

Collection Overview
The Sallie Marx Papers include biographical materials, correspondence, writings, including autobiographical writings, material about Marx' social justice and tax resistance work, material about her time in Sweden and Norway, and other files.

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Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
The Art of Living and Other Manuscripts
In Response to Maryn Manners' up in Central Park - UGH
Rob Stood at the Bar (Short Story)
Pieces Bicycles
Timberwolf, A Siberian Huskey
Women + Sex (Three Versions) on Asserting My Womanhood
The Tyranny of Boredom
When the Cup Runneth Not Over
"The Telephone" and "What's It Gonna Be for Dinner"
Changing The Equation
Interludes (short story) with reader comments
Manuscripts- "On Being Neuter" "Facing Mortality"
The Early 50's a New Beginning, When they ask how you begin to write
Life Sketch
"The Way It Was"
Rejection Letters- "The Way It Was"
Memoir Draft p.1-71
Memoir Miscellaneous Partial Drafts and Notes
Life in the Rough- Quries and responses from agents and publishers
Life in the Rough Version 1 Synopsis
Life in the Rought- Partial sections with reader comments

Box 2
Miscellaneous Drafts
Critical Comments on Manuscripts
Grandmother Winifred Foundation/ Autobiography Grant Application
"Toward More Humanity"
Toward More Humanity- Feminist Article
"A Model for a Qualitative Society" and Accompanying Research
Photos of Swedish Children to Accompany "A Model for Qualitative Society"
Suit Against Eddie Condom's Bar (Human Rights), 1975
"Walking 17 Miles a Day for Disarmament and Social Justice"
I Hear Dan Berrigan Speak
Untitled Article Tax Resistence
Journey to Resistence (2 Drafts)
A Day of War Protest in Washington
"In opposition" Draft
Manuscripts Non-Fiction
Manuscripts Non-Fiction cont.

Box 3
Poems by "Paopleto" (Jesus Melendez)
Hagaddah (In Hebrew)
Night Sounds/ Ray Russell
Eulogy fo Sallie's Father
Salie's Critiques of others' writings
Deserter Interview Transcripts
A Reporter Next Door
Handwritten Notes by Draft Resisters 1974
Canadian-American Deserters Clippings (Amnesty) 1973-1974
Articles written by Sallie Marx
Draft Resisters in Canada and American Articles and Brochures
Miscellaneous Articles on Peace and Disarmament
Political Songs and Correspondence
Miscellaneous Political clippings
Political Action
Ten Steps to getting Published this Year/ Jennifer Lawler, 2003
Writing Research
Writing Instruction with Holograph/ The Writers Studio
Writing Class Exercises
Omega Writing Courses

Box 4
Nagra Fragor (University Quiz) (in swedish)
Clippings on Sewden in Swedish
Arbetsmiljo (working enviornment) (periodical) + Other Articles on Sweden (swedish)
Fact Sheets on Sweden/ Swedish Institute for Cultural Relations, 1968-1969
University of Stolkholm Catalogs, 1968-1970
Nobel Prize Program, 1969
Sweden Research on Prison System
Swedish prison System Writings
Sweden Sex Education
Changing Concepts in Swedish Sex Education
Research and Drafts for paper on Swedish sex education
Publications and working papers/ Linner, Birgitte
Birgitte Linner

Box 5
Autobiography "Life in the Rough"
Tax Documents Chapter 24 "Life in the Rough"
Autobiography (Alternative Version) Chapters 1-12
Autobiography (Alternative Version) Chapters 13-24
Sweden: From the Head to the Heart (I-IX)
Sweden: From the Head to the Heart (XII-End)

Box 6
From Head to Heart- Untitled Manuscript ch.5-20
From Head to Heart- Draft 2
From Head to Heart- Responses
Miscellaneous Abstracts and Short Stories
Sallie Marx News Clippings
Sallie Marx Diplomas
Photo Albums

Box 7
Requests and Responses for FBI files
Personal Correspondence
Correspondence from Sallie to Public Officials
Post Cards
Correspondence Memorabilia
Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence

