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Charles Chatfield Papers
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Charles E. Chatfield was professor of history at Wittenberg University (Springfield, Ohio), from 1961-1999. Chatfield is an authority on peace history and international affairs, and has written or edited numerous books and articles on peace and antiwar movements, including Peace/MIR a collaborative effort between U.S. and Soviet academics. Chatfield taught courses at Wittenberg that focused on historical methodology and on U.S. progressive, urban and diplomatic history. He also directed the institution's International Education program and organized and directed the "Global Issues and World Churches" study abroad program. Chatfield was a founder of the Peace History Society (formerly the Council on Peace Research in History), and has been especially influential in creating ties between U.S., European, and Soviet historians of peace and international relations.

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Historical Background
Charles E. Chatfield was professor of history at Wittenberg University (Springfield, Ohio), from 1961-1999. Chatfield is an authority on peace history and international affairs. He has written or edited numerous books and articles on peace and antiwar movements. Chatfield was one of the editors of the Garland Library of War and Peace, a monumental series of over 320 volumes of classic works of peace history. Chatfield taught courses at Wittenberg that focused on historical methodology and on U.S. progressive, urban and diplomatic history. He also directed the institution's International Education program, and organized and directed the "Global Issues and World Churches" study abroad program. Chatfield was a founder of the Peace History Society (formerly the Council on Peace Research in History) and has been especially influential in creating ties between U.S., European, and Soviet academics of peace and international relations. His book Peace/Mir: An Anthology of Historic Alternatives to War (co-edited with Ruzanna Ilukhina and also published in a Russian language edition) was a result of this dedication to international academic collaboration.

Collection Overview
The Papers of Charles Chatfield contain his professional papers from a lifetime in academia. The collection includes correspondence with personal friends and professional colleagues in the United States, Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Union. There is also a small amount of correspondence with peace activists of the second half of the twentieth century. In addition there are files from Chatfield's many writing and professional projects, such as the books and articles he wrote or edited, his research projects, or the conferences he organized or attended. This section of the collection includes a great deal of correspondence concerning these various projects. A third section of the collection contains material that Chatfield collected about peace topics primarily in the United States and Europe, and the writings by colleagues in the field of peace history. There is a small amount of correspondence in this series from peace historians asking for Chatfield's review or opinion of their work.

There is information on the following organizations in this collection: The World Without War Council's historian's project; the Conference on Peace Research in History and the Peace History Society; the American Historical Association; the Lutheran Educational Conference of North America; the Studies in Peace and Conflict History series from the Syracuse University Press; and the study of Transnational Social Movement Organizations.

Among the many correspondents included in this collection are: Irwin Abrams; Charles DeBenedetti; Olga Fierz; Jean and Hildegard Goss-Mayr; Mary-Kaye Heisler; Peter van den Dungen; and Lawrence Wittner.

Items removed: Photographs; computer diskettes.

Arrangement of Collection
The Charles Chatfield Papers have been kept in the general order in which they were donated to the Peace Collection. Most of the folders were labeled by the donor and these have been retained. The files have been divided into three series for ease of use: Series A: Biographical Material and Correspondence; Series B: Writings, Notes, and Projects; and Series C: Subject File.

Series A contains one folder of biographical material. The rest of Series A contains correspondence organized alphabetically by last name of the correspondent. Most of this correspondence was already organized in this manner by the donor. Additional correspondence from many of the people listed in this series appears in Series B and sometimes Series C.

Series B contains a wide variety of material concerning Charles Chatfield's research, writing projects, some teaching materials, and professional projects in the field of peace history. The first section includes Chatfield's notes on various areas of his research interests. This material has been arranged alphabetically by subject. The second section in Series B contains Chatfield's notes, writings, and files on various projects, arranged in a loose chronological order. Because Charles Chatfield often works on several projects at one time, a strict chronological order has been difficult to maintain. Efforts have been made to keep together files on a project in a particular time period. Chatfield's extensive files on the Peace/MIR project, dated 1987-1997, were kept together in boxes 6 and 7 and placed out of chronological order at the end of the series. Correspondence with colleagues about all the writings and projects appears in most of the folders in this series.

