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Philadelphia Committee in Solidarity With the People or El Salvador (CISPES) Records, 1985-1995

Collection: DG 183

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Descriptive Summary
The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Philadelphia Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
Philadelphia Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador (CISPES) Records
Inclusive Dates
1985 - 1995
Call Number
DG 183

Language of Materials
Materials in English and Spanish
10 linear feet [papers only]
Philadelphia CISPES was loosely affiliated with national and other local CISPES groups. It was concerned with issues of human rights and U.S. intervention in Central America in general and El Salvador in particular.

Administrative Information
Restrictions to Access
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Acquisitions Information
Gift of Philadelphia CISPES, 1995 [acc. 95A-066]
Processing Information
This collection is unprocessed. This finding aid was prepared by Wendy E. Chmielewski and Allegra Black, March 2011.
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[Identification of item], in the Philadelphia Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador (CISPES) Records (DG 183), Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law

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Historical Background
Philadelphia CISPES was loosely affiliated with national and other local CISPES groups. It was concerned with issues of human rights and U.S. intervention in Central America in general and El Salvador in particular.

Collection Overview
Includes correspondence, administrative files, financial records, memorabilia, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, periodicals, reference files. Some national CISPES material is also included in this collection.

Items removed:
Oversized documents
Audiocassettes, phonotapes, computer diskettes, slides, videocassettes

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Basic Facts
Canvass Map
Canvass (June 4)
Housemeeting Background Stuff
Completed House Meeting
Solvency [Bravo Phonebank]
CISPES - Tabling Records, Orders
Tabling (April 30)
Fiscal Year 1974 Budget [House Meetings: Human Rights]
Human Rights Committee Meetings
Telex Originals (Authorization)
Telex Phonebank
Telex Members
Telex Rap
Wallet Cards
Telex Structure
Tallys: Tabling, Streetwork
Rebuild Philadelphia
Work-A-Thon Bulletin Announcements
Work-A-Thon Kit, Plans, 1990
Med School Letter
Church Outreach Originals
Maria's Story, 1991
Maria's Story
New York Premier
Revies [Reviews]
Call to Conscience
Vigil, 1990 (December 20)
Mailing List
National Call, 1991 (January 20)
National Call Media Campaign
National Call [2 folders]
National Call Original
National Call Signers
National Call Text
Demonstration Fund Applications and Roles
Outreach and Education
Christian Association Coalition
Central America Organizing Project

Box 2
Northern Ireland
Environmental Project on Central America
Federation of Independent Associations and Unions of El Salvador
International Office
Jobs With Peace
New El Salvador Today (NEST)
Nicaragua Network
Other Organizations
Peace Brigades International
Pledge of Resistance
Puerto Rican Justice Defence Coalition (PRJDC)
South Africa
Student File
Vets for Peace
Beth E. Westgard
Regional Area Conference, 1988 (April)
Convention, 1990 [2 folders]
Convention, 1991
Convention, 1987
By-Laws, National Convention, 1990
Amalgamated Clothing and Textiles Workers' Union Contract
Temple Intergeneration [Bulk Mail Instructions]
Bulk Mail Postage Forms, Blank
Office- General
Internal Revenue Service- El Salvador Public Education
Job Descriptions, Organizers
Crafts, T-Shirts, Papers, Videos, Literature: Order Forms
Staff Meetings, Time Sheets: Reports

Box 3
Miscellaneous IRS Information
Program Books
Events (Lectures, Concerts), 1990
Events Coverage
El Salvador Related
Democratic Revolutionary Front-Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front- Tours
Dave Lipman
Flyer Distribution List
Flyers, etc.
Flyer Originals
Jaime Tour, 1990
Romero Volunteers
Romero Proposal
September 17
Ticket Sales
Walk, 1987
Walk Against War- Loan List, Fundraising Letters and Information
Walk, 1988
Give Peace a Dance
Final Report: Give Peace a Dance, 1989
Give Peace a Dance, 1989
Give Peace a Dance Logistics

Box 4
Give Peace a Dance Flyers, 1991
Give Peace a Dance II Press
Material for Give Peace a Dance
Give Peace a Dance- General
Give Peace a Dance II - Performer Material
Performer Agreement
Action Network
Demonstration, 1991 (March 11)
ACLU Right to Protest
Middle East News Flyer (January 26)
Mobilization for Justice and Peace in Central America and South Africa
CD Information
Reports on and Guidelines for Demonstrations- includes Natural Report, 1988
Demonstrations, 1990
Flyers, D.C. and N.Y., 1990
How-To & Reports
Surgical Staffer
Inaugural Action, 1989 (June 1)
Demonstration (June 6)
Demonstrations, 1989
Lawsuit [2 folders]
Lawsuit/Demonstration Fund
Banners, 1990 (November 16)
National March on D.C., 1990 - 1991
Maps of the Capitol and RFK
Maps of D.C. and Whitehouse
Maps of D.C. Metro
McGuire Air Force Base, 1989 (March 18)
Meeting Notes
October 16
Pentagon Action
Prayer Services
September 15
Song Sheets
Alert Drive
Cuzcatlan Communications
Local Press, 1987 - 1989
National Press, 1991
Local Press, 1991
Letters to the Editor
Media Mailings
Media Ingen. [?]
Radio Campaign

