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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Prisoner Visitation and Support
Prisoner Visitation and Support Records
Inclusive Dates
1952-1991 circa
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DG 223

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24 linear feet [papers only]
Prisoner Visitation and Support was founded as the Prisoner Visitation Service in April 1968 to carry forward the Quaker tradition of caring for prisoners and to serve the increasing numbers of GIs who were resisting the Vietnam War and were being sent to brigs and stockades for their acts of conscience.

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Yes, boxes stored off site. Please contact Peace Collection staff at least two weeks in advance of visit to use this collection.
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Donated 2006 [acc. 06A-025, 06A-029]
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Collection processed & checklist prepared by Anne M. Yoder, June 2006
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Historical Background
Prisoner Visitation Service was founded in April 1968 to serve the increasing numbers of GIs who were resisting the Vietnam War and were being sent to brigs and stockades for their acts of conscience. The founding group included Rev. Robert Horton, a retired Methodist minister with years of prison visitation experience, as well as representatives from the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, the American Friends Service Committee, the National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors, and the War Resisters League. Later at least thirteen additional groups, including eight major denominational organizations, joined in sponsoring PVS's activities. Over the years, PVS staff and volunteers visited or wrote to thousands of men and women in military and civilian stockades and prisons. To reflect a growing outreach to prisoners who were not necessarily military objectors, the name of the organization was changed to Prisoner Visitation and Support in 1971. New emphases included coordination with other prison groups, raising awareness about prisons, training prison visitors, providing contact for prisoners with their families and others, and producing literature about PVS's efforts and interests. A 1974 Statement of Purpose states: "Our program is built on love and respect for the prisoners, affirming their basic humanity, as well as relating to prison administrators and staff in the same spirit. Our conscious orientation is a belief in, and commitment to, the power and centrality of non-violence."

Collection Overview
This collection was partially processed by the archivist in 2006. The material came in looking like it was in good order, but it was discovered that the folder titles rarely matched what was in the folders themselves. This necessitated sorting nearly everything into new folders. Some prisoner correspondence was already designated as such before its arrival at the SCPC, but a great deal was also found mixed throughout the rest of the collection. This was removed and put with the rest of the correspondence to/from/about prisoners. It should be noted that these files include prisoners in state and local prisons, though the PVS dealt primarily with people in federal prisons.

The 2006 accessions are almost entirely from the files of Robert (Bob) and Kay Horton. Because the PVS expects to send more of its files to the SCPC, some of which may be incorporated into the current holdings, no final labeling of the folders has been done.

Two 1994 videorecordings were removed to the Audiovisual Collection: "PVS, Reaching Behind Prison Bars" (videorecording 0375 (VHS) & 0618 (DVD), and "Prisoner Visitation and Support Presents: Fay Honey Knopp Speaks About Prison and PVS" (videorecording [DVD] ___).

See also the records of the Center on Conscience and War (DG 025) for its NISBCO files on PVS in box 1080 (25th annivesary, 1988; board meetings, 1976-1986) and box 1081 (varied material, 1970s; correspondence, 1974).

Arrangement of Collection
Brown / Corson / Knopp
Hortons: Personal Correspondence
PVS Correspondence
Book re: COs & Other War Resisters
Visitation of Military Prisoners
Support Efforts for Prisoners (by Prison)
Prison Visitation: General
Records of Prison Visits
Eric Corson: Correspondence re: Prison Visitor Recruitments, ca. 1979-1986
Prison Visitors
Prisoner Correspondence

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [stored off site]
General (pamphlets, etc.); purpose
Form letters/appeals sent
Board meetings.
Board meeting minutes, 1968-1974
Board meeting minutes, 1975-1987 [incomplete set]
June 1978 board meeting [2 folders]
Board Committees
Notes (by D. Brown?) of staff meetings

