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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
Peace Action
Peace Action Records
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DG 151

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Carolyn Cottom, David Cortright, Nick Carter, Ian Jones, Monica Green, Peace Action (1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998)
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Detailed Description of the Collection

Acc. 01A-013
Acc. 01A-018
Acc. 02A-015
Acc. 03A-053
Acc. 10A-066
Acc. 10A-091

Acc. 01A-013
Files of Van Gosse

Box 1
Information from Peace Voter Campaign 1998
Information from Peace Voter Campaign 2000
Peace Voter 2000 Campaign Evaluation
Peace Voter Campaign 1996
Box 2 Acc. 01A-013
General organizational dev. Work
Long-term OD plan
Peace Action of NY state
Major donors 1999-2000
Change team
Nat’l Coalition for Peace in Yugoslavia/ Nat’l Coalition for Peace and Justice 1999-2000
CTBT campaign 1999
Major donor training 1995-1996
Student Peace Action Network

Acc. 01A-018
Box 1
Change Team
Training, Grassroots 1994
1998 Congress
Administrative Team
Affiliate Chair Mailings
Heather Berthoud
Open Letter

Box 2

Field: Southern Regional Office
Field: Southern Regional Advisory Committee
S/F: Atlanta Office
1997 Program
Briefings Re: Affiliates
MD Programs: Affiliates
BOD Training Literature
1995 Congress
January Organizational Meeting
My Fundraising
Peace Voter 1996 Manual
1996 Congress
Regional Trainings
Organizers’ Meeting: January 1995

Box 3
National MD Work
1997 Congress
Spring Cleaning
“Local” Peace Voter 1996
PAC Plans
Potential Affiliates
Peace Voter 1996 Questionnaires
DM No Pledge

Box 4
Peace Voter 1996
New York
1992 Program Act
Budget Priorities – Local Organizing Examples

Box 5
Center for Foreign Policy Development
North Carolina
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Planning Follow-up
Organizers’ Meeting: October 1991
Organizers’ Meeting: Midwest, August 1990
Organizers’ Meeting: June 1994
Northeast Regional Meeting: March 29-30, 1994
Organizers’ Meeting: January 1994
Organizers’ Meeting: November 1992
Meg Sage’s Campaign
Newspaper Advertisements 1996
Media Strategy
Tax Day 1996
Year 2000 Campaign
Economic Impact of Nuclear Weapons

Box 6
1996 Ballistic Missile Defense
Peace Voter 1996 Campaign
Peace Voter 1996 – Midwest Regional Training
Public Attitudes 1993
Affiliate – Peace Economy Activity
November 1995 Call-in Day
National Congress 1995 – Peace Economy Session
Northeast Regional Meeting 1994
Northeast Regional Meeting
Peace Economy Fast Sheets/Papers
Press Releases and Letters to the Editor
Peace Economy Mailing, February 15, 1994
Peace Economy Mailing List – 1995/1995
Letters to Capitol Hill
Peace Economy Program Info.
Pine Mail
Sample Resource
Common Agenda 1995-1996

Box 7
Center for Responsive Politics
1997 Peace Economy Strategy and Program Plans
Campus Speaking Tour 1996
Corporate Welfare / Waste, Fraud, and Abuse
1997 Peace Economy Plan
Fiscal Year 1997 Military Budget
Peace Action Copies
House Swings / Testing etc.
Common Agenda Activists
2000 Club

Acc. 02A-015 
Box 11
Board Giving & Fundraising: 1995
Board & EC meetings – 6&7/90
Miscellaneous documents: Folder 1
Board Mtg – June 90
Board: June 16, 1990
Board Meeting – June 16-17, 1990
Board Meeting 8 June 1990
Bell Toll
Congressional Handbook: Folder 1
Congressional Handbook: Folder 2
CTB Press Rel.
HR 3636 – Nuclear Testing Moratorium Act
Board – Agreements
Unlabeled folder of correspondence
Major Donors – Prospects
Sally Gamble Epstein
Employee Contracts ‘97
Fundraising Proposals
Computers & Technology
Campaign 1995
CTBT: Folder 2
1996 CTB Stuff July/Aug
Oklahoma –
North Carolina SANE
Military Budget
Iraq Campaign
Major Don
Canvass Training 1985
Arts Project: Video PSA’s
Phone-Training: 1985-6 Scripts
1 st Canvassers

