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Alice Slater is a nuclear policy expert involved in nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, and elimination of weapons issues. She has served as a founder or officer of several major organizations, including Global Resource Action Center for the Environment, Economists Allied for Arms Reduction, Abolition 2000, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, and Stand for Truth About Radiation. Slater is internationally known for her expertise and work on disarmament issues.

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Historical Background
Alice Slater is a nuclear policy expert involved in nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, and elimination of weapons issues. Slater graduated from Cardozo Law School in 1984. She has been the president of Global Resource Action Center for the Environment. GRACE was a not-for-profit corporation which "formed new links between people and organizations engaged in research policy, and grassroots community work in order to promote and find solutions to preserve the future of the planet and protect the quality of the environment."* Slater has also served as a founder or officer of several other major grass roots organizations, including Economists Allied for Arms Reduction, Abolition 2000, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, and Stand for Truth About Radiation. Slater is internationally known for her expertise and work on disarmament issues.

*Taken from a description written by Alice Slater.

Collection Overview
This collection contains correspondence, minutes of meetings, and other documents that reflect Alice Slater's work in several grassroots anti-nuclear organizations throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. In addition,there is information about many national and international conferences on envirionmental and nuclear non-proliferation which Slater attended. The collection also contains reference material on U.S. government policy on nuclear issues during this period.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is not fully processed. The original arrangement has been retained. The donor/creator arranged material in folders by subject matter, rather than by records of organizations. Newspaper clippings and other reference material easily available from other sources has been removed and discarded. Reference material about topics with which Alice Slater or the organizations she represented have been retained.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
International Nuclear Societies Council
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for Public Accuracy
Interfaith Center of New York
International Action Center
International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES)
International Forum on Globalization
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA)
Heinz Awards
Grassroots International
Green Guide Institute
Global Development Briefing
Global Energy Network Institute
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Global Exchange
Global Green
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth
End the Arms Race
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Dugger Alliance
Department of Energy, 1999
Department of Energy, 1999
Department of Energy, 1999
Department of Energy, 1999
Department of Energy, 1999
Department of Energy
The Correct International Energy Agency
CSD, 2001 (April)
Chinese Delegation Meeting, 1998 (October)
International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES), July 22, 1996
China INESAP Work papers
Middle Powers Initiative
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), December 4, 1998
INESAP Papers, China
Hague Appeal for Peace
World Trade Organization Events, 1999 (December)
World Trade Organization, Seattle, 1999 (November)
MPI Retreat, February. 22-25, 2001
Box 2 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
United Nations Millennium Forum
Events: US abolition campaign, 1999 (November)
Henry L. Stimson Center
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA), 1998 (January.)
World Trade Organization, materials calendar
Corrior Conference: corporate accountability, 1995 (September)
MPN/ANA, February. 8, 1998
Mothers and Others for a Liveable Planet
Various environmental reference materials
Second World Order Conference on Breast Cancer, 1999 (July)
Abolition 2000 – St. Petersburg 1999 (June)
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Abolition Strategy Meeting
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, April 30, 1999
NATO, April 22, 1993
Santa Barbara, 1999 (January.)
Strategy Consultation on Nuclear Disarmament
Hague Appeal for Peace events, 1999 (May)
Hague Appeal for Peace: panel events
Alice Slater, events: YES
Human Security and Peace, January. 1999
Global Meeting of Generations
Comprehensive Test Ban Strategy Summit, May 20, 1993
National Academy of Sciences: events, 2002 (January.)
Box 3 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
Event: National Campaign for Corporate Reform, 2002 (January.)
Event: Living with the Genie, Columbia, March 5, 2002
Event: Technology Conference, Columbia, March 5-7, 2002
Event: Indian Point Forum, January. 7, 2002
Event: June meeting with Dennis Kucinich,
International Forum on Globalization
Event: Dry Cask / MIT Bronx [illegible] Conference
Various anti-nuclear reference materials
Event: NGO Strategy Summit, October 18-20, 2002
Reference material re: anti-nuclear efforts