Box 2 [stored off site]
Reports / Literature
Reports to Board of David Wesley Brown, 1972-1976
Reports of Eric Corson (Program Secretary), 1978-1984
Reports of Bob and Kay Horton, 1968-1973 (Dec. 10)
Reports of Bob and Kay Horton, 1973 (Dec. 12)-1976 (Feb. 2)
Reports by Bob and Kay Horton, 1976 (Feb. 3) -1979 (Sept. 17)
Reports by Bob and Kay Horton, 1979 (Sept. 18) -1990 (Mar. 22) [incomplete for 1989?]
Reports of Honey Knopp
Literature re: special support groups
Summaries produced of federal prison regulations, etc.
Newsletters, March 1979; Sept. 1982 (draft copy)
Possible items for newsletterBox 3 [stored off site]
Efforts / Involvements
Prisoner Adoption / Support Group Program
Requests to organizations for sponsorship: misc.
Requests to organizations for sponsorship: Christian groups
Requests to organizations for sponsorship: Jewish groups
Requests to organizations for sponsorship: legal groups
Requests to organizations for sponsorship: women's groups
Efforts re: Puerto Rico liberationists, ca. 1977
Correspondence with Puerto Rican nationalists (includes prisoners), 1979-1982
Efforts in support of Danbury Eleven Anti-War Fast (Fast for Life), 1992
Moorish Muslim brothers (in prison)
KKK in prison
Alderson Hospitality House
Tax Prisoners
Visiting / writing to prisoners in county jails (including Philip Berrigan)
Efforts to find accomodations for participants in PVS conferences, 1985-1987
Efforts to oppose the death penalty
Correspondence with Help! For Imprisoned War Objectors
Correspondence with LAMP (Legal Assistance for Monroe & McNeil Prisoners), 1972-1975
Support for Puddledock House (hospitality house in Petersburg, Virginia to support prisoners & their families), 1973-1974
Involvement with Bucks County Peace Fair
MiscellaneousBox 4 [stored off site]
Trips / Events
Sponsorship of pre-prison consultations / orientations, 1972-1973
Area visitors' meetings
El Reno Seminar on Nonviolence in Prison, 1973
"Viet Cons" conference by the WRL, 1974
PVS 20th anniversary celebration, Oct. 20-21, 1988
Trip itineraries
Bob Horton: trips to NYC, 1977
David Wesley Brown: PVS travel
West coast trip, 1976 (cancelled)
Western trip, 1977
West coast trip, Feb. 14-28, 1977
Trip folder, May 14-29, 1976
Trip folder

Box 5 [stored off site]
Finances / Fundraising
Financial records
Tax audits, 2002-2004
Development / fundraising
Fundraising proposals, 1978-1983, 1986
Fundraising: reports re: grants from 12th St. Fund & fund requests
Grants to PVS
PVS fund appeal, Fall 1972
PVS fund appeal, Summer & Fall 1973
Funds raised
Contributions for Suffering Fund
Money given to prisoners

Box 6 [stored off site]
Finances / Fundraising
Acknowledgements of contributions [2 folders]
In-house memos
General correspondence
Correspondence of Russell Clausen (Chair of the PVS Board), 1975-1983
Correspondence with President Jimmy Carter
Correspondence with U.S. Department of Justice
Correspondence with prison wardens

Box 7 [stored off site]
Correspondence with Amnesty International (& referrals from), 1978-1985
Correspondence with Amnesty International (& referrals from) [2 folders]
Inquiries about prisoners and/or assistance for them (not from family members), 1971-1977
Sympathy letters received after death of Robert Horton (& contributions), 1991
Correspondence re: sending files to SCPC
Mailing list changes
Name & address lists from meetings
Lists of sponsors, COs in prison, prison visitors, etc.
Miscellaneous: names & addresses

Box 8 [stored off site]
Brown / Corson / Knopp
David Wesley Brown (Program Secretary): Correspondence
Eric Corson: biographical information
Eric Corson: correspondence, 1977-1978
Eric Corson: correspondence, 1979
Eric Corson: correspondence, 1980 [2 folders]
Eric Corson: correspondence, 1981
Eric Corson: correspondence, 1982-1990
Eric Corson: correspondence, n.d.
Fay Honey Knopp: correspondence [3 folders]
Fay Honey Knopp: biographical information (including entry in Notable American Women); media coverage; speeches & writings
Fay Honey Knopp: involvement with PREAP, 1983

