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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records. [
SOA Watch
SOA Watch Records
Inclusive Dates
1986 - date
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DG 207

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Materials in English and Spanish
4.5 linear feet [papers only]
The SOA Watch was founded in 1990 by Catholic peace activist, Father Roy Bourgeois. The organization tracks and monitors the work of the School of the Americas (SOA), renamed the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation," (WHISC), in 2001. The WHISC is a combat training school for Latin American military personnel, located at Fort Benning, Georgia. The SOA Watch is a direct action protest organization.

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Gift of SOA Watch, 2009 [Acc. 09A-049]; 2010 [Acc 10A-044]; 2011 [Acc. 11A-051]; 2012 [Acc. 2012-044]
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This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated.
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Historical Background
The SOA Watch was founded in 1990 by Catholic peace activist, Father Roy Bourgeois. The organization tracks and monitors the work of the School of the Americas (SOA), renamed the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation," (WHISC), in 2001. The WHISC is a combat training school for Latin American military personnel, located at Fort Benning, Georgia. The SOA Watch is a direct action protest organization.

Collection Overview and Arrangement
The SOAW collection is unprocessed and remains in the order it was donated.

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Photographs (paper and digital images)

Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 09A-049 [SOAW Northeast Region]
Acc. 10A-044
Acc. 11A-051
Acc. 2012-044
Acc. 2013-031
Acc. 2016-003

Re-File Box, Additional miscellaneous material received 2005-date

Box 1 of 1 Acc. 09A-049
Solidarity in Action Guide for Grassroots Organizing
Resolution to Close the School of the Americas, signed by American Catholic Bishops, (by state) 1999-2000
-Alaska – Massaschusetts
-Michigan – Texas
-Utah – Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, resolutions signed by others, miscellaneous

Box 1 Acc. 10A-044
Trial for SOA protesters: Tom Mahedy, 2001-2002
SOA Watch and Mouvement pour le désarmement, la paix et la liberté
Newspaper Clippings, 1990-1995 and Miscellaneous Correspondence
Newspaper Clippings, 1995-1997
Newspaper Clippings, 1996-1999
Newspaper Clippings, 1986-2002
Newspaper Clippings, 2003-2006
SOA Watch, Materials Regarding Annual Vigil
SOA Watch, Materials for 2005 Vigil
“To Move a Mountain”

Box 2 Acc. 10A-044
Court Proceedings for Arrested SOA Watch Members, January 27, 2003
Court Proceedings for Arrested SOA Watch Members, January 28, 2003
Court Proceedings for Arrested SOA Watch Members, January 29, 2003
Documents Regarding Trials of SOA Watch Members, 2004-2005
Forms for item removal

Box 3 Acc. 10A-044
Guatemala, March 16-20, 1987
Newspaper Clippings and Articles
Direct Action Evaluations
“Adelante”: US Army History of SOA
SOA 43: Trial Preparation Materials, July 2002
Reflections on Eric LeCompte’s Presentations at Franciscan University, 2004
SOA Watch Materials, 2004
Strategy Meeting 2004 Evaluations
2004 Vigil Action Organizing Packet
“Voices of Courage,” November 2004
SOA Watch Organizing Packet (in Spanish), 2005
2005 Annual Report and 2006 Vigil
Strategy Meeting Materials, 2007
Vigil Organizing Packet, 2007
Legislative, 2007
SOA Watch Strategy Meeting and Lobby Day, 2008
The 2008 ¡La Lucha Sigue! Award
SOA Watch 2008 Elections Resources Packet and Support for Closing the SOA