Box 12 Acc. 02A-015
December 31, 1984
DC DFR Real Property Taxes and Assessments
NSEF 1985 Strut. Version 2
Bank Statements & Reconciliations (NSEF)
Leases / Amal Bank Statements
NSEF Cash Receipts (Jan ’88)
National SANE Education Fund General Ledger - January 1988
1987 Affirmation Letters [missing real label, contains photocopies of checks]
Bank Ref - NSEF MNB
NSEF (CR) (June ’88)
NSEF Form 990 (7/1-12/31/85)
DC property - Dec. 81
Finance Office - File Inventory
Nuclear Weapons Education Fund Cash Receipts 1988
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign Cash Receipts 1988
NSEF June 1988
May NSEF / 1988 NBW
April 1988 SFEF NBW
SFEF NBW 1988 March
July NSEF 1988
August ’88 NSEF
loose papers, unlabeled folder, and ledgers
’88 Audit NSEF
Amalgamated Bank
National SANE Education Fund Charter of Accounts
’88 Audit NSEF
1987 Depreciation Calculations
DC DFR Real Estate Tax Exempt Application (1982)
Rental Value book
709 [missing real label, contains mail from government]
D.C. Dep’t of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (Annual Rental Fee)
1986 Mortgage [payment schedules]
Anthony J. Dabbondanza 1989
Pres - Republican Address [missing real label?]
D - Miscellaneous 1989
H - Miscellaneous 1989
No 1 st USC [empty folder]
North Dakota [empty folder]
B - Miscellaneous 1989
C & P Telephone Company 1989 [empty folder]
Chapters 1989
Complete Security Service 1989
Connors Pest Control 1989
C - Miscellaneous 1989
E - Miscellaneous 1989
F - Miscellaneous 1989
folder with scribbled out label [contains Reynolds papers]
711 G St. Appraisal (Jan. 1983)
September 30, 1985
June 30, 1985
March 31, 1985
June 30, 1984
March 31, 1984
December 31, 1983
September 30, 1983
June 30, 1983
March 31, 1983
NSEF - National Grant Program
Ecumenical Ministries, Portland OR
Houston Freeze Campaign
Crossroads Urban Center - Salt Lake City
Hollywood for SANE
Anchorage, AK
NSEF - Buildings
SFEF Exemption Applications
1986 NSEF Statement (version 1)
June 30, 1986
Computer Room Renovation (1984)
709 Basement Renovation
National SANE Education Fund Files
North Dakota
Thomas R. Asher 1989
Garcia’s Inc., 1989
General Electric Credit 1989
G - Miscellaneous 1989
I - Miscellaneous 1989
J - Miscellaneous 1989
K - Miscellaneous 1989
L - Miscellaneous 1989
Mortgage Payments 1989
M - Miscellaneous 1989
National SANE Ed Fund 1989
N - Miscellaneous 1989
New Review
Pepco 1989
P - Miscellaneous 1989
R.C.A. 1989
R - Miscellaneous 1989
SANE, Inc. 1989
Wrkshops/prgrms [empty folder]
U/V/W - Miscellaneous 1989
X/Y/Z - Miscellaneous 1989
December 31, 1985
December 31, 1986 NSEF
American Express 1989
SFEF February 1988 NBW
January 88 NBW NSEF
Unlabeled folder [contains financial records from September 1988]
NSEF C/R April ‘88

