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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
CarEth Foundation
CarEth Foundation Records
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DG 200

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The CarEth Foundation is a family-run funding resource for the peace and social justice movement. It was founded in 1967 by G. Sterling Grumman to promote enduring world peace.

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Gift of CarEth Foundation, 1999 [Acc. 99A-057]
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Processed by Wendy Chmielewkski, 1999. This finding aid revised August 2009.
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Historical Background
The CarEth Foundation is a family-run funding resource for the peace and social justice movement. It was founded in 1967 by G. Sterling Grumman to promote enduring world peace. The foundation was named after Carol Grumman and Ethel Grumman, aunts of G. Sterling Grumman. The organization is headquartered in Amherst, Massachusetts; It continues to fund projects of organizations which promote peace and social justice

Collection Overview
This collection contains the administrative files from the CarEth Foundation, and files from a wide variety of peace groups which had applied for funding from the foundation. These files often contain information about these groups and their projects. The CarEth Foundation has had a close relationship with the Peace Development Fund, and files from that organization are included in this collection as well.

Arrangement of Collection
Files of applications are arranged in several alphabetical sequences, by name of peace group. Administrative files from the CarEth Foundation follow in a separate sequence. Files of the Peace Development Fund follow in a third set of files organized alphabetically.

This collection is not fully processed.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [this box is off-site]
Readings, 1999
Berthel College F4
Center for Constitutional Rights F9
CIP, 1988 (Draft. Prop)
Center for the Study of Public Policy F12
Christic Institute F14
Church Council of Greater Seattle F15
Citizen Alert F16
Clergy and Laity Concerned Atlanta F17
Committee for Responsible Genetics F19
Educators for Social Responsibility F21
Indochina Resource Center F24
Box 2 [this box is off-site]
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies F25
Institute for Policy Studies F26
Inter-Hemispheric Resource Center F27
International Center for Development Policy F28
Jane Adams Peace Assn. Inc. F29
National SANE Education Fund (D.C.) F35
Nebraska Peace Foundation F37
North America Congress on Latin America F40
Nuclear Disarmament Education Fund F42
Palouse Clearwater Environmental Inst. F44
Box 3 [this box is off-site]
Pennsylvania Jobs with Peace Campaign, Inc. F46
Rural Coalition F48
San Francisco Women’s Centers F49
SANE Education Fund of Penn. F51
Sothwest Voter Research Institute F53
Survival Education Fund F54
Survival Education Fund F55
Trans Africa Forum F56
Vietnam Veterans Peace Education Network, Inc. F57
West Alabama Community College F58
Albert Einstein Institute ExAx1
American Friends Service Committee NF2
American Peace Tear ExAx
Arkansas Institute for Social Justice ExAx
Augsburg College ExAx 3
Better World Society NF 5
The Capp. St. Foundation ExAx
Center for Energy Research, Inc. NF 10
Box 4 [this box is off-site]
Center for Psychosocial Issues in a Nuclear Age NF11
Center on Budget and Policy Prioriteis NF13
Chewelah United DP NF
Christic Institute DP-Funded
Center fo Community and Leadership DevelopmentsExAx
Committee for a Community of Democracies-USA ExAx
Deep Dish TV NF
Denver Justice and Peace ExAx
Committee for National Security NF 18
Democracy Project ExAx
Dumbarton United Methodist Church NF 20
Ecumencial Peace Institute (Norhtern CA. CALC) ExAx
Fellowship of Reconciliation NF 22
Foreign Policy Education Fund ExAx 23
Friends of UN DP-ExAx
Fund for New Priorities in America DP F
Fund for New Priorities in America ExAx
Fund for Peace National Security Associates ExAx
Box 5 [this box is off-site]
Midwest Academy NF31
Mobilization for Survival Education Fund NF34
Native Americans for a Clean Environment NF36
Neighbor to Neighbor NF38
New Jewish Agenda NF39
Peace Links NF 45
Perhaps Kids can Make a Difference ExAx 47
Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission ExAx
Diocese of NY Protestant Episcopal Church
Task Force on World Peace ExAx
Western Solidarity ExAx
Wisconcin Coordinating Council NF 59
Women, U.S.A. Fund, Inc. NF60
Women's Workshop in the Americas ExAx
World Affairs Council of Boston ExAx61
World Peace Makers ExAx
World-Wide Grassroots Peace Crusade ExAx
Box 6 [this box is off-site]
Action For Nuclear Disarmament F1
Central Committee for Consciencious Objectors 8
Center for Defense Information F6
California Institute of Integral Studies F4
Boston Film and Video Foundation F
Data Center F10
CALC Foundation F9
Fellowship of Reconciliation F11
Foundation for Mideast Communication F14