Collaborative on Health and the Environment
Events: Cuba, 2003 (January.)
Environmental Grantmakers Association: events
DC Briefing, EGA 2003 (January.)
Porto Allegre, January. 22-28
Peace and See F (?), 2003 (January.)
Reframing 9/11, 2003 (September)
Events: Conference on Disarmament: India, 2000 (October)
JHU: Spira/GRACE, Advisory Bd. Research, events, 2000 (December)
April 24 2010: Our Nuclear Future, New York City, April 24, 2000
Events: Sweden, 2000 (September)
Events: Space Panel, Washington, 2000 (April)
Events: Project Abolition, 1999 (December)
Peace and Sec. Funders
Military Production Network
Various publications and periodicals
Peace and Security Funders Group, United Nations trip, October 28-30, 2003
Events: Teach-in, 2001 (October)
WTO Strategy: conference material, 2001 (November)
Events: Spira Grace Advisory, 2001 (December)
Events: Peace and Security Funders Group, Santa Fe, NM, November 14-16, 2001
Upcoming Eevents: INES, Bradford, UK, May 23-27 [no year given]
Events: water, 2001 (January.)
Events: ANA, 2001 (January.)
Events: IFG Teach-in, 2001 (January.)
Events: Space Network, Alabama, 2001
Box 4 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
Various anti-nuclear reference materials
Water, Canada, July 5-8 [no year given]
Vancouver, July 5-8 [no year given]
Events, James Aronson Award, 2001
Emails re: Abolition 2000
Events: Star Wars, DC, 2001 (June)
Events: Global Cops, Canada, 2001 (June)
Congressional Education Days
Events: Wake Up Shake Up, 2001 (March)
Events: MPI Strategy, 2001 (April)
Events: Missile Paper Strategy Session, 2001 (April)
Events: Earth Day, 2001 (April)
Events: Global Network, UK, 2001 (May)
Missile Working Group, NAPF, March 19-21, 2001
Sustain – WEF – Columbia, January. 31, 2002
World Economics Forum
Solange Eurobomb
1997 Earth Penetrator
DOE Website 1996 nuclear meeting
Gorbachev Foundation
IPPNW meeting, 1995 (July)
PU ABM [?]
Save DOE, 1994 (December)
We the World
United Nations NAPF-NGO Accreditation
United Nations: Special Session on Disarmament
United Nations sample letter
United Nations structural reform
Bar – United Nations NGO
United Nations Environmental Program
United Nations – Grace – NGO
United Nations – Iraq
United Nations – Malaysian Resolution
United Nations – Millennium Forum
United Nations – Canadian public health – WHO/IAEA
Commission for Sustainable Development – United Nations
US/China Society of Friends: energy
World Policy Institute
World Watch Institute
YES: Journal of Positive Futures
World Court Project, UK
World Game Institute
World Order Models Project
Wise Int’l
World Bank: Chinese Poverty Reduction
Western States Legal Foundation
Western States Legal Foundation
War and Peace
2020 Global Alliance
Union of Concerned Scientists
Turning Point Project
Box 5 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
Tri-Valley Cares
Television without Borders
STAR: BBDO / BNG Cleanup [illegible]
STAR: Program – Clambake
STAR: INS Policy
STAR: 2003: Peper, Scott Proposals
STAR: spent fuel
STAR: Program Comm.
STAR: Plum Island
STAR: Riverkeeper
STAR Bill: Peconie Revel Cleanup
STAR: Alvarez
STAR: Leonore
STAR: Hillstone Sampling
Long Island University
Simons Foundation
South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection
Box 6 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): (Non-Proliferaton Treaty): Prep. Con. 1999 (May)
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): April 22-23, 1999
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): Treaty, 1998
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty):
A2K PR NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty):
A2000: NY Metro (NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): )
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): : Prepcom Prep
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): meeting group
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2004
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2005 – NGO [illegible] imp. Papers
Abolition 2000
More NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): and disarmament–related material
More NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): and disarmament–related material
Alice Walter article
Labs, computer sim. Etc. archives
Nuclear victims (NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): )
Von Hippe – Drell Trescotts
Names to be entered
US Radiation: tests on citizens
Health of DOE sites, 1995 (January.)
Congressman Edolphus Towns
Ted Turner
Dr. Andrew Toupadakis
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Stiglitz, Joseph
Daniel P. Moynihan
Mioko Smith
Bill Smith
Aileen Smith
Post Moratorium Activity, 1993 (July)
Jeremy Wiesen
Steve Wing
Alla Yaroshinskaya
Anne Zill
[illegible] – individuals
Mayor Akiba
Glenn Alcalay ( Ind.)
Glenn Alcalay ( Ind.)
Arias – MIT research
Warren Beatty
Alan Cranston
Bill Bradley – Briefing paper
ECAAR – T.C. Brown
General Butler
David Cantor
Gene Case: Contract with Planet
Clinton, Hillary
Mary Cunnane
Kevin Danniker
Alfonse D’Amato
Box 7 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
D. Despommier
Adrian W. Dewind
Duchin proposal
Dugger – Alliance for Democracy
Anabel Dwyer
Annie Evans
Paul Rogers
Global Cops
Wade Greene
Richard Gebhardt
Hugh Gusterson
Paul Hawken
Zoran Pajic
Dr. Perrerra
Penny Price ( Ind.)
Edward Perlberg
Caleb Rossiter
Bob Schaeffer
Susan Shaer
Sheinbaum Dinner
George Lewis
Lucas, Martin
Carolyn Maloney
Nelson Mandela
Leonard Marks
Qiang Niu
Myron Mehlman
Zia Mian
Annie Miller
Robert Muller
Natalya Mirinova
Jerrold Nadler
Vijai Nair
Paul Nitze
Stephen Herman
Heiner Housten
John Hoyt
Bianca Jagger
Wayne Jaquitht: National Sec. News Service
Bill Joy (Indiv.)
Bob Kerrey
Klotz – NY Nukes
Frances Korten (Yes Mag.)
Monika Kumar
STAR: NRDC lawsuit
Lappe, Anna
STAR: New York State legislative acts
STAR: Peconic River
STAR: Plum Island
STAR: articles, 2000
STAR: publicity
STAR: press release, 1999
STAR: Kalish & Associates
STAR: health, 2002
STAR: poll
STAR: Spitzer
STAR: letterhead and envelopes
STAR: mailings
STAR: board meeting, November 11 [no year given]
STAR: March bd.
STAR: Bd., 2001 (November)
STAR: Millstone
STAR: B.D. Exec. – Muller Proposal
STAR: tritium – waste policy
STAR: conference
STAR: EPA meeting
STAR: GOULD Hall transcript, 12-96
STAR: rent fuel pool press conf., October 31, 2005
STAR: Alvarez
STAR: Joe Carson
STAR: post Billy Joel
STAR: clean air litigation
STAR: DOE Brookhaven group
STAR: Bond rebuttal BNL
STAR: BNL 2004
STAR: nuclear power post 9/11
STAR: Price Anderson Richard
STAR: BNL Cleanup 2004
BNL Cleanup/Samios (?) crow
STAR: FOIA waste stream
STAR: BNL cleanup
Box 8 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
STAR / NAS waste
STAR: Jay Gould tooth study
STAR: Millstone
STAR: fish and reactors
STAR: by-laws
STAR: E. H. list
STAR: Exec. Dir. [2 folders]
STAR: correspondence
STAR: resumes
BNL: tritium remediation
BNL: tritium misc.
BNL: misc.
BNL: tritium health studies
BNL: press, 2001
BNL: tritium reports from LLML and Savannah River
BNL: 60 minutes
STAR / NAS: Toxic Legacy
BNFL: nuclear power
BNL: Guild Hall
BNL: Guild Hall transcript
BNL: DOE meeting, July 28, 1997
BNL: Sandy Rose documents
BNL: Weida, November 24 [no year given]
BNL: Bill Weida, 1997
BNL: Politicians
STAR: BNL advisory board
Brookhaven Board
BNL: Citizens overnight panel
BNL: Columbia
BNL: Joe Carson
BNL: Long Island Breast Cancer
BNL: Los Alamos
Long-term Stewardship
BNL: Peconic River
BNL: plutonium
BNL: radiation health effects
BNL: Clean Air Act
BNL: Cleanup Date BNL pub.
BNL: health
BNL: correspondence
BNL: contract
BNL: New Contractor Strategic Solicitation Plan
BNL: Misc. Documents
BNL: PR proposals
“April 24, 2010: A Look at Our Nuclear Future”
Time’s Up Press Briefing
Earth Day, 2000
Material sent to Earth Day
Pamela Lippe: Earth Day
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2002 Prepcom: NGO presentations and Briefings
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2002: NGO positions and reports
