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Latin America Working Group
Latin America Working Group Records
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Latin America Working Group was founded in 1983 as Central America Lobby Group, a project of the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy. It became a separate entity in 1988, under the name Central America Working Group, and changed its name in 1995 to Latin America Working Group to reflect its expanded mandate.

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Historical Background
Founded in 1983 as the Central America Lobby Group, a project of the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy; became a separate entity in 1988, under the name Central America Working Group; it changed its name in 1995 to Latin America Working Group to reflect its expanded mandate. The group was based in Washington, D.C. and did most of its work in coalition through such means as sign-on letters to which the leaders of various organizations and religious bodies would attach their signatures. Its main purpose was to lobby Congress about issues of concern relating to Central America and Latin America.

The material in this accession came to the Peace Collection arranged by year, with each item produced by LAWG (such as sign-on letters, newsletters, mailings to Congress, etc.) in a separate folder, interspersed with reference material folders. The archivist sorted through the files and removed the items that reflected the group's program work and placed them in box 1, merging many documents into new folders of similar material. The newsletter "Legislative Update" from 1989-1994 [incomplete set] was removed to the Periodical Collection. Many folders were marked by LAWG as "drop" letters, meaning that a mailing, memo or sign-on letter was created and then dropped off at legislative offices. It was difficult when sorting the files to tell when CAWG/LAWG was the sponsoring group for such drops; thus, the researcher should be aware that there may be "drop" material in the reference files in boxes 2-6 as well (though it is likely that this material was sent to CAWG/LAWG to show what other organizations were doing).

Collection Overview
This collection is comprised of correspondence, administrative files, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, reference files, but it is generally unprocessed.

Arrangement of Collection
Acc. 95A-074
Acc. 95A-084

Acc. 02A-063
Acc. 08A-060
Acc. 2014-055

Re-File Box, additional material received 1997-date

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 Acc. 95A-074
Right wing
Tom Barry low intensity conference
Congressional Quarterly Almanac on Contra aid
Senate on El Salvador, 1989 (November 17)
National Reconciliation, 1989 (November 11)/National Debate for Peace in El Salvador
Americas Watch : “Killings in Northern Nicaragua,” 1989 (November)
Senate on North, 1989 (November 2)
El Salvador originals
Nicaragua originals
Originals, 1989
Nicaragua trip, 1989 (July)
Amnesty International on Nicaragua, 1989 (October)
Washington Office on Latin America, Nicaragua Election Monitor, 1989 (November 15)
Nicaragua press, 1989 (late October)
Richardson , 1989 (October 25)
Nicaragua Network, 1989 (October 30)
Pickering , 1989 (October 23)
Burstein, 1989 (October 13)
Senate HR 338517, 1989 (October)
Embanic, l989 (Fall-Winter)
Contra aid, 1989 (early October)
Salinas and $9 million, 1989 (October 4)
Attacks on churches, 1989 (Fall)
El Salvador negotiations articles, 1989
Washington Office on Latin America on Gramyo, Strook, 1989 (September)
United Nations, 1989 (Fall)

Box 2 Acc. 95A-074

Aid: Contras, 1989 (September 27)
Baken to Foley, 1989 (September 20)
Interfaith campaign on Romero, 1989 (September 13)
Costa Rica , 1989 (Fall)
Covert aid, 1989 (August)
David Macmichael, 1989 (August 28)
Press excerpts, 1989 (August)
Terrell, 1989 (July 12)
El Salvador , 1989 (July)
DeFazio, 1989 (July 14)
Aides on Contra attacks, 1989 (July)
Holly Burkhalter, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, 1989 (June 21)
House Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs, 1989 (June), Penal code
Proposed Arena law on El Salvador rights, 1989 (June)
Democratic Study Group on Foreign Aid Authorization Bill, 1989 (June)
Aronson, 1989 (June 23)
Harpers on Iran-Contra, 1989 (June)
Bollinger editorials, 1989 (Summer)
Nicaragua , 1989 (Summer)
Norton, 1989 (April 21) Labor in El Salvador
P. Hakin on Nicaragua; Miami Herald on Bush, 1989 (April)
Embargo, 1989 (May)
Bipartisan Accord, 1989
Hatfield on El Salvador, 1989 (Fall)
Canadian Church on International Cooperation
Contra demobilization, 1989 (May)
Institute for Medical Analysis on Nicaragua, 1989 (Fall)
Harkin, Wall Street Journal; Woods, Philadelphia Inquirer 1989 (March)
Halliday, Moscow in the Middle East, 1989 (March)
El Salvador , 1989 (March)
Washington Post on United Nations, 1989 (March 18)
Christian Science Monitor on Guatemala, 1989 (March)
Chandy scandal, 1989 (March 12)
Washington Post, peace efforts in El Salvador, 1989 (March 5)
Los Angeles Times on Baker plan, 1989 (March 3)
Articles in summit, 1989 (Febrary)
Editorials on El Salvador, 1989 (February)
Box 3 Acc. 95A-074
Editorials on peace process, 1989 (February)
Guatemalan army, Christian Science Monitor; Honduras Violence, Newsday, 1989 (February)
El Salvador Legislation, 1989 (January)
National Endowment for Democracy: Nicaragua aid, 1989 (Fall)
Inter-American dialogue, winter 1988 –1989
Boxed Pelosi, 1988 (September 28)
Central American Peace Accord, 1987 (August)
Richardson testimony on Nicaragua
Alternative Nicaragua policy, 1987 (Winter) –1988
Nicaragua strategy, 1989 (Spring –Summer)
Miller-Moakley to Central America Working Group, 1989 (May 19)
Moakely-Miller, 1989 (May)
International Political Consultants, Campaigns and Elections, 1989 (May –June)
National Council of the Churches of Christ, 1989 (May 5)
Ortega trip contra lobby, 1989 (May 23)
Aronson Hearings, 1989 (May 19)
Morley, 1989 (May 8); Romero Language, 1989 (May)
Sojourners , 1989 (May)
Aronson, 1989 (May 19)
Nation editorial, 1989 (May 1)
Boston Globe, Honduran file, 1989 (April 23); Washington Post, “Salvadoran Military Strikes Activist,” 1989 (April 21)
Nicaragua , 1989 (Spring)
Nicaragua polls, 1988 –1989
Untitled folder
Untitled folder
Untitled folder
Fiscal Year 1984 –1985; Foreign aid authorization debate, 1983 (calendar year)
Geneva conventions and protocols: applicability in Central America
Central America Working Group agendas, 1990 (January 9–December 18)
Central America Working Group agendas, 1991 (January 8 –December 10)
Box 4 Acc. 95A-074
Legislative update: Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy
Legislative update, 1990 (April 17)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights 1990 (April 17); America
Legislative update, 1990 (April 13)
Nicaragua drop, 1990 (January 11)
Hotlines, 1989
Legislative update, 1990 (March 23)
Hill drop, 1990 (March 9)
Legislative prospects, 1990 (March 16)
Hill drop, 1990 (March 20)
Hill drop, 1990 (February 10)
Legislative update, 1990 (January 26)
Legislative update, 1990 (January 26)
Debate in Nicaragua, 1989 (November 2)
Network, 1989 (November 17)
Central America Working Group drop, (November 17)
El Salvador drop, 1989 (December)
Hatfield/AuCoin, 1989 (December)
Legislation update, 1989 (February 16)
Legislation update, 1989 (December 17)
Nicaragua drop, 1990 (January)
El Salvador sign-on Senate foreign operations, 1989 (September 12)
Police Aid-Drop-Senate 1-4, 1989 (September 12)
Letter to Congressional Committee on El Salvador Foreign Aid Appropriations, 1989 (October 16)
Hill drops Cindy/Moakley; Negotiations, 1989 (October 16)
Legislation update, 1989 (October 20)
Negotiations hill drop, 1989 (November 2)
Groups on Hearings, 1989 (November 1)
Central America Working Group Agendas, 1989 (January 10 –December 12)
Nicaragua , 1989 (September 12) Nicaragua drop
Legislative update, 1989 (September 15)
Senate letter on El Salvador, 1989 (September 19)
Nicaragua drop, 1989 (September 26)
Nicaragua drop, 1989 (October 10)
H-M/D letter, 1989 (October 20)
Nicaragua drop, 1989 (October 25)
Letter to participants, 1989 (October 27)
Sign-on letters, 1989 (September 29)
Legislative update, 1989 (September 15)
Legislative update, 1989 (August 4)
Hill drop Nicaragua electoral laws to House 1-3, 1989 (August 3)
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus on Nicaragua elections, 1989 (August 3)
Box 5 Acc. 95A-074
Intelligence Committee action, 1989 (August)
Legislative alert draft, 1989 (August)
Nicaragua mailing, 1989 (August 29)
Editorial packet AZ & DA
Matlock drop, 1989 (July 31)
Drop to House intelligence, 1989 (July 31)
Nicaragua mailing, 1989 (July 27)
Sent to Senate judiciary, 1989 (July 26)
Legislative update, 1989 (July 10)
Original DeConcini S. 458, 1989 (July 10)
Spector/DeConcini alert, 1989 (July –August)
Legislative update, 1989 (July 7)
Sign-on thank you to McHugh & Co., 1989 (July 7)
Network drop, 1989 (June 27)
Hill drop done for Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), United Church of Christ & Network, 1989 (June 26)
McHugh post, 1989 (June 23)
Sign-on letter on McHugh amendment, 1989 (June 21)
Legislative update, 1989 (June 20)
Legislative update and hotline, 1989 (June 20)
Original of M/D mailing to judiciary staff, 1989 (June 12)
Central America Working Group Management Team appeal, 1989 (May 23)
El Salvador editorials, 1989 (May 29 –June 6)
Hill drop ( El Salvador), 1989 (May 9)
Extra ( El Salvador drops), 1989 (May 9)
Originals of Hill drop, 1989 (May 9)
Central America Working Group Nicaragua Alternative, 1989 (Spring)
Center for International Policy update, 1989 (April 27)
Western Hemisphere Subcommittee letter, 1989 (May 1)
Legislative update, 1989 (April 25)
Central America Working Group originals, 1989 (April 19)
Organizations on embargo
Originals, 1989 (March 28)
Hill drop Nicaragua, 1989 (March 25)
Hill drop El Salvador, 1989 (March 24)
Hill drop El Salvador, 1989 (March 24)
Nicaragua Hill drop originals, 1989 (March 23)
Nicaragua drop, 1989 (March)
Contributions mailing, 1989 (March 6)
Field, 1989 (March)
Legislative update, 1989 (March)
Central America Working Group Legislation update, 1989 (May, June, October)
Hill drop originals, 1989 (February 5)
Central America Working Group (CAWG) originals, 1989 (February)
Humanitarian aid, 1989 (February)
Memos on Contra aid, 1989 (February-March)
El Salvador drop, 1989 (February 5)
Right wing stuff
Hill drop, 1989 (September 13)
Central America Working Group memos, 1989 (August)
Hill drops recent, fall 1987-1988
Letters to Congressmen from individuals and groups
Purple ribbon campaign
Box 6 Acc. 95A-074
National Labor Center , 1989
Pledge of Resistance
Owen memos
Field, 1989 (January)
Democratic Alternative
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
Ralph Fine
Field, 1989 (Fall)
Proposal copies: Central America Working Group , 1989 (January)
Guatemala 1988 –1989 (Winter)
Christic Institute, 1988 (Winter) –1989
Pax Americas, 1988 (July)
Aronson Peter Kornbluth
Central America Working Group agendas, 1988 (April 19 –December 13)
“Contra Aides,” Mother Jones, 1987 (October)
Esqui II, 1987 (August)
Kornbluth, “Selling of the F.D.N.,“ 1987 (January)
Hill drops, 1986 –1987 (Summer)
Hill drops, 1985 (old –Fall)
Box 7 Acc. 95A-074
Spanish translation of appeal
Loose material
Letters to Congress, 1991 –1992
Legislative updates and hotlines, 1991 –1992
El Salvador : Military findings, Human rights, Jesuit murders, 1990 –1992
Senate (Dodd-Leahy) hill drops, 1991
Senate Dodd-Leahy, faxes sent by organizations to senators, 1991
Talking points: El Salvador military findings, 1992 –1993
Loose material
El Salvador , 1991
Loose material
Untitled folder
Myrna Mack Guatemala, 1992 (empty)
El Salvador Assassinations, 1991
Untitled folder
Untitled folder
Box 8 Acc. 95A-074
Loose material
Untitled folder
Untitled folder
Untitled folder
Untitled folder
Guatemala “Dear Colleague” Human Rights, 1991 (October)
Leahy sign-on, 1991 (October)
Central America Working Group hotlines
Senate El Salvador drop, 1991 (July 3)
El Salvador drop on negotiations, 1991 (June 11)
House drop on Jesuit case, 1998 (September 17)
Legislative update, 1990 (March 23)
Legislative update, 1990 (April 13)
Legislative update, 1990 (November 10)
Legislative update, 1990 (November 17)
Box 9 Acc. 95A-074
To File
Draft call
El Salvador short sign-on
Post card
Target group lists
Weiss-Chilstrom and CALL original
Heads packet originals
Newspaper advertisements, El Salvador
National labor committee correspondence
Senate summaries
One page legislative update
Delegation proposal letter
United Nations meetings
El Salvador press release
Conference of Major Superiors of Men letter and appeal
Congress and administration El Salvador, 1989 (Fall)
1989 –1991
Box 10 Acc. 95A-074
Loose Material
Sharpe, World Policy Journal
Central America Working Group (CAWG)
Dissent paper on Salvador, 1980 (November 6)
Sharpe and Blackman, 1988 (Winter) –1989
Los Angeles Times (Boudreaux) “Evidence Linked to Contras in Ambush,” 1989 (November 7)
El Salvador's Army –A force Unto Itself/New York Times Magazine, Joel Millman, 1989 (December 10)
Arms control and Foreign Policy Congress –Panama, 1989 (December 20)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights: report on witness, 1989 (December)
El Salvador campaigns, 1990 (September)
“ Guatemala: The Roots of Revolution,” Washington Office on Latin America, 1983 (February)
Central America conflict bibliography, Cathy Seitz, 1986 (spring)
Center for International Policy update, 1989 (February 21)
Staff reports Iran-Contra, 1988 (September)
National Council of Churches Purple ribbons, 1989 (December)
Administration on Peace Accords, 1991 (May)
House foreign operations, 1991 (June)
Lieutenant Colonels, 1988 (March)
Hiolly Sklar , Nicaragua election, 1989 (December)
Concertacion, 1991 (June)
Agendas International; Election Nicaragua, 1990
Americas Watch
ESTF, 1990 (April)
Center for International Policy
Central American Historical Institution
Church World Service
Central America Information Bulletin
Citizens' Campaign for Free and Fair Elections in Nicaragua
Coalition for a New FP (empty)
Commission on Nicaragua Pre-Election polls
Commission on United States/Latin America relations
Democratic National Commission
Democratic Study Group
Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation
Pax Americas
Political Alternatives for the Caribbean and Central America
Box 11 Acc. 95A-074
Religious Task Force on Central America
United States mission to the United Nations
Washington Center for Central America Studies
Washington Office on Latin America
Washington Office on Latin America elections
Witness for Peace
Untitled folder
Costa Rica statements on El Salvador, 1989
Costa Rica statements on El Salvador, 1990
El Salvador votes (analysis), 1990 (May 22)
El Salvador vote, 1990 (May 22)
Congress calls on final passage, 1990 (May 22)
El Salvador vote; thank you letters –supporters of Moakley/Murtha amendment, 1990 (May 22)
Senate reports –rationale for voting correctly, 1990
Senate vote HR 5114 El Salvador, 1990 (October 19)
GAO United States Assistance in 1980s, 1989 (July)
Committee on Foreign Affairs –members
“Tough Anti-terrorism Laws Spark Controversy,” Chris Norton, 1989 (June 27)
El Salvador H636, HFAC –Rules –Notice of Action, 1990 (May 16)
Text of protocol signed on Nicaragua Sandinistas and Chamorro government, 1990 (Mar 27)
United Nations –El Salvador Geneva accords, 1990 (April 4)
Guatemala –Oslo accord, 1990 (March)
Democratic Study Group legislative report, 1989 (October 5)
Republic of Nicaragua letter to Baker press release, 1989 (May 18)
Arms control and Foreign Policy Caucus –El Salvador, 1990
Arms control and Foreign Policy Caucus –El Salvador, 1987
Contra aid vote, 1988 (February 3); HR 4387, 1988 (May 28)
Full committee report Human Rights, 1989 (July 19)
Democratic Study Group Fact Sheet –support foreign aid, 1990 (May 16)
Partial chronology of human rights events in El Salvador, 1989 (September-November)
Moakley/Murth provisions, 1990 (May)
Partial chronology of attacks on the churches in El Salvador, 1989 (December 16) –1990 (February 10)
Hearings on the Human Rights Subcommittee and Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, 1990 (January 24)
Testimony of Bernard Aronson, Subcommittee of Western Hemisphere Affairs (House Foreign Affairs Committee), 1990 (January 24)
Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean: “An Interview with Febe Velosquez,” FENASTRAS, 1989 (November 1)
Untitled folder
Foundations, 1990
Untitled folder
Organizers packet referendum
Untitled folder
Box 12 Acc. 95A-074
Border Crisis originals, 1989 (February –March)
No Military Solutions for El Salvador, James Defense Weekly, 1989 (December 2)
Nicaragua Covert operations, religious leaders statements
Central America “Priest and Nun Plan,” 1990 (March 27)
Meeting with Francesc Vendrell (United Nations)
Religion and labor leaders statement, 1990 (May –June)
Grassroots field action El Salvador
Field Swing assignments –Senate, 1990
El Salvador grass roots campaign, 1990
El Salvador organizing packet for field
United States Catholic Conference on El Salvador
Senate swings
Dodd, 1991 (July)
Swings, 1991 (Fall)
Untitled folder
Swing reports –Senate, 1991 (Summer –Fall)
Swings, 1991 (Fall)
Nicaragua demobilization plan
Embanic, 1989 (December)
Working group on El Salvador
El Salvador Task Force agendas; participants lists (sign-in sheets)
El Salvador Senate packet, 1990 (July)
National security strategy
Middle East paper original
Discussion paper "Peace is in our Hands," 1988 (March)
Boron package S.J. 276
Center for International Policy on Democratic “Alternative”
Democratic Study Group letter
Untitled folder