Acc. 03A-053
Box 1
FEC, 1985
Grant Program Memo
Draft PAEF Budget, 1994
June ’84 Report
August Report
Sept. Report
1986 Planning and Budget
PAC Fund
Feb. ’84 Report
March ’84 Report
April ’84 Report
May ’84 Report
Oct. 1-15, 1986
2/1/89-4/17/89 FEC
Abolition 2000
Campaign Account, 1985
General Account, 1985
PAEF Budget, 1995
Mid-year Financial Committee Mtg. ( 7/25/95) & Financial Committee Mtg. ( 10/11/95)
2/27 Update to Board
PAEF March 30, 1995 Board Mtg.
Meetings with Steven and Jan
1994 Peace Action (PA) Budget
1994 Budget--PA
3/5/83 - 6/30/83
July 1, 1983 - Oct. 19, 1983
Oct. 20, 1983 - Nov. 28, 1983
Year End Report--11/29 to 12/31/83
Expenditures, Feb. 1984
Expenses, March 1984
Expenditures, April 1984
Expenditures, May 1984
Expenditures, June 1984
Expenditures, July 1984
Misc. Financial Info.
Box 2 Acc. 03A-053
1/1/83-1/23/83 (Pre-Taxes)
1/1/83-1/23/83 (Post-Taxes)
PAC Donators, 1982
Bills Paid
End of the Year Report--11/23 to 12/31/82
Oct. 1-13--Pre-Election Report
Oct. 14--Post-Election Report
July-Sept. 1982 Quarterly Report
$200+ Pre-Election Report
$200+ Post-Election Report
Oct. 28, 1988- Nov. 28, 1988 FEC
1995 PA Budget
Peace Action Work Samples: Peace Economy
Peace Action Work Samples: Iraq and Yugoslavia
Work Samples, 2000
Peace Action Work Samples: Weapons Trafficking
Peace Action Work Samples: Nuclear Abolition
The Arms Trade Reader
Media Handbook for Peace and Justice Activists
Organizing Examples and Ideas
Iraq Demo Materials
Int’l Citizens Assembly Speeches, Petitions--Gun Control
Iraq Rallies
Financial Info.--Misc.
Box 3 Acc. 03A-053
Int’l Committee, 1997
CTB Clearinghouse
Clearinghouse, 1997
Clearinghouse, 1998
Clearinghouse, 1999
Betsy, Int’l Office, 1997
7/1/89-12/31/89 FEC
4/18/89-6/30/89 FEC
Report--Pre-election (Oct. 1-17)
Post-Election Report (Oct. 18-11/26)
S/F PAC, 2 nd Quarter (1990)
SANE/FREEZE PAC--Pre-Election, Oct. 22, 1990
Year End Report--11/27-12/31/84
Nov. 11-12, 1995 Board Mtg.
1994-1997 Budget
Sept. 16 th Executive Committee Mtg.
March 25 th Executive Committee Mtg.
Dec. 3, 1995 Executive Committee Mtg.
Misc.--Papers, etc.
Box 4 Acc. 03A-053
Board Work
Governing Boards--Resignations, 1988
Governing Boards--Address Lists
Governing Boards--Budgets
Governing Boards--Expenses Paid
Board Stuff, 1988
Partner Info., 1996
NJ Clippings, 5/01
Affiliations List
SANE/Freeze Sample Brochures
Sample Cultivation Packet for Major Donor Pgrm.
Training Manuals, ’85-‘89
Canvass Training Manuals, 1984-1989
Masters--Forms, 1983-1987
Progress Report
Gun Control Contacts
GNAT, Spring 1996
GNAT, Fall 1996
GNAT Stuff
Chiapas Del. Members
50 th Anniversary of the A-Bomb
Speakers Bureau Handbook
Hiroshima Actions
Board, 7/13/94
Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 1993
Hiroshima/Nagasaki, 1996
Peace Economy Campaign
NHA Pals
1994 Grants to Peace Action
Grant Report
April Benefit Mini-Grants
Star Wars is a Lemon
Spring Cleaning Forms ‘99
Spring Cleaning Forms ‘00
Tax Day, 1999
Media Clips, 1998
Peace Action in the News
Gordon’s Travel Activities
Stamp, Hiroshima
Grassroots Actions around Hiroshima, 1995
Hiroshima, 1994
Campus Outreach Pgrm. for Hiroshima 50
1996 Press
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Papers
CTB--Peace Action
Nukes 2000
May 1993
July 16 th Calling Day
Misc. Papers, Pamphlets, etc.
Box 5 Acc. 03A-053
Northern California
Southern California
New Jersey
New Mexico
Upstate New York
Down State New York
North Carolina
New Hampshire
Monthly Correspondence
Update Info. On Rallies and Lobbying (1/91)
Info. On Auth. of use of Force Res. (Lobby Campaign), 1/91
Legal Issues
Project Description
LEP Proposal
Major Donor Stuff
What is an Organizer?
Campuses Organizing
Professionals Coalition (1990) Training Institute
Voter Registration
Minority Outreach
Draft Brochure
Student Organizing Packet
Field Services Survey Data
Swarthmore Peace Collection
DC Registered Agent
DC Gov’t Survey, 1994
NY Sales Tax Exemption
Annual Report to DC Gov’t, 1991
990, 1992
990, 1993
990, 1994
990, 1995
990—Peace Action Education Fund (PAEF), 1996
990—PAEF), 1997
Stock Dividends
Tax Info.
Sales Tax Exemptions
Trademark License
Articles of Incorporation
IRS Determinations, 1991
Beth Fountain—Lawyer
Notes from NSEF
Board of Directors Mtg., 12/30/93
Bylaws— Dec. 10, 1987
SFEF Board Mtg., Spring 1992
SFEF Board Mtg., July 1992
Int’l Office Rent Agreement
Misc. Papers
Box 6 Acc. 03A-053
California Fliers
Coffin Clippings—1988
Prgm. Activities
Coffin (Kay Shaw)
News Clippings
Press Coffin
Nuke Prep. Enclosures
General Support Enclosures
Arms Trade Enclosures
2000 Ed. Fund Info.
“Abolish Nuclear Weapons”
“Peace Action Nearest You”
SANE in the News
“No New Nukes”
Current Masters, 2001
Masters, 2000
Nat’l Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament
Peace Action—Int’l Office
Original Literature
PAEF (Grant) Board Listing/Enclosures
Sample Report Cards
Board Fundraising
Tracy Moarero, 1998
Tracy Moarero, 1999
Fallout Shelters Poster
Santa Barbara Poster
SFEF Board Mailing, 1/20/93
2000 Voting Record
Board Packet, 7/01
Brochure, 1993
Work Plan
Public Relations/Media Committee
DC Peace Museum
Coffin Clippings, 1987
Russia (Clearinghouse)
Press: Tear Sheets
Arms Sales and Transfers
Int’l Committee, 1998
Sample Contracts
Extra Copies: Feb. State Mailing
Jan. 17 th Board Mtg.
Training Info.
Updates from Duane
LEAP Hires
State Actions— Iraq
Misc. Papers
Box 7 Acc. 03A-053
8/1/88-8/31/88 S/F PAC FEC Report
Membership Committee
Op Exp.
Ind. Exp.
Contribution to Federal Candidates
Expenditures, 11/27-12/31
In-Kind Contributions, 1994
Ind. Exp, 11/2/84
Expenditures, Oct. 1-17
1983/1984 Contributions
Contribution to Federal Candidates, Sept.
Jan. 1984
FEC Documents
SANE/FREEZE PAC, Post-Election
1992 Bank Statements
PAC Financial Reports
1991 Receipts and Disbursements
1991 Bank Statements
PAEF Board Mtg., 3/30/95
June 1995 Board Mtg.
1L S/F PAC FEC Reports
S/F Banks Records, 1990
S/F PAC FEC Report, 7/1/88-7/31/88
S/F PAC FEC Report, 9/1/88-9/30/88
S/F PAC FEC Report, 10/1/88-10/19/88
S/F PAC FEC Report, 11/29/88-12/31/88
S/F PAC Campaign Fund Bank Reconciliations
1986 General
1986 Campaign
S/F PAC Open Account, Bank Records, 1988
Sept. 1986
PAC, August 1-31
Sept. 22, 1984 Board Mtg.
Semi-Annual, Jan. 1- June 30, 1985
PAC—July/Dec. 1985
PAC—Jan./March 1986
PAC—April 1-May 8
PAC—May 9-June 30
FEC Forms
S/F PAC FEC Report, 1/1/90-3/31/90
Misc. Papers, etc.
Box 8 Acc. 03A-053
1995 Actions
Int’l Office Search, 1996
Betty Obal
Int’l Office, Dorie
Clearinghouse, 1996
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Kits
News clippings 2000
Gloabal Exchange
SANE Nuclear Freeze Hawaii
Ira’s Project
CTB Day of Action, 1999
Report Cards
Empowerment Sessions—Mini-Plenaries—Workshops
“Interfaith Week,” 10/2000
News Clippings
Misc. Papers
Box 9 Acc. 03A-053
Board Mtg., 2/17/93
Jan. 6, 1993
SANE C4 Letter
IRS—C3 letter, 1992/1993 Update
Board Mailing, 4/30/93
Tax Status Forms
IRS Regulation Compliance
Corporate Matching Gifts
990’s, 1991
Peace Action Business Plan
CFC 1995
Office Rental Info.
Asher Contribution Limit Memo
IRS (Parent and Subsidiary Account)
1999 Cash Flow
2000 Cash Flows
Organizer’s mtg., Jan. 1994
Organizing Director
Organizers’ Strategy Mtg., 1992-3
Tara O’Toole, 1993
Organizer’s Mtg., 1995-96
PV ’96, New England
Peace Voter, 1996
Peace Empowerment Pgrm.
Peace Platform, 1988
Peace Tax Fund
Peace Alert!
Handgun Violence
What to do about…?, series 1994
Activist Skills Sheets
Briefing Papers, 1993
Fact Sheets, 1993
Fact Sheets, ’94-‘95
Misc. S/F? Propaganda
S/F Fact Sheets
NATO Coalition Work
Kosovo War
Kosovo Crisis
May 20 th Coalition
Kosovo 1999
Box 10 Acc. 03A-053
Iraq, 1998
Iraq Demo Media
Iraq Demo Speakers
Missile Attack on Iraq, 9/96
Iraq Organizing
Don’t Bomb Iraq
Board Mtg., 1/19/85
Board Reports and Notes
Other Board
Application for Recognition of Exemption
Executive Committee Mtg., June 28, 1984
Financial Committee Mtg., 9/22/84
Board Mtg., Jan. 19, 1985
Executive Committee Hearing, March 15, 1985
Board Mtg., April 21, 1985
Executive Committee Meeting, 7/31/85
Board Mtg., 9/21/85
Executive Committee Meeting, 12/12/85
Board Mtg, Jan. 18119, 1986
Executive Committee Meeting, 2/25/86
Board Mtg., 3/14/86
Executive Committee Meeting, 4/18/86
Board Mtg., May 17-18, 1986
Executive Committee Meeting, June 30, 1986
Executive Committee Meeting, July 31, 1986
Executive Committee Meeting, Sept. 7, 1986
Board Mtg., Sept. 27-28, 1986
Executive Committee Meeting, 11/11/86
Governing Boards: In-Kind Contributions
Governing Boards: MCI
S/F Board, 1988
S/F Transition Team Mtg.
Finance Committee Mtg., 1/2/87
Executive Committee Meeting, 1/13/87
Full Board Mtg., Jan. 24-25, 1987
Executive Committee Meeting, 2/22/87
Executive Committee Meeting, 3/22/87
Finance Committee Mtg., 4/187
Executive Committee Meeting, 4/26/87
Executive Committee Meeting, 7/18/87
Board Mtg., Sept. 17-20, 1987
Executive Committee Meeting, 11/19/87
Box 11 Acc. 03A-053
Peace Action History
Bob Brand
2/21/91 Board Mtg.
5/21/91 Board Mtg.
SFEF Board Mtg., 1/3/92
1/26/92 Board Mtg.
3/14/94 Board Mtg.
7/15/93 Board Mtg.
Oct. 21, 1993 Teleconference Board Mtg.
Dec. 1993 Board Mtg.
SFEF—Public Charity Status
Box 12 Acc. 03A-053
Financial Info.—Misc.
Misc. Papers