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2002: Doug Roche report
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2002 Prepcom: Abolition, 2000
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): NGO preliminaries, 2000
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000 press briefing, invitees, combined
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): Report Card, 2001
October 8: Chicago [illegible]
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): : Outreach, 2003-2004
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): , 2004
Town meeting
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): , May 1, 2004, AGC
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): Amendment Conf.
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): , 2000, Alice’s notes
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): review speech notes
Box 9 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000, NGO talks: combined invitees
NGO comm. file: NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): – 2000 invites – heads of state
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000: final document
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000: NGO presentations
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000: Congress recommendations to the US
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000: foreign ministers, world capitals
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000: media strategy
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000: Abolition 2000
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): 2000
MPI, October 28-30 [no year given]
Middle Powers Initiative: Executive Committee Meeting: October 4, 2002, New York
Bush nuclear posture
Nuke weapons: bunker buster, 2003
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty):
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): working group: notes, minutes
Housing offers, NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): PrepComm, 1996
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll public handout: graphics
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll P.H. text description
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll: congressional briefing
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): PR, 1997 with Baker
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll: April 3, 1997
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll: April 3, 1997 Fact sheets/Widmeyer
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll correspondence
US Kay Poll: nukes
Poll: congressional briefing: Harken/Furse
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll: press bios/Gabi
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll: Poll data
Lake Sosin Snell and Associate Poll: press from poll
Issues: arms trade
Issues: air
Issues: campaign finance reform FCC
Issues: campaign finance reform FCC
Los Alamos, August 6, 2005
Issues: Enron
Issues: environment, economy
Issues: environment, World Heritage Committee
Food irradiation
US Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Mayors for Peace, 2004
Issues: globalization
Issues: Kyoto Conference, 1999
Issues: Iraq
Issues: Kosovo
Issues: mail irradiation
Issues: NATO, 1999
Issues: NATO expansion
Issues: Philippines
Issues: School of the Americas
Terrorism issues
Issues: September 11 th
Nuclear weapons: China spying
Nuclear weapons: correspondence
Nuclear weapons: China
Nuclear weapons: CTBT
Nuclear weapons: CTBT
Box 10 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
Nuclear weapons: de-alerting
Nuclear weapons: disarmament
Nuclear weapons: France
Subcritical: stockpile s. fax to United Nations mission 1997 (June)
Computer simulations: AGEX, 1996
Stockpile stewardship: NIF DOE docs. 1996
Stockpile stewardship: NGO info. 1995-1996
SS&M: Harken Bumpers meeting, 1997
Computer simulations, 1996/1997
Subcritical letter writing campaign, 1996
Stockpile stewardship: NGO info, 1995
CTB: the deal
CTB, 1999
CTB article: defeat, 1999 (November)
CTB signatories
CTBT end game, 1996
CTBT articles, 1997
CTB, September 10, 1996
CTB, 1996
Goldwater v. Carter, notes
ABM/Cong., cases: misc.
ABM/Cong., cases: Gold v. Carter
ABM/Cong., briefs
ABM/Cong., articles
ABM/Cong., [illegible]
Hiroshima project
Hiroshima tapes to send and who got it
Hiroshima video testimonials
TV show Hiroshima
Hiroshima videostore (Global Vision/Rainbow Video)
Hiroshima news articles
MPI, January. 26-28 [no year given]
Environmental Grantmakers’ Association, 2004 fall retreat
Boston forum, 2004 (July)
Second Nuclear Age, CUnited NationsY, 2004 (December)
NAPF forum, May 13-15, 2004
Informal roundtable dialogue on NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): treaty
Hiroshima, 2004
Berlin IPPNW, 2004 (May)
Events: Hiroshima, 2004
Nuclear Disarmament
Nuclear Policy Research Institute
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): , 2003, writing
Conference on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
PNND Conf., 2003 (November)
NAPF, 2003 (November)
Poets Against the War
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): Press Conf.
MPI Steering Committee Meeting, Geneva, April 26, 2003
MPI, 2003 (April)
Nuclear waste: Kazakhstan
Nuclear waste: mobile Chernobyl
Nuclear waste: MOX
Nuclear waste: plutonium
Nuclear waste: pie chart: national and international
Nuclear waste: pie chart
Nuclear United Nations inspections
Nuclear weapons: worldwide poll
Nuclear weapons: stockpile stewardship
Nuclear weapons: subcriticals
Nuclear weapons: Russia
Nuclear weapons: security
New nukes, 2003
New nukes, 2005
Nuclear weapons: Pakistan
Nuclear weapons: policy debate, 1998
Nuclear weapons: quotes
Nuclear weapons: NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty):
Box 11 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty): , 2002
Nuclear weapons: new weapons, 2001
New nukes, 2002
Nuclear policy
Nuclear weapons: NATO
Nuclear weapons: NAC, 1999
Nuclear weapons: NAC, 1998
Nuclear weapons: NAC, 2000
MPI nuclear weapons contact list
MPI strategy consultation, April 8, 2002
MPI Steering Committee, April 6, 2002
MPI: Executive Committee, October 28, 2001
Events: Alan Cranston Award
MPI, 2000 (January.)
MPI: October 18 th meeting
MPI: proposal
MPI, 2000
MPI: post pugwash (?), 2001
MPI, 2001
Nuclear weapons: Model Nuclear Weapons Convention
Nuclear weapons: missile ban
Missile defense: Canada
Nuclear weapons: Korea
Lockheed Martin
Nuclear weapons: India
Nuclear weapons: India
Nuclear weapons: Israel
Nuclear weapons: Japan
Nuclear weapons: Japan
Star Wars, 1998
Star Wars, 1999
Star Wars, 1999
Star Wars, 2000
Star Wars, 2000
Star Wars, 2000
Star Wars, 2000
Missile defense, 2001
Pre-Summit National Missile Defense Briefing, May 25, 2000
Star Wars, 2002
Star Wars: ABM
Issues: global war system
Star Wars
Star Wars: Europe
Star Wars: Kucinich bill
Star Wars: NASA
Nuclear power: articles, 2001
Nuclear power, 2002
Nuclear power: Austria
Nuclear power: Chernobyl
Nuclear power: Czech Republic
Nuclear power: environment
Nuclear power: Hanford
Nuclear waste: Bronx project
Nuclear power: NEI/False ads
Nuclear power: Price Anderson
Nuclear power: Russia
Nuclear power: Tokkaimura
Nuclear power: Turkey
Nuclear waste: 1998
Nuclear waste: 2002
Nuclear waste: clean-up
Star: Weida-FOIA. Employ data
Weida: email, misc.
Weida: Argonne evaluation
Weida: BNL economic impact now and in the future
Weida: delivered and scheduled items
Weida: fact sheet
Weida: letter on Perryman report
Weida: MOX
Weida: Rims II request info
Weida: MMS
Weida: weapons labs conversion
Weida: critique of DOE privatization
Weida: Privatization report requests
Bill Weida reports, 1997
Weida reports: Atlanta, 1997
Weida: complete set of reports, 1997
Weida report: 1996
Weida reports: CEC, 1996
Weida: Amarillo publicity, 1996
Weida: 1998
Box 12 off site [Acc. 07A-024]
Weida Hello Lichtenman, SS&M long version
Weida: tritium report, 1995
Weida reports, 1995
Weida: 1994 Nevada test site
Weida reports and papers, 1994
Weida reports, 1993
Resume of Alice Slater

