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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Friedman, Louis (1934 - 2016)
Louis A. Friedman Papers
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DG 238

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Materials in English; minimal amounts of Slavic languages
35 linear feet [papers only]
Louis A. Friedman has worked internationally with Promoting Enduring Peace, EarthKind, People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE), and other organizations on peace and environmental issues. Along with his wife, Judi Friedman, environmentalist and award-winning children's book author, he traveled as a citizen-diplomat and also brought several Soviet/Russian delegations to the United States to further communication on these issues. Friedman has organized peace river cruises and trips through Soviet cities for United States media, and participated in marches at the Nevada Test Site, the Pentagon, and the White House. Both Friedmans died July 26, 2016.

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Historical Background
I was born on December 13, 1934 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. where I was raised, and lived until 1952. My peacemaking work started when I was very young. I went from relative to relative (from both sides of my parents), whose homes were within blocks of each other. They were of different backgrounds. As the family diplomat, I worked so hard at bringing them together that I was nicknamed “striped pants”. I graduated from Williams College with a B.A. with honors in English in 1956 and received my master’s degree from Yale in 1957. Thereafter, I did graduate work at Harvard, Stanford, and Trinity College. I received a prize for public speaking and a national first prize in a short story contest. From 1957 to 1978 I was a teacher of English to grades seven to twelve and was the founding director of an alternative multi-racial pluralistic award-winning high school, Westledge School in Simsbury, Connecticut.

From 1982 to 2000, I was the assistant to the Director and Director of Media Relations of Promoting Enduring Peace (Woodmont, Connecticut), and producer and press coordinator for EarthKind (Humane Society of the United States, Washington, DC). My work during these years was always partnered with my wife Judi Friedman, an award-winning children’s book author and environmentalist. We traveled as citizen-diplomats under the auspices of Promoting Enduring Peace and EarthKind, focusing on matters of peace and environment. We worked in Cuba, Bermuda, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Brazil, Romania, and China, concentrating on the Former Soviet Union (FSU), Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and countries of Central Asia. We partnered with agencies (such as the United Nations, UNICEF, Peace Corps, ISAR [Institute of Soviet American Relations]); embassies (such as Denmark); foundations (such as Counterpart, Soros, Travelers); as well as dozens of large and small organizations and corporations in these countries and in the United States. The Trust for Mutual Understanding (Rockefeller Foundation), made it possible for us to bring many Soviet/Russian delegations to the United States where we extended our peace and environment work.

While in a country, I would meet with officials employing my skills of patience and open-mindedness, conciliation, mediation, reconciliation, conflict resolution, peace-making; and my knowledge of the media. I made some fifteen citizen-diplomatic trips to the FSU (including Republics), Russia and Ukraine, visiting many major cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Stavropol, Kiev; and many smaller cities, towns and villages. I participated in dozens of conferences in Moscow – at the Kremlin, at the Russian White House regarding issues of the Cold War: nuclear weapons; pre-Perestroika/Glasnost; environmental degradation; and media relations.

I helped organize and participated in river cruises in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States, bringing together citizens from the Soviet Union, Russia, and the United States and many other countries. One such cruise was on the Mississippi River in 1986. After two years of preparatory work, Promoting Enduring Peace won permission from the U.S. State Department to extend visas to the largest bloc of Soviets ever allowed into the United States up to that date. My work was cited by David Courtright in Peace Works, The Citizen’s Role in Ending the Cold War (Westview Press, 1993; p. 197).

The Mississippi Peace Cruise was a deeply moving experience. This historic event was a dramatic symbol of a new awakening in U.S. – Soviet understanding and friendship and an eloquent refutation of the logic of the Cold War. Like the churning of the great paddlewheel [of the Delta Queen], the cruise marked a turning in public awareness. Press coverage greatly enhanced the impact of the cruise. It proved to be one of the most successful peace media and cultural events of the decade [organized by Promoting Enduring Peace’s] media coordinator, Lou Friedman. Furthermore, all three television networks and CNN covered the cruise as did Time magazine (August 18. 1986; James Carney). There were over 200 newspaper articles and editorials across the United States.

In the late 1980’s and 1990’s, I arranged the trip and escorted members of the U.S. media (electronic and print) through many Soviet cities. One such reporting titled Agricultural Perestroika in Gorbachev’s home region of Stavropol, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for the Des Moines Register. Another report, titled The Red Dawn, included hitherto unseen first hand footage of the Chernobyl Zone and won a television Emmy for the best news mini-series for NBC.

In the first open election in modern Russia, I supported the candidacy of Artur Chilingarov, currently one of the Speakers of the Duma. Chilingarov’s consultant, Mikhailovich Slouzhivov, was my trusted colleague in all matters bilateral, until his death in 2009.

I have participated in many marches at the Nevada Test Site, the Pentagon, and the White House. I am currently a consultant to PACE (People’s Action for Clean Energy, Connecticut), Jelly Jam the People Preserver, and on the Board of Directors of Beyond Nuclear (Takoma Park, Maryland).

During the last years of the 1990’s, it became obvious to Judi and me that the greatest global environmental problem was nuclear power, and its allied horror threatening world peace, nuclear weapons. We also felt that our activism could do the most good by educating in our own country whose presence in both fields is paramount in the world. Thus, we currently work with PACE, where Judi is the Director, and Beyond Nuclear (Maryland) where I am a founding member of the Board.