Acc. 10A-066
Box 1
Renewal Reports, 1996
Renewals: Expiration Dates: 1995 (June - December)
Renewals, 1995 (January - May)
Renewal Data, 1992 (October) - 1993 (July)
AL305 [mailing reports, 2003]
AL304 [mailing reports, 2003]
AL206 [mailing reports, 2002]
AL203 [mailing reports, 2002]
S9701 [first special appeal, 1997]
Education Fund Application, 1994 (November)
MWA3, September Appeal [special appeal, 1994]
Special Appeal, 1993 (February)
First Mal Warwick & Associates Appeal, 1994 (June)
S9501 [first special appeal, 1995]
Membership Surveys
Renewal Data, 1993 (July) - 1994 (December)
Telemarketing Vendors, 1990 (?)
S9601 [first special appeal, 1996]
News and Magazines
Strategy, 1991 - 1992
Annual Report, 1994
Greeting Card Test, 1990
Direct Mail: Transnational Project, Membership Correspondence
Engagement Calendar, 1994
Foundations: Joint National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament Proposal, 1991
Fundraising: Celebration, 1995
Travel: Connecticut and Massachusetts, 1992 (March)
Travel: California, 1992 (Winter)
Military Budget
FREEZE and Public Information Campaign
Justice Not War
Avenging Angels
Missile Stop Results
Alaska Contacts
Star Wars
Stop Star Wars Missile Tour
S101 [first special appeal, 2001]
Scott's H95 File [Hiroshima and Nagasaki 50th Anniversary Fundraiser, 1995]
Of or Pertaining to Gordon Clark
National Park Service
Lobbying Guidelines
Civil Rights
Reply Devices: Renewal
Television Advertisements: Peace Voter, 2000
Names in the News: Lists
Direct Mail Lists
Member Letters
Swipe File
Phone Numbers
Email Addresses
Planned Giving Information
Articles with Quotes for Website
Tax Day Action and Snack Plan, 1999