Box 13 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Nuclear Weapons Accidents
ABC's Nukes Prime File (Nuclear Safety)
Russia, Preparing Nuke Tests (US says)
Nuke Weapons Putin/Bush Agreement
Nuclear Posture Review and Post 9/11 Nuclear Papers
Reports and Comments on Nuclear Weapons 2001-2002
U.S. Department of Energy and Weapons Effects on the Environment
U.N., Corporate Entities, and Development
U.S.Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
Media/Public Relations Documents
Iroquois Constitution
Iroquois Constitution 2
Drawings for Grandma from Hannah
Articles on International Weapons Matters (Including those by Alice Slater)
Letters to Editor by Alice Slater
Priorities for Preserving the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the New Strategic Context (Middle Powers Initiative Briefing Paper)

Box 14 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Bush and Nuclear Weapons (Articles by Slater)
Abolition 2000-Working Groups
Environmental Grantmakers Association and NPRI Symposium
ican, Human Disarmament, and Reaching Critical Will
U.N. Committee and Disarmament Papers (Including Russian Papers)
Committees and Hearings, New York State 2012-2013
Indian Point Reactor
Killer Robots-International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard University
Fukushima U.N. Resolution
U.S.Energy Policy
Poem-John Wright, Boulder Valley Surprise
Mrs. Friedman
Dennis Kucinich for President
Alice Slater Personal Letters and Papers
Peace and Security Funders Group
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment, Financial Records
Security Policy Working Group Member Organizations
Theory of Everything
Middle Powers Initiative and Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament

Box 15 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Middle Powers Initiative Non-Proliferation Treaty Report 2004
Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Middle Powers Initiative Reports and Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament
Middle Powers Initiative-Germany
Middle Powers Initiative-Canada
US Presidential Leadership for Disarmament
Renewable Energy
International Forum on Globalization
India, the UN, and Nuclear Weapons
Dennis Kucinich 2004 Presidential Campaign
Nuclear Power and Renewable Energy
Abolition 2000-Chain Letter, Information, Statements
Abolition 2000 Missile Ban
Miscellaneous (Fliers, Grace Policy Institute, World Peace Forum)

Box 16 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Globalization, Missiles, and Policy
Space Paper
Space and Missile Defense
Air and Space Weapons Issues (1)
Air and Space Weapons Issues (2)
Space, Air, Missiles, Defense (1)

Box 17 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Space, Air, Missiles, Defense (2)
Nuclear Policy 1
Nuclear Policy 2
Political Op-Eds
Star Wars on Trial
Peace Department Star Wars Legislation
Nuclear Research, Effects, Policy
US/Russia Nuclear Relations

Box 18 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Oil and Western War
Nuclear Terror-Food Irradiation
Nuclear Power Plants and Terrorism
Center for Non-Proliferation Studies
Iraq War
Lab Safety, Anthrax, Radioactivity
Iraq-Legality of War
Bush-Security Strategy
Global Energy, Nuclear Terrorism, and G8 Summit 2006
Anthrax, US Mill
Terrorism, Rule and Law
Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
Arms Trade 2001
UN's 1st Committee on Disarmament and International Security
Columbia-Oil, Bush
Terrorism, Star Wars and Defense
Space Nukes 2002
Post 9/11 Inadequate Security
Bush and Treaties

Box 19 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Nuclear Terror Post 9/11 Security
US Cities and Nuclear Deterrence
Abolition 2000: Meeting Minutes 2011
Nuclear Energy
Apollo Alliance
Climate Change and Nuclear Energy
Energy 2005
Issues in Junk Science
American Fascism
Issues in Nuclear Power
Subsidies in Nuclear Power
World Policy Institute: Space Weapons
Green Global USA
Sustainable New York City
Nuclear Security
Issues: Ethics and Science
World Council for Renewable Energy
GRACE: Media, Finances, Events
Middle Powers Initiative 2008-2011
International Renewable Energy

Box 20 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Inequality, Sustainability, and Disarmament
Faslane 365
Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament and Climate Security
Political Activism and Proposed Energy Projects
Iraq Report
Space Meeting Omaha: Spaceweapons and Investments
Antiwar Papers
Sustainability and Related Events
Wall Street, Occupy
Military Spending and Defense
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
US-Russian Weapons Relations
New Priorities and Political Activism
Hunger and Weapons Reduction
Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament Papers (1)
Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament Papers (2)
NATO and Nuclear Weapons
Economics, Sustainability and Protests

Box 21 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Asian Demilitarization
LCNP: Lawyer's Committee on Nuclear Policy
NATO Articles on Militarization
Beyond Nuclear
International Sustainable Energy Agency Proposed Model Statute
Nuclear Deterrence, NATO, UN, and Berlin Framework Forum
Middle Powers Initiative-Zero Nuclear Weapons and Responding to the Challenges to the NPT
Reaching Critical Will-Assuring Destruction Forever and NPT Plan Monitoring Report
Supporting Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PNND) and Case for Nuclear Weapons Treaty (ican)
US Nuclear Abolition Campaign