PACE is a public health and environmental organization formed in 1973 to promote the development of alternative sources of energy, especially all forms of solar energy; to encourage efficient use of energy; to develop a spirit of conservation; and to challenge Connecticut’s commitment to nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Beyond Nuclear aims to educate and activate the public about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the need to abandon both to safeguard our future. From uranium mining through waste stockpiling, nuclear power and nuclear weapons threaten human health, safety and security. Furthermore, the two technologies are inextricably linked posing an unacceptable nuclear proliferation risk.

Thus, since having worked with the government of China and having had a paramount role in Earth Day in Beijing in 2000, we have concentrated our activists’ work in the United States.

Lou Friedman
Canton, CT 06019

Both Friedmans died July 26, 2016.

Collection Overview
Much of the collection consists of planning materials for trips or events inthe Soviet Union and Former Soviet Republics as well as Brazil, Cuba, and China. Louis Friedman pursued issues relating to peace and the environment in these locations through his work with Promoting Enduring Peace, EarthKind, and People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE). The collection also contains information dealing with the planning, publicity, and reports of different river cruises, including the Mississippi Peace Cruise which Friedman organized. His international activism is also represented by papers and photographs detailing his and his wife, Judi Friedman, traveling to educate with her environemental children's book.

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Arrangement of Collection
This is an unprocessed collection. The Papers of Louis Friedman remain in the order in which they were donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Human Ecology
Friends of the Earth conference, 1983 (October 18-21)
Fate of the Earth conference, June 6-12, 1984(?)
Correspondence prior to Soviet Delegation, 1985 (May 2)
Soviet Delegation newspaper articles, 1985 (May 20)
Connecticut - USSR Soviet Delegation, 1985 (May 20)
Soviet visit: pictures and cc’s, 1985 (May 20)
Soviet visit, 1985 (October 5)
Soviet Delegation newspaper articles: pictures and cc’s, 1985 (October 5)
Peace Cruise Clippings, 1985 - 1986
Montreal: Peace and security conference, April 21-23, 1986
Peace from the Heart
Mississippi Peace Cruise: essay winners, 1986
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1986 [3 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, July 26, 1986 - August 2, 1986
Mississippi Peace Cruise: press, 1986 - 1989
Mississippi Peace Cruise: later correspondence with shipmates, 1986
Soviet visit, 1987 (April) [2 folders]
New England Environmental Conference, March 21-22, 1987
Soviet visit press, 1987 (April 22)
Soviet Peace Committee meeting, May 1987 [2 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, 1987 [3 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise, July 21, 1997 - August 9, 1987 [3 folders]
Center for Soviet-American dialogue conference, November 2-6, 1987

Box 2
Center for Soviet-American dialogue conference, November 2-6, 1987 [2 folders]
Svetlana, 1987 (November 10-22) [2 folders]
Center for Soviet-American dialogue: summit, 1988 (February 1) [3 folders]
Common Security through Structures for Peace (D.C.), 1988 (February 24-26)
International Peace Cruise, 1988 (May)
Press Articles of the International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1988 (May 25-30)
International Peace Cruise, May 22, 1988 - June 2, 1988 [2 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988 (summer) [2 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise: press, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise, 1988 [3 folders]
Mississippi Peace Cruise II: clippings, 1988
Dnieper, 1988 - 1989 [3 folders]

Box 3
Dnieper, 1988 - 1989
International Dnieper Peace Cruise - National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 1989 [2 folders]
National Audubon Society, Promoting Enduring Peace, 1989 [2 folders]
Bilateral American | Soviet Environmental Exchange [5 folders]
International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1989, 1990, 1991 [2 folders]
Alan Thompson Defense Effort, 1989 (February 9) - 1990 (January)
Environmental Exchange: Phase II (USA), 1991 (April) [2 folders]
Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, 1992
Cuba: Promoting Enduring Peace, 1993 [2 folders]
Cuba: masters, 1994
Cuba: delegation, 1993 [2 folders]
Cuba: master, 1993
Cuba: announcement, 1993
Cuba: itineraries, 1993
Cuba: applications, 1993
Cuba: miscellaneous, 1993

Box 4
Cuba, 1994 [3 folders]
Cuba: information and articles
Cuba: racism environmental racism, 1994
Cuba: itinerary1994
Delegation letter Cuba, 1994
Cuba: lists, 1994
Cuba: current, 1994 [2 folders]
International Citizens’ Assembly to Stop the Spread of Weapons, New York City, April 19 - 24, 1995 [4 folders]
Cuba: delegation, 1994
Cuba: Enersod (?) and Solar Electric Light Fund, 1994
1996 (May 12-18) [4 folders]
Polar Conference, May 24 - 26 1999 [3 folders]
Moscow, 1999 (May 24-26) [2 folders]

Box 5
Promoting Enduring Peace [5 folders]
Promoting Enduring Peace: budgets
Promoting Enduring Peace liaisons: Cuba, Russia, Ukraine
Promoting Enduring Peace: papers by-laws tax-exempt Gandhi
EarthKind [2 folders]
Sowing Hope: budget
Sowing Hope: insurance
Sowing Hope: chronological and cards [2 folders]
Sowing Hope: posters
Sowing Hope #1, 1993 (Apri)l
Sowing Hope: Dr. Hugo H. John [4 folders]
Sowing Hope: current [2 folders]
Sowing Hope [3 folders]