Box 5
Press Releases
Response, Interaction with Media
WCAU Radio Station
Fall of Duarte- Articles
Fall of Duarte
Human Rights in El Salvador- Booklets
Human Rights
Alerts and Updates
CISPES Urgent Action Alerts
Attacks in U.S.
Campos Pagados
Warnings, Campaigns of Slander
CISPES Human Rights Reports, Updates
U.S. Labor, El Salvador Labor
Military: Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
Government of El Salvador
U.S. Military
U.S. Money for Guns for Drugs
Facts on the U.S. Air War in El Salvador, 1985 (March)
Salvadoran Military
U.S. National Guard

Box 6
Guide to El Salvador Organizations
Federación de Asociaciones y Sindicatos Independientes de El Salvador- U.S. Office
Democratic Revolutionary Front/D.C.
El Sindicato de Trabajadores sel Instituto Salvadoreño de Seguro Social
Movement for Bread, Land, Jobs, and Freedom
Trade Unions
University of El Salvador
Unidad Nacional de Trabajadores Salvadoreños
Mayor's Resolution, 1990
United Nations Press Releases
Refugees, U.S.
Sister Cities
Socioeconomic Crisis in El Salvador and Alternatives to Solve It
National Debate
General Literature
Political Updates from CISPES
National Mailings
Ramon Cardona- Democratic Revolutionary Front-Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
Interview with Enrique Rodriguez
Duarte and Peace Plan
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
Democratic Revolutionary Front-Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Negotiation Proposals
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Communiques
Religious El Salvador, 1989 - 1990
Case of El Salvador Torture Readings
National CISPES Publications
Fake Papers
Legal Attention
CISPES Press Statements
Contra Aid Timeline, 1987 (September)

Box 7
Congress, 1991
Congressional Work, 1989 - 1990
National Agenda
Congress: Voting Records
General Info on Congress
Nationalist Republic Alliance (ARENA)
Mark Curtis
FBI Attacks Against CISPES
Miscellaneous- El Salvador
Funding the Fronts
General Meeting
National Program Planning, 1991
National Coordination
Organization/Development Leadership Training
Regional/Local Timelines
Regional Meetings
Regional Trainings
Round Table, 1988 (August)

Box 8
Voices on the Border
Dave Lippman
Veto Convoy
Unidad Nacional de Trabajadores Salvadoreños
Salvadoran Medical Relief Fund (SMRF)
Radio FM
New El Salvador Today (NEST)
Mesa Grande
Medical Aid
Let Nicaragua Live
Going Home
Fundraising Resources, Ideas
Febe Valasquez Fund
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
Fundación para la Cooperación con Repobladores y Desplazados Salvadoreños (CORDES)
El Copinal
Colonia 22 de Abril - St. Dominic Society
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Materials- Interviews with Commanders, etc.
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Media Project
Newsletters, Ideas
Art Originals
Mr. D's Tees
Holiday Crafts Flyer, 1990
Newsletter Originals
Congress Visits
Legislative Action (Letters, etc.)
Specter Coalition
Human Rights Acting List, 1989
Human Rights Information Program, 1990
Winning Originals
Winning Democracy
National Referendum to End the War in Central America

Box 9
Days Of Decision
City Council Resolution
Mayor's Letter
CISPES National and Regional Mailings
Waiver, 1991
Freedom Brigade Sponser Alert
Barbara Smith Report Back
Application, 1991
Freedom Brigades Information
Report Back, 1991 (January)
Student-Teacher Delegation, 1991
Delegations, 1990
Unidad Nacional de Trabajadores Salvadoreños Conference
1988 (May)
1989 (March 1-13)
Student, 1988 (July)
Volunteer Recruitment
In Search of Peace, 1986
Event Publicity
Arias, Esquerulas
Chile Newsletter
Chaplain Booklet
Human Rights
Nicaraguan Elections [2 folders]
Miscellaneous Bills
Receipts, Regular Fund
Fundraising, 1990
Solicitation, 1991 (January)
Direct Mail
Mail Appeals
National Relations
Solvency Meeting
Fundraising Training
Annual Report and National Information, 1989
Grants, 1987
Grant Agencies
Bernstein Ferry
Bread and Roses
Paid Phonebanks
Phone Raps
Lists to Call