Box 22 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
US Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Part of Abolition 2000 Global Network)
US Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Part of Abolition 2000 Global Network) (2)
US Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Part of Abolition 2000 Global Network) (3)
Proposal on Space Weapons (Weiner and Podvig)
Untenability of Nuclear Weapons/Power
US Abolition-Santa Barbara
Abolition 2000-Proposals, Meeting Plans
Stockpile Stewardship & Management Program: Lynn Woolsey: Model Weapons Convention Resolution
Letters to Politicians (President Clinton, Congressmen)
Stockpile Stewardship & Management Program: Subcritical Nuclear Tests
Issues in Science and Technology-Stockpiling Nuclear Weapons
Stockpile Stewardship & Management Program: Woolsey Resolution, Congress
Stockpile Stewardship & Management Program: Lynn Woolsey Letter Concurrent Resolution
Western States Legal Foundation Grant
Stockpile Stewardship: Peace Action Information Sheets
Subcritical Tests: International
Subcritical Stockpile Letters to Congress/President Clinton
Stockpile Stewardship and Management: Mobile Chernobyl 1998
Subcriticals: NGO Actions/Letters to Congress
Stockpile Stewardship: NIF (National Ignition Facility)
Subcriticals: NGO Information Sheets
Deparment of Energy: Plutonium Needs, Costs and Management Programs
Subcriticals: Department of Energy Press Release on Subcriticals
Subcriticals: E-mail Correspondence (Abolition 2000)
European Parliament-Nuclear Ban Treaty
Stockpile Stewardship & Management: Hearings, Information and Questions
Subcritical: Stockpile Stewardship Direct Action
Stockpile Stewardship & Management: Congressional Budget Office

Box 23 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Stockpile Stewardship & Management: Correspondence with Congress
Stockpile Stewardship & Management: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty or Stockpile Stewardship and Managment
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty-Statements by India, EU, Slater
Stockpile Stewardship and Management 1998: Military Production Network and Congressional Research Service
American Physical Society: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Subcritical Nuclear Tests, Stockpile, and Related Issues
Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament 2014
UN Focused Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Meeting Feb. 28, Washington DC and Related Papers
Abolition of Nuclear Power and Better Forms of Energy
Peace and Nuclear Issues, Documents from Portland, Oregon
Transparency and Accountability NPT Reporting 2002-2009
Conferences and Brochures for Nuclear Abolition (Stockholm 2009)

Box 24 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
2014 Abolition 2000 Papers, Scotland Papers, Etc.
ican and Abolition 2000 papers (activism, finances, reports)
Energy Future Papers (some from Cambridge, MA)
Alice Slater Articles, Itinerary, and Nuclear Abolition Papers
Various Anti-Nuclear Groups (Lawyer's Committee on Nuclear Policy, International Citizens Congress)
Non-proliferation Papers 2014

Box 25 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Economists Allied for Arms Reduction
Environment, Non-Proliferation, Japan Conference
Global Article 9 Conference, Tokyo
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and International Renewable Energy Agency
Threat of Nuclear War and Impact (including conference in Mexico)
ican-Mexico 2014
Non-proliferation Treaty Conferences (Vienna 2014) and News (2013-2015)
Miscellaneous (Geneva papers 2013, Western States Legal Foundation, etc.)

Box 26 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
UK Nuclear Issues (Trident missiles)
Publicity and Articles 1997
Subcriticals: Alice's Notes and Fax Cover Sheet
Subcriticals: Alice's Piece: "Not Subcritical-Hypocritical"
Issues: Precautionary Principle and Environment
Lawrence Wittner (history professor)
Letter to Permanent Representatives to the UN
Mark Ritchie
Bob Alvarez-Protecting Columbia River from Radioactivity
UN Emergency Peace Service 2004
UN Reform by Bhaskar Menon
UFPJ Working Groups (conference and agenda)
UNGA 1st Committee
Space Security and Defense
Rumsfeld Transparency Space Wars
Addresses Regarding US Weapons and Space Policy
Green Hydrogen
Global Nuclear Power and Indian Point

Box 27 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Government Accountability Project
Climate and Government
American, World, and European Council for Renewable Energy
Peace Action
Joyce Newman (book proposal about nuclear reactors)
Law, Government, and Nuclear Security
Lawyer's Committee on Nuclear Policy (finances, meetings, and other legal matters)
Global Action to Prevent War and other Miscellaneous Papers
Lawyer's Committee on Nuclear Policy, Law, Religion, Literature
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
American Friends Service Committee
Abolition Now!, Priorities!, New York City Groups
Abolitioin Now! 2005
Animal Ethics, Food Safety, Meatrix
Abolition 2000-Polaris
Abolition 2000, Abolition Now!, New York City
City and Federal Government, Nuclear Abolition
Abolition Global Council Meeting Minutes 2006 March 29
American Friends Service Committee
Lawyer's Alliance for World Security paper by Thomas Graham

Box 28 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Non-nuclear Alternatives to Energy Production
Renewable Energy Strategy
Nuclear Energy, Terror, Danger (Including articles by Slater)
National Peacebuilding Executive Committee and Related Papers
Earth Charter
Buckminster Fuller Institute, Mayors for Peace, National Association of State PIRGS
Agenda Code Pink New York Meeting 1-03-06
Green Hydrogen Network
Nuclear Policy Research Institute and Related Paers on Nuclear Energy and Environment
20 Hydrogen Myths by A.B.Lovins of Rocky Mountain Institute
Lawyer's Alliance for World Security: Letters, Faxes, Activism
Documents Related to Test Ban Treaty
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and Lawyer's Alliance for World Security
Strategic Defense Initiative, Business, Economics