Box 6
University of Connecticut: proposal LAF draft #1, (August 24)
LAF proposal draft #2, 1992 (September 20)
University of Connecticut proposal draft #3, 1992 (October 20)
Draft #4 “Plan A Plan B”, 1992 (November 27)
Draft #5
Draft #6 Final, 1993 (January 18)
Draft #7
Sowing Hope Draft #8, 1993 (April 5)
University of Connecticut expenses
Connecticut. Association for American Soviet Friendships [3 folders]
National Council of American-Soviet Friendships
Slava [6 folders]
Slava visit
Howard Smith [2 folders]
Volga Peace Cruise: Togliatti (Star Pioneer) Yuri Philippov
Peter, Paul, Esther, July 10, 1987
Dan Desmond Correspondence, 1992 (April 9) - 1993 (February 26)
Fellowships of Reconciliation, May 6 - 7, 1988
Peace Ecology Inc. Veeps
Ben and Jerry’s Peace Ecology Inc
Lantern Lodge
Krouse Foods
Peace Ecology Inc.: Joint Ventures (HarBusRlo (?))
USSR articles business
Peace Ecology Inc.: brochure
People Magazine/Time-Life

Box 7
Des Moines Register [2 folders]
Garnett News Service
E magazine: International Dnieper Cruise, [19?]90
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Today
Hartford Courant [2 folders]
January: Current [2 folders]
Media (Lists)
Self-funding: media
Media Project
Media Project: LAF [2 folders]
Drafts: chronological (masters)
Media: National
Proclamation: Mayor Milner, May 20, 1985
State Board of Education Nuclear Policy, 1985 (February 6)
University of Connecticut: brochures: mailed
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Chernobyl, USSR, 1986 (May) [2 folders]
Chernobyl film
Chernobyl radiation national of churches
Chernobyl Legacy / Judi C. Friedman (JCF); International Dnieper Peace Cruise (IDC), [19?] 90
Nuclear Power: National Geographic 1991(August)
Chernobyl [2 folders]
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility (CNR) England/United Kingdom
International Dnieper Peace Cruise: Chernobyl Field Study, 1991
Chernobyl: Ukraine, 1992 [2 folders]
Chernobyl, Sinyak
Chernobyl, Nuclear, etc
American Nuclear Society
International Atomic Energy Agency
Svetlana/Toby articles, November 1987 [2 folders]
Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) / People’s Action for Clean Energy (PACE), 1987 (October 5)

Box 8
Interface: M. Scott Peck, 1987 (October 21)
LAF Speech Volgograd, July 27, 1987
Volga Peace Cruise: Volgograd Vladimir Chernov
Third Millenium
Jan (3)
Presence of Stillwater, 1984 (August 4)
Dan Desmond
Tufts Leadership Award: Judi C. Friedman (JCF), 1992 (March)
International Dnieper Peace Cruise: Milford News, 1991
Joining Hands: a Resource Book for Episcopal Peacemakers”
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Miscellaneous, 1993
Ecology of Peace
Ecology of Peace: National Audubon Society
Environmentalist Trips Moscow/Siberia
Natural Resource Defense Council
Sierra Club
National Audubon Society: maps/brochures
National Audubon: background packet
National Audubon: anniversary tours
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Promoting Enduring Peace
Mississippi Peace Cruise: thank you letters & Soviet Letters
Delta Queen
Washington, D.C., July 22 - 23
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1986 (July 24-25)
St. Paul, 1986 (July 26)
LaCrosse, Wisconsin, 1986 (July 27)
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, 1986 (July 28)
Dubuque, Iowa, 1986 (July 29)
Davenport, Iowa, 1986 (July 30)
Burlington, Iowa, 1986 (July 31)
Hannibel, Missouri, 1986 (August 1)
New York City/Washington, D.C.
St. Louis, Missouri, 1986 (August 2 - 3)
St. Louis, 1986
(August 5)
Box 9
Cape Giradeau, Montana 1986 (August 6)
Memphis, Tennessee, 1986 (August 8)
Greenville, Michigan, 1986 (August 10)
Vicksburg, Michigan, 1986 (August 11)
Natchez, Michigan, 1986 (August 12)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1986 (August 13)
New Orleans, Louisiana, 1986 (August 14)
Jackson, Missouri: miscellaneous
Richard Deats: Fellowships of Reconciliation
Judi Friedman
Myron Kronisch
Doug Mattern
Bob Perschmann
Betty Bumpers
Darryl Mallack-Wiley
Martin Cherniack
Leader: Larry Long
Pat Coy-Karen Tanquist
Leader: Bill McLinn
Earth Summit Rio, January 1-12, 1992
Rio: announcements
Rio: background
Rio: background: United Nations
United Nations
Environmentalism and United Nations
Rio: duplicates
Rio: articles
Rio: travel
NBC letters
KNBC: story ideas
NBC memo, 1986 (June 29)
Telexes to Gasteleradio
KNBC: Sveta
KNBC: Information
KNBC: Gorbachev
NBC: California Judi/Louis
KNBC: budget calendar
Alasha camera
KNBC: Marty
KNBC: Rick
Cuba Articles, 1993 – 1994 [2 folders]

Box 10
Cuba LAF, 1994
Cuba Articles/Letters, 1993
Cuba LAF Article, 1993
Romania & Russia, 1996 (May - June)
FYI packets
FYI names
Palau: master
Yabloka: expenses
Marina/Yuri invitation
International Dnieper Cruise: U.S., 1990
International Dnieper Cruise: articles, 1990
International Dnieper Cruise: recruitment: Marty Medical, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: van, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: transportation, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: U.S./Lists, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: itinerary, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: questionnaire, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: AAA, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: recruitment: Spheres (Leaders) of Influence, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: press release #1, 1991 (January)
International Dnieper Cruise: recruitment, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: conflict resolution, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: Lawn International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Inc, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: Prospective People, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: preliminary announcement, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: Sagan, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: FYI clients transportation, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure: master, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: questionnaires: U.S., 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure drafts 1-6 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure draft #7 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure draft #8 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure draft #9 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: brochure draft #10 1991
Jelly Jam: forms, coalition notes, addresses
Jelly Jam: notes, 1996 (May)
Jelly Jam: schedules, notes, 1996 (September)
Jelly Jam: to do’s, addresses, coalition