Box 13
Acc. 95A-074
Mailing, (February 17) (mislabled?)
Democratic alternative, 1987 (March 3)
Select mailing post vote, 1987 (March 3, 5)
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy recommendations for a democratic alternative policy
Democratic study group
Congressional Human Rights foundation
Kornbluth & Brenner, 1988 (Spring)
Nichols, 1988 (Summer)
Foreign aid cycle
House vote on Contra aid “cease-fire support” package, 1988 (March 30)
Talking points on troop deploy, 1988 (March 23)
Sapoa agreement
Discrimate deterrence
Beyond containment reader, 1988 (spring)
Klare letter and article
Heritage Discrimate deterrence
Policy Alternatives for the Caribbean and Central America: BC, 1988 (Spring)
Alex on Nicaragua economy, 1988 (December)
Panamsat Los Angeles Times, 1988 (November)
Falcoff commentary, 1988 (June)
Gutman on Nicaragua elections, 1988 (May)
Gutman The Nation, 1988 (May 7)
El Salvador white paper, 1981
El Rescate, 1988 (January-June)
24 May (mislabled)
Amnesty International El Salvador Death Squads, 1988 (October)
Sharpe on negotiations, 1988 (November)
NACLA, 1987 (September-December) (empty)
Meeting with Foley, 1989 (August 22)
Stark-Bryant-Boxer, 1989 (April)
Panama , 1989 (April-May)
Burstein on Arias, 1989 (September 5)
CIA/contras, 1989 (spring)
Kondracke New Republic, 1989 (September 4)
Political agreement, 1989 (August)
Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation, 1989 (September 7)
Bollinger on La Prensa, 1989 (August)
Environmental Project on Central America on El Salvador, 1988 (December)
Washington Office on Latin America on Polic Acd, 1989 (June)
Elliot, Policy Review, 1989 (winter)
Gutman: Shultz/contras, 1989 (August)
Testimony from Hearing on Salvadoran Air Force Transfer of funds/fuel, 1989 (June 8)
Organization of American States: Nicaragua Elections, 1989 (summer)
Cranston , 1989 (May 12)
State on Western Hemisphere, 1989 (May)

Box 14 Acc. 95A-074
International Center for Development Policy /Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation, 1989 (April 26)
Holly B. on Guatemala, 1989 (April 20)
Fiallos, 1989 (April 13)
Kozak, 1989 (April 12)
Speaker Wright, 1989 (April 7)
Bush, 1989 (May 2)
Baker in Senate Foreign operations, 1989 (April 19)
Aid to Contras, 1989 (September 27)
National agenda on Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation proposition, 1989 (April)
Jose Panchito Recinos, 1989 (April)
Cristiani, Press Club and McLaughlin, 1989 (April)
Americas Watch: Nicaragua, 1989 April
Boxer on Contra aid, 1989 (April)
“Admission of facts,” 1989 (April)
National agenda on National Republican Alliance, 1989 (April)
Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) on National Republican Alliance, 1989 (April)
Fiallos and Solis, 1989 (April)
Witness & Quixote on bipartisanship, 1989 (March-April)
Costa Ricans on Aronson, 1989 (Spring)
Pax Americas (C. Bohl) on March 30 aid package, 1988 (May 4)
Loose material
Barger: Nicaragua opposition, 1988 (August 8)
Environmental Project on Central America on El Salvador, 1989 (Spring)
Greenburg on El Salvador, 1989 (February)
Nation to Nation coffee boycott, 1989 (September)
The Nation, 1989
The Los Angeles Times on the United Nations, 1989 (February 10); The Wall Street Journal: “The Harkin Doctrine,” 1989 (February 7)
Burstein Monitor, 1989 (September 11)
Leogrande, The Los Angeles Times, 1989 (September 7); Boudreaux, The Los Angeles Times, 1989 (August 31); “Indecision on contras,” The Miami Herald, 1989 (August 31)
“Not a Dime,” 1989 (July 25)
Gregg: Varying testimony
Hemisphere initiative, 1989 (August)
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus on Nicaragua election, 1989 (August)
Weiss on Guatemala, 1989 (September 14)
Agris on HR 2655, 1989 (spring)
Reichler on political agreement, 1989 (August 4)
United Nations on Nicaragua laws, Congressional Research Service, 1989 (July)
Political Alternatives for the Caribbean and Central America fall on Caribbean
James Chace, “Dithering in Nicaragua, 1989 (August 17)
Rob on Negroponte, 1989 (Spring)
Villalobos, Foreign Policy, 1989 (Spring)
Center for International Policy, 1989 (March 17)
Task force on contra aid, 1989 (March 10)
Bankrolling failure; Arms Control, Foreign Policy Caucus, 1987 (November)
Religious offices to Wright, 1989 (March 6)
First Principles , 1989 (March)
Jose Mazariego, 1989 (spring)
Boxer on bipartisanship, 1989 (March)
CBI on workers’ rights
Americas Watch on El Salvador, 1989 (February 27)
El Salvador testimony, 1989 (February 4)
Center for International Policy, 1989 (February 4)
State on Human Rights, 1989 (February)
Klare on aircraft, 1989 (February)

Box 15 Acc. 95A-074
Amnesty in Foreign Operations, 1989 (February)
Foreign Operations on Human Rights, 1989 (February)
Greenberg poll, 1989 (February)
United Nations to Central America for Min., 1989 (January 5)
Bill (Central America Working Group): English version; Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation, 1989 (January)
Berman to Baker, 1989 (January)
Baker testimony, 1989 (January)
Ortega on economy, 1989 (January)
Campaign vs. contra funding, 1987-1988
Campaign against contra funding, 1987
Military aid to El Salvador, 1988
Drops around contra aid, 1988 (August)
Church groups testimony to foreign operations: Senate
Nicaragua poll, 1988 (June)
CentralAmerican Peace and Democracy Watch Bulletin, 1988 (May 16)
National Endowment for Democracy annual report
Nicaragua press release on United Nations aid package to Central America, 1988 (May 11­)
Organization of American States to G. Schultz, re: aid monitoring, 1988 (April 25)
Kostmayer-National Endowment for Democracy, 1988 (May 18)
Hatfield/Harkin, 1988 (June)
Panetta, Resolution of Inquiry, 1988
Managua negotiations, 1988
Center for International Policy, “Negotiations Update,” 1988 (June 13)
Central American refugees in United States, 1988
Democratic National Convention statement, 1988 (Spring)
Ortega's “Broken Promise” cantina, 1988 (May)
Human Rights legislative alternative, 1987 (June 9)
“Contra Terror During Truce,” Peacenet, 1988 (May 31)
Solarz-Democratic National Convention on Latin America, 1988 (June)
d'Escoto to Schultz on assistance to contras, 1988 (May 10)
Congressional Quarterly- House vote records, 1988 (May 7)
Call day, 1988 (May 24)
Foreign aid bill, 1988 (August)
Guatemalan aid hike, 1988 (August)
Mailing, 1988 (Early August)
Democratic Study Group Foreign aid bill, 1988 (September)
National Endowment for Democracy, 1988 (Summer –Fall)
Caleb on aid, 1988
Pentagon, 1988 (October)
Wright letter, 1988 (October 13)
Strategy Meeting, year (November 9)
Labor in El Salvador, 1988 (December)
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean on Hurricane Joan, 1988 (December)
Letter to Reagan, 1988 (November)
Anti-contra aid campaign, 1987
Box 16 Acc. 95A-074
Assorted Copies, 1988 (Spring)
Nicaragua Embargo
El Salvador Elections, 1988 (March)
Discriminate deterrence, 1988
Kasselbaum/Cohen/Rudman, 1987 (Spring)
Talking points on Nicaragua aid, 1988 (May 5)
Latin American Studies Association- Nicaragua Elections, 1984
Nation to Nation on Contra aid, 1987
Boxer-State, 1988 (Fall)
National Endowment for Democracy, old votes
Guatemala articles
Religious and local resolutions on El Salvador
Christic Contra-drug connection, 1987
Slattery: $100 million; moratorium, 1987
Caucus vote, 1987 (December)
“We Came to Fight,” The Return of Ruben Zamora and Guillermo Ungo to El Salvador, 1987
Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation/Revolutionary Democratic Front, 1987 (August 11)
World Court Ruling and Nuremburg principals, 1986
Washington Office on Latin America: Peace Plan Monitor, 1987-88
October requests, 1987
Miranda warnings: countdown, 1987
Miranda plan, 1987 (December)
Latin American Studies Association verification report, 1988; Congressional Research Service: Central America, Peace Accord, 1987
Democratic Study Group fact sheets/special reports, 1988
Extra! The Newsletter of FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting), 1987 (October –November)
Ortega letter to Reagan, 1988 (January 20)
Political parties in Nicaragua; Central American Historical Institute/Congressional Research Service, 1987 (August)
Countdown, 1987 (October)
Bonier letter, 1988 (September)
Central American Historical Institute: talking points on contra aid, 1987 (October)
Arms control and foreign policy caucus, (February)
United States state department on election in El Salvador, 1988 (March)
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus alert on contra aid, 1988 (January 29)
Speaker invitation to Reagan and response, 1988 (February 9)
Coelho Post-March 3rd vote, "Dear Colleague," 1988 (March 4)
Bonior, 1988 (Febrary 3, March 3)
“Human Costs of Communism” Office of Public Diplomacy Review, Nicaragua, 1987

Box 17 Acc. 95A-074
Congressional Quarterly on elections
Refugee Policy Group on Nicaragua, 1988 (October)
State Department: “Nicaraguan Biographies,” 1988 (January)
Foreign aid report, 1989 (Fiscal Year)
Humanitarian aid for Central America, Western Hemisphere, 1988 (June)
Hunger Committee on Central America, 1988 (December)
Boxer letter, 1988 (April 12)
Bill Burman, 1988 (August)
Nicaragua , 1988
El Salvador stuff, 1988 (August)
Swing lists
Unlabled folder
Embargo quest
Nica Net, 1988 (August)
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Nicaragua , 1988 (Early April)
Contra White Paper, “Negotiations Breakdown,” 1988 (Summer)
Ortega, 1988 (September 29)
The Institute on Religion & Democracy on Korea, 1988 (September-October)
Postcard, 1988 (July)
Panetta Resolution of Inquiry, 1988 (Spring)

Box 18 Acc. 95A-074
Bonior special orders, 1988 (September 15)
Student politics
United States churches
Bill Bothwell's clips, 1988 (January)
Foreign assistance authorizations
Central America
Miscellaneous Nicaragua literature, 1988
Boxer, 1988 (Spring)
El Salvador police training
United States aid to El Salvador
Chileanization of Nicaragua
Intelligence authorizations
Loose material
Congressional Research Service on Nicaragua
Box 19 Acc. 95A-074
Central American Historical Institute, 1989 (Fall)
Loose material
House Committee report, 1987 (August 6); Foreign Operations Appropriation, 1988 (Fiscal Year)
Senate foreign operations appropriation, 1989 (Fiscal Year); 1988 (May 26)
Senate report, 1988 (January 22); Foreign Assistance Appropriation Bill, 1989 (Fiscal Year)
House Foreign Assistance Programs Appropriations, 1990-1991 (Fiscal Year); 1989 (June 15)
House Committee Report, 1989 (June 16); International Cooperation Act of 1989
Dear Colleague
HR 4636
Sign-on letter
Washington Office on Latin America on human rights, 1990 (February 21)
El Salvador editorials, 1909 (June)
GAO on Central America, 1909 (March)
El Salvador elections: The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1909 (March 16)
El Salvador : Norton, Rebels; Los Angeles Times, Violence, 1989 (March)
El Salvador articles, 1989 (June)
Unlabled folder
Envio -civilian casualties; Christian Science Monitor- Nicaragua opposition, 1989 (February)
Unlabled folder
Unlabled folder
Unlabled folder
Nicaragua elections

Box 20 Acc. 95A-074
Nicaragua embassy
Chomsky, Z magazine
1989 (March 5)
Unlabled folder
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy, The: Talking points, 1988 (January 9)
Unlabled folder
Unlabled folder
Center for International Policy on election council, 1989 (June13)
Democratic Study Group recent votes, 1988
Center for International Policy on El Salvador summit, 1989 (February 21)
Nicaragua Network, 1989
CIA: Melton, 1988 (Spring)
Pelosi/Kastenmeier originals, 1989 (January-February)
Center for International Policy, 1989 (March 22)
Embargo, 1988 (Spring)
Freedom House, 1988 (Fall)
Letter to Reagan, 1988 (November)
Arias letter, 1989 (March 3)
Burstein on Nicaragua, 1989 (Spring)
Center for International Policy, 1989 (April 27)
FBIS on Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation proposition, 1989 (February)
Center for International Policy original, 1989 (February)
San Sebastian
Originals, 1989 (February)
Bermudez Policy Review, 1988 (Summer)
CB swings, 1988 (November)
Vote compilation, 1988
Political Alternatives for the Caribbean and Central America regional, 1988 (Fall)
Jesuit case, 1989 (December)
Buhl memo, 1988 (October 25)
Religious state, 1988-1989 (Winter)
Amnesty International on Central America
Congressional Quarterly , 1988 (Fall)
El Salvador campaigns, 1988 (Fall)
State on El Salvador, 1988 (December)
Boxer/Relosi to Duarte, 1988 (October)
Publications- Honduras; Centro de Documentación de Honduras-Boletín Informativo

Box 21Acc. 95A-074
Moakley/DeConcini, 1990
El Salvador articles, 1988
Moakley/DeConcini, 1989 (October)
Moakley/DeConcini materials, 1989 (Early)
Testimony on Moakley/DeConcini
El Salvador hearing testimony, 1990 (Fiscal Year)
Immigration and Naturalization Services Asylum Statistics
Mennonite Central Committee
Loose material
El Salvador -general, 1989 (to September)
Bombing of Lutheran church
Foreign aid
Harkin/Hatfield, 1988 (Spring)
Cries- El Salvador interviews, 1989 (February)
Central America -peace plan
Central America -general
Box 22 Acc. 95A-074
El Salvador general
El Salvador staff writing group
El Salvador articles, 1989
Labor contacts
Foreign Assistance Act; Nicaragua report; Aid totals
Loose material
Unlabled folder
Loose material
Unlabled folder
Loose material
Contra aid vote: Costa Rica, 1987 (December)
Nicaragua Compliance with Peace pact
Economic issues task force

Box 23 Acc. 95A-074
Labor, 1989 (Fall)
Religious-Labor, 1990 (Spring)
Legal history-100th Congress
Unlabled folder
Non-Government Organizations letters
Unlabled folder
Congressional Quarterly, 1989 (Winter-Spring)
Resource Center Albuquerque, NM, 1989-1990
Loose material
Loose material
Chomsky, Zeta, 1988 (March)
The Nation, 1988 (March 19)
Central America : General, 1985 (Spring)
Boxer/Moakley/Kennedy Amendment to HR 3100, 1987 (November)
Discriminate deterence
Central American Historical Institute with Chamorro
National security strategy, 1988