The first three boxes in Series C contain pamphlets organized by country of publication. The second part of Series C contains reference material on peace history or published and unpublished work, usually articles or conference papers, from Charles Chatfield's colleagues. These files are organized alphabetically by subject or last name of colleague. Explanatory correspondence sometimes accompanies these items. For the most part these scholarly articles and papers were not utilized by Chatfield in the works he edited for publication or the conferences he organized. The writings published by Chatfield may be found in Series B.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1. Biographical information: Correspondence, A-Kleidman
Biographical information about Charles Chatfield
Unidentified letters
General, A-B
Abrams, Irwin
Alger, Chad
Alonso, Harriet
Bazata, Bonnie
Booth, Ken
Boulding, Kenneth and Elise
Braker, Regina
Brock, Peter
Brody, J. Kenneth
de Bruijn, Yvonne
General, C
Cartwright, Michael
Chambers, John
Chickering, Roger
Cook, Blanche Weisen
Cooper, Sandi
Curti, Merle
General, D
DeBenedetti, Charles [2 folders]
Diaz, Jaime de J.
Doenecke, Justus
Dubin, Martin
General, E-F
Fierz, Olga
Fink, Carole
Forrest, Jim
General, Ga-Gm
General, Gn-Gz
Gara, Larry
Goss-Mayr, Jean and Hildegard
Grossi, Verdiana
Grunewald, Guido
General, H
Hall, Mitchell
Heil, Markus
Heisler, Mary-Kaye (1965-1968)
Heisler, Mary-Kaye (1969-1985)
Hess, Gary
Heyn, Udo
Houghton, Beverly
Holl, Karl [review]
Holl, Karl
Howlett, Charles
General, I-J
General, K
Kimball, Jeff
Kleidman, Rob

Box 2. Correspondence: Kloppenburg - General T-U
Kloppenburg, Heinz
Kraft, Barbara
Kuehl, Warren [2 folders]
Kuehl, Warren [projects]
General, L
LaVoy, Diane
Lawson, David
Letts, Allan
Lieberman, Robbie
Lippincott, J.B.
Livezey, Warren C (?)
Lopez, George
Lukowitz, David
Lutzker, Michael
General, M
Marty, Martin
McNeal, Pat
Mewhort, Martha
Meeker, Thomas
Mitchell, Jim
General, N-O
Nelson, Jim
Newberry, Jo
Niebuhr, Reinhold
Nordstrom, Carolyn
General, P-R
Pagnucco, Ron
Palmero, Joe
Patterson, David
Perkins, Bill
Rainbolt, Rosemary
Remperl, Richard A.
Richards, Howard
Robinson, JoAnn
Roosa, William
Rudy, Sharon
General, Sa-Si
Sayre, John Nevin
Schennink, Ben
Sharp, Gene
General, Sm-Sw
Small, Mel
Smith, Geoffrey
Smith, J. Allen
Smylie, James
Steere, Geoffrey
Stephenson, Carolyn [2 folders]
Stepanovski, Jiri
Summy, Ralph
Soderlund, Jean R.
Swarthmore College
Swomley, John
General, T-U

Box 3. Correspondence: General V-Wernicke
General, V
Van den Dungen, Peter
Van den Dungen, Peter (Peace Museums)
Vellacott, Jo
General, W
Wachs, Theodore
Wank, Sol
Washburn, Pat
Weeks, Dudley
Wehr, Paul
Wellock, Tom
Wernicke, Günter [2 folders]

