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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America
Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America Records
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DG 181

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The Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America was formed in 1991 by the merger of two Philadelphia Area Central America activist organizations: the Central America Organizing Project (CAOP) and the Philadelphia chapter of Pledge of Resistance. All of these groups were involved with issues concerning U.S. intervention in Central America.

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Historical Background
The Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America was formed in 1991 by the merger of two Philadelphia Area Central America activist organizations: the Central America Organizing Project (CAOP) and the Philadelphia chapter of Pledge of Resistance. All of these groups were involved with issues concerning U.S. intervention in Central America.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Pledge Press Releases
Media Lists
1987 Pledge Business and Events
Press Packet May 1, 1989 Coalition Demonstration
Pledge Strategy Sessions
Pledge-Structure Development June-October 1985
Legislative Phone Tree Lists
Pledge of Resistance Religious Contacts
Pledge of Resistance
General Meeetings
Local Pledge of Reistance
Philadelphia Pledge of Resistance Minutes 1987

Box 2
Pledge of Resistance Steering Committee Meetings 1987
Steering Committee Minutes December 1987-June 1988
Steering Committee Minutes July 1988-December 1988
Steering Committee 1989
Steering Committee Minutes January 1989-June 1989
Steering Committee Minutes July 1989-December 1989
Pledge National/Regional Communications
Pledge of Resistance Regional 1989-1990
Regional Contacts
National Pledge
Miscellaneous [2 folders]

Box 3

Materials from Refile Box-1993
Pledge Mailing and Correspondence (1984)
Endorsers of the Pledge
Pledge Archives 1984-1986
Music Charts
Plege of Resistance National Mailings
Veterans' Fast-Fall 1986
April 25-Spring Mob 1987
Pledge Meetings-Attendance November 1986
Pledge of Resistance-Strategy Movement December 6, 1986
Pledge of Resistance-Monday, August 4, 1984, Washington D.C.
Pledge of Resistance-National Meeting September 1986
Pledge of Resistance-Regional Retreat August 1986
Pledge of Resistance-Strategy Meeting-June 1986 Philadelphia
Pledge of Resistance-Willow Grove May 1986
Pledge Action May 17, 1986
March 15, 1986 Action
Willow Grove 44 September 1985 Action
Pledge of Resistance-Law Suit 1987
Lawsuit 1987
Pledge-Day of Fasting, Trade Embargo
November 30 Meeting
Props/Art Work
Pledge of Resistance vs. We the People
September 17, 1987
Memorial Day Protest May 25, 1987
September 13 and 17 General

Box 4
Platoon Leafletting 1989
Stop the Lies 1987
Stop the Lies Campaign 1987
Stop the Lies Campaign October 1986
April 25 Mobilization 1987
Fall 1988 Fundraising Letter
Originals for New Signers Packet
Recruitment and Information letters-members
Religious Mailing February 1988
Fundraising Letters
Steps to Freedom 1988 [2 folders]
Strategy Meeting June 5, 1988
Willlow Grove-Fall 1985 Action
Pledge CD Lists
April 30 Minutes
April 30 Literature
April 30-Committee Work/Petitions Park/Money
September 17 Logistics and Organizing
Vigil 24 hour November 1987
March 1988 Actions Honduras show force
April 30th
September 17-CD Action
February 2 Demonstration 1988
Pledge December 2, 1988 Demonstration
December 2, 1988
CD October 1988

Box 5
Tony Auth Cartoons
Newsclips-Central America (Vietnam) August 1985
Newsclips-Reagan (1984 Election) August 1985
Pledge of Resistance Copies of Clippings
Central America (General) 1987-
Movement Newsclips 1987-
Central America Newsclips General 1986-
Newsclips Reagan 1986-
Amnesty International
Press on Central America Movement in US
Contra Investigation
Pledge News Clippings-Non-Philadelphia Area
Miscellaneous Central America News Clips Copies
Philadelphia Press on Movement and Central America

Box 6
They Gave Their Lives for Their People (Part 1)
They Gave Their Lives for Their People (Part 2)
Jeff's Nicaragua Journal Part One-Jeff Keith 2 week tour, summer 1987
Jeff's Nicaragua Journal Part Two-Jeff Keith 2 week tour, summer 1987
Central America Coalition Work
Leafletting Born of the 4th
November 24, 1989 Liberty Bell
Panama Invasion December 1989
Women's Meeting: Voices of Truth and Power
Phone Bank
Recommitment November 11, 1989
Fiesta 1990/Raffle
Anna Crusis Benefit November 7, 1987
Pledge of Resistance Human Rights/Congressional Pressure Project [red folder]
Contra Aid February 1988
Advisory Committee January 1990
Regional Updates Human Rights Campaign
Demonstration February 2-Contra Aid
May 1st
House Meeting Drive
1989 Expenses
Central America Quarterly Meetings