Fund for Constitutional Government Articles
Box 7 [this box is off-site]
Fund for Constitutional Government NF 15
Grassroots International F16
Institute for Policy Studies F19
Institute for Resource and Security Studies F20
Institute for Space and Secruity Studies F21
Interreligious Foundation for Community Organiz. F 22
Jobs w/Peace Educational Fund (Grtr New Bedford) F24
Jobs w/Peae Educational Fund (National) F23
Box 8 [this box is off-site]
Kartemquin Educational Films F
Michigan Coalition for Human Rights F25
NGO Committee on Disarmament F27
National SANE Education Fund F29
New England Central America Network F31
Women's Peace Network F47
Center for Common Security F45
Snake River Alliance Education Fund F36
Radioactive Waste Campaign F35
Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities F34
Better World Society DP F
International Relations Council, Inc. Harvard, O DP Funded
Peace President 1988 F ExCom DP
SANE/FREEZE Ed. Fund November 21, 1987 DP F
Veterans Peace Convoy ExCom DP F
Center for Psychological Studies in Nuclear Age NF7
Foundation for Community Encouragement NF13
Greater Cleveland Nuclear Weapons Freeze NF 17
Box 9 [this box is off-site]
Midwest Research NF 26
National Peace Institute Foundation NF28
National Survival Education Fund, Inc. NF 30
Physicians for Social Responsibility NF 32
Progressive Foundation NF33
Traprock Peace Center NF38
Underground Railway Theatre NF 39
United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War (National) Educational Association 40
United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War (Boston) Educational Association 41
United States Catholic Conference NF 43
Boston Council for International visitors ExAx2
Boulder Community Broadcast Association, Inc. ExAx 3
Capp Street Foundation ExAx 5
Film Arts Foundation ExAx 12
Institute of Development Studies ExAx
Committee Form Community of Democracies U.S.
Christic Institute ExAx ExCom DP
National Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers ExAx DP
Perhaps Kids Meeting Kids. . .ExCom ExAx DP
Box 10 [this box is off-site]
ThirdWorld Education Outreach, INc. ExAx 37
United Nations Association ExAx 42
University of New Hampshire ExAx 44
Wisconsin Council of Churches ExAx 46
Adam ExAx Ece -HBG
Alternative Media Information Center F5 Withdrawn Checklist ExAx
British American Security Information Council ExAx
Capp Street Foundation Pledtge of Resistance FS ExAx for Incomplete
Centro de Amigos para la Paz ExAx-EGE BG
Chinese Intellectual ExAx March 18, 1988
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy NF ExCom DP
Community Educational Center ExAx ECE-CBG
Data Processing Scholarship Fund ExAx March 18, 1988
Development Policy and Management Center, Inc. ExAx
GeoPEace Institute ExAx ExCom
Haitian Ministry Commission ExAx ExCom
Human Serve Temp Checklist ExAx
Institute for Resource and Security Studies ExCom NF DP
National Coalition in Support of UNSSD III DP ExCom NF
Nuclear Times ExCom ExAx
Nukewatch (Missile Silo Book-Info.) DP ExAx
David F. Kelly Ex Ax ExCom
New Economy Project ExAx ExCom
New Forests PRoject (ICDP) ExAx March 18, 1988
Lausanne Committee ExAx -CBG ECE
National Student Action Center ExAx 'cause not complete
New Hampshire Action for Peace and Lasting Security Withdrawn ExAx
Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance ExCom ExAx
Nonviolent Training Collective of Delaware Valley
Parliamentarians Global Action ExAx incomplete
Peace Brigades International ExAx ExCom
Peacemaker NF ExCom DP
Public Interest Radio Withdrawn ExAx
Box 11 [this box is off-site]
Santa Ynez Valley Chirstian Academy
Satelite Communications for Learning
Sojourners Peace Ministry
Soviet American Sail 1989
Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Witness for Peace
World College West
American Friends Service Committee
Augsburg College
Baltimore Jobs with Peace
Austin Interfaith Task Force for Central America—Casa Marianella
Casa de Proyecto Libertad
Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Central American Refugee Center (Carecen)
Church Council Greater Seattle
Citizen’s Alert
Box 11a [this box is off-site]
Green Library
Hazelwood College
Institute for Reading Learning
Institute for Non profit Organization Management
Inter News
Intercommunity Center for Justice and Peace
ICDP Rainforest Policy Report
ICDP Foreign Agents
ICDP South African
ICDP Rainforest Destruction and World Bank
International Peace Academy
Interstate Freeze Lobbying Network
Irish Forum
Michigan Interfaith Committee on Central American Human Rights
Midwest Research
Mobilization for Survival Education Fund
National Peace Instittue Foundation
Norwich Roman Catholic Diocesian Corp.
The Old Statehouse
Pace University
Peace and Justice Commission
Box 12 [this box is off-site]
Committee on National Security
Ecumenical Program on Central American & Carribbean (EPICA)
El Salvador Public Ed. Project (CISPES)
Fairness and Acuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
Gray Panthers Project Fund
Institute for Education in Peace and Justice
Klein Walker Association
Instituto Puertorriqueño de Derechos Civiles (IPDC)