Box 4. Correspondence: Whealey - Young
Whealey, Robert H.
Willers, Roger and Carol
Wittner, Lawrence [2 folders]
Wood, Molly
Woito, Robert
General, X-Z
Yanarella, Ernest
Yoder, Howard
Young, Michael
Young, Nigel
Box 1. Notes A-W, Writings, Projects 1954-1972
Notes: Devere Allen
Notes: Percy Bartlett
Notes: Bibliography
Notes: Bibliography--European pacifism, n.d.
Notes: Kees Boeke
Notes: British pacifism
Notes: Church Peace Mission n.d.
Notes: Writings: Committee on Non Violent Action-CNVA 1957, n.d.
Notes: Consultative Peace Council, 2 (Post-World War II)
Notes: Committee for Non-Violent Revolution ( CNVR)
Notes: Draft resistance writings
Notes: Fellowship of Reconciliation
Notes: Fellowship Index
Notes: France
Notes: Friedensgesellschaft, n.d.
Notes: Miscellaneous international notes, n.d.
Notes: FOR and IFOR work re: Japanese war crimes
Notes: Kent State/ Vietnam
Notes: Peace organizations, 1919-1941
Notes: Peacemakers
Notes: Post World War II relief
Notes: SANE
Notes: John Nevin Sayre
Notes: Swiss
Notes: André Trocmé
Notes: World Economic Cooperation Campaign, Unknown mss., n.d.
Writings: Miscellaneous
Notes, n.d.
Writings: The World Tomorrow, n.d.
Writings: Outlines, 1964-1967
Writings: Unidentified writings, mss., n.d.
Writings: General, pacifism/ non-violence
Notes: Peace Now Movement
Project: Indian pacifism, 1954-1960
Project: Elizabeth McCulloch correspondence, 1960
Notes: A.J. Muste: notes, resources, correspondence, 1960
Project: Paper of Norman Thomas, 1960-1962
Project: Devere Allen--Biography (sketch for Swarthmore College Peace Collection), 1962
Fellowship opportunities: granted, 1960-1970
Conferences: Planned, etc., 1964
Project: Danforth Theological Year, 1965-1966
Project: Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies, 1966
Project: Grant, E. Harris Harbison Award, 1966
Project: Exploring History of European Pacifism, 1966
Project: Regional Council for International Education-East European, 1967
Project: European trip, 1967
Project: European trip, July-Sept. 1967--notebook
Project: European research trip, 1967--receipts
Project: Martin Niemoller, 1967
Project: Siegmund Schultze, 1967
Project: Papers on Eugene Ionesco, 1967
Project: Mershon Center for Education in National Security--professional, grants, funding, 1967-1975
Project: Grants--Barbara Hatch Fund, Embassies of Reconciliation Fund, 1968
Project: Research trip, Fall 1968
Project: Draft bibliography, 1968
Project: Review of Article, Church History, 1968
Project: Garland Library on War and Peace:
-- Johann Galtung, Peace Research Institute
--Harold Gray
--Bertrand Russell
--General [3 folders]
--Copy rights
--Mulford Sibley
Project: Associated Colleges of Kansas Tour, April 1969-1970
Writings: Article, IFOR Council Meeting, 1969
Writings: IFOR--reports, etc., 1969
Project: Interviews, Research for "Peace and Justice", April 1969
Writings: Vietnam Moratorium, Fall 1969
Project: Bringing George Lackey to Wittenberg University, 1969-1970
Jobs and positions: 1970-1974
Project: Vietnam Cambodian analysis, Wittenberg University petition, 1970
Writings: Speech at Wittenberg, 1970
Project: Michigan American Studies, The Americanization of Gandhi, April 1970
Project: Conference on Peace Research in History-American Historical Review, December 1970
Project: European Studies: European peace movement, 1971
Project: Journal of Presbyterian History, 1971-1972
Project: Marquette lectures, 1972
Project: CPRH (Conference on Peace Research in History)--curriculum, 1971
Project: Christian Peace Conference, PRAHA, 1972
Project: Talk as Monmouth Alumni in Residence, 1972
Project: University of Arkon workshop--Perspectives on Peace, 1972
Project: Conference on Peace Research in History-- Designing courses on war and peace, 1968, 1972