Box 11
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica contact notes: trip six, 1996 (August 9 - 17) [3 folders]
Russia & Romania: Jelly Jam package
Romanian American Chamber of Commerce, EarthKind Romania #201
China Trip articles, 2000 (April)
“Bible” computer Jo
“Bible” computer Jo
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica Contact Notes: contacts
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica Contact Notes: notes [3 folders]
Edicion Costa Rica: Instalaciones del Museo del Nino Schedule, 1997 (February 7)
Edicion Costa Rica: fiesta
Edicion Costa Rica: report
Edicion Costa Rica: notes
Edicion Costa Rica: addresses
Cuba: brochure
Cuba: addresses
Cuba: background
Cuba: Connecticut Coalition Joy Gordon
Cuba: Marazul
Cuba Global Exchange: applications, faxes, contacts, etc, 2002 (December) - 2003 (January)
Cuba Global Exchange: itinerary, health, 2002 (December) - 2003 (January)
Cuba: Promoting Enduring Peace: Environmentalist’s Program Racism: itinerary
Cuba: Promoting Enduring Peace: Environmentalist’s Program Racism: brochure, addresses, Marazul, Connecticut Coalition Joy Gordon, background, etc.
Cuba: Promoting Enduring Peace: Environmentalist’s Program Racism: delegations
Cuba: Promoting Enduring Peace: Environmentalist’s Program Racism: assistance, 1993
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica, 1995
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica, 1995 (November)
Romania: Correspondence
Romania: Earthkind International
Pre-trips sponsors/gifts
Pre-trip information
Pre-trip contacts
Pre-trips correspondence [2 folders]
Pre-trip visa
Box 12
Pre-trip: international
Pre-trip: Eco Education Guide
Healing Wounds: Announcements
Healing Wounds: Budget
Healing Wounds: Background
Healing Wounds: Delegation
Healing Wounds: Registration
Healing Wounds: Carlson
Healing Wounds: Indian Springs Motel
Healing Wounds: Articles
EarthKind USA: Jan/Betsly, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Budget, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Itinerary, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Delegation, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Russian Delegation, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Russian/American Eco Center, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Memorandum, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Slava, 1991 (November 12-20)
EarthKind USA: Russia Projects, 1991 (November 12-20)
Mississippi Peace Cruise: leaders, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: coordinators, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: brochures, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: delegation matching, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: passengers, US, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: passengers, USSR, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: itinerary, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Delta Queen, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: media: towns, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: media, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Press Conference, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: scholarship, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: cabins, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: bus/workshop, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: release #1, 1987 (October 5)
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Republican National Convention, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Gorbachev, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: New York, Wednesday, August 3,1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: New York, Thursday, August 4, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: St. Louis Missouri, August 5, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, August 6, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise, Sunday, August 7, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Memphis, Tennessee, Monday, August 8, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise, Tuesday, August 9, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Greenville, Michigan, Wednesday, August 10, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Vicksburg, Michigan, Thursday, August 11, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Natchez, Michigan, Friday, August 12, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Saturday, August 13, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: New Orleans, Sunday, August 14, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: New Orleans, Monday, August 15, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: New York, Tuesday, August 16, 1988
Mississippi Peace Cruise: Soviet Addresses, 1988
Environmental Inauguration Ball: delegation
Environmental Inauguration Ball: letter 1, 1992 (December 21)
Environmental Inauguration Ball: arrow
Environmental Inauguration Ball: Boys and Girls Club
Environmental Inauguration Ball: Dale Didion and Katie Povich
Environmental Inauguration Ball: Paul Winter
Environmental Inauguration Ball: Jan Hartke
