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Finding Aid: Preliminary Checklist by Wendy E. Chmielewski, 2001

This checklist is the property of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

Box 1
EXPL – Boston
EXPL – Curriculum Committee – Quarter 1, Year 1
World Class Standards % The International Baccalaureate
Camera Ready Art for Benefit
Benefit Guest List "Yes"
Fall Benefit Samples: Letters, Invites, etc.
Fall 1985 Benefit Event
Donor Labels 8/85, Top 33 Donors Spring Benefit (all over $75)
Written Material: Invites, Press releases, Program, & other PR Benefit ’85
Benefit 1985
Benefit Spring ’85, Records & Financial Reports
Spring 1985 Benefit
Give Peace a Dance
Give Peace a Dance 1987
Sam Keen Event
Run For Peace
Run For Peace Logo
Give Peace a Dance Sponsor
K-1 Combinations
Vivienne Verdon-Rose
Walk For Peace
Give Peace a Dance
The Book of Lists. Elna Project – Office Copy
Grade 2
HI School
K-1-2 Combinations
K-1-2 Combinations
1-2 Combinations
2-3 Combinations
JR High
7th Grade
Grade 8
Children’s Books

Box 2

ESR Membership Drive Organizing Packet, Jan 1- April 30, ’85
ESR Teacher Education Workshop Packet
New England Congress for Title 1 School Wide Programs Oct. 28-30, 1996 Merrimack, NH
Children of War
Boston Area ESR Steering Committee Minutes 1989-90
Coordinating Committee Minutes
Boston Area ESR Steering Committee Minutes 1987-88
Boston Area ESR Steering Committee Minutes 1982-84
Boston Area ESR Steering Committee Minutes 1985-86
University of Michigan, School of Education
The New England League of Middle Schools
EDU Social Responsibility Rachel Poliner, The New England League of Middle Schools
Boston Area EDU Social Responsibility, Elna Global Telecommunications Project Feb. 1, 1990
Marketing Plan for EDU Social Responsibility
The Boston Conflict Resolution Program
EDU Social Responsibility 4th annual National Conference: Ensuring the Future
Education Development Center, INC
The Forth R: Literature and Social Responsibility
Connect, Anonymous, Russian Republic, Red
Connect, Anonymous, Russian Republic, Black
Rachel Poliner Eaton 201, United Way
Adolescent Violence Prevention Skills Building Conference
John F. Kennedy Library and Museum
Chapter 1 1990 Conference
ESR Chapter Leadership Institute
ESR Teacher Education Workshop Packet
ESR Teacher Training Institute July ’86
Math/ Social Studies Workshop Tool Kit
Correspondence with National (re math)
The Power Of Math Institute
Math Pre-1990
Math Inst. July 1995
Pow. Of .No.- Institute Materials Aug. ’93
Institute Aug. ’93 & June ’94
The Power Of Numbers Institute 1990-92
Pilot Project- Prospective Schools Math
Persian Gulf War
Gulf War Materials
Flying South: A video from Columbia Vive Classroom Viewing Guide
Columbia Information
Rethinking Columbus
Group Work for Students on Moral Issues, Sexuality, HIV/AIDS
AIDS Action Committee

Box 3

ESR: Mongomery County Insurance
Power of Numbers- New York City
Power of Numbers- Contract
Mathematics & Related Workshop Requests
Conn. St. Dept. of Ed. Performance Task Sampler
Power of Numbers- Reponses
Power of Numbers- Marking FY 98
Power of Numbers- Workshops
Press Releases
Institutes FY ‘99
Institutes FY ‘98
Institutes & Seminars FY ‘97
Institutes & Seminars FY ‘96
Institutes & Seminars FY ‘95
Institutes & Seminars FY ‘94
CCR//Mid – October ’94 Institute
Bunker Hill Community College
Multiculturial Issues & Cooperation
Conflict & Violence
Conflict Resolution Not Violence
Democratic Classrooms
School Politics
Teaching Diversity – Asian Teachers
Community Service
Reading, Writing
Legislation & Resolutions (PTA’S…)
Service Learning Articles
Social Studies
Teaching Morals and Justice
Critical Thinking
OP ED Peace
Press Releases/ Media Contact Information
Anti-ESR Pro -
Recruiting Workers
Office Management
Newspaper Editorials and Articles
Media Coverage
Pastoral Letter
Media Labels
PR Follow-up Letters
Proposal & Letters about Boston Area Chapter of ESR
Expl. Guide to Trash Conflicts
Expeditonary Learning – General
Boston RCCP
Grant Applications
Official Documents
Income Tax Records 1995 & ‘96
Children’s Lit. Event ‘92
Children’s Lit. Event ‘91
Children’s Lit. Donor Event
Development Committee

