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Historical Background
Peace Action is the direct outgrowth of twnuclear/arms control groups, namely SANE and The Freeze. SANE, which was established in 1957, had been at the forefront of opposition tarms testing, the Vietnam War, and such weapons systems as the MX missile. It had a strong national office, supported by a large nationwide constituency that paid dues for membership; these members were gained through door-to-door canvassing in targeted areas. However, SANE's membership was mostly passive when it came tpolitical action. The Freeze campaign, on the other hand, was a coalition of nuclear freeze groups that had grown out of New England town meetings in 1980. The Freeze message sparked the imagination of the nation and spread quickly, creating a substantial grassroots movement of persons committed tstopping the nuclear threat through lobbying and other means. Unfortunately, the impetus of the movement had dissipated by 1985. Disagreements among The Freeze coalition's leaders about the future of the movement meant a lack of a coherent national identity. Also, The Freeze was made up of many local, state and regional offices (with nnational office) that tended tset their own policy; this caused further fragmentation of the coalition's impact, and mixed messages for its constituency.

In 1985, merger negotiations began between SANE and The Freeze. One component of the latter, Freeze Voter, decided tremain a separate entity; but the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign ([NWFC) wished tjoin with SANE tcreate the largest single organization in the peace movement, with over 180,000 members combined, 270 local and state chapters, and 30 affiliates. In 1987, staff and leaders of the NWFC and SANE traveled the country in what was dubbed the "Listening Project," thear what members and staff of both groups had tsay about the merger. They found that there was conflict about the nature of the newly merged group, with Freeze activists insisting that the emphasis on the grassroots be maintained. The possible make-up of merged state/local chapters was alsa source of contention. A transition team met throughout the year tiron out these difficulties.

Finally, in (November) 1987 the merger became official. Initially, an attempt was made tgive both SANE and the NWFC equal weight in the new structure. It was tbe a membership-based organization, but retain the vigorous local organizing of the NWFC. The name SANE/FREEZE (SANE/Freeze) was chosen. David Cortright, Director of SANE, and Carolyn Cottom, Director of the NWFC, were named as CDirectors, with Rev. William Sloane Coffin becoming the first Board President. A Board of Directors was appointed with equal representation from both groups. One thousand activists, attending the first SANE/Freeze National Congress, voted its approval of these plans. They alssanctioned the following priorities: Electoral: Elect progressive candidates, promote and clarify peace issues, and work in coalition with other progressive groups; Legislative: Ratify the INF Treaty, ban nuclear weapons testing, block Trident D-5 missile production and deployment, eliminate Star Wars funding, and work in coalition tend U.S.military intervention; Organizational: Integrate SANE members and FREEZE grassroots organizations, broaden the organization's financial base, and build a multi-racial membership.

In (March) 1988, the co-directorship was dissolved, reflecting some of the difficulties of the merger. Varying leadership styles and visions were more easily meshed in theory than in practice. Duane Shank was named the Acting Executive Director. Cortright became his special assistant on political strategy as well as fundraising, and Cottom his special assistant in charge of the international campaign testablish a comprehensive test ban. The NWFC had been calling for a comprehensive nuclear test ban between the United States and the Soviet Union since 1984. The Comprehensive Test Ban (ConnecticutB) Campaign picked up where the NWFC had left off. One of the most successful ConnecticutB campaigns was initiated by SANE/Freeze in 1987-1988 in Iowa, where a farm recession made many receptive tthe idea. The statewide effort, called "Stop Testing, Start Investing in Our Communities," showed the possible connections between ending nuclear testing and thus releasing funds for essential human needs. SANE/Freeze Field Organizer, Ira Shorr, and volunteer statewide coordinator, Francine Barnwarth, recruited volunteers from thirty cities and towns twork on the campaign. The cost of the arms race for each county, city and individual was figured out and distributed tthousands of persons. Twenty-twtown councils and county boards of supervisors approved test ban resolutions. Since then, the International Comprehensive Test Ban Campaign and the United States Comprehensive Test Ban Coalition, with Peace Action as a strong supporting member of both, have continued twork for a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty which would prohibit all underground nuclear testing, in addition tthe open-air tests prohibited by the Partial Test Ban Treaty.