Box 24 Acc. 95A-074
Legislative amendment to police aid
Loose material
Democratic Party
Loose material
Foreign policy clips, 1988 (Fall)
Bill: Foreign Policy
United States Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy, 1988 (Winter-Spring)
Central America Working Group letter, 1988 (March 15)
CIA's leaking pipeline
Americas watch
Loose material
Cease fire primer
Loose material
Box 25 Acc. 95A-074
Mark Rabine
House Foriegn affairs staff report
Center for International Policy Peace talks
Unlabled folder
Heritage on Salvador, 1988 (July 20)
Heritage on Nicaragua, 1988 (September 13)
AvCoin Dean Colleagues, 1988 (August 3)
Pelosi letter on El Salvador, 1988 (August)
Bonior/Miller 1988 (September)
Loose material
GAO on the Office of Public Diplomacy, 1987 (September)
Loose material
Unlabled folder
Alex C. Zefa, 1988 (April)
Loose material
El Salvador Labor rights
Central America Working Group Drops to Hill
McCollem/McCurly amendment to HR 2655
Humanitarian aid
Other hill drops on El Salvador, 1989 (September)
El Salvador
Mennonite Central Committee
El Roscale human rights report
McHugh amendment to foreign authorization HR 2655
Box 26 Acc. 95A-074
Foriegn aid authorization bill
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy press release, 1988 (September)
Moakley on labor rights, 1989 (March 22)
Studds/Conte resolution, 1989 (September)
Originals, 1989 (March 2)
Loose material
Central America Peace Plan et. al. 1986-1987
Loopholes in Foreign Affairs Analysis 1984
Loose material

Acc. 95A-084

Box 1 [Acc. 95A-084]  
Right wing
Tom Barry low intensity conference
 Almanac on Contra aid
Senate on El Salvador 17 November 1989 
National Reconciliation 11 November 1989
 National Debate for Peace in E.S.
America Watch November 1989 Killing in Nica.
Senate on North 2 November  1989
Salvador originals
Nicaragua originals
1989 originals
Nicaragua trip July 1989
Amnesty International on Nicaragua October 1989
WOLA Monitor 15 November  1989
Late October Nicaragua press
Richardson 25 October 1989
NicaNet 30 October 1989
Pickering 23 October 1989
Burstein 13 October 1989
Senate HR338517 October 1989
Embanic F-W l989
Early October Contra aid
Salinas and $9 million 4 October 1989
Attacks on churches F1989
Negotiations articles ES 1989
WOLA on Gramyo, Strook September 1989
UN Fall 1989
Aid:  Contras 27 September 1989
Baken to Foley 20 September 1989
Interfaith campaign on Romero 13 September 1989
Costa Rica F 1989
Covert aid August 1989
David Macmichael 28 August 1989
August press exerpts
Terrell 12 July 1989
July, 1989 El Salvador
Defazio 14 July 1989
July 1989 aides on Contra attacks
Holly Burkhalter Senate Jud 21 June 1989
House WHSC June 1989 Peval code
Proposed Arena law on rights El Salvador June 1989
DSG on FAAB June 1989
Aronson 23 June 1989 Swings
Harpers on Iran-Contra June 1989
Bollinger editorials, Summer 1989
Nicaragua Summer 1989
Norton 21 April 1989
Labor in El Salvador
P. Hakin on Nicaragua
MH on Bush April 1989
Embargo:  May 1989
Bipartisan Accord March 1989
Hatfield on ESF 1989
Canadian Church on International Cooperation
Contra demob May 1989
IMA on Nicaragua F 1989
Harkin WandJ March 1989
Halliday Moscow and Mideast March 1989
El Salvador March 1989
WP 18 March 1989 on UN
CSM on Guatemala March 1989
Chandy 12 March 1989
scandal WP 5 March 1989 peace efforts in El Salvador
LA Times 3 March 1989 on Baker plan
Articles in summit February 1989
February 1989 Edits on El Salvador
February 1989 edits on peace process
Guatemalan army -csm February 1989
Salvador Legislation January 1989
NEO Nicaragua aid F89
Inter-American dialogue W88-9
28 September 1988 Boxed Pelosi
August 1987 Central America peace accord
Richardson testimony on Nicaragua
Alternative Nicaragua policy W1987-1988
Nicaragua strategy
 spring/summer 1989
Miller-Moakley to Central America Working Group 19 May 1989
Moakely-Miller May 1989
International Polit. Consultants CandE May/June 1989
National Council of the Churches of Christ May 5 1989
23 May 1989 Ortega trip Contra lobby
Aronson Hearings 19 May 1989
Morley 8 May 1989, Romero Language May 1989
Sojourners May 1989
Aronson 19 May
Nation editorial 1 May 1989
BG hand file 23 April 1989/WP Sol. Mil. Strikes Activist 21 April 1989
Nicaragua Spring 1989Nicaragua polls 1988-1989
FY 1984-85 Foreign aid authorization 1983 (calendar year) debate
Geneva conventions and protocals:  applicability in Central America  agendas 1/8/91-12/10/91
Central America Working Group agendas 1/91990-12/8/92

Box 2 [Acc. 95A-084]
Legislative update 17 April 1990
LCHR 17 April 1990/America
Legislative update 4/131990
11 January 1990 Nicaragua drop
1989 Hotlines
Legislative update 3/231990
9 March 1990 Hill drop
Legislative agendas 3/161990
20 March 1990 Hill drop
February 10,  1990 Hill drop
Leg update 1/261990
26 January 1990 leg update
November 2 debate in Nicaragua 1989
Network: 17 November 1989
17 November  Central America Working Group drop
December El Salvador drop
December 1989 Hatfield/Av Coin
16 February legislative update
Leg update 17 December 1989
HJ drop January 1990
Salvador sign on Senate foreign operations 9/12/89
Police aid drop sentate 1-4 9/12/89
Letter to con comm, on Salvador for aid appropriation 10/16/89
Hill drops Cind - Moakley negotiations 10/16/89
Leg update 20 October 1989
Negotiations hill drop 11/2/89
1 November 1989 Groups on Hearings
Cawg Agendas 1/10/89-12/12/89
Nicaragua 12 September.1989 Nicaragua drop
Leg update 9/15/89
Senate letter on Salvador 9/19/89
16 September 1989 Nicaragua drop
10 October 1989 Nicaragua drop
H-M/D letter 10/20/89
25 October Nicaragua drop
Letter to participants 27 October 1989
Central America Working Group
Sign on letters 9/29/89
Legislative update 9/15/89
Legislative update 8/4/89
8/3/89 Hill drop Nicaragua electorial laws to House 1-3
ACFPC on Nicaragua elections3 August 1989
Intell Comm action August 1989
Leg alert draft August 1989
Nicaragua mailing 29 August 1989
Editorial packet AZ and da
Matlock drop 31 July 1989
Drop to House intelligence 7/31/89
Nicaragua mailing 27 July 1989
Sent to Senate judiciary 7/26/89
Legislative update 7/10/89
Original DeConcini S. 458 7/10
Spector/DeConcini alert 7-8/89
Legislative update 7/7/89
Sign on thank you to McHugh and Co.7/7/89
Network drop 27 June 1989
Hill drop done for WOCA UCC and Network 6/26
23 June 1989 McHugh post
Sign-on letter on McHugh amendment 6/21/89
Legislative update 6/20/89
Legislative update 20 June and hotline
Original of M/D 6/12/meeting to judiciary staff
MT appeal 23 May 1989
Salvador editorials 5/29-6/6
May 9 1989 Hill drop (El Salvador)
Extra May 9 (Salvador drops)
Originals of 5/9/Hill drop
Central America Working Group Mica Alt. spring 1989
CIP update 27 April 1989
White House letter 5/1/89
25 April Legislative update
April 19 Central America Working Group original
Organizations on embargo
28 March originals
Hill drop Nicaragua 25 March 1989
March 24th hill drop Salvador
Hill drop 3/24 Salvador
Original 23 March 1989 Nicaragua Hill drop
Nicaragua drop March 1989
March 6 Contributions mailing
Field March 1989
Legislative update March 1989
Central America Working Group Legislative Update
T May, June, October 1989
5 February Hill drop originals
February Central America Working Group originals
Humanitarian aid February 1989
February/March memos on contra aid
5 February 1989 El Salvador drop
Right wing stuff
September 13 hill drop
Central America Working Group memos August 1989
Hill drops recent F 1987-1988
Letters to Congressmen from individuals and groups
Purple ribbon campaign
National Labor Center 1989
Pledge of Resistance
Owen memos
Dem. AH
Ralph Fine
Field F 1989
Prop copies:  Central America Working Group January 1989
Guatemala Winter 1988-1989
Christic W 1988-1989
Pax Americas July 1988
Aronson Peter Kornbluth
Central America Working Group agendas 4/19/88-12/13/88
Contra aides MoJo October 1987
Esqui II; August 1987
Kornbluth Selling FDN January 1987
Hill drops 1986 -S 1987
Hill drops old F 1985
Legislative Updates CNFP

Box 3 [Acc. 95A-084]
Letters to Congress 1991-1992
Legislative updates and hotlines, 1991-1992
El Salvador 1990 Military findings, Human rights, Jesuit murders
Senate 1991 hill drops (Dodd-Leahy)
Senate 1991 Dodd-Leahy, faxes sent by orgs.
Talking points, El Salvador, military findings, 1992-93
El Salvador 1991
Myrna Mack  Guatemala 1992
El Salvador Assassinations 1991
Miscellaneous material
October Guatemala dear colleague HR 1991
Leahy sign-on 14 October 1991
Central America Working Group hotlines
Senate Sal drop 3 July 1991
11 June 1991 Salvador drop on negotiations
17 September 1991 House drop on Jesuit case
Legislation update 23 March 1990
Legislation update 13 April 1990
Legislation update 10 November  1990
Legislation update 17 November 1990
Miscellaneous material
Draft call
El Salvador short sign-on
Post card
Target group lists
Weiss-Chilstrom and call original
Heads packet originals
Newspaper ads Salvador
National labor committee correspondence
Senate summaries
1-Page leg update
Delegation proposal letter
UN meetings
Salvador press release
CMSM letter and appeal
Cong and admin El Salvador. F 1989

Box 4 [Acc. 95A-084]
Dissent paper on Salvador 11/6/80
Sharpe and Blackman W 1988-1989
11/7/89 LA Times (Boudreaux) evidence linked to contras in ambush
12/10/89 El Salvador's army
Arms control and FP caucus-Panama 12/20/89
LCHR- report on witness December  1989
September El Salvador campaigns 1990
Guatemala:  The Roots of Revolution WOLA February 1983
Central American conflict bibliography Cathy Seitz Spring 1986
CIP update 21 February 1989
Staff reports Iran-Contra September 1988
NCC December 1989 Purple ribbons
Administration on Peace accords May 1991
June 1991 House for operationss;
Lt. Colonels  March 1988
Holly Sklar Nicaragua elect December  1989
Concertacion June 1991
Agendas International/Election Nicaragua 1990
America's Watch
ESTF April 1990
Center for International Policy
Central American Historical Institute
Church World Service
Central American Information bulletin
Citizens' Campaign for Free and Fair Elections in Nicaragua
Coalition for a New FP
Commission on Nicaragua Pre-Election polls
Commission on US/Latin American relations
Democratic National Committee
DSG (Democ. Study Group)
Pax Americas
Religious Task Force on Central America
US mission to the UN
Washington Center for Central American Studies
WOLA elections
Witness for Peace
CR statements on El Salvador 1989
 CR statements on El Salvador. 1990
May 22, 1990 El Salvador votes (analysis)
22 May 1990 ES vote
Congressional calls on final passage 5/221990
5/221990 ES vote thank you letters supporters of Moakley/Murtha
Senate reprots 1990 rationale for voting correctly
Sen vote HR 5114 El Salvador Ocot 19, 1990
GAO Jyly 1989 US Assist in 1980s
Committee on Foreign Affairs-members
6/27/89 tough anti-terrorism laws
5/161990 ES H636
3/271990 Test of protocal signed on Nicaragua Sandanistas and Chamorro government
UN El Salvador Geneva accords 4/41990
March 1990 Guatemala Oslo accord
10/5/89 OSG legislative report
Republic of Nicaragua letter to Baker 5/18/89
Arms control and fp caucus El Salvador 1990
Arms control and fp El Salvador 1987
Contra aid vote 2/3/88
Full committee report HR 7/19/89
 DSG fact sheet supplement for. aid 5/161990
Partial chronology of human rights events in ES 9/89-11/89
Moakley/Murth provisions 51990
Partial chronology of attacks on the churches in El Salvador 12/16/89-2/101990
Hearings on the HR subcommittee and west hemisphere subcommittee of the HRAC 1/241990
Testimony of Bernard Aronson 1/241990
11/1/89 EPICA
1990 foundations
Organizers packet referendum
Border Crisis 1989 February-Mar
12/2/89 No military solutions for ES
Nicaragua Covert operations
Central American priest and nun plan 3/271990
Meeting of Francesc  Vendrell (UN)
Religious and labor leaders statement May-June 1990
Grassroots field action El Salvador
Field Swing assoc Senate 1990
ES grass roots campaign 1990
ES organizing packet for field
USCC on El Salvador
Senate swings
Dodd July 1991
Fall 1991 swings
Swings fall 1991
Nicaragua demobilization plan
Embanic December  1989
Working group on El Salvador
ESTF agenda's participants lists
El Salvador Senate packet 7 1990
National security strategy
Middle East paper original
Discussion paper 3/88 "Peace is in our Hands"
Boron package
CIP on Democratic Alternatives
Democratic study group

Box 5 [Acc. 95A-084]
Democratic alternative 3/3/87
Select mailing post 3/3, 3/5 vote
CNFP recommendations for a democratic alternative policy
Democratic study group
HR foundation
Kornbluth and Brenner S'88
Nichols X'88
Foreign aid cycle
3/30/88 House vote contra aid cease-fire support package
3/23/88 Talking points on troop display
Sapol agreement
Discrimate deterrence
Beyond containment reader, spring 1988
Klare letter and article
Heritage Dis det.
Alex on Nicaragua econ December  1988
Panamsat November 1988 LA Times
Falcoff commentary June 1988
Gutmann on Nicaragua elections May 1988
Gutman The Nation
1981 El Salvador white paper
El Rescate jane-June 1988
24 May
AI El Salvador Death Swuads October 88
Shgarpe on negotiations November  88
NACLA September-December 1987
22 August 1989 Meeting w/Foley
Stark-Bryant-boxer Apr. 1989
Panama April-May 1989
Burstein on Arias 5 September 1989
Spring 1989 CIA/contras
Kondracke New Republic 4 September 1989
Political agreement aug 1989
FMLN 7 September 1989
Bollinger on La Prensa August 1989
WOLA on Polic Acd June 1989
Elliot Policy Review Winter 1989
Guatemala. Shultz/contras August 1989
Testimony From Hearing on Salvadoran  Air Force Transfer of funds, June 8, 1989
OAS Nicaragua Elections Summer 1989
Cranston 12 May 1989
State on W. Hem. May 1989
ICDP/FMLN 26 April 1989
Holly on Guatemala 20 April 1989
Fialles 13 April 1989
Kozak 12 April 1989
Speaker Wright 7 April 1989
Busu 2 May 1989
Baker in Sen For ops 19 April 1989
Aid to Contras 27 September 1989
National agenda on FMLN prop April 1989
Jose Panchito Recinos April 1989
Cristiani, Press club and McLaughlin, April 1989
Americas watch: Nicaragua April 1989
Boxer on Contra aid April 1989
Admission of facts April 1989
National agenda on Arena April 1989
N2N on Arena April 1989
Fiallos and Solis April 1989
Witness and Quixote on bipart. M/A 1989
Costa Ricans on Aronson S 1989
Pax Americas on March 30 aid package 5/4/88
Barger Nicaragua opposition 8 august 1988
EPOCA on El Salvador spring 1989
February 1989 Greenburg on El Salvador
NZN coffee boycott September 1989
The Nation 1989
LA Times on UN 10 February 1989
Burstein Monitor 11 September 1989
Leogrande LA Times 7 September 1989
Not a Dime 25 July 1989
Gregg:  Varying testimony
Hemisphere initiative August 1989
ACFPC on Nicaragua election August 1989
Weiss on Guatemala 14 September 1989
Agris on HR 2655 Spring 1989
Reichler on 4 August 1989 poitical agreement
UN on Nicaragua laws CRS July 1989
PACCA fall on Caribean
James Chace Dithering on Nicaragua 17 August 1989
Rab on Negroponte Spring 1989
Villalobos Foreign Policy S 1989
CIP 17 March 1989
Task force on contra aid 10 March 1989
Bank rolling failure 11/87
Religious offices to Wright 6 March 1989
First principles March 1989
Jose Mazariego Spring 1989
Boxer on Bipart March 1989
CBI workers rights
Americas watch on El Salvador 27 February 1989
El Salvador test 4 February 1989
CIP 4 February 1989
State on HR February 1989
Klare on aircraft February 1989
Amnesty international Foreign operations February 1989
Foreign Operations on HR February 1989
Greenbergy poll February 1989
5 January 1989 UN to Central America for Min.
Bill English version FMLN January 1989
Berman to Baker January 1989
Baker testimony January 1989
Ortega on economy January 1989
Campaign vs. contra funding 1987-88
Campaign against contra funding 1987
Military aid to El Salvador 1988
Drops around contra aid August 1988
Church groups testimony to foreign ops Senate
Nicaragua poll June 1988
Central America peace and Dem wat Bulletin May 16 1988
NED annual report
Nicaragua press release on UN aid package to Central America May 11, 1988
OAS to G. Schultz re:  aid monitoring 4/25/88
Kostmayer NED May 18 1988
Hatfield/Harkin June 1988
Panetta Resolution of Inquiry 1988
Managua negotiations 1988
CIP negotiations update 13 June 1988
Central American refugees in US 1988
Democratic National Committee statement spring 1988
Chmosky March Z
Ortega's Broken Promise cantina May 1988
Bermudez resources
HR legislative alternative June  9 1987
Contra terror during truce peacenet May 31 1988
Solarz Democratic National Committee on LA June 1988
d'Escoto to Schultz on assistance to Contras May 10, 1988
Congressional Quarterly House vote records May 7, 1988
May 24 Call day 1988
Foreign aid bill August 1988
Guatemala aid hike August 1988
Guatemala aid
Mailing early August 1988
Sep 1988 DSG Foreign aid bill
NeD summer/fall 1988
Caleb on aid 1988 October 1988 Pentagon
Wright letter 13 October 1988
9 November  Strategy Meeting v Labor in El Salvador December  1988
ECLAC on Hurricane Joan December  1988
Letter to Reagan November  1988
1987 anti contra aid campaign

