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Finding Aid: Preliminary Checklist by Wendy E. Chmielewski, 2001

This checklist is the property of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

Box 1
Education in the Nuclear Age 1986 Summer Institute
Organizing Packet Days of Dialogue, 1986
Correspondence, Calls, Proposals
Annual Program Reports
Newsletters, Brochures, etc.
Correspondence, Calls, Proposals, etc.
Annual Program Reports
Newsletters, Brochures, etc.
Correspondence, Calls, Proposals, etc.
Annual Program Reports
Newsletter, Brochures, etc.
Philadelphia ESR Children's Archive Project
Tax Returns FY 1991
Tax Returns FY 1992
Tax Returns FY 1993
Tax Returns FY 1989
Tax Returns FY 1994
Tax Returns FY 1990
Budget Print-Outs
Budget Planning for FY '95
Budget Planning for FY '92
Budget Planning for FY '94
Board Minutes, Hand-Outs 1991-1992
Board Minutes and Mailings FY '95
Budget Planning for FY '93
SC Minutes, Hand-Outs

Box 2
Annual Program Reports
Newsletters, Brochures, etc.
Correspondence, Calls, Proposals, etc.
Annual Program Reports
Newsletters, Brochures, etc.
Chapter Development 10/30/85
Chapter Organizing Handbook
Org. Notebook
Organizing Handbook Summer 85
Evaluation: SF Fin. Development Workshop 2/86
Readings/Mailings 86 Ch. Leadership Institute
Northwest Trip
Membership Drive Organizing Packet Materials
Membership Drive Workshop Handouts
Evaluations Chapter Leadership Institute
Participant Objectives 86 Chapter Leadership Institute
Newsletters, Brochures, Etc.
Follow - Up '86 Chapter Leadership Ins.
Membership Resources/Ideas, etc.
Participants Objectives C.L.I.
Applications 86 Chapter Leadership Institute
Minimum Chapter Size
Tax Exemption Organizational Legal File
Membership Memo
Membership Drive Organizing Packets
Membership Organizing Packet
Membership Drive Workshop Program
'86 Membership Drive Chapter Evaluations
Chapter Mailings 11/87
Annual Program Reports

Box 3
Annual Program Reports
Correspondence, Calls, Proposals, etc.
Newsletters, Brochures, etc.
Information Packet: Peace and Nuclear Age Education
Activities Packet, Elementary
Activities Packet, Secondary
Executive Committee FY '95
Boston Chapter Meetings
ESR Conference 10/82
Boston Chapter Mailings
June 4th, 1983 Conference
Boston Conference 1985
Originals DOD 1982
DOD Publicity 1982
"Writing" File (1982)
DOD Report - Abridged Version 1982
May 1982
"Teach - In" 1982
Lesley College Conference 2/82
September 1984 Conference

Box 4
Chapter Contacts on DOD
Chapters Mailings 1984
Run for Peace 1984
Professional Development Team - Keadings
Shelley's Workshops (Lists)
First Boston Chapter Meetings 1982
Run for Peace 1985
Professional Development Team 1984-1986
1984 Week of Education
DOD Documentation

Box 5
Boston ESR Day of Dialogue Workshop Aids

Box 6 (files of Marge van Cleef)
Removal sheets
ESR misc. materials
Haymarket Fund grant, 1986
Classroom res. material
Student poetry-ESR classes
Issues of nuclear war in the classroom
ESR Teacher Education Workshop Packet
ESR Military Recruiting in High Schools: Creating a Dialogue
ESR pamphlets
ESR brochures

Reference files
Misc. materials on Central America, 1980s-1990s
Classroom HELPmaterials, methods
Cooperative games
Draft material
Environmental groups
Guatemala (3 folders)
CAWG work [Guatemala]
Starbuck's Phillips Van Heusen
Guatemala, labor education projects
Jennifer Harburg story, Guatemala
Voices for Haiti
Haiti-newspaper clippings
Multi-culteral education
Panama, 1992-
Pledge of Resistence
Resource lists
MIsc. reference materials

For more information, contact Wendy Chmielewski, Curator, at wchmiel1@ swarthmore.edu or call 610-328-8557.

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