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Committee of Liaison With Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam Records, 1969-1973

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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Committee of Liaison With Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam
Committee of Liaison With Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam Records
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DG 227
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The Committee of Liaison with Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam was founded in 1969. Cora Weiss was the co-chair and director of the organization from 1969-1972. The Committee organized the exchange of letters and packages between families of prisoners of war in Vietnam and the POWs. The Committee played a significant role in providing information to the U.S. public about the POW situation and in the public debates about this issue. Other supporters and activists with the Committee included David Dellinger, Richard Falk, and William Sloane Coffin

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Yes, some files off site
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Yes, POW files are restricted. Contact SCPC staff for further information.
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Gift of Cora Weiss, 2007 [Acc. 07A-044, Acc. 07A-047, Acc. 07A-059]
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This collection is unprocessed. This finding aid was created by Wendy E. Chmielewski, 2007-2009
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Historical Background

The Committee of Liaison With Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam was founded in 1969. Cora Weiss was the co-chair and director of the organization from 1969-1972. The COL organized the exchange of letters and packages between families of prisoners of war in Vietnam and the POWs themselves. This exchange often revealed the names of those men still alive and prisoners in North Vietnam, which the U.S. government had refused to make public. The COL played a significant role in providing information to the U.S. public about the POW situation and in the public debates about this issue. In 1972 Weiss and other COL supporters traveled to North Vietnam to visit U.S. POWs. They were able to arrange for the return home of some these men. Other supporters and activists with the COL include David Dellinger, Richard Falk, and William Sloane Coffin.

Collection Overview
This collection includes COL administrative records, newspaper clippings on COL activities, a large collection of newspaper clippings on individual prisoners of war as well as clippings with general information on POWs; material about trips of COL organizers and supporters to Vietnam; and records on individual POWs, including COL correspondence with family members (these files are restricted).

Items removed:
Photographs (see DG 222)

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated. Committee of Liaison administrative records are scattered throughout the collection. Newspaper clippings about COL activities and POWs may also be found throughout the collection. Records of POWs maintained by the Committee of Liaison are to be found at the end of the collection organized by the COL in several sections. In each section these records are in alphabetical order by the last name of the POW. At the end of these records there are three boxes of files cards about POWs maintained by COL staff.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 Committee of Liaison files
Names of servicemen detained by Laos-China
Names of civilian detainees
Names of servicemen detained by PRG
New Prisoners of War Department of Defense list, 1973 (January 28)
DRV list as of September 29, 1972
Lists, January 28, 1973 and releases of Prisoners of War
Charles, Gartley, Elias, 1972
Taylor list
23 deaths
Prisoners of War by state, December 22, 1970
Prisoners of War released or escaped prior to accords
Status lists
Original lists
Servicemen detained by DRV
Committee of Liaison, attacks by prisoners of war and response

Box 2 Committee of Liaison files
Prisoners of War, press conferences
Pennsylvania Prisoners of War
Returned Prisoners of War
Prisoners of War, rehabilitation
Prisoners of War, anti war statements
Prisoners of War, 12 anti war PRG
Prisoners of War, NLF tapes
Prisoners of War DRV 8 letters to Congress
Prisoners of War history, Cora Weiss talk, NARMIC, Philadelphia
French Prisoners of War
N.V.N.A. wire, 4 captured, December 18, 1971
Prisoners of War DRV
Downey, John T., Flynn Smith
MIA-Missing in Action [3 folders]
List November 20, 1970, deaths
DRV lists
Lists Prisoners of War families
Lists, November 1970
Prisoners of War statements after release
Interview transcripts, CBS “60 Minutes”

Box 3 Committee of Liaison files
Books to released pilots
Voice of Women (VOW) Canada, Indochina women’s conference
Phuong, Hang, poem “Welcome to American Friends,” December 12, 1969
NFUK ( Cambodia)
Laos, bombing
Pathet Lao
Korean GI revolt
Sweden, Prisoners of War
Prisoners of War, Laos
Pathet Lao, Prisoners of War
Prisoners of War, China
League of Families meeting, October 1972
South Vietnamese art
South Vietnamese political prisoners [2 folders]
Civilian prisoners
League of Families meeting, September 1971

Box 4 Committee of Liaison files
“American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1971” Congressional Hearings, April 1971
Journal (Cora Weiss?) 1973
Requests for travel
PRG invitation
Redress, March 17, 1973
Master lists (PRG and DRV) for Committee of Liaison mailings
Wrong form
Fund raiser recap, November 1972
Paris trips
Love mail
Thank you mail
Complete list (for Committee of Liaison mailings)
Mail labels DRV, January 1972
Photocopies of letters from families
Whereas resolution
Weiss, Cora biography
Returned Prisoners of War mail