Box 9 [stored off site]
Hortons: Personal Correspondence
Bob & Kay Horton: biographical information; speaking engagements; media coverage
Bob & Kay Horton: awards received
Bob & Kay Horton: writings / speeches
Bob & Kay Horton: Committee for Antoinette Slovik (widow of deserter Eddie Slovik, executed in 1945)
Bob & Kay Horton: misc. notes
Bob & Kay Horton: personal correspondence, 1963, 1970-1977
Bob & Kay Horton: personal correspondence, 1978-1979
Bob & Kay Horton: personal correspondence, 1980-1987
Bob & Kay Horton: personal correspondence, 1988-1989
Bob & Kay Horton: personal correspondence, 1990, n.d.
Bob & Kay Horton: personal correspondence (with senators)

Box 10 [stored off site]
PVS Correspondence, 1968-1977
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1968-1969
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1970-1975
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1970-1971
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1972-1973
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1974 [2 folders]
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1975
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1976
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1977 [2 folders]Box 11 [stored off site]
PVS Correspondence, 1978-1983
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1978
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1979
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1980 [2 folders]
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1981
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1982
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1983

Box 12 [stored off site]
PVS Correspondence
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1984-1985
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1986
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, 1987-1990
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence, n.d.
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence with Sheldon Haight re: location of prisoners, 1978-1979
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence with Bobby Riviera
Book re: COs & Other War Resisters
Bob Horton: misc. correspondence, etc., re: book
Bob Horton: manuscript excerpts & articles for possible book on COs, etc.
Bob Horton: manuscript bios. of COs & other war resisters for possible book (A-C) [includes prison visitors]
Bob Horton: manuscript bios. of COs & other war resisters for possible book (D-G) [includes prison visitors]Box 13 [stored off site]
Book re: COs & Other War Resisters
Bob Horton: Manuscript bios. of COs & other war resisters for possible book (H-M) [includes prison visitors]
Bob Horton: Manuscript bios. of COs & other war resisters for possible book (N-S) [includes prison visitors]
Bob Horton: Manuscript bios. of COs & other war resisters for possible book (T-Z) [includes prison visitors]
Bob & Kay Horton: correspondence with COs & others who went to prison/jail (for possible book)
Letters from COs, etc., re: book

Box 14 [stored off site]
Visitation of Military Prisoners
CCCO correspondence with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 1952-1959
CCCO correspondence with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 1960-1972 [includes report of 04/26/72 meeting of Arlo Tatum & Honey Knopp with Norman Carlson)
CCCO correspondence with the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Chaplain Services (Frederick Silber, Director), 1968-1972
Correspondence with AFSC re: prisoner visitation & prisoners, 1969-1971
Correspondence with the CCCO re: prisoner visitation & prisoners, 1968-1970
Correspondence / notes re: COs in military prisons, 1969-1970
Visitors to military prisons (& reports / correspondence re: COs held there), 1968-1969
Visitors of COs (& others?) in military prisons, 1970s
David Wesley Brown: correspondence & notes re: visitation of military prisoners, 1970-1972
Bob Horton: correspondence re: visitation of military prisoners, 1969-1972
Proposal re: visiting military prisoners, 1974
CCCO / PVS efforts re: furloughed draft resisters (& presidential amnesty), 1974
Correspondence re: visitation of military prisoners, 1979-1982
Hawaii: military visiting, 1972-1973

Box 15 [stored off site]
Support Efforts for Prisoners (By Prison)
Attica Prison
Nonviolence retreats held at El Reno Federal Reformatory, Oct.-Nov. 1973
Nonviolence retreat held at El Reno Federal Reformatory, June (?) 1974
Georgia State Prison, Reidsville, Georgia
State Correctional Institution, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Leavenworth, 1973
Leavenworth visit, Oct. 8, 1979
Lewisburg prison
Marion Federal Penitentiary, Illinois, 1974-1986
Involvement with National Committee to Support the Marion Brothers, 1976-1977
State Correctional Institution at Rockview, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania: correspondence
Springfield Medical Center for Federal Prisoners: efforts against START program
Springfield Medical Center for Federal Prisoners: prisoner support group, 1972
Terre Haute prison, 1972-1983 [2 folders]