Box 7
Pledge of Resistance 1989 Raffle
Nicaragua bannering June 1990
March 24, 1990 National Actions
University of Miami
National Journal Article/Pledge of Resistance March 21, 1990 ?
Nicaragua Elections 1990
Nicaragua Election 1990
Duplicate Pledge of Resistance
Steps to Freedom-Lists
Press Calls
May 15, 1989
Pledge of Resistance Convention 1989
Women's Action 1989
National Call El Salvador
Regional Coordinators/Tabling Lists
Saint Martin's Event
Local Media
Media Project
Freedom of Information Act/Pledge of Resistance
Local Actions
Human Rights/Congresssional
Legislative List Human Rights/Congressional Camp.
1989 Income
Pledge of Resistance Human Rights/Congressional Pressure Project [red folder]

Box 8
Pledge of Resistance Financial Records
Pledge Strategy Session April 7, 1990
Inquirer Coverage Study Pledge of Resistance 1991
December 3 Interfaith Service
December 16 El Salvador Clipboarding
January Actions on El Salvador 1990
January 23 and 24, 1990
Regional Meeting February 1989
Congress Letters/Visits April 1989
El Salvador Demostrations December
May 1 Demotration
National Call Demonstrations
Gran Fiesta 1989
Congress Visits November 1989
El Salvador/Nicaragua Demostration November
Not a Dime/El Salvador 1989
National Guard Campaign-Philadelphia
Fundraising-Pledge of Resistance Philadelphia
Sisters of Saint Francis
Bread and Roses 1989
Press Mailings
May 15, 1989 Independende Hall
Gran Fiesta
Fiesta II
Gran Fiesta Phonebank
Spring Fundraising Phonebank May 1990
Nicaragua Elections
Tabling at Reading December 1989
Mount Airy Day May 2, 1990
June 11, 1990 Disarm Contras
January 23 and 24 Actions
March 24, 1990 Flyers
March 24

Box 9
National Guard
Sanctuary Network and Information
Central America Lists for Outreach/Coalition
Advisory Committee: Mailings and Minutes
Harvest Moon Square Dance November 23, 1986
Sanctuary City Campaign
Articles about personal accountable for US policy toward Central America
Socialist Review Article on Central America Movement
Kenneth Sharpe's Statement on Nicaragua before Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
New York Times on El Salvador and Nicaragua Elections by E.S. Herman
Thomas M. Foglietta
Congressman Bill Gray
Congressman Curt Weldon
Article on Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience
Ramsey Clark
Coffee Boycott
Central America Organizing Project Budgets and Financial Planning
Representative Larry Coughlin
Inquirer Series on Contras
Spanish Lessons
Legislative ActionAlerts
Meeting with Specter
Letter to Member of Congress
Congressman Bob Borski
Congressman Peter Kostmayer
Bookkeeping and Fundraising

Box 10
Government Infiltration
"God and Man in Nicaragua" Atlantic Monthly article
Central America Organizing Project Flyers/Leaflets
Lists for Advertisements
Press from Nicaragua Trip (Episcopal)
Jazz for Justice
Bill Ehrhart's Article on Central America Organizing Project trip
Lorenda/Alexis Event March 1985
Beans and Rice Dinner September 1986
Dance Brigade February 1986
Foglietta's Op-ed
Press Clippings from Foglietta tour
Inquirer Editorials
Description of Central America Organizing Project
Contra tv advertisement April 1986
Radio del Pueblo June 1986
Speakers Training M. Lobenstein September 18, 1986
Saint Martin's
Evening for People Who've Been to Central America January 27, 1987
Evening for People Who've Been to Central America May 3, 1987
Beans/Rice Dinner, March 27, 1987
Press relating to Central America Organizing Project
Op-ed (Inquirer) by David Funkhouser
Attendees of Philadelphia Foundation Conferences
Coalition to Address the Economic War
Steps to Freedom October 1988