Box 6 [Acc. 95A-084]
Discriminate deterrence 1988
Kasselbaum/Cohen/Rudman S'87
Talking points  Nicaragua aid 5 May 1988
Lasa 1984 Nicaragua Elections
NZN on Conrta aid 1987
Boxer state F 1988
NED Old votes
Guatemala articles
Religious and local resolutions on El Salvador
Christic Contra-drug connection 1987
Slattery:  $100 million moratorium 1987
Caucus vote December  1987
We came to fight Return of ungs and zamora, 1987
MLN/FDR 11 August 1987
1986 World Court Ruling and Nuremburg principals
WOLA: peace plan monitor 1987-88
October requests 1987
Miranda warnings countdown 1987
Miranda plan December  1987
LASA verification report
DSG fact sheets/special reports 1988
Fair October/November  1987
Ortega letter to Reagan 1/20/88
Political parties in Nicaragua
Countdown October 1987
September 1988 Bonier letter
CAHI October 1987 contra aid
Arms control and foreign policy caucus February 1985
US state dept. on 3/88 election in El Salvador
ACFPC 1/29/88 alert on contra aid
Speaker invitation for Reagan 2/9/88
3/4/88 Post vote "Dear Colleague"
3 February, 3 March 1988 Bonior
Human costs of communism OPD Nicaragua  1987
Congressional Quarterly on elections
RPG on Nicaragua October 1988
State nept Nicaragua Bios January 1988
FY 1989 Foreign aid report
Humanitarian aid for Central America June 1988
Hunger Cuite on Central American December 1988
Boxer letter 12 April 1988
Bill Burman August 1988
Nicaragua  1988 Costa Rica
August 1988 El Salvador stuff
Giving lists
Embargo quest
Nicaragua net August 1988
Nicaragua  early April 1988
Contra white paper summer 1988
Ortega 29 September 1988
IRD September/October on Korea
Postcard July 1988
Panetta res. of Inquiry S 1988
 Bonior special order 15 September 1988
Student politics
US churches
Bill's January clips
Foreign assistance authorizations
Central America
Miscellaneous Nicaragua literature 1988
Boxer spring 1988
El Salvador police training
US aid to El Salvador
Chileanization of Nicaragua
Intelligence authorizations
CRS on Nicaragua

Box 7 [Acc.95A-084]
Central America Historical Institute Fall 1989
House Committee report August 6 1987
Senate foreign ops appropriation FY 1989
Senate report June 22, 1988
House committee report June 16, 1989
Dear Colleague
HR 4636
Sign-on letter
WOLA 21 February 90 DS on human rights Salvador editorials 6/89
GAO on Central America March 89
Globe and Inq. 16 March 1989 El Salvador elections
El Salvador norton rebels March 1989
Salvador articles June 1989
Envio civilian casualties February 1989
Nicaragua elections
Nicaragua embassy
1 January Chomsky in Z mag.
5 March 1989
9 January Talking points
CIP on election council 13 June 1989
DSG recent votes 1988
CIP on Salvador summit 21 February 1989
Nicaragua net 1989
CIA Melton S'88
Pelosi originals January/February 1989
CIP 22 march 1989
Embargo spring 1988
Freedom House fall 1988
November 1988 letter to Reagan
Arias letter 3 March 1989
Burstein on Nicaragua spring 1989
CIP 27 April 1989
FBIS on FMLN prop February 1989
CIP February original
Sam Sebastian
F 1989 originals
Bermudez Policy Review Summer 1988
CB swings November 1988
Vote compilation 1988
PACCA regional F 1988
Jesuit case December 1989
Buhl memo 25 October 1988
Releg state W 1988-1989
Congressional Quarterly F 1988
Salvador campaigns F 1988
State on El Salvador December 1988
Pelosi to Duarte October 1988
Publications Honduras
Moakley/Deconcini 1990
Salvador articles 1988
M/D October 1989
Early 1989 materials M/D
Testimony on M/D
Salvador hearing testimony FY 1990
INS Asylum stats
Salvador general September 1989
Bombing of Lutheran church
Foreign aid
Harkin/Hatfield S 1988
CRies Salvador interviews February 1989
Central American peace plan
Central American general

Box 8 [Acc. 95A-084]
Salvador staff writing group
1989 Salvador articles
Labor contacts
Foriegn ass't act. and Nicaragua report
Contra aid vote:  CR 21/87
Nicaragua Compliance with Peace pact
Econ issues task force
F 1989 Labor
Spring 1990 Religious-Labor
Legislation history 100 Congress
NGO letters
Congressional Quarterly W/S 1989
Resource Center Albuqueque New Mexico  1989 -1990
Chomsky Zeta March 1988
19 March 1988
Central America:  General spring 1985
B-N-K November 1987
Discriminate deterence
CAHI with Chamorro
National security strategy 1988
Democratic party
Foreign policy clips F 1988
Bill:  Foreign Pol.
US Foreign Policy W/S 1988
15 Central America Working Group letter
CIA's leaking pipeline
America's watch
Cease fire primer
Originally Shipping

Box 9  [Acc. 95A-084]
Mark Rabine
House Foriegn affairs staff report
CIP Peace talks
Heritage on Salvador 20 July 1988
Heritage on Nicaragua 13 September 1988
AvCoin Dean Colleagues 3 August 1988
GAO on OPD September 1987
Salvador Labor rights
McCollem/McCurly amendment to HR2655
Humanitarian aid
Other hill drops on Salvador September 1989
El Salvador
El Roscale human rights report
McHugh amendment to foreign aid
Foreign aid authorization bill
CNFP press release September 1988
Moakley on labor rights 27 March 1989
Studds/Conte resolution 9 1989
2 March originals
Central America Peace Plan et al 1986-1987 v Loopholes in FAA 1984

Box 1 Acc. 02A-063

Program work, 1989-1992
Outgoing correspondence [includes general form letters], 1989-1992
Mailings/Memos/Letters to Congress, 1989-1992
Mailings to Congress: foreign policy legislative aides, 1989
Sign-on letters to Congress [sponsored by Central America WorkingGroup?], 1990
Mailings to Congress: foreign policy legislative aides, 1990
Legislative alerts/action alerts, 1990-1991
Central America legislative hotline updates, ca. 1990-1991 [no year designated on updates]
Discussion meeting re: El Salvador, 1990 (February 16)
Central America Working Group Task Force on Democratization/Demilitarization, 1990 (November)
Central America Working Group Task Force on Guatemala, Dec. 3, 1990
Work re: Talking Points on El Salvador, 1990
Work re: legislative re: El Salvador, 1990
Summaries etc. re: Dodd bill (S2125), ca. 1990
Press release, 1990
Work re: 10th anniversary of the assassination of Oscar Romero, 1990
Packet "El Salvador: the 1990 Congressional Debate"
El Salvador briefing packet, 1990
Booklet "Let Justice Be Reborn in El Salvador: An Appeal from U.S. Religious & Labor Leaders," 1990 (October) [includes NYT advertisement]
Central America Working Group Economic Issues Task Force, 1991

Box 2 Acc. 02A-063
Sign-on letters to Congress & State Dept. [sponsored by Central America Working Group?], 1991-1992
Central America legislative hotline updates, 1991-1992
Mailings/Memos/Letters to the press, 1991-1992
McHugh letters, 1991 (May)
Work re: legislation in House of Representatives re: Guatemala, 1991 (May)
Work re: foreign aid to Nicaragua, 1991 (September)
One minute floor speeches [in Congress], 1991 (November)
Work re: legislation re: El Salvador, 1991
Work re: Moakley-Murtha legislative language re: El Salvador, 1991
Mailings to Congress: foreign policy legislative aides, 1992-1994
Re. letters re: legislation re: El Salvador, 1992 (June)
El Salvador Ad Hoc Commission, 1992 (July)
Attendance (by Bill Spencer) at Central America Solidarity Roundtable, Blue Mt. Lake (NY), 1992 (October 22-25)
Work re: Central America, 1992
Work re: Fiscal Year 1993 Foreign Aid Appropriations Bill, 1992
Fiscal Year 1992 notifications re: El Salvador
Central America Working Group Economic Issues Task Force, 1993
Sign-On Letters to Congress [sponsored by Central America Working Group?], 1993-1994

Box 3 Acc. 02A-063
Mailings/Memos/Letters to Congress, 1993-1994
Action alerts, 1993
Penny resolution, 1993 (January)
Letter to Clinton transition team, 1992 (December 16); letter to Feinberg, 1993 (February 4)
NGO testimony before Christopher Panel on El Salvador, 1993 (May 26)
Letter to NGOs from Democratic Convergence re: serious problems confronting Salvadoran peace process, 1993 (June 2)
Moakley et.al. letter re: elections in El Salvador, 1993 (August 20)
Work re: Dept. of Defense involvement in Central America (re: building democracy & human rights), 1993
Work re: Fiscal Year 1994 foreign aid for Central America, 1993
Work re: SouthCom joint exercises in El Salvador and Guatemala, 1993
Work re: Truth Commission, 1993
Work re: Ecumenical Consultation for Peace and Democracy in Guatemala, 1993
Letters to the press, 1994 [includes op-ed by Joy Olson in Barricada]
Central America legislative hotline updates, 1994-1995
Program files, 1994
A Fresh Start -- House & Senate, 1994 (January 26)
United States Administration response to Central America Work Group aid letter, 1994 (February 7)
United States ambassadors's responses to Central America Work Group's civic action letters, 1994 (March)
Hearing on landmines, 1994 (May 13)
SOA t-shirt drop, 1994 (June)
House-Senate drop on Nicaragua provisions, 1994 (July 20)
House Foreign Affairs hearing re: Haiti, 1994 (September 27)
NGO letter to Mickey Kantor, 1994 (September 28)
Letters in support of aid for Central America, 1994 (October)
Economic issues workshop, 1994 (October 8-9)
Harbury sign-on letters, 1994 (October 21)
Attendance at Washington Office on Latin America conference re: police reform in Central America & Haiti, 1994 (November 2-4)
"Summit of the Americas: Local Media Organizing Packet," 1994 (November 17)
Central America Working Group voting record/scorecard, 1994 (November)
Analysis of McConnell "International Partnership" bill, 1994 (December)
Mexico, 1994
NGO sign-on re: Mexico, 1994

Box 4 Acc. 02A-063
Work re: elections in Mexico, 1994
Work re: Fiscal Year 1995 foreign aid to Central America, 1994
Documents written by Lisa Haugaard, 1994
Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation offensive chronology, 1989 (November 14)
Administration: contract, El Salvador
El Salvador senate joint resolution, 1985
Sapoa agreement
Military assistance
El Salvador aid
D.C. sign-ons, 1985-1989
State Department: Central America
El Salvador article
Contra articles
Congressional letters, 1988-1989
Documents from Gregg: confirmation hearings
Witness for Peace: Attack on returned contras
El Salvador: Packet by Bread for the World, 1990 (November 26)
Non-Government Organization letters on El Salvador
Strategy plans and talking points - Contra

Box 5 Acc. 02A-063
El Salvador aid
Environmental Project on Central America: El Salvador campaign organizer's kit
Peace in El Salvador hearing, Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs , 1989 (March 7)
Testimony, El Salvador, 1989 (February-March)
1990 (May 20)
Administration, El Salvador, late 1980's-early 1990's
Council on Hemispheric Affairs on elections and Baher, 1989 (May 11)
Religious leaders statement, 1989 (September)
Burstein on Arias, 1989 (September 5)
Rules Committee Clloquy between chairman Beilenson and chairman Moakley
Narmic: El Salvador, 1989 (El Salvador)
El Salvador: organization statementes, Jesuit case, 1989 (November 16)-1990 (April 30)
Nicaragua Articles
Senate to be updated
U.S. electoral assistance, Washington Office on Latin America, 1990 (January)
Congressional letters, 1990
Buckland, 1990 (January 12)
Washington Office on Latin America-"El Salvador: Is Peace Possible?" highlights
House subcommittee testimony-El Salvador
Fitzwater statements on El Salvador
Reichler on election aid, 1990 (January 23)
Testimony of Aronson, Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, 1990 (January 24)
Testimony of Penn Kemble, El Salvador-joint hearings on Western Hemisphere Affairs and Subcommittee on Human Rights and House Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1990 (January 31)
G. Vickers on Nicaragua aid, Washington Office on Latin America, 1990 (January)
Bill LeoGrande, "Who Lost Nicaragua?", Tikkun
Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs, 1990 (January 31)
Scholastic Update, "Central America: The Struggle for Peace and Democracy," 1990 (Febrary 9)
Moakley Task Force

Box 6 Acc. 02A-063
Statements on Nicaraguan elections
Loose material
General Accounting Officon pipeline, 1990 (February)
Nicaragua election
MacNiel/Lehrer on Nicaragua, 1990 (February)
Congressional record-senate, 1990 (March 5)
Congressional record, "Moment of Truth in Nicaragua and El Salvador," Crockett
Fact sheet-Nicaragua (Distributed by US State Department at congressional hearings, 1990 (March 14))
Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation communique, 1990 (March 13)
Quest for Peace, "Questions Raised by Nicaragua Aid Package," 1990 (March 20)
Brazil's disappeared
McNeil-Lehrer, Cristiani, Sanabria, 1990 (April 5)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights re: Jesuit case, 1990 (April); letters to Cheney/US Jesuit Conference
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus: Atlacatl, 1990 (April 25)
Latin American Studies Association, 1990 (March)
House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Foreign Operations Testimony: Aronson, Rowan, Levitsky, 1990 (March 22)
Guatemala accord, 1990 (March 30)
Washington Office on Latin America: "El Salvador-Is Peace Possible?", 1990 (April)
Montelimar, 1990 (April 3)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights to Cheney, 1990 (April)
"60 Minutes"-Jesuit case-transcripts
Moakley report, 1990 (April 30)
Statement by Moakley, 1990 (April 30)
U.N. on El Salvador, 1990 (Spring)
"Dear Colleagues," Jesuit priest murders in El Salvador
Critique of Broomfield/side by side; mm & Broom [?], 1990 (May)
El Rescate chronology-Jesuit case
Press conference with speaker Foley, 1990 (May 23)
National debate, 1990 (Spring)