Box 2. Writings, General Projects 1973 - 1983, Council on Peace Research in History 1983-1989
Project: International Peace Research, CPRH, 1973 Project: "Peace Movements in America," 1972-1973
Writings: “Conscription, Conscientious Objection, Amnesty,” 1973
Writings: Bibliography
Project: Center for Study of Armament and Disarmament, 1973
Project: "Peace Movements in America," (Afterward), 1973
Project: Stockton collection evaluation, 1973
Project: COPRED (Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development)
Meeting, April 14, 1973
Project: Draft bibliography, 1973 [3 folders]
Project: Draft bibliography, University of Dayton Peace Studies Institute, 1973-1974
Project: IPRA (International Peace Research Association) symposium, Gandhi
Peace Foundation, India, 1973-1974
Writings: "Peace Research in History: The Ecology of Choice," 1974
Project: Peace Research in History, mss of proceedings, 1974 [2 folders]
Project: Society for Religion in Higher Education, 1974
Project: COPRED (Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development) Book. on peace research, 1974
Project: Journal of a CO, Massachusetts Press, 1974-1975
Project: For The Nation: Devere Allen, 1974
Project: Montclair Journal, 1974
Project: ABC-CLIO Bibliography, 1974
Reviews: of Mss. on peace history, 1975-1994
Project: Faculty Research Fund, for book on Evan Thomas, 1975
Project: Sabbatical, 1975
Project: Catholic Historical Review, 1975
Project: Philadelphia AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)--CPRH (Conference on Peace Research in History), July 10, 1975
Project: AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)--Working party correspondence, 1975
Project: Kirby Page, 1975
Notes: CPRH, (Conference on Peace Research in History)--Minutes, etc, 1975
Project: Anthology of Peace Introductions (Professor Wakelyn), 1976
Project: ISA (International Studies Association), Human Rights Conference, 1976
Project: Danforth Associates, 1977-1978
Project: Film, Ohio: The Glory and the Dream. Ohio’s Responses to War, 1977-78
Materials: ISA: “Teaching Human Rights” Conference, 1978
Project: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization)
--Consultation, correspondence, notes, monograph, 1978
--Commission, OAH DeBenedetti program, (New York), 1978
Project: Peace and Change, n.d.
Project: IPRA (International Peace Research Association), 1978
Project: ISECSI (International Society for Educational, Cultural and Scientific Interchanges):
-- Bulletin, 1978-1979
--General, 1979
Project: European research trip notebook, 1979
Project: European antiwar movement, Peace and Change, COPRED Executive Committee., 1979-1980
Project: Peace and Change--related correspondence, 1970’s
Project: CPRH (Conference on Peace Research in History), Liberal Pacifism, Liberation Theology, 1980
Project: WWWC (World Without War Council) Historian’s project, 1979-80
Project: WWWC (World Without War Council) Historian’s project, 1980 [2 folders]
Project: Peace and Change, Karl Holl and European Association of PRH, 1981
Project: Christian Attitudes towards War and Peace, 1980
Project: Peace Studies Workshop, 1980
Project: Coffin Program, Seminary Peace Studies, 1981
Project: Grants, 1982-1983
Project: CRPH (Conference on Peace Research in History)--European Bellagio, 1983-1985
Project: The History Teacher, Inquiry, 1984
Project: CPRH (Conference on Peace Research in History)
--UNESCO, 1984
--General, 1984
--General, 1985
--Austrian Institute, 1985
--European, IPRA/Young, 1985-1986
--European, North American/European Consultation Conference, 1985
--European Conference, 1986
--European Participants: American, 1985-1986
--North American /European Conference, 1985-1986
--European participants, 1986
--Peace History Society, Charles deBenedetti Prize: European/CPRH, 1986-1989
--European papers and documents, collaborating organizations, 1985-1986
--Applications, North American /European 1985-1986