Box 5 Committee of Liaison files
Quotes and follow ups from letters received
PRG master list
Hate mail, etc
Press contacts
Press lists
David Dellinger biography
Committee of Liaison history
William Sloane Coffin biography
Norris A. Charles
Committee of Liaison additional members
Children’s letters of inquiry about Prisoners of War, 1971
Letters of inquiry
Prisoners of War letter to media, senators, April 29, 1972
Committee of Liaison press releases [3 folders]
Paris meetings, October27, 1972
Packages [for Prisoners of War] contents
Literature orders

Box 6 Committee of Liaison files
Mail from DRV Prisoners of War
Vietnam Women’s Union
Trip December 13, 1972-January1, 1973
Box 7 Committee of Liaison files, Reference files on other peace groups
Cora Weiss interviews
Cora Weiss articles
Cora Weiss
Winter soldier investigation
Whitaker Kansas
Western Union cable, December 31, 1971 on Prisoners of War
Cora Weiss testimony
Cora Weiss speaking engagements
Trip, September 1972, documents
Trip, itineraries
Today [Show] NBC
Dana Stone
South Vietnam propaganda
South Vietnam
PRG 7 point proposal, July 1, 1971
DRV prisoner information
Prisoners of War, DRV press
DRV, war crimes
DRV, Trading with Enemy law

Box 8
DRV, correspondence to and from
DRV policy
DRV Prisoner conditions
DRV statements
DRV cables
DRV downed aircraft
Women Strike for Peace
Veterans for Peace
USSF (and FTA show)
Underground press
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Women Strike for Peace, convention, 1970
Ring around Congress
Trees, Jewish project
South Vietnam, drugs
We are all Prisoners of War
Project air war
Peace movement, spring plans
Organization literature

Box 9
Medical Aid, Boston
Medical Aid committee
Medical Aid
Organization literature
Moratorium, May 4, 1972
Families for Immediate Release
Letter to Senator Scott
League of Families
National League of Families
Blank folder (two folders)
LAO Refugee drawing
People’s movements
Binh, Nguyen Thai
Asian Information Group
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice: Army base list
Amnesty International
International Red Cross
International Vietnam Solidarity Committee
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
Accords and protocols (in french and english)
Peace treaty
Paris, September 1, 1972 release
State department
Prisoners of War, United States policy

Box 10
Prisoners of War PRG, June 1972
Navy, next of kin letters
Prisoners of War, House Foreign Affairs hearings
Geneva Convention
Congressional resolution 297
Statements of congressmen

Box 11
Congressional Record
Congressional directory
Allen Hirsh
Kramer, Wall Street Journal, September 1971
Phil Donahue Show
Jane Fonda
Department of Defense
Tom Hayden
Michael Allen
NLF Prisoners of War
Piloten im Pyjama
TV contracts
South Vietnam Prisoners of War information
Prisoners of War mail
Prisoners of War legislation, Congress
Prisoners of War, India/Pakistan
Prisoners of War, black
Prisoners of War
1001 letters press, December 21, 1971
Pentagon Papers

Box 12
[Christian Science] Monitor pieces
Confiscation of mail
Prisoners of War, magazine stories
Magazine articles
Life [magazine]
Letters to the editor
Le Monde
FIII fighter planes
Clippings, 1970
Christmas package and Christmas mail press conferences, November 10 and December 21, 1971
The Nation article on Prisoners of War, January 1971
Committee of Liaison FBI investigations
Returned veterans
United Nations resolution on Prisoners of War
George Wilson, Washington Post
Trip release documents
Stephens College life
South Vietnamese Prisoners of War
Saigon Prisoners of War release, October 1971
South Vietnamese relay site
Sontay [2 folders]
Newspaper clippings on Prisoners of War

Box 13
Prisoners of War, the "wives" and families
Prisoners of War families
Prisoners of War visits, communications, lists, families, 1970
Van Dyke
Van Horne
Von Hoffman
Telford Taylor
George Smith
Bella Abzug
Grace Paley
Muriel Rukeyser
Theo Ronco
Blank folder
The Guardian
Committee of Liaison articles
Christmas 1972, bombing and after
Prisoners of War articles
Kurt Waldheim, United Nations
Debris and Menras
Saigon Prisoners of War release
Thuy interview
Thieu trip
Prisoners of War charges
Returned Prisoners of War White House party, May 24, 1973
Prisoners of War-Missing in Action after release
Prisoners of War divorce
Prisoners of War civilians
Prisoners of War code of conduct
Prisoners of War, cease fire, January 23, 1973
Prisoners of War statements on torture
Mary Payne
Grace Paley