Box 7 Acc. 02A-063
El Salvador Agreement, 1990 (May); UN Caracas
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus report, 1990 (May 21)
El Salvador, 1990 (June)
Guatemala Conference flyers, 1990 (June 9)
Central American Historical Institute, 1990 (June)
Loose material
Drop, 1990 (December 12)
Congress-El Salvador, early 1990's
El Salvador drops, 1990 (May)
Bread for World for ESF
El Salvador drops, 1990 (June 22)
McLaughlin, One on One, Dodd - El Salvador, 1990 (July 13)
Administration's proposal, 1990
WOLA updates, 1990
Guatamala testimony, 1990 (July 17)
El Salvador agreement and analysis, HR/ONUSAL agreements, 1990 (July26)
PACCA, 1990
Lawyer Committee for Human Rights, 1990 (July 27)
Council on Hemispheric Affairs, 1990 (Summer)
Moakley, 1990 (August 15)
Talks, 1990 (August 22)
FMLN, Democratic Revolution, 1990 (Fall)
ACLU to Beilenson, 1990 (September 11)
Helms, Tojeira, 1990 (October)
FY91, Senatefor Aid Appropriation, Dodd-Leahy Bill - S2954
Military Aid to El Salvador testimony, 1990 (September 20)
NISGUA, Guatamala, 1990 (September 26)
Lawyer Committee for Human Rights, 1990 (October 2)
El Salvador Military Activity, 1990 (Fall)
Dominican Republic -- info
BoxerL Intelligence, 1990 (October)
Dodd - Leahy, Graham-McCain, 1990 (October)
Moakley, 1990 (October 18)
Washinton Office on Latin America, Rosa Chavez, 1990 (October 18)
Appeal from Religious and Labor Leaders
Jesuit letters, 1990 (October 18)
UN and AI reports, 1990 (October)
UCA, 1990 (November 16)
Paraguay -- info
CAHI with Tojeira, 1990 (December)

Box 8 Acc. 02A-063
Dear Colleague, Guatamala
Other NGOs and El Salvador, 1990s
Fast and Prayer, 1991 (September)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, 1991 (September)
Washinton Office on Latin America, 1991 (October 18)
Sal. Drops, 1991 (October 21)
Green and Weiss Letter to Serrano, 1991 (October 21)
Eagleburger letter, 1991 (October 23)
House Salvadoran testimony, 1991 (October 30)
Report on Mirtala Lopez delegation, 1991 (October 30)
Dodd, Leahy. Moakley and Obey on Jesuit case, 1991 (October 31)
Senator Kenedy on Jesuits, 1991 (October 31)
Unitarian Universalist Service Commitee report, 1991 (October)
British member of the Parliament on El Salvador, 1991 (October)
Chaffee Let on El Salvador, 1991 (November 4)
Moalkey letter on Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, 1991 (November 5)
Westrn Hemisphere on El Salvador, 1991 (November 6)
Central America Reconstrution testimony paper,Church World Service and Witness and Lutheran World Relief, 1991 (November 6)
Cox letter, 1991 (November 7)
Leahy to Baker on Guatamala, 1991 (November 13)
Leahy letter to Baker, 1991 (November)
US Agency for International Development's reconstruction research by Danielle Yariv, 1991 (November)
Refugees, 1991 (Fall)
NGO Publications, 1991
Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, 1991
Guatamala, 1991
Appropriattion Bill for AID -- Senator, 1991
Unitarian Universalist Service Commitee, 1991
Dodd Testimony, 1991 (April 18)
Dear Collegue Central America, 1991 (May 1)
The Central American University, 1991 (May 2)
Dear Colleague Letter, 1991 (May 1991)
Guatamala, Peace Talks, 1991
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, news lease, 1991 (May 10)
Dear Colleague, El Salvador
Presbyterian Advocates on Central America, 1991 (May)
Holding Fire, Washinton Office on Latin America, 1991 (May)
Senate for AID Authorization, 1991 (June)
Sanford, 1991 (June)
Nicaragua, information
Administratives on El Salvador, 1991 (July)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights update, 1991 (August 9)
Notes on US economic policy toward Latin America, basis for Bob Stark's presentation to Latin America Working Group, 1991 (August)
Salvadoran Embassy
Jusuit drop, 1991 (September 23)
Frosh Letter, 1991 (September 25)
New York Accord, 1991 (September 25)
McGovern, 1991 (January 7)
Department of State on Guatamala ans Salvador, 1991 (January-February)
Hill drop, 1991 (February 4)
US Agency for International Development testony, 1991 (July 2)

Box 9 Acc. 02A-063
Western Hemisphere, Lawyers Commitee for Human Rights, Americas Watch Section, 1991 (February 21)
Ponce on investigations, 1991 (February 22)
Anerican Watch El Salvador, 1991 (March)
Moakley and Murtha, 1991 (February-March)
Testimony Western Hemisphere, 1991 (March 5)
Guatamala drop, 1991 (March 5)
Testimony on Contra Countries, 1991 (March 13)
Democratic Convergence, 1991
Salvador drop, 1991 (March 28)
Debate Naacionales por la paz en El Salvador
El SAlvador articles
Bush Letter, 1991 (June 4)
Powell, 1991 (April)
Western Hemisphere, 1991 (April 11)
Western Hemisphere draft, 1991 (April 12)
Chamorro, 1991 (April 16)
Nagle Letter, 1991 (April 18)
Moaklety and Murtha, McHuge and Green, and press releases, 1991 (november 14)
Salvador drop, 1991 (December 10)
Asministrative statement, 1991
J. case, 1991
Nicaragua Net Activist Guide, 1992 (January)
Moakley on temporary protected status, 1992 (January)
Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, 1992
Unitarian Universalist Service Commitee, 1992 (January 15)
State, 1992 (January 30)
Moakley-Bonior leadership letter on El SAlvador (to Baker), 1992 (February 4)
DeFazio and McDermott, 1992 (February 4)
Dodd and Leahy, 1992 (February 18)
Baker and Senate for opening statement, 1992 (February 25)
Wirth on Guatamala, 1992 (February)
Dodd and Leahy, 1992 (February)
Guatamala Temporary Protected Status, 1992
El Salvador: Exhumation of El Mozote Massacre, 1992
AID on Nicaragua, 1992 (March)
Senate Letters, 1992 (March)
Dixon and Simon, Dodd and Leahy, 1992 (March)

Box 10 Acc. 02A-063
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus, Cost of Salvador War, 1992 (April 7)
Kostmayer letter to Serrano, 1992 (May 4)
Washinton Office for Latin America, Memo Salvador, 1992 (May 7)
Brown and Moakley on El Mozote, 1992 (May 7)
El Rescate, 1992 (June-August)
Cox letter on El SAlvador, 1992 (June 1)
California Presidents' Summit, The Managua Declaration, 1992 (June 5)
Guatamala, human rights situation, 1992 (June 5)
El Salvador: Western Hemisphere Subcommittee hearing: Altscheel, Villalobos, Zamora, 1992 (June 17)
Critique of administrative human rights reports, Lawyer Committee for human Rights, 1992
Obey to Baker, 1992 (July 2)
El Salvador hearings: Aronson, Aid in Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, 1992 (July 9)
United Nations Development Program, 1992 (July)
Moody and Weiss letter to United States Trade Representative , 1992 (July 31)
Spence and Vickers, 1992 (July)
Salvador peace campaign, 1992
Chamorro's Speech, 47th session of the general assembly, 1992 (September 21)
Congresstional letters, 1992 (May)
Press releases and Actions, 1992
Jesuit letter to People of ElSalvador, High Command and Armed Forces reponse, 1992 (September 21, 22)
Chamorro letters on formation of a Tripartite Commission, 1992 (Septermber 23) and Signing of Property Law, 1992 (September 24)
Chamorro's speech, 1992 (September 30)
Conquest Continued, Chiapas report, 1992 (October)
Testimony from Hearings on Guatamala/GSP, 1992 (October 15)
Reference: Reports "Humanitarian Work in El Salvador: Summary of Concerns," 1992 (May - November)
Reference: El Salvador, 1992
Worker Rights 60 minutes, 1992 (September 27) and AID/ABC nightline, 1992 (September 29-30)
Stale on nicaragua, 1991 (September 30)

Box 11 Acc. 02A-063
Nivaragua: Freeze on F492 and Cons. response, 1992 (May-September)
Alexander report, 1992 (September 18)
Doggett on SIU, 1992 (October 26)
House letter to Eagleburger re: El Salvador, 1992 (October 30)
Policy Alternativesfor the Caribbean and CEntral America, 1992 (November)
Moakley Task Force final statement on Jesuit case, 1991 (November 18)
United Nations on El Salvador, 1991
Inter-American Development Bank, 1992 (November 30)
Bush Nicaragua Aid release, 1992 (December 3)
El Salvador Temporary Protected Status, 1992 (Spring)
Greenpeace on toxics, 1992 (Spring)
El Salvador and Nicaragua military aid report
National Agenda for Peace in El SAlvador, 1992
Jesuits, 1992
Miscellaneous, 1992
Warren Christophere, 1992 (January 13)
N. Serafino papers related to HCA in America
Release of Woerner report, 1992 (January 15)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, 1993 (January)
Morella and McDermott letter on Guatamala refugees, 1993 (March 1)
Myrna Mack, 1993 (February)
Guatamala refugee sign-on, 1993 and Morella and McDermott, 1993 (March 1)
Guatamala testimony, 1993 (March 3)
Central America Historical Institute, 1992
Trute Commission hearings, 1993 (March 16)
McDermott and Serrano, 1993 (March 16)
Salvador Testimony, 1993 (March 23)
Serrano letter to Christopher on Truth Commission, 1993 (March 26)
Section of State's appointment of Sal Panel, 1993 (March 24)
HOuse and Senate leaders to Clinton on declassification, 1993 (March 26)
AID Programs in Central America, 1993 (April 1)
Balance preliminary CEPAL/ECLAC, 1993
Weapon proliferation in 1990s, Arms contol and foriegn policies, Caucus, 1992 (April)
Porter, Fawell and Lantos on El SAlvador, 1993 (April 15)
PCUSA document, 1993 !April)
Consultativegroup, 1993 (April)
Frank Smyth on Jesuits, 1993 (April)
Washinton Office on Guatamala, 1993 (April)
Joulwan, Southern Command, 1993 (April 24)
OAS - GOES refuses OAS human rights commission delegation, 1993 (April 21)
Morrella - Bonior letter on Guatamala, 1993 (April 22)
Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs: US aid to Latin America, 1993 (April 27)
Hamilton, Nicaragua letter, 1993 (April 28)
Morella and McDermott, Guatamala letters, 1993 (April 30)
Mick Anderson AOJ, 1993 (Spring)

Box 12 Acc. 02A-063
Department of Defense materials
Miscellaneous letters from members of Congress on Civic Action
Remarks by Dr. Clifton R.Wharton to Council of America, 1993 (May 3)
Congresstional Action on Guatemala crisis, 1993
Senate Guatamala letter, 1993 (May5)
Subcommitte on Western Hemisphere draft, 1993 (May)
Morella letter to Christopher on Guatamala coup, 1993 (May 25)
UN and Salvadorian election, 1993 (May 27)
Pryce and AcAfee confirmation hearings, 1993 (May 27)
El Salvador Embassy, letter on economic issues, 1990 (June 1)
The White House declaration letter, 1993 (June 7)
El Salvador elections 1994: hemisphere initiative, 1993 (July)
Civic Action papers and studies
El SAlvador information project, 1993
Reference material re: Central America -- general, 1993
Reference Material re: Central America -- congressional letters, reports, hearings. ect., 1993
Testimony: McLaffrey's nomination to head Southern Command, 1993 (January 19)
Western Hemisphere report language, 1994
Atwood's statement in Salvador, 1994 (February 16)
Moakley's Speech in San Salvador, 1994 (February 21)
Salvador HR, 1994
Hearings - administrator budget request for Latin America a995, 1994 (March 8)
Clinton statements on Latin America Summit, 1994 (March 11)

Box 13 Acc. 02A-063
Congressional Research Service on El Salvador, 1994 (March 14)
Presidential delegation statement on El Salvador elections, 1994 (March 20)
Washington Office on Latin America, briefing on Mexican NGO's, 1994 (March 21)
National Guard and Release testimony before Subcommittee on Defense and Appropiations Committee, 1994 (March 24)
USAID: Strategies for sustainable development, 1994 (March)
Alliance for Sustainable Development, 1994 (April)
Atwood National Public Radio statement on ais reform, 1994 (April 14)
House Appropriationss Subcommittee on Foriegn Operations, Latin America hearings, 1994 (April 14)
Hearing on oversight and investigations Department of Defense, 1994 (April 19)
Mexico hearing, 1994 (January 20)
UN Social Summitt brochure, 1994 (May)
Christopher and American Speech, 1994 (May 9)
Congress briefing, "Coalition Missing," 1994 (May 16)
Methodist Hill Drop on SOA, 1994 (May 18)
Administration's GSP proposal, 1994 (May 16)
Information around House SOA Vok, 1994(May 20)
GATT/CBI implemention proposal -- administration, 1994 (May 26)
Dropped, 1994 (June 10)
Hearing World Bank Disclosure Policy, Subcommittee on International Development and Committee on Banking
Labor Rights and IFLs hearing, 1994 (June 28)
Meterials on New York and Minnesota National Guard Civic Action Programs
Ecumenical Committee lettes to Christopher and Congress, 1994 (July 6)
Civic Action, Washington Office on LAtin America, CIP and PDD documents
Alliance for sustainable development, "Green Virgin,:" 1994 (July 21)
Notice of Country Embargoes, 1994 (July)
Salvador report of Giapo Conjunto, 1994 (July 28)
Salcador: Social economic development strategy, 1994 ( September)
Miscellaneous congressional letters re: C\entral and Latin America, 1994

Box 14 Acc. 02A-063
Myrna Mack Foundation report
Letters from Congressional Human Rights Caucus to President deLeon Carpio regarding Guatamala, 1994 (October 17)
Americas Watch Tripartite Commission, 1994 (October)
Kennedy letter on Haiti, 1994 (October 1994)
Oberstar and Serrano Salvador letter, 1994 (August 26)
Civic Action reponse from Department of Defence to Jane Evans, 1994 (November 4)
Unite House Summit statement, 1994 (November 16)
Non-government Summitt statements, 1994 (October)
Alliance for Sustainable Development, final documment at summit, 1994 (December 10)
Promises to Kepp, 1994 (December)
McConnell bill, 1994 (December)
Mack for Senate Foriegn aid, 1994
Wilson Center, Nicaragua Conference, 1994 (May)
American Convention
Washinton Office on Latin America - IMET Church's presentation
HR 1403 Parity Act
Mexico elections, 1994
MT, 1994

Box 1 Acc. 08A-060
Cuba Legislation: Serrano and Leach. April 1999
Assistant Secretary of State Harold Koh: Speech in Colombia. April 9, 1999
Cuban Food and Medicine Security Act of 1999: Dear Colleague. April 9, 1999
Cuba Bill-Senate. April 1999
Durbin School of the Americas Bill. April 22, 1999
School of the Americas: Dear Colleague. February - April 1999
Brian Sheridan presentation to Senate Committee on Armed Services. April 27, 1999
House of Representatives 1625. April 29, 1999
McGovern-Skelton Colombia letter. April 16, 2002
House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere: Hearing on Colombia. April 11, 2002
McGovern/Skelton letter. April 11, 2002
McGovern letter on labor in El Salvador. April 2002
House Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee: Hearing on Colombia. April 10, 2002
Colombia Hearings. Spring 2002
Wellstone/Feingold letter on Social Pacts and Fumigation. March 22, 2002
Senator Wellstone: Counternarcotics policy in midst of conflict. March 20, 2002
Cuba Farm Bill Conference: Dear Colleague. March 13, 2002
McGovern: Speech on Colombia Resolution. March 6, 2002
Leahy/Kennedy: Letter on Colombia. March 7, 2002
Colombia Resolution passed in House. March 6, 2002
Mexican Government’s letter to McGovern on Ochoa. February 25, 2002
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on worldwide connection between drugs and terrorism. March 13, 2002
Powell Colombia Testimony-House Appropriations Subcommittee. February 13, 2002
Wellstone letter to Ambassador Patterson on Colombia. February 11, 2002
Central Intelligence Agency Director Tenet’s speech on threats. February 6, 2002
Lane Evans’ letter on Wilson Borja ( Colombia trade unionist). February 4, 2002
House Subcommittee on Terrorism recommendations on Intelligence post September 11-includes recommendation to revoke paid asset [?] screening. July 2002
Cuba Debate and Votes. July 23, 2002
Moynihan and Maloney: Berenson case letters. April 1999
McCollum: Nicaragua Dear Colleague. April 20, 1999
Senate: Food and Medicine Bill. April 1999
Serrano and Leach: Dear Colleague. May 5, 1999
Diaz Balart and Menendez: Dear Colleague on Cuba. May 6 and April 26, 1999
Testimony/Information: Hurricane Press List. May 6, 1999
President Clinton response to Representative Morello’s letter on Guatemala trip. May 12, 1999
New Cuba Travel Registration. May 12, 1999
Nethercutt Amendment to the House Agriculture Appropriations Bill. May 19, 1999
Draft Helms Food and Medicine Bill. May 1999
Green Resolution on Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) killings. May 19, 1999
Immigration News on Salvadorans and Guatemalans. May 20, 1999
Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Decision. May 20, 1999
Churchwomen Briefing. May 13, 1999
Piedad Cordoba NGO Sign on. May 25, 1999
Lantos/Porter letter on kidnapping of Colombian Senator Cordoba. May 26, 1999
US Agency for International Development: Documents on Hurricane Consultative Group meeting. May 28, 1999
Berenson letters to the House and Senate. May 1999
Colombia hearing: Subcommittee on Criminal Justice. August 6, 1999
Senator Kennedy’s letter on Colombia-Committee in Solidarity with Political Prisoners (CSPP). August 24, 1999
Senator Kennedy’s letter on Piedad Cordoba kidnapping. June 1, 1999