Environmental Inauguration Ball: Inaugural
Environmental Inauguration Ball: passports, etc
Earth Charter, Moscow, 1998 (March)
Costa Rica, Minnesota Foundation, 1998 (May)
Russia Dan Desmond/Slava, 1998 (May)
Schweitza Institute for Humanities, 1998 (October 7)
Pentagon/D.C., 1999 (June 5)
NORMA D.C., 1999 (October 23-30)
Earth Voice (EV)/Slava D.C., 2000 (November 29)
International Dnieper Peace Cruise: Roman Agrikov, 1990
Box 13
Pentagon/Kosovo, 1999 (June 5)
Antonio (Tony) Alonso
Better World Society/WTBS/CNN
Center for Constitutional Rights
Citizens Exchange Council
Cottom, Carolyn: The Committee for National Security
Czechoslovak Peace Committee
Ecologia Newsletter
Earth Advocates
Ecological Association for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation
Environmental Research Study: University of Connecticut (Kurt Strasser)
Institute of Nature and Conservation Vladimir Flint
Human Society of United States: USSR
Infinity Productions
Johnson, Nancy [2 folders]
Kern, Janet
International Dnieper Cruise Valeria Kukharenko, 1990
Lindviskova, Ira Petrovysch
Ecocide in USSR
Swomley, John
Lisa Toto
Environmental Protection Club of Lativa (VAK) Latvian/American
Video Project
Witness for Peace
Articles: current
FYI: Americans Talk Security
FYI: ideas
Computerized addresses directory [5 folders]
A New Manner of Thinking: publicity
Slide Show: music
USSR Show: booking ideas
USSR: slide show
A New Manner of Thinking: introduction
A New Manner of Thinking: handouts
A New Manner of Thinking: Howard Frozier Foreword
Handouts: future
The Freeze/West Hartford letter
USSR: Slide Show: books and invites [2 folders]
Box 14
Volga USSR: correspondence; newspaper articles, 1984
Volga Peace Cruise: addresses and correspondence, 1984
USSR: itinerary
USSR articles at the Cruise
USSR photo order mailing letter
Volga Peace Cruise: media contingent
Volga Peace Cruise: invitations
Volga Peace Cruise: media invitation list
Volga Peace Cruise: media proposal
Volga Peace Cruise: media: other
Media Soviet
Volga Peace Cruise: Moscow
Volga Peace Cruise: Media Bureau
Volga Peace Cruise: materials/articles, 1984
Mississippi Peace Cruise: slide show bookings
Volga Peace Cruise: itinerary
Volga Peace Cruise: media backgrounds
Volga Peace Cruise: passengers
Volga Peace Cruise: U.S. correspondence
Volga Peace Cruise: handouts
Volga Peace Cruise: Slava Slouzhivov
Volga Peace Cruise: USSR correspondence
Volga Peace Cruise: expenses
Joe Bairatta
Regina Bircham
Jelly Jam: Trip 2: Costa Rica report, 1994 (November)
Peace Boat, 1994 (June 18-19)
EarthKind, Russia report, April 1994
Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Boston Conference (Slava), 1994 (October 15)
Slava/Pharmaceuticals, 1994 (October)
Jelly Jam Costa Rica notes, 1994 (November)
Jelly Jam Costa Rica trip 2: budget, 1994 (November)
Jelly Jam Costa Rica Coalition: extra letters, 1994 (November)
Jelly Jam Costa Rica trip: addresses, 1994 (November)
Packet handouts, 1994 (November)
Jelly Jam Costa Rica, 1994 (November) [2 folders]
“Alternative Power Sources” Soviet Magazine
American Soviet Council
Appropriate Technology
Ark Communications
Benyukh, Oleg
Center for U.S.A./U.S.S.R Initiatives
Central Scientific and Research Institute for Radio electronic
Martin Cherniack
Citizen Diplomacy: Clearing House
Citizen Diplomacy and Exchange
Box 15
Citizen Network for Common Security
Commission on U.S.A.-Soviet Relations
Crosscurrents International Institute
Dnieper/Danube, 1990
Euro Trust
Four Beaches Moscow
Hydrometeorology & Control of Natural Environment: Moscow
Presidents’ Exchange and Initiatives Office: Jelly Jam, USSR
Product Septems International
Department National resources Tartar Republic
NORMA Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
NORMA Current Report, 1999 (October 24-30)
Jelly Jam Russia: NORMA Child Teachers
Eco Planet Foundation between Dog and Cat Magazine
Animal Care Expo, Moscow, September 19-22, 2001
Animal Care Expo, Dallas, March 7-10, 2001
NORMA: agenda (D.C.), 1999 (October 22-31)
NORMA: labels, repeats; Slava report, 1999 (October 24-30)
Articles: current, 1988-1989 [2 folders]
Exchange II Bauman/Pa
En Exchange Bauman Transain II
En Exchange II Bauman/U. Pa.
En Exchange II Bauman/etc./Ectas
Bauman/Pennsylvania Energy Office
Bauman/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI): Don Watson
International Dnieper Peace Cruise Bauman, 1990
International Dnieper Peace Cruise Bauman (academic) Ectas (Commerce)
Bed & Breakfast: USSR
Connecticut association for the Advancement of Russia & Easter European Studies (CAAREES)
Carlson Wagon Lit Argassy travel
Lemon (vodka, liquor)
Moscow Computer Club
Russian Trade Center: Courant Article, 1991 (November)
American Express
Russian Trade Center [2 folders]
Russian Village: Community Center
Taras Shevchenko
Union of Soviet Societies for Friendships, Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (USFS)
Sons & Daughters of USSR
Soviet American Environmental Center
Soviet/American Television Documentary [2 folders]
Soviet/U.S.A. Joint Conference on Charitable Cooperation
Warsal Trading Corporation/ ECAS INTERAKO
Trade Cooperatives