Box 10
Zip-Code Lists
Winning Phone Records
Sustain Rap
Tax Info [2 folders]
Mid-Atlantic Region Financial Reports
Walk-A-Thon Receipts and Reimbursement Slips, Not Petty Cash, 1987
Walk-A-Thon Slips, Petty Cash
Walk-A-Thon: Preliminary Computation Sheets
Walk-A-Thon: Loans List
Walk-A-Thon Final Figures, 1987
Walk-A-Thon: Bank Statements
Walk-A-Thon: Miscellaneous Financial Junk
Philadelphia CISPES Education Fund, 1988
Receipts, 1987
Receipts, 1988
Finances, Periodic Treasury Reports
Finances, Correspondence
Finances, Records, prior to 1987 (March)
Finances, Little Receipts for Bank Deposits
Finances, Bank Statements, 1987 - 1988
Finances, Petty Cash, 1987 (March - July)
Finances, Filled Income Logs
Finances, Bank Deposits, 1987
Miscellaneous Finances
Miscellaneous Paid Bills
Miscellaneous Chapter Events, 1992 - 1993
Invites Mail Materials
Invitation Materials
Isabel Tour Media
Isabel Tour Background
Isabel Events
City Council Citation and Other Cities' Proclamations- Mirtala Lopez
Mirtala Tour Press
Mirtala Tour, 1993

Box 11
Carmen Morales Tour, 1992 (Spring)
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Tour, 1991
El Salvador Delegation Reports
Caravan Outreach Materials
Caravan, 1993
Spanish Language School on El Salvador Info and Application
Delegation Travel Information
Alternative Housing for Elderly
Delegation Packet, Application, Forms, 1992
Delegations, 1994
Pre-Election Delegation, 1993 - 1994
Work-A-Thon General Materials, 1993 - 1994
Work-A-Thon, 1992
Work-A-Thon Phone Sponser Printout
Work-A-Thon Flyer Originals Brochure
Work-A-Thon Worker Contact Record, Pledge Sheets, and Attendence
Work-A-Thon Recruitment
Work-A-Thon Worker Preparation
Work-A-Thon Expenses
Work-A-Thon Spanish Language Brochure, Translation
Donations, Work-A-Thon, 1992
Work-A-Thon, Miscellaneous, 1992
Work-A-Thon Maps, 1992
Work-A-Thon Worksite Job Checklists and Master, 1992
Work-A-Thon Reminders, 1992
Work-A-Thon Donations, 1990 (October)
Movie Showings: Portraits of a Revolution, Panama Deception
Work-A-Thon Plans, 1991
Work-A-Thon, 1990
Work-A-Thon, Reminder and Follow-up, 1991
Work-A-Thon National Manual, 1991
Work-A-Thon, General, 1990 (October)
Work-A-Thon, Speakers' Letters, 1990
Work-A-Thon, Union Letters, 1990

Box 12
Work-A-Thon Recruitment, 1991
Phone Numbers in El Salvador
No Aid Actions, 1992
Paid Advertisements in El Salvador and Honcho Letters
Rapid Response Information and Calling Cards, 1991
Materials for Callers
Old Phone Tree
Christian Association- Organizations and Legislative Numbers
Lobby Days, 1993 - 1994
National Agenda Updates and Mailings, 1992
No Aid Correspondence
News and Updates- Peace Accords
Updates, 1994
Legislative Work, 1992
Urgent Actions, 1991
Specter/Wofford Call-in Day, 1993
Specter Legislation/Vigil, 1992
No Aid Plans, 1992
Legislation, Dear Colleagues, 1992 (December)
No Aid Output
Legislative Work Literature, 1991
No Aid Plans, 1991
Congress- News and Updates, 1991
Legislation, D.C. Letters, etc., 1991
No Aid Correspondence, 1991
No Aid Ouput, 1991
No Aid- Legislation
Demonstrations, 1990
Demonstration, 1993 (November 16)

Box 13
Demonstration, 1994 (March 20)
Provident Account Information (Not Statements)
Taxes, 1990
Sustainers (Old Stuff)
Sustainers, 1992
Major Donor Correspondence
Major Donor How-To
Sletson, P.B. [Funds for Profess Information]
Like a Diva Productions/Thelma and Louise T-Shirts
Major Donors
Jeff's High Donor File
Phone Bank, 1990
Receipts, Miscellaneous
Fiscal Management- How-To and Tips
Non-Profit Status
Fidelity Deposits
The Blob
Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, Give Peace a Dance
Fidelity Account Statistics
Finances, 1991
Ledger Pages, 1991
Finances, 1993
Miscellaneous Debt Receipts
Old Workplans and Miscellaneous Staff Correspondence
Phoning, 1993 (January/February)
Phoning, 1994 (July)
Grassroots Fundraising Workshop- How-To
Bread and Roses Grants