Box 14
Monika Metzner
Liberation News Service articles
Lelyverd, The New York Times, October 3, 1971
Los Angeles Times
Peggy Duff article
Richard Falk
CBS News
Banning Garrett
Vietnam news
Committee of Liaison mail
[William Sloane] Coffin
Jane Hart
Fonda, IPC
Frances Fitzgerald
Evans and Novak
Richard Dudman
De Wolf
Bob Considine
[Richard] Falk
[Joe] Keesee
Ted Kennedy response
Kraft. Jos.
Seymour Hersh [3 folders]
Newspaper clippings, 1969

Box 15
Information requests
Committee of Liaison meeting, March 7,1972
Committee of Liaison meeting, December 1, 1972
Prisoner of War scrapbook, December 1969
Correspondence- answered
Correspondence, 1972 and 1973
Diana Johnstone
South Vietnamese women, right to live, prisons

Box 16
From DRV
Captured documents
DRV Paris
Reprints of articles
Sontag, Berrigan, Zinn, Davis
L. liberated guardian
Committee of Liaison FACT, April 30, 1970
Anniversary tours
Committee of Liaison pamphlets and literature
Christmas 1972, mail and packages
Camp and Trail, freeze dried foods
List of Committee of Liaison, 1972-1973
Prisoners of War newspaper clippings
Prisoner of War, facts and charts
Travel expenses; flights, car rental, bus, etc.
Telephone and answering machine [2 folders]
Stationary, paper supplies
Committee of Liaison-financial records [2 folders]
Fund raiser, Ramsey Clarke, November 1972
Reference file-Con Son and prisoner of war condition
Box 17
Committee of Liaison-fund raising letters
Committee of Liaison-notebook and loose correspondence
Committee of Liaison-notebook
Committee of Liason and Cora Weiss NSA suit
Missing in Action, MIAs Laos
Committee of Liaison-press releases and other literature
Committee of Liaison-copies of letters to families, March 1970-February 1973
Prisoners of War next of kin Air Force letters from military
Missing in Action, MIAs mailing January 20, 1971
Prisoner of war newspaper clippings (3 folders)
Prisoner of war families for immediate release 

Box 18
Committee of Liaison-correspondence and miscellaneous files, 1970s
Committee of Liaison-miscellaneous notes
Committee of Liaison-miscellaneous files
Committee of Liaison-DRV
Airforce documents on Prisoners of War
Committee of Liaison, History of
Committee of Liaison, Incorporation
Committee of Liaison, Finances

Box 19
Master list of prisoners of war
Letters sent to DRV through office, lists of Prisoners of War
Prisoners of War-newspaper clippings
Committee of Liaison, Letters from and to committee members
Committee of Liaison file, correspondence, 1972
Committee of Liaison, Correspondence and files
Committee of Liaison, Press releases
Committee of Liaison, Reprints
Committee of Liaison, Trip to Vietnam, 1972

Box 20
Committee of Liaison, Reactions to Prisoners of War release
Committee of Liaison, Miscellaneous files
Committee of Liaison, Newspaper clippings
Committee of Liaison, Lists of Prisoners of War
Prisoners of War
Committee of Liaison, Prisoners of War requests
Missing in Action (MIA)
Missing in Action (MIA), #2 list
Missing in Action (MIA), master list, August 1971
Court case, Prisoners of War vs. the US government
Ramsey Clarke trip letters, August 1972
Air Force magazine on Prisoners of War
U.S. government publications

Box 21
Prisoners of War newspaper clippings [3 folders and notebook]
Peter Arnett newspaper clippings, September-October, 1972
Bishop Crowther
Reference files
Prisoners of War, 1970 (?)
Material on Prisoners of War and Vietnam after war

Box 22
Prisoners of War newspaper clippings
Prisoners of War release
Prisoners of War newspaper clippings
Cora Weiss correspondence
Court material -guy- may 30, 1973
Committee of Liaison memos of Board of Directors (not in chronological order)
International committee
M.I.A select committee
Cora Weiss testimony, House Foreign Affairs Committee
Box 23
Draft of articles on prisoners of war by Committee of Liason leaders
Miscellaneous Prisoners of War, Committee of Liaison files; clippings
Miscellaneous, includes lists of Prisoners of War
Miscellaneous Committee of Liaison
Committee of Liaison Press/memos, etc.
Prisoner of war's 1973 press
Committee of Liaison prisoner of war release press
Prisoner of war's newspaper clippings, 1971-1972
Newspaper clippings: Prisoner of war press

Boxes 24-37 Files of individual Prisoners of War [Restricted]
Boxes 1-3 Card files of individual Prisoners of War [Restricted]
Box 4 Card file of Americans who visited Vietnam

(Currently stored with (DG 229) Cora Weiss)

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