Box 3. Projects: Council on Peace Research in History 1986, General Projects and Notes 1983 - 1991
Project: CPRH (Conference on Peace Research in History), Conference ppplicants and participants, 1986
--Participants, 1986
Project: Taura’s Press Poster, Paul Peter Plech, 1983
Project: Grants: Matthies Award Application, 1984
Project: Non Governmental Organizations: re South Africa, 1984
Project: Oxford Research Group, 1984
Project: Book review submission for Journal of World Peace
Project: IPRA (International Peace Research Association), 1985
Project: AHA (American Historical Association)
-- Peace and Change: Pacifism in Germany, 1985
--Peace and Change, 1985
--Concepts of Peace, 1985
--Revision notes, 1985
--Conference panel, 1985
--Research paper, 1985
--Warren Kuehl: Concepts of internationalism in history, 1985
Project: Peace Prize at ISA, Irwin Abram’s Panel, 1985
Project: “PAX, Kleidman, Mss,” Syracuse Peace Studies, 1986
Reviews: Syracuse Project, Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflict, 1986
Project: International Peace Research Association, 1986
Project: Schlaining Conference
-- Report, 1986
--Funding, correspondence and brochures, 1986
--Peace movements and political cultures: correspondence and brochures
--Peace movement and political cultures, 1986
--Peace movements and political cultures: prospectus, abstracts, 1986
--Peace movements and political cultures: correspondence, 1986-1987
--Peace movements and political cultures, 1986-1987
--Peace movements and political cultures: publications, 1986-1987
Project: Pax, 1986
Project: LECNA, (Lutheran Educational Conference of North America)--receipts, 1987
Project: Peace education: proposals/importance of programs, 1987
Project: Swedish Conference on Study of Peace Movement, 1987
Project: ISA (International Studies Association): Conference: “Peace Prize in Retrospect,” 1987
Project: Kenneth (?)Small articles, 1987
Project: History of Peace Project--Boulding history: correspondence, 1986-1987
Project: Michael Newman: correspondence, 1987
Project: Harvester microfilm, 1987
Project: Driebergen, Germany: “Space for Peace,” 1987
Project: KCET Los Angeles (PBS Broadcast Station), 1987-88
Notes: LECNA, (Lutheran Educational Conference of North America), Correspondence, Hans May, 1986-1987
--“FRG” 1988
--Hans May: correspondence, 1986-1987
--“GDR,” correspondence, 1987-1988
--Finland, 1987-1988
--USSR, 1987-1988
--Art Poutinen, 1987-1988
--“FRG,” Correspondence, 1988
--Miscellaneous notes, general correspondence, 1988
Project: U.S. Institute of Peace Workshop, 1988
Project: Course at University of Toledo, “An American Ordeal,” 1988-1993
Project: University of Toronto Press, “Peace Movements and Political Cultures,” 1988
Project: Peace Movements and Political Cultures” Reviews, 1988-1989
Project: International Fellowship of Reconciliation: history, 1988
Projects: Speech at Rutgers Graduate Colloquium, Noember. 29, 1989
Project: BC, “Studies in Peace History” Series, 1989
--Chambers, 1990
--Chubarian, 1990
--Lukowitz, 1990
--True, 1990
--UN, 1990
--Wank, 1990
--Miscellaneous messages, 1990
--Foster, 1990-1991
--Kleidman, 1990-1991
--Correspondence, 1990-1991

Box 4. General Projects 1989 -
Project: BC “Studies in Peace History” series, 1990-1991
--Correspondence, 1991-1992
--Miscellaneous, 1997
--Correspondence about “An American Ordeal”, 1989
--Syracuse University Press: internal correspondence
--Brochures, 1992-1999
--The Genoa Conference
--Irwin Abrams
--General [2 folders]
--Correspondence with Harvard, Charles Warren, Center for Studies in American History
Project: Syracuse University Press, 1990
Project: “Studies in Peace History” series:
-- Notes and correspondence
--Miscellaneous notes
--Correspondence re: Syracuse University Press Peace History Series
Project: Peace/Mir, Advertisement, Syracuse PR Mats 1991
Project: Syracuse University, Irwin Abrams, 1991
Project: “Studies in Peace History” series, Other Presses, 1999
Project: BC correspondence: “Studies in Peace History” series
Project: Book, “An American Ordeal,” reviews, news stories, correspondence, 1990
Project: Book, “American Peace Movements,” correspondence, input from colleagues, 1990
Project: “Peace as Organizing Principle”: Book arrangements, correspondence, 1984-1990
Project: Council on Peace Research in History, early 1990s
Project: Harf Project, Peace curriculum, Kharshon, 1991
Project: Historian’s Project, November 24, 1981
Project: “Peace Movements and Political Cultures,” University of Tennessee Press: correspondence
Project: Toronto Conference, essay: subject file, 1991
--Essays, 1991
--Itinerary, correspondence, brochure, 1991
Project: ELCA, ( Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America): notes, correspondence, 1991
Project: Center for Peace Studies Conference: documents, papers, 1991
Project: Center for Peace Studies Conference: papers, 1991 [3 folders]
Project: Schlaining International Conference, 1991
Project: pacifism in Russia, 1991
Project: American Peace Movements,:
-- Twayne Edits, Photos, 1991
--Chronological, 1991-1992
Project: Norwegian Nobel Institute, Oslo, Conference: “Meaning and Acceptance …,”
Miscellaneous materials, June 24-28, 1992
Project: Translation of Karl Holl’s Book “Pacifism in Deutschland,”: Ccorrespondence and proposals, 1992