Box 8
Letters of Appreciation from students
Correspondence from prisoners
Correspondence Clippings, response of Living Theatre
Correspondence Clippings, response Paul Lisson
Correspondence, Debra Bern Hardt
Correspondence, Ickes, Harold-1948
Correspondence Ray Russell
Correspondence Leon Festinger
Correspondence Michaek Susan
Correspondence and Photographs Cousin Sel
Correspondence Richard Hunt, Harvard University, 1976
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Protest Letters, Joanne Hiegher Zoske, 2004-2006
Correspondence Sweden and Draft Resisters
Dubrovnick with Correspondence (Women's Rights)
Eddie Rondo Correspondence (Ballroom Dancing)
Ricardo Mercado Incarceration correspondence
Correspondence, Richard Marx, 1969-1970

Box 9
Correspondence Personal 1970's
Publisher Queries and Replies
Publisher Rejection Letters
Correspondence with Patricia Bosworth
Correspondence, People's Life Fund
Correspondence Seals/ Carlton Krakower
Series Art
Response Steve Lisson
Series Art
Biographical Information
List of Interviewees
Transcript of Oral Interviews from Audiotape #1
Transcript of Oral Interviews from Audiotape #2
Transcript of Oral Interviews from Audiotape #3

Box 10
Drawing of a Woman
Roosevelts 2nd Bill of Rights
War Tax Resistance at a Glance 1997
War Tax Brochures Miscellaneous Brochures
Practical War Tax Resistance Brochures 2,3,5, 1991-1996
New York, New York War Tax Resisters Meeting Announcements, 2004-2012 inc.
New York, New York War Tax Resisters Flyers ca. 1995-2011
Miscellaneous War Tax Resistance Fliers
Life and Taxes/ War Tax Resisters, 1989-1990, 1995
WTR An Introduction to Alternative Funds ca 1993
Antiwar Blumper Stickers
World Fellowship Centers
National Writers Union
National Writers Union- Info Royalties, Permissions
Writers Union Newsletters
War Tax Resistance- Tri-Fund and Small Brochures
The Link-February 2002
Women in Prison
Petition- Indian Point
Photo Transfers- If I Can't Dance
Land Planning
Disarmament Pamphlets/ Brochures
Human Rights Pamphlets
Conference: Women and Global Change
Socialist Party (Clippings)
Social Movement Fliers, 1977-1991
Social Movement Postcards/ Trifold Brochures

Box 11
Judaism Flyers/Brochures
Women's Rights Pamphlets
1976 Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice, October 16, 1976
Population Council with Correspondence, 1979
Social Issues Public Services
David M. Reynolds (Socialist Party Leader)
Social Justice Committee of Montreal, 1993
Frank Collins Article with Sallie's Comments, 1970's
Casa Maria (Catholic Workers) and Timmerman
Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal
Letter to Rep. Ted Weiss, 26 Nov. 1990
Living Theatre
Psychology and Peace Clippings ca. 1980's
Flyers US, Russia ca. 1983
Election Reform 1999-2001
Vietnam- Brochures, Pamplets, Flyers
Peace Flyers
Peace Leaflets
Peace Pamphlets
Center on Law and Pacifism

Box 12
Center for Peace: A New's Journal
Clippings- Heauth, Linus Pavuinr
Preforming Arts- Clippings, Programs
Charity Donation Certifications
Testimony from the Public Hearing on "Military Spending- Impact on Working Women", 1984 (10 February)
Banking on Vacancy
Health Protection for Operators of Vdts/ CRTs
Working Papers for a New Society
People Pay for Peace

Box 13
Sweden Clippings
Sweden Clippings
Comp. Govt. - Sweden Research
Social Welfare- Sweden
Norway Clippings
Wallenberg Clippings
Stockholms Universitet
Swedish Comics

Box 14
School Photo
Diploma from University. of Stockholm, 1970
Teaching Credentials
Visual Map of Places of Significance in the Life of Sallie Marx, 1929-1949
Protrait Photographs- Richard and Sallie Marx, 1965
Vital Records
Sallie Marx- Career
Sallie Resumes
Teaching Diary 1995-6
Teaching Notes
ESL Applications to Teach
UCC ESL Class Info, 2000
United Community Centers Writing Class
Complaint from Prot Authority Anti-Poverty Teachers to Mayor Lindsay, 1965
Unites Furniture Workers Letters of Recommendation, 1974
Sallie- Health
Jury Duty (Includes Grand Jury Fingerprints)
Steve Lisson 9/11/2001
Steve Lissons 9/11 poems
Cemetery- Pine Lawn Deed- Steve Lisson
People Trip 1969-1971
Raleigh Theft
Series : Leon Festinger (New School()
Housing and Rent Control (165 Christopher St.)
New School Brochures

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