Box 2 Acc. 08A-060
CBI Bill: House Ways and Means. June 10, 1999
US Agency for International Development: Guatemala aid program. June 14, 1999
Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere: Progress of Democracy in Latin America. June 16, 1999
Ashcroft/Hagel: Draft Sanctions Amendment. June 1999
Menendez Cuba letter and Serrano response. June 17, 1999
Campbell letter to Albright on Colombia. June 18, 1999
Farr: Dear Colleague on Colombia. June 21, 1999
McGovern letter on Father James Francis Carney (Padre Guadalupe). June 23, 1999
Menendez: Dear Colleague. June 25, 1999
Brothers to the Rescue (BTTR) hearing- Cuba. July 15, 1999
Galleghy/Ackerman resolution on Colombia (House Resolution 228). June 29, 1999
Dodd: Foreign Military Training Report (FMTR) amendment to the Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill. June 30, 1999
Dodd/Leahy Travel Cuba Amendment. June 30, 1999
DeWine/Coverdell Colombia resolution approved-attached to Senate for [?]
Clinton letter on the School of the Americas (SOA). July 1, 1999
Morella: Dear Colleague on Guatemala. July 22, 1999
Colombia amendment attached to House State Authorization Bill. July 1999
Panama Hearing: House International Relations Committee (HIRC). July 29, 1999
Serrano amendment to Commerce, Justice, State, and Judiciary Appropriations Bill. July 30, 1999
School of the Americas vote. July 30, 1999
Ashcroft Amendment on Food and Medicine. August 4, 1999
Porter/Lantos letter on Colombia: Bombings of the Instituto Popular de Capacitacion (IPC) and the Union Sindical Obrero (USO) offices. September 21, 1999
House Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources meeting on the drug threat along the Southwest border. September 24, 1999
Senator Kennedy letter on Colombia: General Bravo case. September 22, 1999
Morella letter on Guatemala peace accord implementation. September 14, 1999
Representative Gejdenson letter to Clinton on Colombia. August 30, 1999
School of the Americas report to Congress. January 2000
Albright letter on Burton, et. al behavior in Colombia. December 12, 1999
Gallegly, Ackerman, et. al: Colombia letter to Pastrana. December 3, 1999
McGovern letter to Mary Robinson. November 22, 1999
House Concurrent Resolution 238. November 18, 1999
Hastert letter. November 17, 1999
Leahy/Pelosi Resolution. November 1999
Morella letter on Gerardi case threats. November 1, 1999
Senate 1771: Ashcroft. November 1999
Senate Colombia Hearing: Dewine/Coverdell proposal. October 6, 1999
Inter-American Foundation (IAF) Hearing. October 13, 1999
Drawdown List of requested items: Colombia, etc. October 1999
Drawdown Letter: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama. September 30, 1999
Romero Testimony: Western Hemisphere Subcommittee (House). September 29, 1999
President Debt Relief announcement and two Debt Relief bills.
Senate Colombia Hearing. September 22, 1999
School of the Americas PR for Hill. February 1999
White House presentation of hurricane package. February 16, 1999
Hurricane Mitch supplementary hearing testimonies. February 24, 1999
President Clinton’s letter to Congress: Hurricane Relief. February 16, 1999

Box 3 Acc. 08A-060
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) packet on Hurricane Mitch. February 16, 1999
White House letter to the House of Representatives. February 16, 1999
Moakley School of the Americas (SOA) bill. February 11, 1999
Farr: Colombia earthquake relief letter. February 10, 1999
State Department Report on Counternarcotics: Colombia. February 2, 1999
Guatemala State Department Report. February 1999
Graham bill on Hurricane Relief. February 3, 1999
Dear Colleague on Human Rights in Colombia. February 2, 1999
Dear Colleague letter to Pastrana on Colombia. February 1, 1999
Fiscal Year 2000: Budget Request. February 1999
Intelligence Budget letter. January 28, 1999
International Military Training Accountability letter. January 22, 1999
Guatemala Report: Foreign Operations. January 20, 1999
DeWine’s Drug Free Century Act. January 19, 1999
Gallegly Resolution on Colombian peace process. January 19, 1999
US Department of State (DOS) Human Rights report: Mexico. 1998.
Rangel Cuba bills. House of Representatives 229 and 230. January 6, 1999
Administrative changes in Cuba policy. January 5, 1999
Bonior/Kelly/Bererra: Dear Colleague on Central American debt. January 1999
Poll of Cuban Americans. July 2004
Travel Victims Day. May 19-20, 2004
Troops on Border memo. May 2004
Lutheran World Relief (LWR) conference/presentation. April 29, 2004
Juarez DNA memo. April 2004
Arizona Fencing letter. April 2004
Packet for presidential candidate John Kerry on Colombia. April 19, 2004
Congressional Distribution of Going to Extremes. April 22, 2004
Sign-on letter to Guatemalan President Oscar Berger. April 15, 2004
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) foreign operations recommendations for Fiscal Year 2005. April 2004
Border Security Hearing memo. March 2004
Letter to Powell on Academic Travel. March 2004
Colombia Grassroots Consultation. March 31, 2004
Development and Aid memo. March 25, 2004
Ecumenical Advocacy Days. March 5-8, 2004
Afro-Colombian conference: House. February 24, 2004
McGovern/Skelton vote on Colombia. July 24, 2003
General Accounting Office (GAO) Report on Colombia: Counternarcotics. July 2003
Representative Miller Dear Colleague: Ecuador, Labor Rights. June 9, 2003
State Department match of Human Rights abusers with School of the Americas trainees. June 2003
Foreign Operations hearing: Senate. April 30, 2003
McGovern/Skelton Colombia vote. April 2003
Memo on declassification of US citizens killed in Guatemala and El Salvador. April 2003
Baucus on Cuba: Carter Center. April 4, 2003
Senate/Cuba Working Group letter. April 2, 2003
McGovern/Skelton/DeLauro letter on Colombia: Supplemental Appropriations Request. March 28, 2003
Grijalva letter to Ambassadors Patterson and Moreno on Colombian labor leaders. March 6, 2003
Western Hemisphere Subcommittee hearing. February 27, 2003
Afro-Latino Resolution: Rangel.
Hinchey letter to Chavez. January 9, 2003
Carlucci/Kissinger letter to Rice on the Fiscal Year 2004 150 International Affairs budget funding. December 20, 2002
Kucinich letter to Bush on Venezuela. December 2002
House Resolution 604: Coffee Crisis. November 15, 2002
House Coffee Crisis Resolution. October 4, 2002
“Time is Now” Dear Colleague on Cuba. October 7, 2002
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) response to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from 1998. April 27, 2004
Reich response to Guatemala sign-on. August 3, 2002
Memo on Department of Defense Counternarcotics Policy for Wolfowitz. July 31, 2002
House International Relations Committee hearing on coffee crisis. July 22, 2002
Leahy/Kennedy letter on threats against mayors and congressmembers in Colombia. July 16, 2002
Schakowsky Dear Colleague on Colombia Certification. July 2002
ProgresoWeekly: “Bush Budget”. February 13, 2004

Box 4 Acc. 08A-060  
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Historical Publications. Various Dates.
Just The Facts (JTF) Press Conference. January 18, 2001
Just The Facts (JTF) drop to aides. January 23, 2001
Book hill drop. January 25, 2001
Just The Facts (JTF) Briefing on hill. January 29, 2001
Legislative Update. January 29, 2001
Release of new report on US Military programs. February 2, 2001
Colombia hill drop. February 9, 2001
Sign-on letter to President Bush: El Salvador Earthquake Relief. February 20, 2001
Mexico drop: Chiapas. February 22, 2001
“Drawing Board” letter. February 26, 2001
Legislative Update. October 18, 2002
Amazon Alliance drop with summary of State fumigation critiques. October 11, 2002
Coffee Crisis briefing (supported by the Latin America Working Group (LAWG)). October 4, 2002
Blunt Instrument drop. November 19, 2002
Editorials on Cuba drop. October 17, 2002
Cuba Briefing Booklet to Editorial Boards. September 2002
Cuba Funders Letter: Non-funding. August 13, 2002
Colombia Hill Drop: Colombia Articles. September 20, 2002
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) intern orientation. September 20, 2002
FOR [?] Vieques Drop. September 10, 2002
Summit Invite Letter. August 14, 2002
“Lessons”. March 7, 2002
Participating Organizations ( PO) Distribution of “Lessons”. March 7, 2002
“Lessons” Media Advisory. March 6, 2002
Colombia Negotiations Break Down: Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Sign-on. February 23, 2002
Senate Press Release: Hearing on Cuba Travel Restriction. February 8, 2002
Counterterrorism Meeting Notes: Latin America Working Group (LAWG). 2002
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Strategic Planning Annual Program Committee notes. November 11, 2002
Legislative Update. September 19, 2002
Dear Colleague: Mexican Human Rights abuses.
Memo on Senate Foreign Operations Committee sent to House Appropriations Committee. August 8, 2002
Legislative Update. July 2002
Guatemala Human Rights letter to Colin Powell and response. July 22, 2002
Legislative Update. June 17, 2002
Foreign Military Training Responsibility (FMTR) Act memo. June 11, 2002
Senate Colombia drops. April 21, 2002
Latin America Working Group (LAWG), Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), WFP [?], AI [?] drop on Colombia. August 20, 2002
Briefing on Foreign Military Training Responsibility (FMTR) Act. May 17, 2002
Foreign Military Training Responsibility (FMTR) Training. May 17, 2002
Legislative Update. May 2002
Adam Isacson: Colombia article for disarmament journal. [no date]
Joy Olson: Article in the spring issue of the United Nations Disarmament Journal. 2002
Second Purge Mailing. April 24, 2002
Colombia: Supplemental Sign-on. April 16, 2002
“Lessons” memo to Intelligence Center. August 7, 2002
Memo to Cuba Supporters Regarding Votes. August 2, 2002
Tributes to Senator Wellstone. November 1, 2002
Letter to Colombian vice president on cases. October 11, 2002
Digna: Joint Statement with signatures. October 18, 2002
Nicaragua s-g [?] letter to Powell and Ashcroft on IMF loans and Aleman. November 12, 2002
Scorecard 2002 December 2002
Legislative Update. December 2002
Legislative Update. February 2003
Legislative Update. March 2003
Nicaragua s-g [?] statement on the Maria Luisa Acosta case. April 8, 2002
“Lessons” Hill Drop to House. May 8, 2002
Colombian Congress for Peace and Country. May 9-11, 2002
“Lessons” events. Spring 2002
Cuba: Bioterrorism letter to the Editor. May 13, 2002
Cuba: Bioterrorism memo with the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). May 13, 2002
Case Study on Leahy Implementation. June 2002
Memo to Kolbe’s office on alternative development. June 7, 2002
Non-Government Organization (NGO) Sign-on for Rangel Amendment. July 11, 2002
Lisa Haugaard: Article on Guatemala Military Training Ban. July 8, 2002
Nicaragua s-g statement on the third Mesoamerican Forum. July 12, 2002
Cuba: Flake/Goss Amendments. July 18, 2002
Letter to Colin Powell on Guatemala. July 22, 2002
Cuba Dear Colleague with the Latin America Working Group (LAWG)’s Sign-on. July 25, 2002
Cuba Hill Drop. July 23, 2002
Letter from Marie Dennis to Participating Organizations ( PO). March 19, 2002
Latin America Working Group (LAWG): In-House Day Schedule. March 27, 2002

Box 5 Acc. 08A-060
Latin America Working Group (LAWG)/ Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA): Reception for Lisa Haugaard and Bill Spencer. April 10, 2002
Colombia Mobilization. April 2002
Statement in support of the Colombian Peace Congress. April 9, 2002
Cuba: Memo to Senate and House Judiciary Committees. September 27, 2001
Hill Drop: Bingaman Amendment for Drought and Earthquake relief. Foreign Operations. October 2, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Sign-on on Nicaragua Elections. October 17, 2001
Invitation to the 2001 Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Awards. October 24, 2001
Foreign Operations Conference Memo to Democratic Staff. October 29, 2001
Letter to Foreign Operations Chair Mr. Kolbe on Colombia Provisions in Conference. October 20, 2001
Legislative Update. November 2001
Just The Facts (JTF) Update. November 2001
Paper on Mexican Military. November 2001
Memo to Representative Rothman on Colombia Conference issues. November 6, 2001
Funding Mailing. November 19, 2001
Hill Drop: Cuba Bio-terrorism memo. July 9, 2003
Colombia Hill Drop. July 2003
Cuba National Public Radio (NPR) Letter. July 1, 2003
Colombia Sign-on letter. June 2003
Sign-on letter on Colombia package. June 2003
Foreign Operations: Human Needs and Authentic Security letter. June 2003
Drop in Paramilitary Demobilization. June 27, 2003
Letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Whitman. June 2003
Juarez letter to President Fox from Congress. June 2003
Cuba: Powell Sign-on. May 12, 2003
Arca Cuba Packet: Site visit. May 7, 2003
Juarez White Paper: Original Date July 2003, Current Updated Version. January 2004
Scorecard. 2003 January 2004
Iowa Caucuses Tour. December 2003
Bridges Dear Colleague. December 3, 2003
Congressional letter to Secretary Powell. November 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Annual Program Committee Meeting. November 2004
Foreign Operations Conference memo. Fiscal Year 2004 November 7, 2003
CNP Awards dinner. Lugar Sign-on. October 31, 2003
Cuban-American Hill Meetings. October 30-31, 2003
Guatemala Elections Drop for the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA). October 30, 2003
Cuba Travel Vote (Senate): Grassroots Message. October 23, 2003
Cuba Travel Vote (Senate): Press Release. October 23, 2003
National Network on Cuba (NNOC) Briefing. October 17, 2003
ASODEFENSA Congressional Briefing. October 2003
Maria Clara Banquero visit. October 8-11, 2003
Cuba Press Release: Bush speech. October 10, 2003
Uribe visit. September 30, 2003
2004 Foreign Aid Bill/ Uribe drop with the Colombia Steering Committee (CSC). September 23, 2003
Global Exchange Forum on Cuba. September 16, 2003
Cuba/Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) briefing with LAWG-WOLA. September 15, 2003
Cuba: Travel Vote Press Release. September 10, 2003
Cuba Dear Colleague, written by the Latin America Working Group (LAWG). September 10, 2003
Martin Luther King Center response/thank you to Cuba votes. September 10, 2003
Cuba Travel Sign-on. September 3, 2003
Press Advisory: Cuba Vote. September 3, 2003
LAWG/WOLA Sign-on: Food Sales to Cuba. November 29, 2001
Sign-on: Defense Appropriations. Section 8118. December 17, 2001
Smith/Torricelli Amendment to Farm Bill: Memo. December 14, 2001
Press Release following Smith/Torricelli Defeat. December 19, 2001
Non-Government Organization (NGO) Sign-on to Powell: fumigation in Putumayo, Colombia. December 7, 2001
Just The Facts (JTF) 2001-2002 International Politics Report to all Foreign Policy Aides. January 7, 2002
Colombia Steering Committee (CSC) planning meeting. January 15, 2002
Article for United Nations (UN) Disarmament Journal. February 2002
Chiapas letter. February 4, 2002
“Lessons” Op-ed sent. March 21, 2002
Legislative Update. March 18, 2002
Fumigation Memo: Robert F. Kennedy Memorial/Latin America Working Group (LAWG). April 10, 2002
El Salvador drop to the House Appropriations Committee. June 12, 2001
Cuba Press Release: Congress calls for Cuba policy change. June 12, 2001
Funding Mailing. June 18, 2001
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial/Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Hill Drop: Colombia. June 25, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG): Colombia Alert. June 28, 2001
Memo to Janice O’Connell: State Authorization. July 5, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Foreign Operations Hill Drop. June 25, 2001
RESIST Foundation: Cuba article. July 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Drop to House Appropriations Committee. July 9, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Press Release: House Committee debate on Andean Regional Initiative. July 11, 2001
Legislative Update. July 11, 2001
Foreign Military Training Responsibility (FMTR) Act. Senate Foreign Relations Drop. July 16, 2001
Governors’ trip. July 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG): Press Release on Fumigation. July 18, 2001
Colombia drops: LAWG, CIP, WOLA, CRP, Amnesty International, WFP. July 18, 2001
Colombia Hill Drop. July 23, 2001
Cuba Drop. July 24, 2001
Fast Track Sign-on letter. July 24, 2001
Colombia Senate drop. July 25, 2001
Colombia drop: Senate. LAWG, SOLA, IPS, RFK, Amnesty, CWS. July 26, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG): Colombia press release. July 25, 2001
Senate Cuba drop: Agriculture Appropriations Bill. July 26, 2001
Vieques drop: HASC .July 31, 2001
Colombian governors’ Delegation Handouts. August 2001
Cuba Talking Points. August 2001
Legislative Update. August 13, 2001