Box 16
U.S.A./USSR programs
Imported publications & Victor Kamin
USSR: travel anniversary tour visa
Alliance to Save the Russian Taiga Forrest
Volga Peace Cruise travel, 1987
Warsau Trading Corporation Russia
U.S. State Department
Sergei Zhandkin
Ev Arctic Animals, 1995 (October 13-15)
Environmental Animal Protection Association of Humane Society of the United States [2 folders]
Center for Earth Concerns/ Humane Society of the United States
EarthKind/Humane Society of the United States: International Humanitarian Association & Cooperation Fund of Russia
EarthKind Russia Consultant Proposal
Kazakhstan, 1998
Roman Correspondences Katya Collins (brother-in-law)
Appendices [2 folders]
Tisus Repart: Jelly Jam
EarthKind Russia/Slava Proposal, 1995 (February)
EarthKind, Russia Taiga [2 folders]
Russia Humane Society International Preserve
Russia LAF letter to John V Paul, 1995 (February 28)
Anatoly Sabchak, St. Petersburg, Mayor, 1994 (November 22)
Counterpart International
Counterpart, 1998
Counterpart, 1999
Counterpart, 1997 (September 10)
Trip One: Sweden and Russia: Jelly Jam, 1993
Report : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 1995
LAF Notes : Rio de Janeiro Brasil, 1995 (November)
Addresses : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Itinerary : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Proposal : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Articles : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Claudia Menezes, Ph.D, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
To Do: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Jelly Jam: China tour, 2000 (April)
Romania: addresses
Romania: notes
Box 17
Romania: overview
A Child’s Vision of Peace Calendar, 1986
Judi and Lou Soviet original articles
Janet Kern
Toby Moffett: the Wexler Group
Seville Statement on Violence
Igor Sikorsky
Steve Strong
Northeast Utilities / Steve Strong / Mobile Solar, 1990
Sunnyside Solar
Wilson College
Sowing Hope [2 folders]
Alex Kuzma
Slava: post Sowing Hope
International Dnieper Peace Cruise: Roman Agrikov , 1990
Canton / Kuntsevo, 1990
Canton / Kuntsevo, 1991 –
Citizen Diplomacy and Exchange
Cottom, Carolyn: the Committee for National Security, 1986 - 1988
Cottom, Carolyn: the Committee for National Security, 1988
FYI information resources
Peace Ecology Inc. meeting, September 4, 1991
Peace Ecology Inc.: International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1991
United Nations Environment Programme / Earth Kind: Children’s Conference, October 31, 1997 - November 2, 1997
EarthKind England
EarthKind Russia Report, 1993
EarthKind past correspondence, 1993 - 1994
EarthKind, 1994 - 1996
Russian art: Slava, EarthKind
Slava, 1993