Box 2 [Acc. 10A-066]
Terrorism, 9/11
S101 [first special appeal, 2001]
Confirmation and Reuters Publishing
Kerry Ads
Special Appeals, 2001
Star Wars is a Lemon
Performance Evaluation
Dental Plans
Mix and Match Resources
Pards, 2002
PR204 [mailing, 2002]
Peace Empowerment Program Memos
Peace Empowerment Program, 1999
Renewal Reports Post-9/11, 2002
List Enhancement Action Project
Partner Reports
Special Appeal Packages
Old Proposals
Affiliation Agreement
PARO 109 [mailing, 2001]
PR201 Renewal/Prospect [mailing, 2002]
Peace Action Information and Peace Action Education Fund Information for Annual Report, 2000
Comprehensive Test Ban Strategy Summit, Washington, D.C., 1993 (May 20)
Testing Campaign, 1992
Reports, 1993 - 1996
Long Range Strategy Program, 1996 - 2000
Arms Trade Proposal, 1992
Peace Economy
The Fund, 1999
Peace Action/Peace Action Education Fund Grant
Foundations, 1999
Development, Foundations, Timelines, Plans, 2000
Nuclear Weapons Information for Proposals
Blank Slate Process, 1999 - 2000
Fundraising Committee Board
Organizational Development
Political Action Committee Results, 1992
Political Action Committee
Peace Voter, 2000
Peace Voter Letters of Agreement
Peace Voter, 1996/1998
First Gulf War
Cindy Sheehan- Texas Vigil, 2005
Iraq, 1990
Keep 'Em Shut, 1989 - 1991
Arms Trade
Strategic Defense Initiative, 1987
Space Weapons
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
MX Missiles
Arms Transfers, 1991
Publications: Membership Brochure
Political Action Committee Masters (second), 1996
Mission Statement and Organizational Flow Chart
Disarmament Campaign- General, 1993
S9603 [third special appeal, 1996]
Logo, 1993 - 1994
Acquisition Test Results
Renewal Campaign, 1994
Acquisition V, Code 3, 1995 (August)
Acquisition IV- Landmines