SANE/FREEZE worked thalt all nuclear weapons production and testing by the Department of Energy (DOE). As part of its 1991 legislative agenda, it called on Congress t"end the construction of DOE bomb factories and gain military compliance with federal environmental laws." The Keep Them Shut! campaign and DOE Lobby days helped spur citizen attention and action around the country. It alsprotested the upswing in production and sales of chemical weapons, campaigned for the INF Treaty, and protested the MX missile system. Currently the Peace Action Education Fund (the 501(c)(3) arm of the organization, which solicits only tax-deductible contributions) works teducate the public, the media, and policy makers about the dangers of high military spending, nuclear proliferation, and the conventional arms trade. At the (December) 1988 National Congress, SANE/Freeze decided tmake creating a peace economy its major goal, ahead of stopping the arms race. It stated: "As an organization, we will seek tarticulate a long-range vision of a radically different, peaceful world while at the same time pursuing practical programs which can lead on a step-by-step basis toward this goal. As human beings and as an organization, we are choosing a new course toward lasting world peace. . . . We will strive tredirect the vast wealth and technological capacity of the United States from war-preparedness tthe urgent task of eliminiating hunger, disease, and social injustice." A nationwide Peace Economy Campaign was established in 1989, with local campaigns begun in 150 cities and states. Five regional training sessions were held by SANE/Freeze ttrain local community organizers and activists. Local groups supported community human needs programs, held petition and referenda drives, and lobbied for economic conversion legislation. SANE/Freeze joined with other groups and coalitions tenhance the impact of its lobbying on a grassroots level and with Congress. SANE/Freeze alsestablished an "Inaugurate Peace" campaign tmobilize public pressure of the Bush administration for a reordering of federal spending priorities. In 1992, it supported the Congressional Black Caucus alternative budget. Ira Shorr began directing this work in 1989. The Peace Economy Campaign is still a chief priority of Peace Action. SANE/Freeze did not limit its efforts for peace tthe United States. Its lobbying efforts helped convince Congress tcut military aid tEl Salvador. It opposed the U.S. military build-up in the Persian Gulf, and advocated sanctions during the Persian Gulf War. It supported the Middle East Peace Process. When the war began in Bosnia-Herzegovinia, it opposed unilaterial U.S. military action and called its members and other U.S. citizens tsupport pro-democracy organizations in the former Yugoslavia. It called for sanctions against South Africa until apartheid was completely abolished. Bettering relations between the former Soviet Union and the United States was alsa priority over the years.

In 1988, Rev. William Sloane Coffin led a delegation tthe Soviet Union, and Soviet delegations have been sponsored by SANE/Freeze as well. An SANE/Freeze International office was established in New York City in 1988 and is still in existence. It seeks tbring a global perspective tissues, spread the organization's message tthe global community, and work with foreign groups tachieve its purposes. Its staff members have organized many events tincrease understanding between citizens of various countries. SANE/Freeze International alsbecame a non-governmental representative tthe United Nations.

A Southern regional office was opened in Atlanta "traise the visibility of peace issues in the South and tprovide a base for a strong peace movement presence at the Democratic National Convention in (July) 1988." A Western regional office was alsopened in California. State affiliates, many of them carry-overs from SANE, included, as of 1988: SANE/Alaska, Alabama Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Connecticut Freeze Campaign (Hartford), SANE Nuclear Freeze Hawaii (Honolulu), Illinois SANE/Freeze (Chicago), Kansans tEnd the Arms Race, Maine Freeze Campaign, Maryland SANE/Freeze (Baltimore), Massachusetts Freeze, Michigan SANE/Freeze, Minnesota SANE/Freeze, New Hampshire Action/PLS, New Jersey SANE/Freeze, New York SANE Peace Council, Buffal(New York) SANE/Freeze, North Carolina SANE/Freeze (Charlotte), OhiSANE/Freeze (Columbus), Pennsylvania Campaign for a Nuclear Disarmament (Harrisburg), SANE/Freeze of Rhode Island, Tennessee Peace &;Disarmament Campaign (Nashville), Texas SANE/Freeze (Georgetown), Virginia Network for Nuclear Disarmament (Hampton), and Wisconsin Nuclear Weapons Freeze (Madison). Affiliates have changed names or even dropped affiliation since 1988, and others have been added tthe list. Many local groups, often carry-overs from the Freeze, have had a loose relationship with the state affiliates. All of these entities have been vital in proclaiming the message of the national office tthe grassroots., and involving them in its programs. Canvassing played a major role in the organization's fundraising and membership drives, as well as in changing public opinion on issues. The national office's Canvass Director[s] supervised paid regional and/or state office directors, whin turn supervised paid mobile canvass units. During election years, these canvass units were sent in tswing districts tbuild membership and enhance local organizing. When possible, this was timed tcoincide with leadership training workshops and visits by Board President William Sloane Coffin. Coffin visited approximately six communities per month for twyears, and at each he met with local affiliates and groups, appeared at media events, and spoke at public gatherings, often sponsored by colleges/ universities or peace groups. The honoraria from these visits raised extensive funds for SANE/Freeze. The Canvassing Department closed in 1993, though some canvassing is still carried out by state affiliates for their own purposes.

