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Descriptive Summary
The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Cooper, Sandi (birth date - )
Sandi E. Cooper Peace History Reference Collection
Inclusive Dates
1820s -1920s circa
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DG 269

Language of Materials
Materials in English, Italian
2.5 linear feet [papers only]
Collected and photocopied papers regarding Italian peace organizations primarily in the 1800s. Much of this collection is photocopied periodicals published Italian peace organizations, with notes by Sandi Cooper or other researchers attached.

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Yes, this collection is stored off site. Please contact SCPC staff at least two weeks in advance of a visit, so boxes may be requested from off site.
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Gift of Sandi Cooper, December 2015
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This finding aid produced by Grace Baker, December 2015; and Rose See, Wendy Chmielewski, October 2017.
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Historical Background
The items in this collection are copies of documents from Italien libraries and archives and were gathered by historian Sandi E. Cooper. The copies were utilized by her for research and publications on the emergence of information around Italian peace organizations in the 1800s. Some of the documents also contain research notes written by Cooper. There are also two folders of correspondence between Cooper and historian Irwin Abrams.

Collection Overview

This collection remains in the order in which it was donated.

tems removed:
Original Italian peace pamphlets from various organizations; added to other SCPC collections.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [box is off site]
Letter from Irwin Abrams
2004 Historical Association Honoring Irwin Abrams
Biographical  notes - mainly French
Biographical materials - Swiss, Belgian, Dutch
Biographical materials - German, Austian, Czech, Russian
Articles (2 folders)
Conference Programs
Jean de Bloc Notes
Biographical materials - Britain, Spain, Italy
Miscellany Illustrations
Herald of Peace, assorted copies
1820's Marquis de la Rouchefoucauld, Liancourt 1820s
Jean-Jacques, comte de Sellon (4 folders)

London Peace Society description  in French and 'Olivier
1843-1848  Mid-century Peace Congresses-minutes and other notes
1849 Paris congress, Proceedings
1859-53 Mid-century Peace Congresses
Articles - De Giradin and Bara on mid century congresses

Box 2 [box is off site]
Victor Hugo- on internationalism
1867 Geneva Peace Congress Ligue Internationale de Ia Paix et de Ia Liberte (2 folders)
First International  1867 and 2 articles on Federation
Ligue Internationale 1869, 1871 - Lausanne
Ligue Internationale Resolutions speech to 1893
Les Etats-Unis d'Europe, 1867-1869 scattered copies (2 folders)
Lemmonier, Charles and Elisa Biographical materials
Ligue lnternationale Writings
France Passy Societe 1872, Almanach de la Paix 1872, Societe francaise pour l'arbitrage entre nations, Workman's Peace Association (London 1871)
1878 Peace Congress in Paris
Edmond  Potonie-Pierre including his History of the Peace Movement
Gaudin's  Le Devoir 1886-7
International Law Associations
1882 Brussels Conference- International Artibtration Association
Miscellaneous Articles, militarism notes, 1877, 1886, 1887
International Peace Bureau, 1889-1912 - minutes of congresses, speeches, police reports  (Paris)
International Peace Bureau-1892- copies of original documents, correspondence and lists of members
Bureau international de Ia paix, Correspondance autographiee (copies of handwritten bulletin of the International Peace Bureau 4 folders)
Bureau international de Ia paix  documents on its organization and functioning 1890's

Box 3 [box is off site]
Universal Peace Congress Proceedings, 1907-1908
Universal Peace Congress Proceedings, 1909-1910
Universal Peace Congress Proceedings, notes 1912-13
Bureau  international de Ia paix, Crisis 1914-1915
Peace Movement and Nationalism
Peace Essays France to 1914 (2 folders)
Interparliamentary Union 1889-1891
Intcrparliamentary Union 1894-6
Interparliamentary Union 1899-1914
La Conjerence interparlementaire 1893 +
Interparliamentary Union Correspondence  scattered 1892-1912
Interparliamentary Union Meetings 1912,1914
Interparliamentary Union Crisis 1914
Association "La Paix par le Droit" Origins, 1893-95
La Paix par le Droit 1896-7
La Paix par le Droit 1889-1902
La Paix par le Droit 1902-03
La Paix par le Droit 1904-06
La Paix par le Droit 1907-08

Box 4 [box is off site]
La Paix par le Droit general information
French Peace Movements
French Peace Congress Minutes 1902, 1904 (2 folders)
French Peace Congress Minutes 1908-11 (2 folders)
French Peace Congress Minutes, 1913 plus various police reports
Papers of Henri la Fontaine (Mundanium - Brussels)
Belgian National Peace Conress 1913
National peace Congresses, miscellaneous notes - Germany, Great Britain
La paix, Swiss Peace Journal
The Peace Movement 1912+ Geneva
Conciliation Internationale 1912+
Peace Writers and the 1899 Hague Conference (2 folders)
Peace Movement and Workers
Arbitration and the Hague 1907
Frédéric Passy, Bio-notes, writings, correspondence
Passy - notes from Guy Toledano (descendent)
French Catholic Peace Society
Gaston Moch
Congrés des Sciences Politiques
Monaco Peace Institute
Arms Limitation
Teachers' Meetings and Peace Issues
Ferdinand Buisson on Peace
Miscellaneous Peace Periodicals - Part 1

Box 5 [box is off site]
Miscellaneous Peace Periodicals - Part 2
Fried/Novicow Letters
Peace Articles pre-1914
Peace Articles pre-1914
Mazzini on Peace
Garibaldi on Peace and correspondence
Italian  Peace Movement 1869-1880, Lega della Pace
National Peace Congress, Rome, 1889
Italian  Peace Movement Pamphlets 1880's - 1913 (2 folders)
Italian  Peace Meetings 1880s- 1904
Miscellaneous notes- Edoardo Giretti, Turin Peace Society
La Vita Internazionale 1898 and scattered others
La Vita Internazionale 1899 - selections
La Vita Internazionale 1900
La Vita Internazionale 1901
La Vita Internazionale 1902
La Vita Internazionale 1903
La Vita Internazionale 1904
La Vita Internazionale 1905
La Vita Internazionale 1906
La Vita Internazionale 1907
La Vita lnternazionale 1908
La Vita lnternazionale 1909
La Vita Internazionale 1910
La Vita Internazionale 1911

Box 6 [box is off site]
La Vita Internazionale 1912
La Vita Internazionale 1913
La Vita Internazionale 1814
La Vita Internazionale 1915
Miscellaneous Post-War Italian Peace Review, La Vita Internazionale, 1918, 1930
Miscellaneous Societá per la Pace e la Giustizia Internazionale
Miscellaneous Peace Articles, especially the 1911 Italian-Turkish War

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