Box 4 Acc. 10A-044
Pax Christi USA: Miscellaneous
Correspondence with Eric LeCompte
Charges against SOA Watch Members
SOA Iowa Nonviolence Training
Eric LeCompte and Canadian Visitation Rights
SOA Watch Flyers
Permits and Other Documents Concerning SOA Protest
Washington DC Permit
“Operation Dragon”: Plot to Assassinate Bernice Celeyta Alayon
Public Speaking Guide
Fasting Across the Country and Cosponsor Documents
Eric LeCompte to Leave SOA Watch
Support for Closing the SOA
Gandhian Wave
HR 1217: Suspend and Investigate SOA/WHINSEC
Materials Relating to Permit for Public Demonstration in Columbus, Georgia
Course Syllabi
Records Requested Under FOIA and Flyers Supporting HR 1707
“SOA Watch: Materials for Supporters of Prisoners and Probationers of Conscience”
Committee for Clemency/Pardon of the SOA Protesters

Box 5 Acc. 10A-044
Federal Trial Preparation Materials
Gerardi Case
SOA Watch Literature
Congressional Visit Report Form
Miscellaneous Correspondence
SOA Watch Documents: Correspondence with Eric LeCompte, Miscellaneous   
SOA Watch Documents: Miscellaneous [3 folders]  

Box 1 Acc. 11A-051
SOA Miscellaneous Files 2004-2007
SOA Miscellaneous Files 2002-2005
Prisoner/Probation Re-Entry Workshop, Washington, D.C., February 12-13, 2004
SOA 26 Bios
Heather SOA 26 – Media
2003 Spring Lobby Days to Close the SOA/ WHISC
SOA Miscellaneous Files 2001-2002
SOA Miscellaneous Files 2001-2003

Box 2 Acc. 11A-051
Pamphlets, flyers, literature
Newspaper clippings
Articles, information
Propaganda, advertisements, cards, photographs
Miscellaneousrelated materials
Letters to Judge Haywood Turner [2 folders]

Box 3 Acc. 11A-051
Letters to Judge Haywood Turner [2 folders]

Box 1 Acc. 2012-044

Petitions, 2005
Past organizing packets
Miscellaneous- correspondence, pamphlets, news clippings, etc.
Miscellaneous- fliers, pamphlets, etc.
Spring events, 2001
November Vigil feedback, 2001
Evaluation sheets/survey, 2003
Strategy meeting documents, 2003
Evaluating guidelines, 2002 (November)
Legislative documents
Strategy meeting, 2002

Box 2 Acc. 2012-044
Spring event, 1999
Fast, 2000
Packet, 1999 (May)
Lobby packet, 1999
SOA 26 Trial- miscellaneous
Five-year ban and bar letters, 2000
Miscellaneous SOA Watch organizing materials, 2002
Permit issues
High-risk 100 forms
High-risk packet
Columbus local youth
Organizing packet, 2000 (November)
Organizing information, 2000
November logistics
Bradly Theater sessions, 2000 (November)
2000 (April 2-3)
November Vigil, 2000
Spring Mobilization notes, 2000
Vigil, 1999
Organizing packet, 1999 (November)

Acc. 2012-044
SOA Watch Photographs

Box 1 [4”x6” unless noted]
1997 (April)
1997 (May)
1997 (September)
1997 (November) [3.5”x5”]
1997 (December)
1998 (January)
1998 (April)
1998 (November)
1999 (January)
1999 (February)
1999 (May)
1999 (June)
1999 (November) [3.5”x5”]
2000 (January)
2000 (March)
2000 (April)
2000 (October)
2000 (November)
Undated (November Vigil and March on Capitol Hill) [3.5”x5”; 4”x4”; and 4”x6”]

Box 2
Undated (November Vigil and March on Capitol Hill) [4”x6” and 5”x7”]
1999 [5”x7”]
2000 [4”x7”]
2003 [4”x7”]

Box 3 [4”x6”]
Undated (November Vigil and March on Capitol Hill)

Box 4 [8”x10”]
1997 (November 16)
1998 (April 26)
1998 (November 22)

Box 5 [8”x10”]
1998 (November 22) [continued]
2001 (November)
Undated (November Vigil)

Box 6 [8”x10”]
Undated (November Vigil) [continued]