Box 5. General Projects and Writings 1992 - 2004
Project: American Historical Association: panel, 1992
Project: CPRH-"Internationalizing the CPRH,": resumes, correspondence 1992-1993
Project: Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations: conference, Dee Garrison, 1993
Project: Woodrow Wilson Conference: correspondence, 1993
Project: Jeffrey Kimball, correspondence and writings, 1993-1994
Project: ISA Mershon, 1994
Project: Journal of American History, 1994
Project: American History Magazine, Special Issue, 1994
Project: Peace and Change: article to review 1994
Project: Transnational Social Movement Organization:
-- Correspondence, 1994-1995
--Conference, Notre Dame, April, 1994
--Editing process [3 folders]
Project: Correspondence with writings of Nancy E. McGlen
Project: Transnational Social Movement Organization:
-- Miscellaneous and separated pieces
--Social Movement Theory, reference file [2 folders]
Project: Peace History Society : correspondence, 1995
Project: “Peacemaking and Peacekeeping,” Talks at Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, May 7, 1995
Project: Women and Peace 1914-20, 1995
Project: Peace History Society, Peace and Change-- Peace as Personal and Social Harmony: correspondence, 1995-1996
Project: Reviews of projects, miscellaneous files, 1995-1996
Project: External review committee, 1996
Project: Peace History Society, The Hague, 1997-1998
Project: Oslo:
-- Correspondence, 2000
-- Travel and notes, miscellaneous, 2000
--Drafts [from other panelists], 2000
Project: Irwin Abrams Panel, (American Historical Association): correspondence, 2000
Project: Peace and Change, Special Edition, 2000
Project: Oslo, 2000 [2 folders]
Writings: Journal of Peace Research: review of article, 2001
Project: Peace History Society: Conference, outline for presentation, 2003
--Article, 2003
--Conference paper article, "At the Hands of Historians," 2003
Project: Japanese Peace Mission: correspondence, 2004

Box 6: Writings: Peace/MIR:
An Anthology of Historic Alternatives To War

Project: Peace/MIR:
--Council on Peace Research in History, 1987
--General, 1987
--Correspondence, Chubarjan, NCHSU
--USSR, 1987-89
--United States Institute of Peace: funding proposal, 1988
--Council on Peace Research in History/Syracuse University protocol, 1988
--American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1988
--Project precis, 1988
--Publishers, 1988
--(International Research and Exchange Board, 1988
--United States Institute of Peace, 1988
--United States Institute of Peace: grant application, 1988
--Brochures, 1988
--Council on Peace Research in History/Syracuse University, Gaddis, 1988
--Ideas of Peace in History, 1988-89
-- Correspondence: US/USSR, 1989
--MacArthur proposal, 1988-89
--US-USSR Exchange, 1988-89
--United States Institute of Peace: Budget and Notes, 1988-1991
--Proposal documents, 1989
--Civilian Public Service Camps: Warren, PA 1945, 1944, 1989
--Editors correspondence, 1989
--September 1989 meeting, Washington D.C.
--Loccum, 1989
--Funding and Reviews. 1989
--United States Institute of Peace, 1989
--Miscellaneous correspondence, 1989
--United States Institute of Peace: Revision and Endorsements, 1989
--Russian Conference, 1989
--MacArthur grant materials, 1989-1990
--MacArthur, 1989-1990
-- IV World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies, 1990
--BC Ideas, 1990
--Grant application materials, 1990
-- Dull (Dayton), 1989-1990
--Global Education Associates, 1990
--Moscow, 1990
--GTE travel/visas, etc. Moscow trip, 1990
--Cooper minutes, 1990
--John Chambers, 1990
--IPEX Grants, 1990
--Ideas of Peace in History, BC/CMG corrections, 1990
--Consultants, 1990
--Correspondence, 1990-1991
--United States Institute of Peace, 1990-1991
--Kyrill Anderson, 1991
--Boris Maruskkn
--Ideas of Peace in History, Rutgers Conference, 1991
--United States Institute of Peace, funding 1991-1992
--Notes, instructions, forms, documents, 1991- 92
--Chapter to-do lists, citations, etc, 1991-1992
--Review format, 1992
--Chapter 3: notes, outline, review, etc. 1992
--Assorted documents, forms, notes, 1992
--Cooley (consultant), 1992
--Steven Huxley (consultant), 1992
--Dorothy Jones, (consultant), 1992
--Assorted documents, forms, notes, 1992
--Contracts, correspondence, 1992
--IPIN, photos 1992
--Background work, citations, research, brainstorming, 1992
--Correspondence, 1992
--Copyright info, citations, 1992-1993
--Changes, 1992-1993
--Copyright, citations information, 1993
--Miscellaneous correspondence, 1993
--Permission request forms, etc, 1993
Box 7. Writings: Peace/Mir: An Anthology of Historic Alternatives To War