Box 16 [stored off site]
Prison Visitation: General
Proposal that PVS be allowed to visit any prisoner (not just GIs), 1973-1975
Training workshop for prison visitors, 1977-1978
Letters/reports to prison wardens re: prison visitation
Reports of David Wesley Brown on visits to federal prisons (by prison visitors), 1975-1977
Reports on phoning PVS visitors
Correspondence with/about potential prison visitors
Listings of prison visitors appointed by PVS
Prison visitors: resumes
Correspondence re: prison visitation
Correspondence with various prison visitors
Visitor reports, 1976
Prison visitation reports
Potential prison visitor: George Koutouzos

Box 17 [stored off site]
Records of Prison Visits [not in alpha order even though some are separated by letter dividers]
Bob Horton: records of prisoners visited [4 folders]
Records of prisoners visited, etc. (by Bob Horton?) [4 folders]
Records of prisoners visited, etc. (by Bob Horton?) [loose pages, removed from binder]

Box 18 [stored off site]
Records of Prison Visits [not in alpha order even though some are separated by letter dividers]
Records of prisoners visited, etc. (by Bob Horton?) [5 folders]

Box 19 [stored off site]
Records of Prison Visits [not in alpha order even though some are separated by letter dividers]
Records of prisoners visited, etc. (by Bob Horton?) [4 folders]

Box 20 [stored off site]
Eric Corson: Correspondence re: Prison Visitor Recruitment, ca. 1979-1986
Recruitment of prison visitors [5 folders]Box 21 [stored off site]
Prison Visitors (A-B)
Cushman D. Anthony
Barbara Aziz
Sister Julian Baird [2 folders]
Hermione Baker
Gladden Boaz, Irven Stern
Edna Bothe
Ted Braun [4 folders]
Nick Brink
Nan Broeder
Karl Buff
Nicholas Butterfield

Box 22 [stored off site]
Prison Visitors (C-G)
Barbara Cartwright
Russell Compton
Suspension of Russell Compton as prison visitor by Dept. of Justice, 1984
Jerry & Barbara Copeland [2 folders]
Gary Cummings
Alan Curtis [2 folders]
Joe & Joan Elder
Bill Frazier
Hans & Renate Frick
Edward Gottlieb

Box 23 [stored off site]
Prison Visitors (H-Ra)
Tim Halverson
Rev. Joseph Harvard
Peter & Claire Hill
Sandra Hocking
Sam & Ruth Hoover
Roy Howard
Roy & Susie Hudenberg
Trudy Huntington
Steven Huston (AFSC), 1972
Florence Johnson
David Kern & Gilbert Placencia, Jr.
Paul Kosted & Margaret Kanost
Mark & Trudy Mauer
Howard Maxwell
Karen Mulloy
Don Pratt
Ronald Raitt (AFSC), 1971

Box 24 [stored off site]
Prison Visitors (Re-W)
None Redmond [5 folders]
Jim Rickabaugh
Mary Jane Stoneburg
James Stuckey
Larry Thompson, 1976
Larry Thompson, 1977-1979
Marguerite & Dick Tirk
Sylvia Warren

Box 25 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (A-B)
Unknown prisoners
Misc. prisoner correspondence (A)
Jack Abbott (3 folders)
Yahya S. Ali
Michael Alston
Joe Alcorta
John Thomas Alger
Danny Lee Amos
Stacey Apple
Frank Atkinson
Misc. prisoner correspondence (B) [2 folders]

Box 26 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence(B-Ben)
Bruce Baechler [2 folders]
Barry Bailey
Clifford Bailey
Arthur Banks
Moses Banks [2 folders]
Ollie Banks [2 folders]
Ransom Beatty
Odell Bennett [3 folders]
Pedro Bennett [2 folders]