Box 6 Acc. 08A-060
Bush/Fox Border Safety Sign-on. August 15, 2001
Colombia Senate drop: Latin America Working Group (LAWG) and CIP. September 10, 2001
Radio/TV Marti Hearing. June 6, 2002
Bush response to McGovern letter. June 6, 2002
Evans letter on Colombia. May 29, 2002
House committee report lang-Esup [?] May 2002
Debate on McGovern/Skelton. May 23, 2002
Congress letter on Bellavista massacre. May 15, 2002
Colombia: Supplemental (as it came out of House Committee on Appropriations). April 2002
Mark Supplemental Appropriations. May 9, 2002
State Department of Colombia. Spring 2002
Representative Miller briefing on Colombia: “Rising Above Violence”. Organized by the Latin America Working Group. April 19, 2002
Letter from Anne Patterson to Jim McGovern. April 24, 2002
Dooley Motion to Instruct: Cuba Financing on Farm Bill. April 18, 2002
Evans response to Certification on Colombia. April 18, 2002
“September’s Shadow”, “Blurring the Line”. October 2004
Troop cap debate: Senate. June 23, 2004
Solis/Brown-Waite letter on Colombian violence against women. November 16, 2004
Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report on Latin American aid. July 2004
Farr/Taylor: Letter to conferees on Colombia troop cap. September 20, 2004
Leahy letter on fumigation report. July 29, 2004
Letter to Guatemalan President Oscar Berger from Representatives Lantos, et al. April 28, 2004
Senator Dodd: Guatemala letter to Colin Powell. April 27, 2004
Bolivia report from State. April 22, 2004
Letter from Representatives Lantos and Menendez on Latin America funding to Kolbe and Lowry. April 20, 2004
Mikulski/Sarbanes letter on El Salvador: Jorge Acosta. February 23, 2004
McGovern letter to Uribe on Human Rights and dissent. February 20, 2004
Letter from Representative Evans to Colombian President re: ASODEFENSA and right to organize. December 29, 2003
Delahunt Dear Colleague: Cuba. October 8, 2003
Feingold/Dodd/Kerry/Leahy letter on Colombia to Colin Powell. September 30, 2003
Lantos letter to Colombia President Uribe. September 24, 2003
Letter from Representative Schakowsky to Secretary of State Powell on Colombia. September 23, 2003
Serrano: Bridges to the Cuban People Dear Colleague. September 12, 2003
Statements by Jim McGovern on Colombian President’s remarks on NGOs. September 10, 2003
Temporary Protected Status Bills: Colombia House of Representatives 2853. August 2003
Press Release: Immigration Reform. January 2004
Foreign Operations Appropriations Bills: Fiscal Year 2005. Comparison of House and Senate versions. October 6, 2004
Guatemala, Colombia Conference Report: Foreign Appropriation Bills.
Statement in support of Cuba Travel victims Michael and Andrea McCarthy. December 6, 2004
Staff Speaking Tour. 2003-2004
Juarez sign-on to new governor. October 2004
Border Deaths Op-ed. October 2004
“Blurring the Lines”. October 5, 2004
Water Bottle campaign. September 2004
State Department Human Rights officer training. September 28, 2004
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) speech at “Derechos y Dignidad” conference, Colombia. September 9, 2004
Border Death Hill Drops. Summer 2004
Feingold/Dodd: Colombia Senate letter. July 26, 2004
Colombia Troop Cap Debate: House Foreign Operations Committee. July 15, 2004
Guatemala briefing. April 12, 2002
Miller/Evans: letter on Colombia. April 18, 2002
Cuba Poll report and Editorial Board mailing. August 12, 2004
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Editorial Board mailing (Moderate Cuban Americans). 127 Ed. Boards. July 26, 2004
Colombia letter: Trade Unions. July 2004
Texas Fencing letter. July 2004

Box 7 Acc. 08A-060
House Latin America Staff Group. February 1999
Christian Tomuschat’s speech presenting Guatemalan Historical Clarification Commission Report. February 25, 1999
Western Hemisphere Drug Elimination Act hearing on Counternarcotics. March 3, 1999
Representative Delahunt: press statement. March 9, 1999
Kolbe/Crane Hurricane bill. March 4, 1999
Senate hurricane appropriations bill. March 4, 1999
Colombia section Wilhelm’s remarks to Senate Armed Services. March 4, 1999
Morella letter on Clinton trip to Guatemala. March 5, 1999
International Military Education and Training (IMET) Bill. House of Representatives 1063. March 10, 1999
Saunders: Global Sustainable Development Resolution. March 15, 1999
Amendments for Senate 544. March 1999
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) testimony on Colombia. March 24, 1999
US Army’s Budget: Senate Subcommittee on Defense Appropriations. March 24, 1999
Leahy/Kennedy/Lautenberg: San Jose de Apartado, Colombia letter to Pastrana. July 18, 2000
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Conference on Colombia. July 19, 2000
Senator Wellstone letter to Clinton on Colombia Certification. July 28, 2000

Box 8 Acc. 08A-060
Pelosi Dear Colleague II on Mexican Environmentalists. July 28, 2000
Schakowsky Dear Colleague: Colombia Certification. July 31, 2000
Colombia Human Rights Certification: Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI), Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). August 2000
Cong le Hors [?] supporting/opposing extra aid for police. September 2000
Americans for Democratic Action ( ADA) Resolution on Colombia. September 2000
Human Rights Investment Act. September 18, 2000
Larkin response to McGovern on La Union, Colombia. September 21, 2000
Vieques Dear Colleague. September 22, 2000
United States Trade Representative (USTR) statement on Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act eligibility and Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) review for Guatemala. October 2, 2000
Schakowsky letter on Barrancabermeja, Colombia. September 26, 2000
Colombia Hearing. September 21, 2000
Senator Biden’s report on Colombia trip. May 3, 2000
Porter/Gejdenson letter on San Jose de Apartado, Colombia. May 2000
Vote: Unilateral Sanctions House Ag[riculture] Appropriations. May 11, 2000
Pelosi Dear Colleague on Rodolfo Montiel. May 2000
School of the Americas (SOA) House floor debate. May 18, 2000
School of the Americas (SOA) Vote 2000 May 18, 2000
Letter to Dreier from Nethercutt. May 18, 2000
AID meeting on Guatemala Democracy programs. June 2000
Gilman property bill: House of Representatives 4602. Nica, et al. June 8, 2000
Development in Latin America Subcommittee hearing. June 28, 2000
Administration report to Congress on Colombia spending. July 2000
Fiscal Year 2001 Foreign Operations. May 2000
Vote Analysis: Cuba Votes 2000 July 20, 2000
Cuba Votes: Treasury Postal House. July 20, 2000
Campbell/Schakowsky Colombia Dear Colleague. March 8, 2000
Congressional sign-on: San Jose de Apartado. March 30, 2001
McCaffrey letter to House Appropriations and Human Rights Watch response. March 9, 2000
Senate Armed Services hearing: Colombia, et al. April 4, 2000
Department of Defense (DoD) testimony on International Military Education and Training (IMET), etc before House Foreign Operations Subcommittee. April 8, 2000
Morella: Dear Colleague on Guatemala. April 5, 2000
McGovern: El Salvador letter. April 14, 2000
State Human Rights report: Mexico. 1999
Letter from Elizardo Sanchez. April 19, 2000
Schakowsky Contractors’ Bill. April 25, 2001
McGovern Dear Colleague: Elizardo Sanchez. May 4, 2000
Senate Foreign Operations Committee report. May 2000
House Colombia Briefing. May 1, 2001
Christopher Dodd: Statement on Colombia. November 1, 2000
Gilman letter to Drug Czar: McCaffrey saying US Military aid to Colombia was a mistake. November 14, 2000
Brown: Dear Colleague on Mexico. November 2000
Evans: Dear Colleague on Labor Unions in Venezuela. December 2001
Senator Wellstone’s letters on Colombia. October 30, December 2000; November 11, 2001
Colombia Aid Package. January 11, 2000
US General Accounting Office: Drug Control. December 1999
Hearing on the Department of Defense’s reduced role in counterdrugs. January 27, 2000
Army response to FMT [Foreign Military Training?] letter from the Latin America Working Group (LAWG). January 11, 2000
McGovern: Dear Colleague and New York Times editorial on Colombia. February 14, 2000
Colombia Hearing. February 15, 2000
McGovern/Moakley letter to Albright on Colombia aid. February 3, 2000
Delahunt questions to Albright on Colombia. February 17, 2000
Colombia Hearing: Counternarcotics. February 22, 2000
US Agency for International Development (USAID) presentation on hurricane relief for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Latin America Working Group (LAWG). February 22, 2000
Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Colombia Hearing. February 25, 2000
House Appropriations Committee: Colombia Hearing. February 29, 2000
Testimonies before the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee: Plan Colombia. March 2, 2001
Brown: Dear Colleague on Mexico. November 2000
Mexico Drop: “Fox faces Human Rights Challenges”. January 11, 2001
Colin Powell’s Confirmation. January 18, 2001
El Salvador Earthquake Bills. February 2001

Box 9 Acc. 08A-060
Clinton report on Human Rights in Colombia. January 19, 2001
Dodd Bill: Senate 219-Drug Certification. January 30, 2001
US Army War College: “Implementing Plan Colombia”. February 2001
Visit of Mexican Human Rights activists. February 2001
Guatemala Human Rights Briefing arranged by the Latin America Working Group (LAWG): sponsored by Representative Delahunt. March 7, 2001
General Pace’s testimony on Latin America. March, April 2001
San Jose de Apartado: Sign-on. March 30, 2001
Drug Certification House drop. March 29, 2001
Reyes Drug Certification Bill. March 1, 2001
Drug Certification Bill drop. February 15, 2001
Fact-Finding Delegation to El Salvador. March 30-April 2, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Guatemala Subgroup: Strategy Session. March 7-9, 2001
Dear Colleagues: Bridges to the Cuban People. House and Senate. May and March 2001
Miller/Evans letter to the US Trade Representative on Guatemala. April 27, 2001
Dodd letter to the US Trade Representative on Guatemala. May 1, 2001
US Trade Representative response to the Latin America Working Group’s Sitrabi/Guatemala Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) letter. May 23, 2001
Delahunt: United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) Visa Provision on State Authority. May 2001
Senator Dodd on Colombia. [May 2001]
US Trade Representative Statement Lifting Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Review on Guatemala. May 31, 2001
Ros-Lehtinen: Dear Colleague on Gallardo. June 11, 2001
Gerardi Verdict. June 2001
Senate Dear Colleague for “Bridges to the Cuban People”. June 12, 2001
House Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Hearing. June 28, 2001
Senate hearing on Andean Initiative. July 10, 2001
Human Rights Watch (HRW) Testimony to Senate Foreign Operations Committee: Colombia. July 11, 2001
House Foreign Operations Appropriations Committee. July 2001
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) statement on paid assets: Human Rights guidelines. September 2001
House Intelligence center [?] bill on paid assets. September 26, 2001
Human Rights Watch (HRW) letters on paid assets/Human Rights conditions. September 20, 2001
Senate Foreign Operations Committee: Colombia Amendments. October 2001
Mack Case. 2001
Clinton’s response to May 8, 2000 Latin America Working Group (LAWG) Sign-on. October 24, 2000
Leahy letter on Guatemala. October 20, 2000
RFK letter to Harold Koh on attacks on Colombia Human Rights Defenders. October 2000
House Criminal Justice Subcommittee: Amnesty International testimony on Colombia. October 12, 2000
Durbin letter on the Instituto Popular di Capacitacion (IPC) and the Association of Families of the Detained or Disappeared (ASFADDES). December 16, 2000
US Trade Representative Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) and Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) labor rights announcement. October 2000
Clinton letter on Waiver to Colombia. September 30, 2000
Nethercult Compromise. September 28, 2001
Senate “Hilldrop” on Colombia. September 26, 2001
Human Rights Waiver letter. September 27, 2001
Senate drop: Colombia Fumigation. September 25, 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG): Legislative Update. September 26, 2001
Cuba article for the Dallas Peace Center newsletter. May [2003?]
Cuba Brown Bag. May 1, 2003

Box 10 Acc. 08A-060
Cuban Art Space article. May 2003
Noriega Hearings: Cuba information. April 30, 2003
Cuba Press Release. April 30, 2003
Uribe visit: Questions for Congress. April 28, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) press release: Uribe visit. April 29, 2003
Uribe visit drop. April 29, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG): Cuban Dissidents. April 11, 2003
Colombia coca drop. April 10, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG)/Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA): US-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) drop. April 9, 2003
Cuba Packet. April 7, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) letter to the Department of State (DoS): Cuba. April 7, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) letter to the Cuban Interests Section (CIS). April 4, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG)/Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA): McGovern/Skelton amendment letter. April 3, 2003
Cuban Art Space article. April 1, 2003
Cuba Strategy. March 26, 2003
Latin America Working Group (LAWG) profile for CubaNews. March 2003
New Member Colombia drop. March 5, 2003
Serrano: Questions for Secretary Evans. March 3, 2003
Guatemala: Sign-on to President Portillo. February 2003
Colombia Constituent Visit: Target List. February 2003
Leahy Law Letter # 4 to US Embassy in Mexico. February 3, 2003
Mexico: Ernesto Ledesma Arronte sign-on letter-defending Human Rights defenders campaign. January 31, 2003
Cuba sign-on: Treasury-Postal Appropriations bill. Fiscal Year 2002 January 16, 2003
Cuba Booth: Farm Bureau. January 18-20, 2003
Wrong Road mailing to Colombia: special list. August 2003
Cuban Art Space article. August 1, 2003
Report: Cuba Day of Action. July 29, 2003
Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) Statement. July 21, 2003
Varela Project/Cuba Forum. July 16, 2003
Freedom to Travel: Day of Action. July 15, 2003
Plan Colombia Anniversary: Press Conference. July 10, 2003
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC): Cuba bill drop. August 28, 2003
Wellstone condolence letter. October 31, 2002
House Colombia Debate. 2001 (July 24)
Foreign Operations Appropriations: House. Fiscal Year 2002 July 2001
Cuba: Dear Colleagues on Flake amendment. July 25, 2001
Commerce Justice State bill: Amendments on Antiterrorism. Passed Senate. September 13, 2001
US Agency for International Development (USAID): Colombia Report. September 2001
Congressional letter to Bush on Negroponte nomination. August 8, 2001
Carson: Dear Colleague on Negroponte. August 7, 2001
Defense Authorization for 2002, troop cap for Colombia. August 2, 2001
House Briefing: Colombian Governors/Legislators’ trip. August 2, 2001
Negroponte Confirmation Hearing. September 13, 2001
Vietnam Trade. October 3, 2001
Senate: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) anti-terrorism amendment on the Commerce Justice State bill. September 2001
Schakowsky/Conyers: Dear Colleague on Gov J [?] visit. August 1, 2001
Dear Colleague on kidnapping of Colombian congressmen. December 20, 2001
McKinner/Pelosi letter to Ambassador Patterson on Cacarica, Colombia. December 20, 2001
Senate Farm Bill Debate. December 18, 2001
Wellstone letter on threats to members of the Organizacion Femenina Popular del Magdalena Medio (OFP). December 10, 2001
NGO sign-on to Secretary Powell: Fumigation in Colombia. December 7, 2001
Digna Ochoa Dear Colleague and letter to Vicente Fox. November 30, 2001
Hill Drop on Digna Ochoa. Congressional Letter to Fox. November 27, 2001
Visit by Mexican Human Rights activists. November 13-16, 2001
McGovern/Hoekstra: Dear Colleague to conferees on Colombia and Counternarcotics. November 9, 2001
Memo on Mexico for Gephardt. November 9, 2001
Mexican Government’s response: Digna Ochoa. November 9, 2001
Mexican Military paper. November 2001
Press Statement on Digna Ochoa’s murder. October 25, 2001
Miller: Dear Colleague on labor rights.
Miller: Labor letter on Colombia. October 15, 2001
Foreign Military Training Responsibility (FMTR) Act: Memo to Mark Murray. October 15, 2001
Drugs and Terrorism Hearing: House International Relations Committee (HIRC). October 10, 2001
Legislative Update. March 7, 2001
Mexico Drop: Zapatista Tour. March 9, 2001
United Nations panel on Colombia: moderated by the Latin America Working Group (LAWG). March 16, 2001
Senate Sign-on: Letter from Religious Community about Drug Certification. March 16, 2001
Cuba Hill Drop. March 21, 2001
Colombia Action Alert. March 30, 2001
Colombia: House Foreign Operations Committee report language. Fiscal Year 2002 July 2001
SITRABI Sign-on. April 2, 2001
El Salvador trip. March 30 –April 3, 2001
Scorecard 2001 December 10, 2001
Editorial Board mailing: Summit of the Americas. April 18, 2001
Legislative Update. April 24, 2001
Statement on the third anniversary of Juan Gerardi’s assassination. April 25, 2001
Foreign Military Training Responsibility (FMTR) Act: Hill Drop. May 3, 2001
Foreign Operations Drop: El Salvador and Andean counternarcotics. May 11, 2001
Mexico Drop: Chiapas update. May 15, 2001
Legislative Update. May 31, 2001
Gerardi Ruling Hill Drop. June 2001
Latin America Working Group (LAWG)/Center for International Policy (CIP): Colombia Hill drop. June 4, 2001
Questions on FOLs [?] and Contractors. June 5, 2001
El Salvador drop: House Appropriations Committee. June 21, 2001