Box 3 [Acc. 10A-066]
Acquisition III- Rodney
Membership: Mal Warwick and Associates
Frontline, 1993
M07 [mailing preparation, 1996]
Direct Mail, 1991
Direct Mail: Responses to Appeal, 1991 (January)
Direct Mail: Renewals, 1990
Direct Mail, pre-1990
Fundraising: Foundations
Interim Progress Report, 1989 (June)
Foundations: Arms Trade Proposal, 1991 (November)
Foundations: General Operating Support Proposals, 1992
Foundations: Joint Training Proposition
Organizational Development: Fundraising, 1994
Foundations: Organizational Development Proposal, 1993
Peace Economy: Joint Proposal with the National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament
Foundations: Peace Economy Proposal, 1993
Foundations: Peace Economy Proposal, 1994
Funders: Mailings to
Fundraising: General
Fundraising: General, 1994
Key Votes in the House and Senate
Minutes and Plans
Peace Action Work Samples
SANE/FREEZE Work Samples
Affiliate Materials
21st Century Peace Empowerment Program.
S.P.A.N. [Student Peace Action Network] in a Can
Membership: Brochures
Reception: Senator Hatfield, 1993
Membership Issues, 1997 - 1998
Acquisition Report, pre-1997
M010 [mailing preparation and response, 1998]
M011 [mailing preparation and response, 2000]
AL109 [mailing preparation, 2001]
Political Action Committee Appeal, 1998
S981 [first special appeal, 1998]
YESA 97 [special appeal, 1997]
S9704 [fourth special appeal, 1997]
S9702 [second special appeal, 1997]
Member Renewals, 1990
Renewal Pack: Special Appeals
S032 [second special appeal, 2003]
S011, First Appeal, 2001
10010 [special appeal, 2000 (October)]
10 Mailing 007 [mailing, 2000 (July)]
S994 [fourth special appeal, 1994]
S993 [third special appeal, 1993]
S992 [second special appeal, 1992]
Political Action Committee Mailing, 2000
S991 [first special appeal, 1999]
YESA 98 [special appeal, 1998]
S983 [third special appeal, 1998]
S984 [fourth special appeal, 1998]
S982 [second special appeal, 1998]
Major Donor: Boston
New York Visit, 1999 (May 5-6)
Major Donor
Card Renew 008 (Cult) [renewal mailing, 2000]
Card Renewal Hours 2K [renewal mailing, 2000
Divoky and Associates: Fundraising and Management Counsel
Other Direct Mail Appeals
Members, 2003
Renewals, 2003

Box 4 [Acc. 10A-066]
Direct Mail, 2004
Direct Mail Reports, 2003
Member Numbers, 2002
Sample Mailing
Peace Action Board Meeting, 2002 (December 7-8)
Development Meetings
Publications Schedule
Draft Budget, 2003
Work Plan, 2002 (November/December)
Cashflow Reports
Cultivation Mail, Kevin Martin's Op-Eds, 2002 (May 7)
New York City Event Mailing, 2002 (May 15)
Cultivation Mail (Congressional Vote Record), 2002 (April 29)
Prospecting Appeal (in progress)
Renewal (May)
Cultivation Mail, 2002 (July)
Mailing to Ira and Marilyn Heckler and Peter Deccy (Partners for Peace)
Letters from Congress
Peace Action Education Fund Board Minutes, 2000
Work Plans, 2002
Peace Action Board Minutes, 2000
Board Fundraising Committee
Kosovo Enclosures
Political Action Committee Mailing 27/23, 1999
Student Peace Action Network Information (for proposals)
List Enhancement Action Project Information (for proposals)
Membership Affiliation Committee
Affiliate Guidelines and Contract
Organizing Program
North Carolina
Board Meeting, 2002 (July)
Outreach: List Enhancement Action Project
2001: A CFC [Combined Federal Campaign] Odyssey [2 folders]
Combined Federal Campaign, 2000
Media/Work Samples, 2004
Label Sponsorship
Membership, 1995 - 2000
Peace Voter
Voting Records, 1986-
Finance Work Plan, 2001
Phone Scripts, 2006 (November)
Annual Report, 2002, 2003
Campaign for a New Foreign Policy
Political Action Committee, 2000
S042 [second special appeal, 2004]
Affiliate Appeals, 2002
LRSP [Long Range Strategy Program], 2005
Projects, 2006
Financial Documents, 2007
Student Peace Action Network
Petition in Iraq
Peter Deccy's Media and Work Samples, 2005
Legislative Alerts, 1991
Annual Report, 2001
Peace Action Fact Sheets: Nukes, 2002 - 2003
First Gulf War
Voting Records, 1980-
Advertisement and Deccy's Card
Chronological File (End of the Gordon Era)
Chronological File, 2006 (January 1)-
Chronological File, 2003 (January 1)-
Grass Roots Organizations