Box 27 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence(Ben-Bla)
Pedro Bennett [2 folders]
Ed Beverly [2 folders]
John "Sugar Bear" Bey [2 folders]
Steve Bezich [2 folders]
Jessie Bishop
Napoleon Bland, Jr. [2 folders]

Box 28 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Blo-Bow)
Timothy Bloom
George Blue
Ricky Ray Bohannon
Michael Bold
Oliver Boling
John T. Bonaparte
Victor Bono
William Bosket
Veronza Bowers
Clifford J. Bowling [3 folders]

Box 29 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Bow-Bro)
Clifford J. Bowling [4 folders]
David Boyd
David Leon Brooks [2 folders]
Ernest V. Brooks
Bernard Brown
Bill Brown [2 folders]

Box 30 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Bro-Can)
Bill Brown [2 folders]
Percy Brown
Richard Bucklin
Arthur Bullock
LeRoy Bussey
Samuel A. Byrd, Jr.
Misc. prisoner correspondence (C) [2 folders]
Johnny Campbell
William Cannon

Box 31 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Car-Cri)
Birchel L. Carson
Philip Caruso
Kenneth Cavanaugh
Willie Chadwick
Richard Chander
Tzu-Tsai Cheng
Colin Clark
Daniel D. Clark
George Clayton
Dominick Codispoti
Larry Coleman [2 folders]
Joseph Justin Collier, Jr.
John Comito
Louis Cotton
Leonard Crowdog [2 folders]
Tyrone Crittenden [3 folders]

Box 32 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Cru-de B)
Angel Cruz
Misc. prisoner correspondence (D, E, F)
Vic Daniel [6 folders]
Knoxell de Boise

Box 33 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (deS-Erv)
Daniel DeSantos [2 folders]
Day, Dennis
Feliz Delgado
Richard Dolan
James Driggers [2 folders]
Charles E. Duffy
Grady Eggleston
James Ellis [2 folders]
Lorenzo Ervin [2 folders]

Box 34 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Erv-Gla)
Lorenzo Ervin [3 folders]
Jessie Lee Evans
Robert Farr [2 folders]
Misc. prisoner correspondence (G)
Albert J. Gagne
Girven Culley
Paul Gladden

Box 35 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Gla-H)
Paul Gladden
Casson Glick
Joe Godley [2 folders]
Emanuel Gooden
Jim Grant
Caleb Graves
Kenneth Green [3 folders]
Eddie Griffin
Eddie Joe Guess
Misc. prisoner correspondence (H)

Box 36 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Hal-Har)
Frank Hall [4 folders]
Mary Ann Hanna
Willy James Hardy, Jr.
James Harkleroad
Donald Harley
Joseph B. Harriatt [3 folders]

Box 37 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Harriatt-Harris)
Joseph B. Harriatt
Frank Harris [10 folders]

Box 38 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Har-Hen)
Frank Harris [3 folders]
Lester Hayes
William Hayes
Kenneth Hendershott [3 folders]
Gary Hendrix [3 folders]

Box 39 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Her-Joh)
Mark Herman
Walter Hines
Austin Hodge
Robert Hogan
Rev. Thomas Franklin Hohman
Michael W. Holden
Levi Holmes
Eugene Horton
Ronald Huffman
Jim Ianuzzi
Misc. prisoner correspondence (J, K)
Lawrence Jackson
John Jakubiak
George C. Jacquillon
Tommy Jenkins
William Jennings
Ernest Johnson
Lee Otis Johnson

Box 40 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Joh-Kle)
Lee Otis Johnson
Charles Jones
Craig L. Jones
John & Steve Jones
Lewis W. Jones
Michael Dale Jones
Mack Leon Kee
Calvin Keene
Jane Kennedy
Robert E. Kleasen [6 folders]

Box 41 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (K)
Robert E. Kleasen [8 folders]