Box 14
Bread and Roses Grant Information
Fundraising Ideas and How-To
Grants- How-To and Tips
Miscellaneous Grant Organizations
Arca Foundation
Bravo Fund
El Salvador Foundations we Support (Bravo, NEST, SHARE)
CISPES Education Fund
New World Foundation
Philadelphia Foundation
Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research and Education Foundation
Staff Applicants, 1992 (July)
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Nonlegislative
School Outreach Originals
Labor Budget
Soroirity-Fraternity Outreach
Bush Protest Lawsuit Settlement, 1991 (September)
Cuba-Friendshipments, 1992 - 1993
Hands Off Cuba
Philadelphia Jobs With Peace
Martin Luther King Association
March on D.C. for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights and Liberation, 1993
Mary Knolls
University of Pennsylvania Student Organizations
Tax Day Peace Action, 1994
Local Organizations
Christian Association Memos
Miscellaneous Organizations, Domestic and International
Mushroom Workers
Nicaragua Network
Organizations CISPES Works With
Philadelphia Area Alliance for Latin America and Other Local Organizations
Puerto Rican Political Prisoners
Romero Interfaith Center, 1994

Box 15
Sane-FREEZE Act for Peace
Save Our City
School of the Americas Watch
Transition to Democracy
U.S. Peace Council
Witness for Peace
Bush/Act-Up Demonstration and Lawsuit, 1991
Media Correspondence
Media How-Tos and Tips
Press Lists
Press Output
Television and Radio Ads
Press, 1991 - 1992
Specter Funeral, 1991
Elections Press, 1994
National Press Statements
Regional Conference, 1994 (May)
Notes from Regional Area Conference and National Administration Committee, 1994
El Salvador Solidarity Conference, 1993 (Fall)
Chapter Budgets
Nicaragua, 1994
Cuba, 1994
Mexico, 1994
South Africa, 1994
, 1994
Guatemala, 1994
Elections Flyers, 1994
CISPES Mailings, 1993 (May - July)
Moakley "Dear Colleague", 1993 (April 6)
To Be Filed
New Member Packets, Introduction to El Salvador
Student Organizing Ideas
Key Elements of Recruitment
Local Monthly Letters, 1993 - 1994
Declassified Document Report, 1994 (January 3)
National Mailings, 1994
Personal Visits
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conferences, 1992 (June)
Regional Mailings, 1991 (Fall) - 1992 (Fall)

Box 16
Newsletter, 1992 (Fall)
National Office Mailings, 1991 (Fall) - 1992 (Spring)
National Office Regional Mailings, 1992
National Office Mailings, 1993
Office Documents: Training Materials
Chapter Building, 1992
Regional Area Conferences and National Advisory Committee
History of the Nationalist Republic Alliance-North American Congress on Latin America Draft, 1990
CISPES Updates, 1992
Alerts, 1993 - 1994
Election Alerts, 1994
CISPES Analysis Updates, 1991
Outlines for Presentation of Analysis and History
A.I.D. Plan for Central America, 1991 - 2000
Fundación para el Desarrollo Alternativo-Altera Development Foundation - Movement Plan
National Economic and Social Recovery Plan- Nationalist Republic Alliance-U.S. Plan for Reconstruction, 1991 (Fall)
El Salvador Public Information Campaign
National Convention, 1991
Summer Camp, 1992
National Convention, 1993
Miscellaneous Information
El Salvador Update
Color Copies - El Salvador Delegation, 1991 (October)

Box 17
Overcoming Biases: Readings
Jesuit Case Info 1990 - 1991
Miscellaneous Reports on El Salvador
Noam Chomsky- Alternative Info, 1991
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Readings, Literature
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Negotiations & Statements, 1992
Ceasefire Program, 1992
Popular Movement El Salvador, 1991
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front Negotiations and Statements, 1991
Negotiated Accords, 1990 - 1991
United Nations Statements on El Salvador and Negotiations
J. Rojas, 1990 (Winter)
Peace Accords Documents, 1992
Elections, 1994
Miscellaneous News and Analysis on El Salvador, 1991 (Fall)
Press Coverage: Human Rights
Media How-To and Tips
Chapter Closing Final Letter, 1996 (June 30)
Work-A-Thon Press and Publicity, 1991
Give Peace a Dance Information, 1991
Sheet #2

Miscellaneous pamphlets

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