Box 11
Leaflets, Press Releases, etc. of smaller actions
Pledge-Civil Disobedience
Affinity Groups
Contra Aid Vote August 1988
Pledge Structure-Resources
Central America Organizing Project bus trip to demonstration in D.C., April 25, 1987
Jose Alas May 1986 (Capp Street Foundation)
Galo Family Tour
Board Meetings
Tecnica December 9, 1987
Central American Organizing Project Brochure
Phyllis Robinson
Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Things to hand out at Events
Central America Organizing Project Programs 1991
Committee Finances
Voices Updates
Diario Latino

Box 12
Projects for El Salvador
El Salvador Committee [3 folders]
El Salvador
Strategic Planning Process
Executive Committee
Central America Organizing Projet Conference-March 16-17, 1990
Fundraising-Past Appeals

Box 13
Grants 1988-
Fundraising 1989
Miscellaneous (Administration)
Specter/El Salvador
Deposits 1991
Spector Phone Book
Miscellaneous Events
El Salvador Aid
Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean (EPICA) Workshops
Judy Wisks delegation
Witness for Peace delegation
El Salvador Tour
Guatemala Committee
Guatemala Urgent Actions
House Meetings
Guatemala Human Rights Updates
March 10 Guatemala Event
Guatemala Focus Group
Comite de Unidad Campesina
Guatemala Delegation/Refugee Publicity
Guatemala Committee
Women's Communal Movement
El Salvador Urgent Actions
El Salvador
El Salvador Committee
El Salvador Aid
El Salvador (Upcoming Meeting)
El Salvador
El Salvador Event
June 23-Guadalupe at Gail Lopez-Henriquez
El Salvador Committee 1993
Jesuit Case
El Salvador Fact Sheet, Spector Record, Boston Globe Article 1990
National Debate for Peace 1988
Guatemala-US Policy 1994
Communities of Populations in Resistance 1993-1994 and Refugees in Mexico
Indigenous People
Guatemala Action Alerts News Releases 1994
Guatemala Committee 1993
Guatemala Coup May 25, 1993
Guatemala: Action Alerts 1993
Guatemala Refugees 1991
Santiago Atitlan 1991
Guatemala 1990
Resource List-Guatemala 1980s
Guatemala: Social Investment Fund
Guatemala: Videos
Honduras 1991
Hondunet/Doctor Almendares
Nicaragua Network Meetings-1993
Nicaragua Committee 1993
AIDS and Nicaragua
Nicaragua Development Projects 1989
Nicaraguan Map
Sanctuary in Philadelphia
Catholic Coalition for Sanctuary (Philadelphia)
Songs of the Refugees
Committee on Haiti
Cuba Steering Committee July 1993