Box 29 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Lawyer's Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control, Committee on Nuclear Policy, Russian Papers
Lawyer's Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control: Various Papers
Lawyer's Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control: Fundraising
Chain Letters for Test Ban Treaty, LAWS (Lawyer's Alliance for World Security), Related Papers
UN, Government, Lawyer's Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control
Disarmament and the Elimination of War
Environment and Rights
UN Economics, Assemblies, Press Releases
Prevention of Nuclear War (Slater's Notes and Articles, Testimonials, Resolutions, Test Bans)

Box 30 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
UN and NGOs on Disarmament
Olzbas Suleimanov and Slater Personal Papers
Chernobyl, Russia, and New York City Firefighters
Legal and Economic Concerns about US Military
Lawyer's Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control: Statements, Finances, and other Miscellaneous Documents (some about psychology)
Alice Slater Notebook and Notes
Soviet Kazakhstan and International Citizens Congress for a Nuclear Test Ban
Memorandum to LAWS Board of Directors and National Advisory Board and Fax to Russia on Behalf of Greenpeace from Slater
Various Articles, Papers and Brochures for Disarmament
Middle Powers Initiative and Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament

Box 31 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Middle Powers Initiative and Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
Middle Powers Initiative and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations
Middle Powers Initiative and 2005 Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference
Renewable Energy and Government
Soviet Brochures and Papers
International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation 1999-Cornerstones of a Future Nuclear Abolition Strategy
Middle Powers Initiative and UN Papers
Abolition Now! Campaign
May 1st Committee/Conference Call Among Various Peace Organizations
Protests Against War and Aggression
May 1st/April 5th Fundraiser for Peace Organizations
Articles on Nuclear Threat
Mayors for Peace/US Conference of Mayors
Alice Slater Op Ed Troy, NY 9/20/1999-Knight Ridder Tribune
Alice Slater: Publicity ABC News Online, "US/Russia Urged to Lower Y2K Missile Alert"
Alice Slater: Article, Professional's Network for Social Responsibility and Written Article
Alice Slater: Op Ed Times Union, Albany, September 1999
Articles and Letters, Alice Slater and New York Times
GRACE Op-Eds/Letter to the Editor 1997, USA Today and New York Times
Press Releases Pre-1998, Grace Report on Nuclear Effects on Environment
Alice Slater Article, Los Angeles Times, July 7, 1998
Opposition to NATO Expansion 1998
East Hampton Star 6/4/1998, Anti-Nuclear Activist Scott Cullen
Max Frankel Article on Nuclear Weapons Spread and Correspondence with Slater 6/21/1998
Alice Slater on Nuclear Abolition, Press Releases Sent, and International Statements
May 1998-Press Releases Sent/Articles by Slater (Earth Island Journal 1998)

Box 32 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
July 1998 Press Releases-Spread of Nukes
Advisory Committee Biographies of GRACE
New Security Concerns and Approaches July 1998
Sheinbaum/Slater Op Ed 6/1998
New Priorities Report 8/1998
September-October 1998 Press Releases-Alice Slater Op Ed Papers
East Hampton Star 12/31/1998, "Suffolk Closeup" by K. Grossman
Great Neck Record 12/3/1998, 11/5/1998 Articles on Nuclear Threat
Press: Dave Brubaker, Bay Journal, 12/98
New Agenda Coalition Op Ed 11/1998, Global Beat Article 12/1998 (Slater) and Other Related Papers
Op Ed Slater/Cabasso 01/1997 "A New Arms Race is on the Way"
1/9/1997 New York Times Alice Slater's Op Ed "What Test Ban?"
"Bizarre Recycling" by Alice Slater
Leonid Zaslavsky New Russian Journal and other related papers (all in Russian)
Subcriticals: 4/4/1997 Newswire, Physicians for Social Responsiblity Blasts Clinton Decision on Nukes
Subcriticals: 4/5/1997 The Santa Fe New Mexican, Department of Energy Planning 2 Subcritical Tests
Subcriticals: 4/5/1997 Tri Valley Herald, "Nuclear Tests to Resume"
Articles 1997: Christian Science Monitor, The Age, Washington Post, In These Times
3/20/1997 Southampton Press, Good PR Puts Critic in Spot
3/10/1997 New Russian Journal Alice Slater's Interview
Arms Control Today March 1997 by J. Rhinelander
7/21/1997 The Nation, "Hopping Mad" and Pamphlet on Nuclear Danger by Judge Weeramantry
7/8/1997 Cincinnati Enquire, "Group Blasts Feds on Cleanup"
5-29-1997, Alburquerque Times, "Livermore's Costly Fusion Laser Won't Fly"
5/29/1997: Southampton Press, "The Lost Reactor"
5/22/1997: Newsday, "Is Brookhaven Lab Getting a Bum Rap?"
Monitor Weapons Complex 1997
Alice Slater: ECAAR Newsletter Op Ed October 1997
William Weida New York Times Letter to the Editor 12/5/1997
East Hampton Star 12/25/1997, "STAR on Millstone, BNL" by J.Mead
"Clinton's Nuclear Test Ban Fails to Ban" by Alice Slater
7/31/1997 E.H.Starr, "Another Leak at Lab Revealed"
7/31/1997 Southampton Press, "New Tritium Plume Found"
8/21/1997 Southhampton Press, "Federal Agencies' Updates are Offered in New Format"
8/21/1997 East Hampton Star, "New Format for Federal Meetings" by Karl Grossman
Pew Research Center 1997 "Top 10 Stories of the Year: 1997: High Personal Contentment, Low News Interest"
Book Excerpt from Metal of Dishonor Chapter 12, Alice Slater "A Bizarre Recycling Program"
Alice Slater Speech in China 1997 on Abolition of Nukes (Geneva)
Alice Slater Op Ed, Nation 11/10/1997 "Our Dr. Strangeloves"
Arms Control Today October 1996, "US Should Lead Effort to Enforce Legal Norm Against Testing" by Bunn and Rhinelander
The Sunday Observer, "CTBT Farce Strengthens American N-labs" by A.Slater October 1997
Arms Control Today, "START II Resolution of Ratification," Feb. 1986 by C. Cerniello
Nuclear Free Future
Climate Change and UN 2007
World March
Lists of Supporters, Peace Groups, etc.