Box 18
Old Slava, 1994 - 1996
Earth Kind (EK) to do
Earth Kind Moscow, November 1991 [3 folders]
Environmental exchange, Master, 1991 (November)
Environmental exchange (fourth), Master notes and cards, 1991 (November)
Environmental delegation statement, 1991 (November)
Thank you: Alexander Rutskoy, Vice President of Russia, 1991 (November)
Thank you: R. E. Hasbulatov, Chairman of Supreme Soviet, 1991 (November)
Invitations, 1991 (November)
EA budget, 1991 (November)
Environmental delegation, 1991 (November)
Environmental exchange history, 1991 (November)
Earth Kind press pocket, 1991 (November)
Earth Kind cover sheets, 1991 (November)
Earth Kind mission statement, 1991 (November)
Earth Kind agenda: Dan, 1991 (November)
Earth Kind: news / articles, 1991 (November)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania / Earth Kind, 1991 (November)
Russian trade center delegation, 1991 (November)
Earth Kind / Institute for Soviet-American Relations, 1991 (Fall)
Environmental exchange (fourth): overview, 1991 (November)
EA invitations, 1991 (November)
Eugeny Nozhin, 1991 (March)
Eugeny: schedule
Eugeny: potluck, 1992 (March 17)
District of Columbia, 1992 (April)
Zareslava Nizhnik, 1992 (May)
Zareslava: schedule, Master [2 folders]
Zareslava: Master, 1992 (May)
Zareslava: current / past visit
Zareslava: Money ($)
Zareslava: correspondence, Master
Zareslava: cc’s
Zareslava: summaries / schedules
Costa Rica, 1992
Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), District of Columbia, 1992 (April 8)
Earth Summit: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1992 (June)
People’s Action for Clean Energy / Children of Chernobyl Relief Foundation (CCRF), 1992 (May 1 - 2)
Ukrainian Business Outlook, Master, 1992 (June)
Ukrainian Business Outlook, Materials, 1992 (June)
Art: Russian
USSR : Children’s Art Show
Carlson Wagonlit: Tour of United States for Russian Visitors, 1998 (April 20-30)
USSR: Cinema
Coksankhimia (Zaporozhe)
Dnepropetrovsk State University
Box 19
Russia Sept ’01 Slava [2 folders]
Issyk-Kul Forum
EarthKind/Russia : Award
EarthKind Sustainable Development Center (SDRC)
Alexei Yablotov EarthKind. R
Ecology Games: Russia
Eco Zdorovia
United States – USSR exchanges
Global Ecology Handbook
Kazan: Russia
Komi Autonomous Region, 1990 (October)
The State of Lenin Library of the USSR
Moscow Bureaus
Murmansk / Archangel, 1991
Nadeine, Vladimir
Nedorezov, Aleksandrovich Serguei
Odessa Ecological Center
Peace of Wild Things
Russia passports and travel information
Radio Moscow: United States / USSR bridge
Russia, December 1973
Russian / American Ecological Centre
Russian Conservation News
Russian cruise
Russian Information Services
Russian performers in United States
Russian theater
Russian: translations
United States Government: information
Vsevolod Shilovsky
“To a Siberian Woodsman”
Siberia / Berian
Sklifosvsky First Aid Research Institute
Soviet Life
Soviet Peace Committee
Soviet Weekly
Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR: Committee for Ecology and Rational Use of Natural Resources
Svetlana, 1991 - 1992
XX Century Peace
Ukraine [2 folders]
USSR: Sholokov film
Pin / Russian catalogs
Box 20
Jelly Jam [3 folders]
Jelly Jam Fiesta [4 folders]
Jelly Jam: The People Preserver [2 folders]
Jelly Jam: Brazil, 1995 (November)
Jelly Jam: Brazil, Pomar
Jelly Jam: Brazil
Jelly Jam: Brazil, Claudia Menezes
Jelly Jam: Brazil, 1995
Jelly Jam: Brazil, 1995 (November)
Jelly Jam: Australia
Humane Society of the United States: Jelly Jam Write-up/Paul, 1995 (March)
Jelly Jam Report Rationale, 1998 (January 21)
Jelly Jam Brazil, 1995 (November)
Jelly Jam Report, 1994 (March 18 - April 3)
Zimbabwe: Hugo John
Zambia: Vance Martin
Jelly Jam: Sweden
Jelly Jam: Great Britain
Jelly Jam – Japan
Jelly Jam Carlson [2 folders]
Jelly Jam: Canadian Edition
Jelly Jam Brazil: addresses, 1995 (November)
Jelly Jam report: maps - language charts, 1998 (January 21)
Programa de Educacion Ambiental (PRODEA)
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica: Coalition meeting, 1997 (February 5)
Box 21
Mayars: Carlson, 1989 (April) [2 folders]
Sasha: “We are one family”
Sasha: expenses
Sasha: State Department
Sasha: Releases
National Audubon Society: Brochure, 1989 (May)
Cesar Chavez, 1989 (May 11)
Mayor: Thank You better
Accidental Nuclear War Novoste Press
Mayors: Projects
Memphis Festival, 1992
International Club of Friendship, Stauropol
Trust Report for US Team
Environmental Exchange Trust Mutual Understanding Proposal & Cover Letter, 1989 (October)
Moscow: Environmental Meeting, 1989 (October) [4 folders]
Mass Media in a Terror of Crises, Eva Nordland, Sweden, 1989 (September 15 - 17)
Environmental Exchange Trust Mutual Understanding April US Log Report, 1989 (October)
Exchange Peace Economy Inc. Report, 1989 (October)
Environmental Exchange USSR log Peace Economy Inc., 1989 (October)
Environmental Meeting, Soviet Ideas, 1989 (October)
Itinerary, 1989 (October)
Participants’ Abstracts, 1989 (October)
Kygyzstan: Articles Environmental Exchange, 1989 (October)
Trust for Mutual Understanding: lunch – environmental meeting, May 2, 1989
Environmental Trip: Participants Letter, 1989 (October)
Rockefeller Brothers, 1989 (October)
Kazakhstan, 1989 (August)