Box 14
Central America Macro-Analysis List of Topics
Talking Points on Central America
Metro Christian Council of Philadelphia (MCCP)
Christic Institute
Environmental Project on Central America
Letters to Media People
Interfaith Conference
Episcopal Delegation
July 1987 Central America Trip-Central America Organizing Project
Nicaragua-Health Matters
June 10-17 Nicaragua Trip
Trip Reports
July 26-28 Nicaragua Trip
Foglietta Central America Trip
Bob Edgar Trip
General Tour Information
Student Alliance with Latin America trip
February Delegation
Container Project
Democratic Socialists of America/Central America Organizing Project Phone Bank, March 1987
West Philadelphia Proposal
University President's trip
Senator Arlen Specter Miscellaneous Material
July 4 Specter
Central America Organizing Project Finances
America's Development
Presbyterian Money
Gladwyne Presbyterian
Delegation Follow-up
Advisory Committee Evaluation July 1985
Advisory Committee Address List
Central America Organizing Project Alums Gala May 4, 1988
Fun Sac Prodese
Film Benefit
Home is Where
Phillip Van Heusen Campaign
Fiesta 1990
Specter Feedback
El Salvador Carauan
White Dog-1993 and 1994
December 1993 Fundraising Letter and Returns Card
1992 End of Year for Letter
Fundraising Letters October 1991
June 1, 1990 Fundraiser
September 1989 Fundraise Letter
December 1988 Fundraising Letter
April 1987 Fundraising Letter
Fundraising Letter, June 1986
Fundraising Letter December 1984
Sample Fundraising
PAACA Description 1992
Whitedog Fundraiser January 27, 1992 (Office)
Fundraiser-June 1, 1990 White Dog Cafe
December 5, 1992 Bazaar
Phone Bank Information Fundraiser
Hazel Keys Fundraiser 1992
Possible Performers for Benefits (Central America Organizing Project)
Ann Roberts-Central America Organizing Project Donor, Sheri Smith
Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses 1990
Peace Development Fund
August Delegation 1991
PAACA Guatemala/Chiapa's Delegation March 1992
Nicaragua Delegation November 1992
Peace Development Fund
Pennsylvania Humanities Council: 500 Years of Women's Courage and Resistance in the Americas March 29,1992
Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Philadelphia Foundation 6 month challenge donor drive August 1990
Bread and Roses 1992
Resist (Foundation)
Proposal Central America Organizing Project
H.M. and T. Cohn Foundation
A.J. Muste Foundation
Funding Agencies: Religious
Veatch 1992
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America-Lutheran Proposal
Holy Cross Grant
Church without Walls
First United Methodist Church of Germantown
Falla Visit October 1993
Lists from PAACA Events
Earth Day May 2, 1993
Father Roy Bourgeois
Janey Skinner-Peace Brigades International October 1993
Elvia Event, Honduras March 1992
Katy Lyle April 8, 1992
Guatemala-Refugee tour May 1, 1992
Julio and Mabel
Ray Hooker March 1992
Haiti Rally
Portraits in a Revolution (El Salvador Video) September 16, 1992
Leigh Binford Event
Rigoberta Publicity
Events Committee 1993
Cuba-Raul Suarez Ramos tour May 21, 1993 with American Friends Service Committee
Pennsylvania Humanities Council-Human Rights Conference
Panama Deception 1993
Pennsylvania Humanities Council-Reinbursements/Finances
Current 1993 Foundation List
Foundation Rejection Letters 1992
Foundation Research
Arca Foundation Proposal 1993
Proposals 1991-1993
Bread and Roses 1993
El Salvador Election Delegation 1994

Box 15
Nicaragua December
January Nicaragua
Nicaragua February 1990
Panama September 1989
Panama October
Panama November
Panama December
Panama February 1990
Miscellaneous [9 folders]
Articles [2 folders]
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Miscellaneous Organization Literature
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Steering Committee and Subcommittee
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia Lists of Victims of War: Disappeared Persons
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Civil Disobedience Organizing
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Songs of Protest, Chants for Demonstrations
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Senator Arlen Specter's Campaigns 1984, 1990
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Media-Lists of Contacts
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Media Committee Analysis of Inquirer Central America Coverage 1990
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- 1987 Pledge Raffle
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Clippings, Central America
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Lists
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia Reference: Other Philadelphia Area Organizations concerned with Central America
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia Bowen, Jerilyn, Speeches by

Box 16

Philadelphia Area Alliance for Central America Philadelphia 1992-; Pot. CDG-A
Regional Central America 1989
El Salvador-Inquirer 1989 Clippings
Nicaragua-1989 Clippings
Panama January-August 1989
Panama Pre Fall 1989
Nicaragua Pre 1989
Honduras 1989
Honduras Pre 1989
Guatemala 1989
Central America Region Pre 1989
El Salvador pre 1989
Honduras/Belize March-August 1990
Guatemala March-August 1990
Costa Rica March-August 1990
Guatemala/Honduras/Costa Rica
Nicaragua March 1990
Nicaragua April/May 1990
Nicaragua June/July/August 1990
El Salvador March-August 1990
Panama March-August 1990
Nicaragua Contras
Miscellaneous [16 folders]
Region Fall 1989
Costa Rica 1989
Guatemala Fall 1989
El Salvador September 1989
El Salvador October 1989
El Salvador November 1989
El Salvador December 1989
El Salvador January 1990-
El Salvador February 1990
Honduras October, November, December 1989
Nicaragua September 1989
Nicaragua October 1989
Nicaragua November

Box 17
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia, 1987 -- Lawsuit, Press Releases
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia, 1987 -- Lawsuit, Judge Fullam's Court Order Summary
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia, 1987 -- Lawsuit: P. of R. versus We the People 2000, Inc.
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia, 1987 -- Lawsuit, Jerilyn Bowen's Handwritten Notes
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia, 1987 -- Lawsuit Press Clippings, Complete Set, Chronological order
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia Newsletter: Volunteers, Printers
Pledge of Resistance-Philadelphia -- Miscellaneous Flyers


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