Box 33 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Middle Powers Initiative, UN, and Slater Papers
2010 Anti-Nuclear Papers of Abolition 2000, ican, The Scallion, etc.
Middle Powers Initiative 2009-2010
2010 Non-proliferation Treaty and US State Department
Buckminster Fuller Institute and Global Energy
US Military Bases
International Renewable Energy Agency and Slater Articles on Energy
STAR Foundation, GRACE, and other Peace Organizations
Nuclear Power and Alternate Energy-Department of Energy, Rocky Mountain Institute
Middle Powers Initiative 2006
UN Papers on Rights and Security and Alice Slater Sermon at Unitarian Church of Staten Island 11-20-2005

Box 34 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
UN, World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency
Governor Jerry Brown and Miscellaneous Papers on Arms Race
Issues Relating to Iraq War
Middle Powers Initiative, Citizens Inspectors for Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Related Papers
Peace Organizations (e.g. Education for Peace in Iraq Center, Global Exchange/United for Peace)
Various Papers On Health, Nuclear Treaties, International Affairs, Energy (Including Letter and Book by Zia Mian)
Human Rights and International Treaties
State of the Possible Directory of Retreat Participants 1999-2004, Positive Futures Network
STAR Fundraising Database and Abolition 2000 Website Pages

Box 35 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Statement On Behalf of the New Agenda Coalition 30 September 2002
Charting a New Course for US Nuclear Policy, 2004 International Law Symposium, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
World Policy Institute 2002-2003
"The Coming Bush Defense Budget Train Wreck in Historical Perspective" by David Gold
Nuclear Information and Resource Center
Nuclear Information and Resource Center, Core Group (correspondence with A.Slater)
Progressive Democrats of America
US Government and Nuclear Abolition Letters
Depleted Uranium
Nuclear Issues in Asia and Middle East
US and Uranium
Nuclear Power 2010 Unveiled (Bush Plan), Public Citizen, and other related papers
Radioactive Material and Terrorism
International Issues on Disarmament and Proliferation
America's New Nukes 2004
Bush, Nuclear Power, and Proliferation
Three Mile Island and Nuclear Power Plant Construction
Russia, US, NATO, and Nuclear Weapons
Nations of the World and Nuclear Power
Articles on Depleted Uranium
Dirty Bombs
US and UN Nuclear Policy
Nuke Waste Cleanup with Bacteria 2003
Renewable Energy Papers
2004 Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Policy in US
Campaign Against Proliferation 1991
World Peace Forum 2006

Box 36 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
International Proliferation Treaty for Renewable Energies and other Related Papers
Jagadis Chandra Bose
Miscellaneous Papers on Nuclear Power, US Government and Energy (including correspondence with US Congress)
NGO Presentations to the Third Prepcom of the 2005 NPT Review Conference
Buckminster Fuller Institute (Design Science Lab)
"The NPT Review Process" speech by Alice Slater
Buckminster Fuller Institute: Papers and Cards
Non-proliferation Papers 2007-2012 (including papers from Conferences in Germany and Vienna 2007-2012)
UN, Economics, and Sustainability
Indian Tribes, New Mexico, and Nuclear Issues
Don't Bank on Bomb (ican)
Conferences and Reports on Nuclear Abolition and Peace 204-2015

Box 37 off site [Acc. 2015-043]
Nuclear Policy Research Institute-Biographies and Scientific Reports
Environmental and Economic Concerns and Nuclear Power (including Slater correspondence with IFG)
Fissile Report 2006, UN, Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament and Energy
Article VI Forum: A Creative Initiative-Security and Strengthening the NPT, The Netherlands March 2-3, 2006
Atlanta Consultation II on the Future of the NPT, Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia, January 26-28, 2005
Indian Point Nuclear Facility
Nuclear Fuel, Disarmament, Programs
Nuclear Health Effects
Brookhaven National Lab and Health Issues
Joint Nuclear Operations (US Navy), Government and Nuclear Issues
Synergy Energy Economics, "Financial Insecurity" and Peter Bradford

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