Box 22
Environmental Exchange, 1990 (February 21)
Boris US November/December visit, 1990
Boris Visit Ukrainian Community, 1990 (November 18)
Sister Rivers
Sister Rivers: Correspondence
Sister Rivers: Connecticut River Watershed Council articles
International Dnieper Cruise: River Watershed Sister Rivers, 1990
International Dnieper Cruise: Environmental, 1990
International Dnieper Cruise: National Audubon Acid Rain, 1990
Citizens’ Summit Moscow
Marina and Yuri Concert, November 27 - 28, 1990
Marina and Yuri, 1988 - 1990
Environmental Exchange II: Trust: Final Report, 1990 (April)
International Dnieper Cruise: Current, 1990
International Dnieper Cruise: Addresses, 1990
Environmental Exchange US Log Schedule, 1990 (April)
Environmental Exchange McGovern Promoting Enduring Peace: Dinner, April 28, 1990
International Dnieper Cruise 1990 [3 folders]
Exchange II: Slava: US?, 1990 (April)
Environmental Exchange: Thank You Letter, 1990 (April)
Connecticut Environmental Exchange, 1990 (April)
Environmental Exchange: US Log, 1990 (April)
Soviet American Delegation, 1990 (April)
Environmental Exchange US Log Chernobyl Day, April 26, 1990
Environmental Exchange II US Itinerary, 1990 (April)
Environmental Exchange, master black book, 1990 (April)
NBC Current, 1989 (November) [3 folders]
American Civil Liberties Union/Connecticut Civil Liberties Union
KNBC/ L.A: Soviet Peace Committee, 1989 (November)
People’s Action for Clean Energy, 1989 (December 7)
Box 23
Miller, Sally
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility
Jelly Jam: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) et al, 1994 (February 18) - 1998 (March 19)
Children of Chernobyl Relief Foundation Benefit, December 21, 1993
Humane Society of the United States: Jelly Jam Trip One: Invoice and Receipts, 1993 (November)
Operation Siberian Crane by Judi Friedman
Jelly Jam St. Petersburg, 1993 (October)
Jelly Jam Salvation, 1993 (October)
Nuclear War: Accidental
Jelly Jam: Green Gross: Young Biologist, 1993 (October)
Jelly Jam Moscow, EarthKind, 1993 (October)
Jelly Jam Trip One Report
Jelly Jam Trip One Masters
Humane Society of the United States, 1993 (October 8-9)
Humane Society of the United States, 1993 (September 8-11)
Humane Society of the United States/Russia trip, Humane Society International trip, 1993 (September)
After Humane Society of the United States /Russia Trip, 1993 (September)
Jelly Jam: D.C.
Costa Rica Promoting Enduring Peace Trip, 1993
Humane Society of the United States, 1993 (April 7-15)
Children of Chernobyl Relief Foundation Conference, June 5 - 6, 1993
Jelly Jam DC, 1993 (June 29)
The Jelly Jam Project Proposal, 1993 (July)
Russia Movie in Canton, 1993 (June - July)
Stockholm Water Festival, 1993 (August)
China : Jelly Jam articles and pictures
China articles originals
Courant, 2000 (April 23)
China: Articles
Marc/Rosie Current
Cold War and Beyond : Archives
Box 24
USSR: Travel: Maps and Information
USSR: LAF Speaking
US/USSR Relations and Global Security New Haven, 1985 (April 13)
US/USSR Peace Newsletter Anatonly
USSR Music
Soviet Embassy
USSR: Collective Farming
USSR: Facts and Travel [2 folders]
Women and Earth: Russia
Women and Earth: Russia
Siberian Crane
EarthKind International Board Meeting and Artur Chilingarev
EarthKind International Board Meeting, May 13 - 18, 1996
USSR Travel Health and Safety: Medical
Russia Elections
Artur Chilingarev
USSR Maps [2 folders]
Russia Master, 2001 (September 15 - October 5)
Vera Brovkina [2 folders]
Jelly Jam /Putin
Russia: Extra Masters, 21 (September)
Jelly Jam: Boris, 1993 (November)
St. Petersburg Peace Comm. 50 th
Box 25
St. Petersburg, 2001 (September 23 - 28)
Eldred (ships)
Information Dialogue V, 1988 (September 23-25)
Moscow: Slava/Gevrikh Lunch NAS (National Audubon Society?), 1988 (September)
China, 2000 (April 17 - May 8)
China Current, 2000
China: Aetna Copies, 2000
Earth Day Beijing: Fundraising and Budget
China: EarthVoice Release, 2000 (March 22)
China: Jelly Jam, 1999 (April)
China Visa
Earth Day Beijing, 2000
China: Air Northwest, 1999
US Air: China, Frequent Flyer Miles
China, 1996 (May) - 1997 (December) [2 folders]
China, 1998 (January) - present [2 folders]
China: Jelly Jam Earth Day: McLean Fogg
China: Jelly Jam Earth Day Aetna
Brazil, 1999 [2 folders]
Brazil: Jelly Jam, Grande Curco Popular do Brasil
Brazil: Claudia Report, 1998 (April)
Brazil: Jelly Jam, 1997 [2 folders]
Costa Rica, 1998 - 2000 [2 folders]
Box 26
Costa Rica: Jelly Jam Addresses, 1995 (March)
Jelly Jam Account: Institute
Jelly Jam: Costa Rica Coalition
Inter-American Institute of Human Rights
Earth Kind, Jelly Jam Budgets, 1995
Humane Society of the United States: Jelly Jam Bills, 1996 - 1999 [3 folders]
Planned Parenthood, International Dnieper Peace Cruise, 1991
People’s Action for Clean Energy: Sam Gejdensen, 1991 (March 7)
Environmental Exchange II: Information Packets, 1991 (April)
Environmental Exchange II: Outreach Meeting International, 1991 (April 25)
Environmental Exchange II: of Commerce and Industry Meeting, 1991 (April 26)
Environmental Exchange II: Pennsylvania. Energy Department, 1991 (April)
Environmental Exchange II: Cover
Environmental Exchange II: Trust Proposal File Copy, 1991 (April)
Trust for Mutual Understanding Meeting, February 20, 1991
Environmental Exchange II : Kurtseva/Canton Students, 1991 (April)
Environmental Exchange II: Creative Evolutionary Environmental Designs/Eden Group,1991 (April)
Environmental Exchange II : Cardinal
Environmental Exchange II : Millersville, 1991 (April)
University of Massachussetts/Boston/Kugluzia Kuntseva Bauma, 1991 (April)
Chernobyl Day #5, 1991 (April 26)
People’s Action for Clean Energy program, 1991
World Peace University Costa Rica, 1991 (April 7-14)
American Tour de Sol, 1991(May 21) [2 folders]
International Dnieper Cruise: Volodymyr Tychy Map, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: 1991 [4 folders]
International Dnieper Cruise: Planned Parenthood, 1991
Box 27
International Dnieper Cruise: addresses, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise Projects, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: Institute for Soviet-American Relations, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise: Boris Meeting, November 17, 1990
International Dnieper Cruise Articles, 1991
International Dnieper Cruise Ukranian, 1991 [2 folders]
Hartford/Kurtzeva Police Exchange, 1991 (September) [3 folders]
Bridgeport Post, 1991 (November)
The Des Moines Register: Carlson Garnett Ukraine, 1991 (October 8 - 22) [3 folders]
Healing Global Wounds 1992
Mobilization for Survival, 1992 [4 folders]
Sowing Hope: Master Files, 1993 (April)
Sowing Hope, 1993 (April)
Julian Madison, 1993( March)
TripQuest, 1993 (April)
University of Connecticut: Sowing Hope Funding
Sowing Hope: United States State Department
Sowing Hope: Press Kit
Soviet American Environmental Exchange, 1991 (November)
Sowing Hope
Box 28
Sowing Hope: Thank You letters
University of Connecticut: Basketball
National 4-H Club Foundation 1993
University of Connecticut: Articles [2 folders]
Clinton/Gore Inauguration, January 20, 1995
Inaugural extra copies
International Dnieper Cruise Brochures, 1992
International Dnieper Cruise 1992 [2 folders]
Healing Global Wounds: Organizer’s Packet, 1992 (October 2 - 12)
Healing Global Wounds
Humane Society of the United States
Humane Society of the United States Missouri, 1992 (September 17)
Humane Society of the United States: Boulder, Colorado, 1992 (October 27 - November 2) [2 folders]
Healing Global Wounds: mailing articles, participants handbook, 1992 (September 23)
Healing Global Wounds: mailing #5, 1992 (September 30 - October 22)
Healing Global Wounds: Las Vegas, Nevada, 1992 (October 9-13) [2 folders]
Healing Global Wounds: Promoting Enduring Peace Letter #3 and Organizing Packet
University of Connecticut: duplicates
Application Forms
Healing Global Wounds: Judi C. Friedman (JCF) Newsletter
It’s Time to Heal the Gates of Hell, 1992 (October)
Healing Global Wounds: Extras
Alexander Zhurbin
Institute for Soviet American Relations
International Dnieper Cruise: International Medcom, 1990
Miscellaneous newspaper clipping reprints and articles on Louis and Judi Friedman

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