Box 42 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Kle-Mah)
Robert E. Kleasen [2 folders]
Charles Knisley & Mark Geddes
Misc. prisoner correspondence (L)
Harold Lachman
Robert Langford
Donald LaReau
Marcellus Leach
Gerald Lee
Cyrus Lewis
Jesse Lopez [2 folders]
Vincent Lopez
Jason Lynott
Misc. prisoner correspondence (M)
Misc. prisoner correspondence (M., cont., N)
Walt Mack
Arnie Mahler & Family

Box 43 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Mal-McD)
Blaine Malone
Steve Marsden
Marjorie Marsh
Aubran "Buddy" Martin
Fred Martin
Robert Martin
Omar McCoy
Tony McDonald
Gerry V. McDonnell [4 folders]

Box 44 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (McG-Min)
Eldson McGhee [3 folders]
Fred Merrill
Gregory Micklus [4 folders]
Robert Mintzer

Box 45 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Mon-Mos)
Donald Montgomery [5 folders]
Roger Mosby [3 folders]

Box 46 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Mos-Pet)
Wayne Mose
Joseph Mowcha
Yahya Muhammad
Duane Murdock
John Myers
Jim Nanny
Anthony Nesbit
Jim Norris
Misc. prisoner correspondence (O, P)
Chuck Parker
James Parker
James A. Patterson
Russell Peppard
Tony Peppe
Johnny Peterson [3 folders]

Box 47 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Pet-Rod)
Johnny Peterson
Rev. George Petrisko
Ronnie T. Phipps
Joe Pipkin
Juan Powell
Michael Provence
Misc. prisoner correspondence (R)
William Randolph
Tony Reardon
Louis Ricarte
Roy Rodriguez

Box 48 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Rod-Rut)
Roy Rodriguez [5 folders]
Carl Rogers
Harold Rush, Jr.
Robert Rutkowski

Box 49 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (S-Sik)
Misc. prisoner correspondence (S)
Eddie Sanchez
Joe Satkin [2 folders]
Walter Scoggins
Daniel Sconiers [3 folders]
Frank Sibley
Ricky Sikes

Box 50 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Sik-Spi)
Ricky Sikes [3 folders]
Phil Simon
Patrick Shanahan
Gregory Smith
Meral Smith
Mitch Snyder
Carlos Soto
Thomas Sparks
Chuck Spicer [2 folders]

Box 51 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Ste-Str)
Luther Stevenson
Ron Strelnick [6 folders]

Box 52 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Stu-Ves)
Houston Stuckey
Misc. prisoner correspondence (T)
Raleigh Taylor
Michael Terry
Charles Thomas
Donald Thomas
Larry Thompson [2 folders]
Richard Thompson
Francisco Torres
Syheem Sharif Torres
Leroy Turner
Misc. prisoner correspondence (V)
Cea Vesey

Box 53 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (W-Y)
Misc. prisoner correspondence (W)
Albert Walentukonis
James Walker
Alfred Watts
Bruce Weathers
Bill Whitley
Andre S. Williams
Derwin M. Williams
Marshall Williams
Arthur J. Wilson
Misc. prisoner correspondence (X, Y, Z)
Ronald Evans Young
Robert Allen Youngblood

Box 54 [stored off site]
Prisoner Correspondence (Z)
Nagi Zacuzomo [8 folders]

Box 55 [stored off site]
Reference Material
Material re: prisons
Misc. material
Puerto Ricans & prison
Chaplaincy in the correctional setting
Statement of Jack Abbott, taken at Marion U.S. Penitentiary, Dec. 12, 1980
Presidential amnesty for draft resisters
Prisoner work strike at Danbury Prison, 1972 [anti-war strike & protest against prison conditions]
Cuban uprising - USP Atlanta, 1987 [2 folders]

Box 56 [stored off site]
Reference Material
Misc. m aterial
Material re: prisons [3 folders]
Rules for visitors in federal prisons
Military prisons
Military induction
Prisons (esp. Marion prison)
Material re: prisons [2 folders]
Material re: prisons, the draft, etc.
Clearinghouse For Community Funding
Audiovisual lists

Box 57 (1/2 box) [stored off site]
Reference Material
Death penalty
Moratorium on prisons
Current lists

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