Box 5 [Acc. 10A-066]
Fundraising: General, 1995
Fundraising, 1989
Fundraising, 1990
Fundraising, 1991
Fundraising, 1992
Fundraising, 1993
YESA 96 [special appeal, 1996]
S964 [fourth special appeal, 1996]
S602 [special appeal, 1996]
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Mailing
Rate of Return on Phone/Mail Billings, 1992
Phone Program Performance Report, 1992 (September) - 1993 (April)
YESA 95 [special appeal, 1995]
S9504, Letters, Replies, etc. [fourth special appeal, 1996]
S9503 [third special appeal, 1995]
S9502 [second special appeal, 1995]
Special Appeal, 1992 (April-May)
Test Ban Appeal, (29 September)
Special Appeal, 1992 (December)
December Appeal
Education Fund Appeal, 1993
August Appeal, 1993
Special Appeal, 1993 (April)
Special Appeal, 1993 (June)
Special Appeal, 1992
Special Appeal Data, 1992 (October)
Appeal Data, 1993
Appeal, 1994 (February)
MWA2 Appeal (renewal)
Monthly Membership Counts
Canvass Diversification Project, 1988
Field Department Memos, 1988 - 1989
The Next Renewal
Acquisition Report, 1996
Alternative Funds
Peace Action Actuals, 2004 (October)
Peace Action Financial Report, 509-510
Peace Action Financial Report, 508
Peace Action Financial Report, 507
Peace Action Actuals, 2006 (July)
Financial Report, 2006 (April)
Peace Action First Quarter Report, 2006
Peace Action Actuals, 908
Progressive Caucus
Common Agenda- Press Kit
Coalitions Working with Common Agenda
United Nations Conference on Women and Fundraising Report, 1995
Congressional Scorecard for the 110th Congress, 2008
Work Samples, 2008
Peace Action Board Minutes, 2001
Direct Mail Reports, 2002
Cultivation Masters, 1990s
Chronological File, 2001 - 2002
Combined Federal Campaign, 2003
Nuclear Abolition, Media Book II, 1999

Box 6 [Acc. 10A-066]
Nuclear Abolition, Media Book II, 2000
Canvass Training #1
Membership/Information Requests
Combined Federal Campaign, 2000
Board Member Agreements
Peace Action Education Fund Staff Biographies
Development, 2003
Renewals, 2001 (December) - 2003 (June 30)
Progress Report, 2008 (April)
Kevin Martin
Elections, 1988
P.D.C. [Political Action Committee Information
Political Action Committee, 1988
Final Report- Peace Voter, 2000
Political Action, 1990
Nuclear Testing
Nuclear Weapons, 1996 - 1997
Non-proliferation Treaty/Proliferation Articles
Lemon Campaign, 2001
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Military Production Network, Lobby Days, 1990
Building Blocks: Organizing your Research Team
Test Ban, 1987
Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces, 1988 (February)
International Comprehensive Test Ban Activists
International Comprehensive Test Ban/Signature Advertisement, Chapter Involvement
Halperin, David: International Comprehensive Test Ban
Economic Conversion and Disarmament, 1993
Military Budget
Military Budget, 1994
Military Budget
Peace Economy
Economic Conversion and Disarmament
Gender Caucus
List Enhancement, 602
Grassroots Organizers, 2003 - 2004
Workplan, 2006
Workplan, 1994
Peace Action National Staff and Affiliate Network Directory, 2005 (August)
Chronological File, 2005 (January 1)-
Peace Action Procedures/Policies, 1990
Annual Report, 1993
Annual Report, 1994
Education Fund Annual Report, 2001
Program, 1997
Plans and Goals, 1995
More History
Chemical Weapons Convention
Peace Empowerment Project Bulletins, 2007 - 2008
Old Phone Scripts/Letters, 1990s
Don't Bomb Iran Campaign Report
Peter Deccy
Renewals, 802
Fund: Canvass Plans
Long-Range Strategy Program, 2005
Acquisition Budget Draft
Peace Action Education Fund 1st Quarter Financials, 2007