Acc. 2013-031

Box 1 [Acc. 2013-031]
Program Layout
Latin American Contracts
Grupo M
Articles 2002
ARR 2000
Miscellaneous Files
Fast 2000 Pack
Organizing Packet Fast 2000
April Permits/Sounds
Columbus Ledger Vigil 2002
Delegation Forms

Box 2 [Acc. 2013-031]
Articles 2000
Articles 2001
Jan 200 NL
Copol AA

Box 3 [Acc. 2013-031]
2000 Trial
Latin American Workers
World Policy Institute
Articles 1997
Articles 1996
Articles 1990-1995
Articles 1998
Articles 1999

Box 4 [Acc. 2013-031]
Federal Trial Preparation Materials
Pre-Trial Preparation continued
2003 SOAW Legal Collective
Trial 2005 - SOA 14
Prisoner/FPC Info
Background Materials
Advisory Group November
SOA Strategy Meeting
Worship Resource
Worship (Local)
Pentagon 60
Appeal SOA 13

Box 5 [Acc. 2013-031]
November - legal
Court Ruling - 9/99
Sentencing - 5
1998 March Trial
1997 November Hand-outs
November 1997 Vigil Packet
1998 Org Pack
November Permits 1998
November 16th Copies (1996)
NV Training
Non-Violence Book
5000 - Training/Guild
High Ride Training
2010 Schedules

Box 6 [Acc. 2013-031]
May - Capitol
May - Pentagon
Sunday - Workshops Training
May Packet 1999
May - White House
Spring 2001
Spring 2001 Program
Newspaper Articles

Box 7 [Acc. 2013-031]
DC Vigil Paclet April 1998
Language Schools
SOA Watch Updates 1996-2003
Newsletter Originals Summer and Fall 1998
College Affiliations and Supporters Groups
Epica/SOAW Delegation to El Salvador 1999
Educational Packet 1999, St. Stephens
Thank You $
November Vigil 2000 Feedback
Vigil Printer
November 2000 Speakers/Program
November 2000 Organizers Pack

Box 8 [Acc. 2013-031]
Georgia Office Schedule
November 1999 Miscellaneous
Legal - November Guild
November 1999 Organizers Pack
November Peace Keeping
Tables - November 1999
November 1999 Invites
Miscellaneous Items
Torture Articles

Box 9 [Acc. 2013-031]
Detailed Publications
Miscellaneous Files
Investigative Report
Short Publications
Lobby Day
Miscellaneous Files

Box 10 [Acc. 2013-031]
UN Truth Commission on El Salvador
Miscellaneous Files
Miscellaneous Items
Communication Works

Box 11 [Acc. 2013-031]
Assorted Newspapers [multiple folders]
Miscellaneous Files [multiple folders]

Box 12 [Acc. 2013-031]
Coverage April-December 2004 File 1 [2 folders]
Miscellaneous Items
Releases File 1 [2 folders]
Miscellaneous Items [2 folders]

Box 13 [Acc. 2013-031]
Communication Works - April/June 1999
Communication Works - December 1999
Newspaper Articles
Miscellaneous Items [4 folders]
Assorted Articles

Box 14 [Acc. 2013-031]
Scanned Articles [5 folders]
Newspaper Articles [4 folders]
Miscellaneous Items [2 folders]
Assorted Articles

Acc. 2016-003

Box 1 [Acc. 2016-003]
List of items, 2016
Administrative and miscellaneous printed papers, 2000's-2015
Correspondence, 1999-2015
Postcards, fliers, pamphlets, etc., 1999-2015
Newspaper clippings, 2001-2015
Fort Benning Post Guide and Staff Directory, 2010/2011
Letters from students after presentation, February 2012

"Hidden in Plain Sight," a list of the most notorious SOA graduates, September 2012

Re-File Box
Material from Re-File Box, 2005-2007
Material from Re-File Box, 2008
Material from Re-File Box, 2009
Material from Re-File Box, 2010
Material from Re-File Box, 2011
Material from Re-File Box, 2012-2014
Material from Re-File Box, 2015-2016

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