Box 1 Acc. 2014-045
Materials regarding Colombia
Material Sent to Foreign Policy Aides [2 folders]
Letters [2 folders]
Statements & Letters from peace organizations regarding Colombia
Strategy Meetings & Planning
AFL-CIO Event on Worker Rights
Human Rights Briefings
Advocacy Workshop for NGOs
Petition to President Uribe regarding San Jose de Apartado
Hearing Questions

Box 2 Acc. 2014-045
Materials regarding Colombia and Honduras

Conferences & Workshops
Presentations & Discussions
Press Statements
News Articles
Blueprint Report
Senator Kidnapping Sign-on, 1999 (May 25)
FARC Sign-on regarding murdered activists, 1999 (April 8)
Proposal, 1999 (December)
Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Box 3 Acc. 2014-045
Materials regarding Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Cuba

Materials Sent to Foreign Policy Aides, 2000-2007
Letters, 1999-2006
Declassified Documents
Meeting at Ford Foundation
Media Guide
Joy's Cuba Trip, 2000 (February)
Presbyterian Church USA General Assemply LAWG Materials on display, 2005 (June 24)
Education Board Mailing, 2000 (May 8)
United States-Cuba Campaign Packet, 2000 (February)
Consulation Materials, 2000
Press Conference Materials
Congressional Delegation to Cuba Support Statement, 2006 (December 17)
Cuban -American Petition to Senator Reid, 2007 (July 24)
Events Sign-up Sheet
Advocacy Packet
Articles regarding Cuba
Religious Licensing Meeting, 2006 (March 15)

Box 4 Acc. 2014-045
Materials regarding Cuba
Memos to Congressional Aides regarding Agriculture Appropriations Bill
News Articles
Hill Drop - The Nation, 2007
Photo Exhibit: Miscellaneous
Photo Exhibit: Minnesota
Photo Exhibit: Ohio
Photo Exhibit: Maryland
Photo Exhibit: Wyoming
Photo Exhibit: Virginia
Photo Exhibit: Rayburn Home Office Building
Photo Exhibit: California
Photo Exhibit: New York
Photo Exhibit: Illinois
Photo Exhibit: Pennsylvania (Philadelphia & Pittsburgh)
Photo Exhibit: Massachusetts
Photo Exhibit: Florida

Box 5 Acc. 2014-045 [half box]
Materials regarding Mexico
Materials Sent to Foreign Policy Aides, 1999-2005
Report: Six Years of NAFTA: A View From Inside the Moquiladoras
Miscellaneous Meetings/Conferences
United States-Mexico Border

Box 6 Acc. 2014-045
Legislative Updates, 1999-2000
Foreign Operations Recommendations
Letters regarding Hurricane Mitch
Response to Hurricanes Mitch, George & Stan
Advocacy regarding School of the Americas
Advocacy regarding Agriculture Appropriations Bill
Vieques: Press Conference, 2000 (February 16) & Information, 1999 (July15)
Congressional Voting Outcomes
Book: Just the Facts, 1999

Box 7 Acc. 2014-045
Hearing Questions
Press Coverage
Miscellaneous Letters and Memos
Reports [2 folders]
Ecumenical Advocacy Days, 2005
Ecumenical Advocacy Days, 2006
Ecumenical Advocacy Days, 2007

Box 1 Acc. 2014-055
Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus: The Developing World: Danger Point for U.S. Security, 1989 (August)
Latin America Working Group Manuals Memo, 1997 (February 24)
School of the Americas Manuals, 1996 (October)
School of the Americas Certification Report, 1998 (January)
Kennedy Report on School of the Americas and Manuals
Pentagon Press Release on Manual, 1996 (September)
Declassified Memo from School of the Americas Instructor on manual's creation, 1997 (February 18)
Inspector General Report on School of the Americas, 1997 (November 14)
"They Just Don't Get It" Department
Latin America Working Group School of the Americas Memos, 1997-1999
Army Response to our Letter, 1999 (December)
School of the Americas Votes, 1998
School of the Americas Vote, 1997 (September 4)
School of the Americas Vote, 1993-1994 (No votes 1995-1996)
School of the Americas Congressional Work, Etc., 1997-1999
Directive on Curriculum for Training
Washington Post Joint Contact Team Program Articles
Expanded IMET
School of the Americas Certification, 2000 (January)
Congressional Research Service Report on School of the Americas, 1997 (August 22)
School of the Americas Human Rights Curriculum, 1998
School of the Americas Counterdrug Course
School of the Americas Military Intelligence and Psychological Operations Courses
Important Document from Declassification El Salvador, 1981
Central America Working Group Preparation and Response to Truth Commission Report, Reporter's Editorial, Writers, Congress and Administration, 1993 (February)-1993 (March)

Box 2 Acc. 2014-055
Contra Record Key Votes
Ad-Hoc Commission on Salvador Purge Creation and Congressional Response, 1992
Congressional Response to Implementation of ES Peace Accords, 1992 (May)-1992 (December)
Critiques of Onusal - 1992
Endgame: Status Report on Salvadoran Peace Accords Hemisphere Initiatives, 1992 (December 3)
Siqnon Letters, 1992-1993
Editorials - Truth Commission, 1993 (March)
Sen. F.R. Refugee Language
Officers Cited in Truth Commission-Report who graduated from the School of the Americas, 1993 (April 28)
El Salvador: Purge of ESAF- New High Command Named, 1993 (June-July)
El Salvador: Ad Hoc Commission - Response to Non-Compliance and Urging U.S. Cooperation, 1982 (May)-1983 (May)
Release and Response to Truth Commission Report, 1993 (March-August)
U.N./Salvadoran Truth Commission Report and Related U.N. Documents, 1993
Central America 1985: Basic Information and Legislative History on U.S. - Central American Relations

Box 3 Acc. 2014-055
Long Version After the War (Abridged Included)
Guatemalan Peace Accords, 1996 (September 19)
CA Peace Plans, NGO Assessments and Publications, 1987 (November)
Salvadoran Truth Commission Report in Spanish
U.N. English Translation Salvadoran Peace Accord, 1992 (January)
El Salvador Peace Agreement
Esquipulas - Central American Peace Accords
Salvadoran Truth Commission Report
Newsweek CIA, El Salvador Advisor, 1983

Box 4 Acc. 2014-055
Countdown on Contras, 1987
Covert Action Information Bulletin - The Religious Right, 1987 (Spring)
History of U.S. Interventions
Harpers Cold War Legacy, 1993 (February)
Report of the Salvador Military Strategy Assistance Team, 1981 (Fall)
Chronology of Human Rights Violations in El Salvador
Fenton Communications Media Report, 1985 (March-April)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2009 (August)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2009 (April)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2008 (August)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2008 (April)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2008 (January)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2007 (January-February)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2006 (October)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2006 (July)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2006 (January-February)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2005 (November-December)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2005 (October)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2005 (August)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2005 (June)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2005 (May)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2004 (December)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2004 (October)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2004 (September)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2004 (May)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2004 (March)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate Scorecard, 2004 (January)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2003 (October 30)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2003 (September)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2003 (July)
Latin America Working Group The Advocate, 2003 (June)
USAid Consultation and Human Rights Programs Worldwide, 2009 (January 8)
Latin America Working Group Program Committee Meeting, 2009 (December 15)
Trip to Joint Interagency Task Force South and Southern Command, 2009 (December)
Border - 800 Mile Wall House Shoring Action Alert, 2009 (December 9)
Colombia Consultation Follow-Up Memo, 2009 (November 24)
Border Wall Photo Exhibit Senate Reception and Action Alert, 2009 (November 18)
Colombia Policy Suggestions to Valenzuela, 2009 (November 24)
Cuba HEFA Hearing Press Release, 2009 (November 18)
Pre Election Conditions in Honduras Memo and Response, 2009 (November)
Border Working Group: Violent Migrant Kidnappings HillDrop, 2009 (November 5)
Honduras Human Rights Violations, 2009 (November)
Cuba-Serrano D.C., written by Latin America Working Group, 2009 (November 5)
Cuba Embargo U.N. Response - Press Release, 2009 (October 28)
Chicago - Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America Luncheon, DePaul University - Mexico, 2009 (October 21-22)
Memo on Wiretapping Scandal in Colombia, 2009 (October)
Colombia Certification Memo to House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee, 2009 (October)
Honduras Helldrop - Violations Continue
Honduras Sign-On, 2009 (September 28)
25th Anniversary
Letter to Assistant Secretary of State Posner re:Honduras, 2009 (September 25)
Honduras Human Rights Violations, 2009 (September 25)
Demint Department of Human Services Appropriations Conference Action Alert (Border Fencing), 2009 (September 21)

Box 5 Acc. 2014-055
Latin America Working Group Police Reform Events, 2009 (September)
Memo on Colombia to National Security Adviser Dan Restrepo, 2009 (September)
Howard County Friends of Latin America Mini-Retreat Briefing, 2009 (September)
Latin America Working Group Education Fund comments on Colombia Free Trade Agreement to U.S. Trade Representative, 2009 (September)
Memos for Deputy Secretary of State Steinberg on Colombia, 2009 (September)
Colombia DAS Scandal Hilldrop, 2009 (September)
Foreign Ops Conference Memo, 2009 (August)
Yellow Springs, Ohio, Cuba Event, 2009 (July)
Reception for Delango Government Ambassador (Honduras), 2009 (July)
NAFSA Cuba Sign-On, 2009 (July)
Letter to Napolitano and LAs asking for sign-ons to community and environmental letter for Southwest Border, 2009 (July)
U.S.-Mexico NGO's Letter to Withhold Merida Funding, 2009 (July)
Washington Office on Latin America and Latin America Working Group Respond to Release of Merida Funds, 2009 (September)
USTR Meeting on Colombia, 2009 (July)
National Security Working Group-Honduras, 2009 (July)
Washington Office on Latin America and Latin America Working Group Hilldrop: Torture use by armed forces in drug war, 2009 (July)
Memo to Clinton about President Uribe Visit to White House, 2009 (June)
USAID Letter Colombia, 2009 (June)
Civil Affairs Briefing, Battalion Talk on Human Rights, 2009 (June)
NGO Statement Withhold Merida Funding - Mexico, 2009 (July)
Sign on Letter to Obama about Mexico, 2009 (June)
NGO Letter in Support of Grijalva Border Bill, 2009 (June)
Foreign Ops Recommendations, Mexico, 2009 (May)
Latin America Working Group for Ops Recommendations, 2009 (May)
Grassroots Petition to President Obama, 2009 (May)
Better Neighbors 25th Anniversary publication, 2009 (May)
Memo to Administration on Guatemala Policy, 2009 (April)
Border Policy Priorities for 2009-2010 from U.S.-Mexico Border and Immigration Task Force
Border Wall Lobby Week, 2009 (April)
Memo to Millennium Challenge Corporation on Columbia
Colombia Foreign Ops Recommendations FY10, 2009 (May)
Colombia IDP Conference, 2009 (April)
Harvard University Latino Law and Public Policy, 2009 (April)
Letter to Obama on Summit of the Americas, 2009 (April)
Summit of the Americas Sign On Letter, 2009 (April)
USAID Consultation on Human Rights Program Colombia, 2009 (April)
Cuba Summit Sign on to Obama: Press Release, 2009 (April)
Cuba Press Interviews, 2009 (April)
Cuba Op-Ed Project, 2009 (April)
Mainstream Media Radio Interviews- Days of Prayer and Action, 2009 (April)
Letter on Guatemala to State Department, 2009 (August)
Latin America Working Group Plenary, 2009 (March 31)
Latin America Working Group and others, delegation hill visits Mexico, 2007 (March)
Washington Office on Latin America and Latin America Working Group to Shannon et al on Summit, 2009 (March)
Letter to Colombian Ambassador Barco Regarding Statements about delegation visitors, 2009 (March)
Cuba Press Release, 2009 (March)
Ecumenical Advocacy Days, 2008
NGO Sign on Letter to Uribe on Recent Threats and Killings, 2008 (March)
Cuba - Fidel Resigns Radio Interviews, 2008 (February)
Cuba Sign-on to Maryland Senate, 2008 (March)
Cuba Travel Lawsuit-Latin America Working Group advised, 2008 (March)
Ecumenical Advocacy Days Postcard, 2008
Cuba HillDrop Changes by Raul, 2008 (April)
Colombia Defenders Sign on Letter, 2008 (March)

Box 6 Acc. 2014-055
Merida Initiative Materials for EAD's, 2008 (March)
Merida Initiative Memo Questions, 2008 (February)
Merida Initiative Congressional Memo, 2008 (March)
Forgotten Border Report, 2008 (March)
House and Senate Letters to Rice about Cuba, 2008 (February)
Presentation to Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, 2008 (February 26)
NAFSA Cuba Sign-On to Bush, 2008 (February 25)
Colombia Steering Committee Annual Planning, 2008 (January 23)
Discussion by Mexican and Colombian NGO's Hosted by CEJIL, 2009 (March)
Representative Serrano Request/Cuba, 2009 (March)
Cuba Cultural Exchange Letter to Obama, 2009 (March 3)
Latin America Working Group Press Release on Cuba in Omnibus, 2009 (March 10)
Testimony of Lisa Haugaard before House Foreign Operations Subcommittee on Merida, 2008 (March 10)
Ecumenial Advocacy Days, 2009 (March)
Compass-Colombia Civil Society Delegation 2009 (March)
Letter from Colombian Civil Society to Barack Obama, 2009 (March)
Memo to WSC Director, General Jones, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Colombia, 2009 (February 20)
Letter to Southern Command Commander Admiral Stravridis, 2009 (February 13)
LAWG/NOLA/DPCF/HKW Letter on Deaths of Human Rights Defenders in Guerrero, Mexico, 2009 (February)
Memo to Secretary of State Clinton on Colombia, 2009 (February 3)
Letter to Governor of Guerrero, Press Release, OPIM, 2009 (January)
Memo to State Department on Colombia Certification, 2009 (February 3)
Memo to Secretary of State Clinton on Colombia, 2009 (February 3)
Latin America Working Group Plenary, 2009 (January 23)
Cuba-Cigar Aficionado Hill Drop, 2009 (January 23)
Latin America Letter to President Obama, 2009 (January 21)
Colombia Steering Committee Annual Planning, 2009 (January)

Box 7 Acc. 2014-055
Letter to Chihuahua Governer Mexico, 2008 (June)
Letter to Governor of Tamaulipas, 2008 (July)
Letter to Governor of Guerrero about Human Rights Defenders Mexico, 2008 (May)
YT Cuba Lawsuit Latin America Working Group Testimony, 2008 (May 28)
Cuba Affidavit for YT Family Travel Lawsuit, 2008 (May 12)
Minnesota Cuba Op-Ed, 2008 (May)
Cuba-UC Irvine Conference, 2008 (May 2-3)
Letter to USAID Colombia Mission Chief, 2008 (April)
Chuchito Valdes, 2003 (April 22)
So Far To Go, 2008 (April)
Latin America Working Group Foreign Ops Recommendations for Appropriations Bill FY09, 2008 (April)
Cuba Consultation Materials, 2008
6M Organizers Tour and American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Press Conference, 2008 (April)

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