Box 4
Garbage Pilot & Prospective Schools
Trash Curriculum – Pilot Feedback
Trash Conflicts
Central America
Power of Numbers- Winona Mississippi
Power of Numbers- Marketing
Environmental Racism- New Projects
Trash Conflicts/ Underground Rail Theater
Trash Conflicts / URT Eco-Cabinet
Environmental Ed Conf.
Trash Marketing
Environmental Ed.: Prof. Dev.
Environmental Conference
Various Env. Materials, Articles
BPS/BCRP Negotiations
Boston Conflict Resolution Program
Summer Institutes
MAAPA: Priv. SPED Schools
State Regs (PDP’S)
Social Work CEO
Literature 1993, 1994
Contributions Originial
National ESR
Fund Raising Comm.
Board /SC
Executive Committee
Personnel/ Staff
Workshop Leader’s Meetings
Bullies & Scapegoats
Math – Get It Together
Power of Numbers / Articles
Workshop- Current
Conflict Resolution
Parenting Workshops
Boston PS Chapter 1 &636 Programs
BAESR Board & Executive Committee FY ‘96
A World in Our Backyard: A Wetlands Education & Stewardship Program
Boston Area ESR Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 1990-1994Oversize Material:
"It isn’t Fair" A book by the 1st grade at Glen Urquhart School- Jan. 1984Educators for Social Responsibility
Other than New Haven, CT
Orginally found in CDG-A
1 Box Set
Educators for Social Responsibility -- 1981-
Educators for Social Responsibility -- Day of Dialogue, Planning & Curriculum Resource Guide
ESR - Days of Dialogue, 1986 -- Elementary Teaching Activities
ESR - Days of Dialogue, 1986 -- Secondary Teaching Activities
ESR- ESR Journal (Not A Periodicial)
Educators for Social Responsibility -ESR -- Periodicials: ESR (Newsletter-1982), ESR Newsletter, Fall 1982, Forum 1983-
Educators for Social Responsibility -ESR--Brocures, Pamphlets
ESR - Baltimore, Maryland Chapter
ESR - Minn. St Paul Branch
ESR - New York Metro Area --Conflict Resolution, Tolerance in Schools
Educators for Social Responsibility -ESR Lancaster, PA Branch
Educators for Social Responsibility -ESR -- Phila. Branch of ESR
Educators for Social Responsibility -ESR Phila. Chapter Out of the Nuclear Shadow
Educators for Social Responsibility -ESR-- Branch Periodicals Chi. Il, New Haven CT, Phila. PAEducators for Social Responsibility
Orginally found in CDG-A
1 Box
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Connecticut as a Defense Dependent State
ESR: New Haven - Psychiatric View of Arms Race/Nuclear Issues Particulary for Children
ESR: New Haven - Racism, KKK
ESR: New Haven - Soviet Union: Learning/ Teaching About
ESR: New Haven - UNICEF Disarmment and the Child KitEducators for Social Responsibility
Cambridge, Boston Area Chapter
Orginally found in CDG-A
1 Box
Educators for Social Responsibility - Boston Area
Educators for Social Responsibility- Massachusetts: Cambridge
ESR: Boston Chapter- Action Network (Newsletter)
Educators for Social Responsibility - Boston Area (Newsletter etc.)Educators for Social Responsibility
New Haven Branch
Orginally found in CDG-A
2 Box Set
Box 1
ESR: New Haven - 1983-
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Arms Race, Economics, Military Spending
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Conflict & Nuclear War (CHOICES) 1983, 1989, Union of Conc. Scient.
ESR: New Haven - --K-8 Curriculum, Bibliographies
ESR: New Haven - 1492-1992 Curriculum
ESR: New Haven - Curriculum Materials, Misc.
ESR: New Haven - Peace & Protest Curriculum
ESR: New Haven - 5 Day Mini Course
ESR: New Haven -- Inservice Workshops
ESR: New Haven -- Conferences & Workshops
ESR: New Haven -- Publicity & Posters
ESR: New Haven -- Student Activism/ Student Art Work
ESR: New Haven -- Audio-Visual, Anti-Nuclear, etc.
ESR: New Haven - Bibliographies
ESR: New Haven -- Clippings File
Box 2
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Common Ground
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Africian/ Africian American Curriculum Project
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Central America, General
ESR: New Haven - Ref: El Salvador
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Nicaragua
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Phillipine Revolution Curriculum Guide
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Children 1990, Children's Defence Fund
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Economic Conversion Teacher's Kit from Ctr. For Ec. Conv.
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Conflict Resolution
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Environmentalism
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Global Education
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Nuclear Issues In Teaching
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Children & Nuclear War
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Nuclear War/ Nuclear Age Issues
ESR: New Haven - Ref: Peace Education

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