Box 7 [Acc. 10A-066]
Polling Data
Special Appeal Swipe File
YESA 00 [special appeal, 2000]
Star Wars Demonstration, Valentines Day, 2001
Star Wars Demonstration Congressional Invites
2002 (November) - 2003 (January)
Reply Devices
Communication Team
Stop the Bombing in Iraq (Media Book), 1999
End the Sanctions on Iraq (Media Book), 1999
Weapons Trafficking and Human Rights (Media Book), 1999
Peace Economy (Media Book), 1999
End the War in Yugoslavia (Media Book), 1999
Actions for Peace
L/A 001 [direct mail proofs]
Special Appeal S001, 2000
Member Letters
Affiliate Newsletters, 2001
Media, early 2000s [2 folders]
Editorials, List of Media Mentions
Media Coverage, 2002 [3 folders]
Conferences: Brochures, Schedules, Fact Sheets, etc.
Media Hits, 2001 [2 folders]
Letters to the Editor, 2002
Letters to the Editor, Opinion Pieces, 2001
Weapons Trafficking and Human Rights
Nuclear Abolition amd Peace Economy
Peace Economy
Nuclear Abolition
End the Sanctions on Iraq (Media Book I), 2000
Actions for Peace (Media Book I), 2000
Summer, 2005
Media Hits, 2007/2008
Actions for Peace (Media Book II), 2000
Nuclear Abolition (Media Book I), 2000
Peace Economy (Media Book I), 2000
Weapons Trafficking and Human Rights (Media Book I), 2000
Peace Economy (Media Book II), 2000
End the Sanctions on Iraq (Media Book II), 2000
Old-Time Special Appeals
Old-Time Renewal Letters
Current Renewal Letters
Conversion Materials and Add to Action Alert List
S004 [fourth special appeal, 2000]
Accident Report [Peace Action Briefing Papers]
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
S003 [third special appeal, 2000]
S002 [second special appeal, 2000]
Major Donor Letters, 2003
Direct Mail Response Reports, 2001
Peace Voter, 1998
Canvass Reports
Canvass Current Averages
Canvass Policies
Renewals, 2003 (July 1) - 2004 (November 30) [2 folders]
Renewals, 2001 (December) - 2003 (June 30)
Membership Meeting Agenda/Minutes
Statewide Peace Economy Statistics
Mal Warwick & Associates Contract
Direct Mail Content, 2008
Actuals, 2002 (July)

Box 8 [Acc. 10A-066]
Peace Action: Peace Voter Campaign, 1996
Peace Voter Campaign, 1998
Peace Voter Campaign, 2006
Media Clips I, Press Hits, Stop the Bombing in Iraq, 1998
Media Clips I, Press Hits, End the Sanctions in Iraq, 1998
Membership, 1994
Major Donors: Meetings, 1994
Membership, 1993
Membership Study, 1992
Membership, 1992
Frontline, 1995
Final Archive Calling Reports
Archive Calling, Test 2
Archive Calling, 1997
Phone Performance Reports, 1992 - 1993
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Prospecting by Phone, 1997
Archive Calling, Test 1
Phone Program Performance Reports
Returns by Pay Period, Phone Reports
Rate of Return- Phone/Mail Billing, 1993 (August)
Phone Fulfillment Reports, 1992 - 1993
Pledge Reports, 1992 (August)
Phone Program Performance Reports, 1993 - 1994
Fax Blast- Lemon
Peace Empowerment Program, 1995 - 1998
Celebrity Public Service Announcements
Chapter Newsletters
21st Century Development Planning
Development Planning, 1990s
21st Century Development Samples
Monica Memos, mid-1990s
Foundation Staff, 1998
Membership: Income Reports by State, 1988
Membership: Foot Canvass
Peace Action Education Fund and Peace Action Media
Foreign Policy in Focus Media Training Workshop
SANE/FREEZE Strategy, 1988 - 1989
Annual Report, 1989
Annual Report, 2004
Annual Report, 2001 - 2002
SANE/FREEZE Merger: Unity at Hand
Work Plans, 2008
Direct Mail Content, 2009
Demonstrations and Marches
Peace Action, Inc. 401(k) Plan
Peace Action National Staff and Affiliate Network Directory, 2004 (November)
Members, 2002 (October - 31 December)
Member Background Information
New Members/Conversion
Peace Empowerment Project Bulletins/Newsletters
Legislation Updates

Box 9 [Acc. 10A-066]
M.C.V.O., 2002 (May - September)
Voting Record Archive
Phone Reports, 1993 - 1994 [2 folders]
Stop the Star Wars Revival
Miscellaneous Peace Action Materials, 1999
I-9 Form
Non-governmental Organization Conference Pin
Unable to Contact
YO: Peace Action Raps
Artists: On Board!
Miscellaneous Artist Materials
Promotional Materials
Artists: Rejects or Maybes

Acc. 10A-091
Box 1
Historical Mats
Nat S/F Minutes 1988-1990 Folders 1 & 2
Congress Planning Guidlines
R Fosberg- Theory of Peace
Board & Executive Meeting Minutes, 1991
Review Process, 1991
Directory, 1989-1991
Congress Credential & etc, 1991
Peace Action, 1992
Peace Action, 1993
Peace Action, 1994
Resolutions/Press Statements
PA Congress, 1996

Box 2 Acc. 10A-091
MA & PA, 1995-1997
MA PA, 1998
Peace Action Board Minutes & Resolution, 1996-1998
Peace Action Executive Board Minutes & Resolutions, 1996-1998
Peace Action Board Resolutions, 1996-1998
Board Minutes, 1997, 1999, 2000

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