Project: Peace/MIR:
--Notes, Miscellaneous, 1993
--Final Reports for “Ideas of Peace in History,” 1992-1993
--Miscellaneous correspondence, 1993
--“To the Reader,” 1993
--Miscellaneous correspondence, reviews, Clear, 1993
--MacArthur Grant, 1993
--Correspondence, 1993
--Correspondence with editors, 1994
--Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, 1994
--Miscellaneous correspondence and reviews, 1994
--Reviews, 1996
--Review by Fritz Klein, 1997
--Instructions for Syracuse University Press, n.d.
--Lawrence Wittner
--David Patterson
--Lund, Dietrich
--Karl Holl
--John Chambers, consultant
--Ruzanna Ilukhina: correspondence
--Correspondence: USSR-Ilukhina
--Correspondence IB U. Heyn
--Editors’ biographies
--Ideas of Peace in History: partial manuscripts with notes, correspondence, outlines, etc.
--Correspondence, outlines, etc.
--Brainstorming, correspondence, outlines
--About editors
--Title, Acknowledgments, Preface
--Ideas of Peace in History, Universal Peace Congress
--Ideas of Peace in History, draft precis (6 Copies)
--Phil Stewart
--Ruzanna Ilukhina: manuscript

Box 1. Pamphlets
Pamphlets: Australia: brochures
Pamphlets: Belgium
Pamphlets: Bangladesh
Pamphlets: Canada
Pamphlets: Czechoslovakia
Pamphlets: France
Pamphlets: Germany: brochures [2 folders]

Box 2. Pamphlets
Pamphlets: Germany
Pamphlets: Germany
Pamphlets: Hungary
Pamphlets: International
Pamphlets: Netherlands
Pamphlets: Netherlands: Kampagne fur Abrustung, Ostermarsch der Atomwaffengegner, Disarmament Campaign
Pamphlets: Poland
Box 3. Pamphlets
Pamphlets: United Kingdom
Pamphlets: United States of America, A-C
Pamphlets: United States of America, E-L
Pamphlets: United States of America, M-R
Pamphlets: United States of America, T-Z
Pamphlets: United States of America, Miscellaneous