Box 13 [this box is off-site]
Educators for Social Responsibility
Inter-hemispheric Education Resource Center
Interfaith Peacemaking Resource Center of Utah
International Jewish Peace Union
Jane Addams Peace Association
Jobs with Peace, Milwaukee
Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy
Maine Peace Fund
Michigan Interchurch Committee on Central America (MICAH)
Middle East Cultural and Ed. Foundation
Midwest Academy
National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament
New Hampshire Central America Network
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
Box 14 [this box is off-site]
Oregon Peace Institute
Parliamentarians Global Action
Peace and Lasting Security Ed. Fund
Peace Education Fund
Sixth Congressional District Sensible Solutions to the Arms Race
Springfield Area Central America Project (SACAP)
SOC Education Fund (Southern Organizing Comm. For Economic & Social Justice)
Urban Scientific and Educational Research
Veterans Education Project
Women’s Action for Nuc. Dis. Ed. Fund
Council on Economic P.
Fund for Constitutional Gov.
Harvard School of Public Health—Public Health and Diplomacy
Box 15 [this box is off-site]
Institute for International Cooperation and Development
Institute… TECNICA
One Sky, One World
St. Cecilia Singers
Pacifica Foundation—Pacifica Radio
Semilla de Libertad Foundation
WAND—Women’s Peace Initiative
World Federalist
Box 16 [this box is off-site]
Africa Fund
American Center for Int. Leadership
Better World Society
Social Movement Empowerment Plan
Calc Foundation, Campaign for Democracy, East & West
Calc Foundation, Peace Resource Center
Clergy and Laity Concerned of Lane County
Carolina Community Project
Carolina Interfaith Task Force on Central America
Center for Common Security
Box 17 [this box is off-site]
Center for International Policy
Citizen’s Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes
Committee for Nuc. Dis. and Self-Determination in Korea
Committee for Responsible Genetics
Council for a Livable World Ed. Fund
Educators for Social Responsibility
Friends of Peace Now
Global Exchange
Grassroots International
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies
Box 18 [this box is off-site]
International Center for Development Policy
Mid South Peace and Justice Center
Middle East Peace Network
Middle East Research and Information Project
Mozambique Support Network
National Jobs with Peace Campaign
National Sane Ed. Fund
New Isreal Fund
North American Farm Alliance
North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)
Nuclear Disarmament Education Fund
Box 19 [this box is off-site]
P’NAI Or Religious Fellowship—Project Nishma
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Inst.
Peace and Justice Coalition
Radioactive Waste Campaign
Reverse the Arms Race Education Association
Rhode Island Mobilization for Survival
Box 20 [this box is off-site]
Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research and Education
Sane/Freeze Education Fund
Shalom Center
Trans Africa Forum
Traprock Peace Center
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
United Methodist Church
U.S. South Africa Sister Community Project—International Human Rights Comm.
Voter Education Project
Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarm. Ed. Fund
Box 1 [this box is off-site]
Funder's Handbook on Money and Politics, Report from CarEarth and Ottinger Found.
Winston Foundation
CarErth Referemce files [3 folders]
Box 2 [this box is off-site]
CarErth Referemce files [6 folders]
Box 3 [this box is off-site]
CarErth Referemce files [4 folders]
Program Descriptions
Box 1 [this box is off-site]
Peace Development Fund Applications 1983-1992 "A"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1991 "B"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1991 "C"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1989 "C"
Box 2 [this box is off-site]
Peace Development Fund 1984-1985 "C"
Peace Development Fund 1984-1985 "C"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1992 "D"
Peace Development Fund 1982-1991 "E-F"
Peace Development Fund 1986-1989 "E-F"
Box 3 [this box is off-site]
Peace Development Fund 1983-1992 "G"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 "I"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1986 "I"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1989 "J"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1991 "K-M"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 "K-M"
Box 4 [this box is off-site]
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 "N"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 "N"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1984 "N"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 "O-P"
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 "O-P"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1986 "P"
Peace Development Fund 1983-1984 "P"
Box 5 [this box is off-site]
Peace Development Fund 1984-1990 “R”
Peace Development Fund 1983-1992 “S”
Peace Development Fund 1983-1992 “S”
Peace Development Fund 1983-1992 “T”
Peace Development Fund 1985-1991 “U-V”
Peace Development Fund 1985-1992 “W”
Peace Development Fund 1984-1992 “W”

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