Box 4. Reference: A-Kirby Page
Reference: Irwin Abrams: articles
Reference: Amnesty: Vietnam
Reference: Devere Allen:
-- Correspondence
Reference: Harriet Alonso
Reference: Anni P. Baker: “Ami Go Home,” “US Foreign Policy and Community Relations in Germany”
Reference: Suzanne C. Borghei:“Looking the Other Way; Internationalism’s Influence on American Life”
Reference: Helen Brion
Reference: Vera Brittain
Reference: Chicago Democratic Convention, 1968
Reference: Colgate, 1991, Colgate College Peace Studies Program, Peace Studies Program
Reference: Conscientious objection, World War Two
Reference: Conscription, conscientious objection, amnesty, 1973
Reference: Blanche W. Cook
Reference: Sandi Coopei: book review
Reference: Conference on Peace Research in History (CPRH), 1969
Reference: Council on Peace Research in History (CPRH)
--Curriculum vitae
--Correspondence and miscellaneous
Reference: Bart de Ligt
Reference: “Briefe von Waldus Nestle aus dem ersten Weltkrieg” (Germany)
Reference: Charles DeBenedetti: writing
Reference: Clark Eichelbergen: notes
Reference: Unpublished papers on European peace movement by historians
Reference: “Fellowship and Reconciliation” A Pacifist Organization Confronts War in Southeast Asia,” By Charles Howlett
Reference: Joan Moneyhan Frazier: poems
Reference: Freundschaftsheim
Reference: Gandhi, writings on Gandhi
Reference: Larry Gara: "A Radical Quiz"
Reference: German Church
Reference: A Living Reformation in the German Democratic Republic
Reference: Germany and peace, 1940s-1960s
Reference: Kirchenleitungen, etc: press releases, Germany 1980s
Reference: Verdiana Grossi:
-- Correspondence, works
--“Sociological Approach to European Pacifism”
Reference: Mary Hershberger:
-- Articles
Reference: Karl Holl:
-- Writings, pacifism in Germany
Reference: Charles Howlett
Reference: Norman Ingram
Reference: International Peace Research Association (IPRA), 1983-1986
Reference: International Peace Research Association (IPRA) 1994, Related
Reference: Japanese-American relations, 1940s
Reference: Jehovah’s Witnesses
Reference: Gerhard Jordan: “Peace Movement in Australia”

Reference: Harold Josephson: “Search for Lasting Peace”
Reference: Milton Katz
Reference: Kelly, Petra:
--Articles by/ about
--Nuclear power
Reference: Jeffrey P Kimball. grant application, 1979
Reference: Mia Lord: "Vietnam Vigils"
Reference: Nancy E. McGlen
Reference: Mennonites
Reference: March on Washington, November 1969
Reference: New Zealand pacifists
Reference: National Peace Conference, notes
Reference: Dutch-Netherlands
Reference: Nixon, impeachment, 1973
Reference: Nonviolence
Reference: David S. Patterson: papers, 1972
Reference: Kirby Page
Box 5. Reference: Peace Movements - Vietnam Anti-war Movement

Reference: “Peace Movements of the 1980s” by Gedawski and Wallace
Reference: Peace Symbol Debate
Reference: Premysl Pitter
Reference: Peace posters, pins, notes
Reference: Caroline Playne
Reference: Post World War Two (WWII) pacifism
Reference: D. Arnold: Protest Movement and Vietnam Policy
Reference: Puidoux conferences
Reference: Report from US Lutheran Delegation to Israel and the Occupied Territories, January 1989
Reference: Bayard Rustin
--Resources and notes
--Race relations, 1943-1950
Reference: Maria Antoinetta Saracino: Olive Schreiner, notes by Charles Chatfield
Reference: James Skelly: articles
Reference: Roger Eugene Smith: list of publications
Reference: Douglas Spitz: "The World Looks at the Baltic: South Indian Perspectives, Spring 1991"
Reference: Helene Stocker: German Pacifists
Reference: Student Peace Union, Metzenberg
Reference: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
Reference: Aung Saam Suukyi: Nobel Prize
Reference: Philippe Vernier
Reference: Vietnam Antiwar Movement,

Box 6. Reference: Vietnam Moratorium - Unidentified Items
Reference: Vietnam Moratorium, Fall 1969
Reference: Vietnam Moratorium Committee, 1969-1970
Reference: Vietnam antiwar movement, miscellaneous
Reference: Paul Wehr: “Nonviolent Resistance to Occupation”
Reference: Loren Wilkenson: poem "Christmas Island, Whidley Island," 1975
Reference: Roger Chickering: Women in Imperial Germany
Reference: World Federalism
Reference: Unidentified items


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