In 1993, SANE/Freeze changed its name tPeace Action. This title, its leaders claimed, would "quickly communicate the organization's primary concerns and methods. 'Peace Action' suggests the need tthink, then act, for peace and justice." A "Kick-Off Campaign" was launched tpull together the varying programmatic strands, such as the existing peace economy and disarmament campaigns, under a common theme. Peace Action has continued many of the same programs that had been initiated in former years, while exploring better ways of communicating its message. In 1996, it initiated Peace Voter '96, a non-partisan campaign timpact the 1996 elections with the organization's concerns and values. The goal of the campaign is t"emerge from the 1996 elections as a stronger, more effective organization with real political clout that Republicans, Democrats, and independent candidates have learned trespect." Initially in 1987, SANE/Freeze envisioned growing tone million members by 1997, with chapters in every congressional district, and affiliates in every state. By 1993, however, the organization boasted only 50,000 members. Staff reductions and budget cuts have alstaken place over the years, and program goals have had tbe refined treflect the shift in public support for peace organizations. Rev. Nick Carter was the Executive Director from 1989-1990. Monica Green (whwas the Director of Field Work 1989-(May) 1990, and Director of the Columbus, Ohioffice until 1989) ably led the organization from 1990 through 1995. Gordon Clark, formerly the Director of New Jersey Peace Action, became the new Executive Director in (January) 1996. Peace Action publicizes its aims through research and sharing the results in various formats, organizing members twrites letters tthe editor, lobbying Members of Congress, publishing newsletters on a national and state/local level, organizing public protests, placing advertisements in the media, preparing weekly hotlines on current federal legislation, publishing voting records, creating videtapes, and hosting regional meetings and national annual conferences.

The national office of Peace Action is at 1819 H Street NW, Suite 640, Washington, DC 20006 (202-862-9740; e-mail: peaceaction@igc.apc.org). The international office is at 777 U.N. Plaza, 12th Floor, New York, New York 10017 (212-949 7033). Peace Action maintains a Web page at http://www.web.com/peacenet. Board of Directors members have included: Rev. William Sloane Coffin (President 1987-1990), Olivia Abelson, Dot Baker, Joan Bolte, Lois Booth, Gloria Bouis, Bob Brand, Kay Bridgeford, Steven Brion-Meisels, Beth Broadway, Acie Byrd, Elizabeth Ainsley Campbell, Rev. Kiuyl Chung, Norm Cohen, Elizabeth Campbell Elliott, Judy Feinstein, Al Fishman, Don Gardner, Mark Harrison, Gerald Horne, Mike Keller, Jerry Kendall, Michael Klare, Barbara Kopit, Judy Lerner, Jane Milliken, Jack O'Dell, Shirley Romaine, Angela Sanbrano, Jan Sanders, Robert Schwartz, Don Shaffer, Angelia Smith, Jessie Stratton, Sue Strong, Sylvia Temmer, William Towe, and Cora Weiss. Advisory council members have included: Rev. William Sloane Coffin (President in 1993), Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Ossie Davis, Peter Yarrow, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Toshi and Pete Seeger, Colleen Dewhurst, Harry Belafonte, Rabbi Balfour Brickner, Noam Chomsky, David Cortright, Hon. Ronald Dellums, David Kappel, Michael Klare, Hon. Hilda Howland Mason, Marcus Raskin, Marian Wright Edelman, Coretta Scott King, and David McReynolds.

Collection Overview
The Peace Action collection is a continuation of the SANE and SANE Education Fund (DG 58) collection, which alsresides at the SCPC (the papers of the National Weapons Freeze Campaign are at the University of Missouri at St. Louis). It documents the merger of SANE and the NWFC, as well as the goals and work of the merged organization, through meeting minutes, correspondence, program files, press clippings and other publicity, statements and communications with Congress and other leaders, as well as publications and resources in other formats. The correspondence of the collection is primarily by staffpersons such as David Cortright, Carolyn Cottom, Duane Shank, Nick Carter, Peter Deccy, and Ira Shorr, with the most generated by William Sloane Coffin and Monica Green.

Items removed:
AV materials audio-cassette, reel-to-reel tape, videos, computer discs
oversize documents

Arrangement of Collection

The material in this collection arrived in good condition, but its original order was not kept in most instances. Instead, the collection was arranged in the following way:
Series A contains general administrative material such as financial and legal papers, meeting minutes and correspondence of the Board of Directors, files relating tthe merger of SANE and the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, and personnel files.
Series B is comprised of the general correspondence of staff members and the Board President, as well as in-house memos.
Series C contains the various publications (except for newsletters which are in another location), as well as several files from the Communications Department and the Publications Department.
Series D Programmatic files under the headings of work on disarmament, elections, the Peace Economy Campaign, the Persian Gulf War, and U.S.-U.S.S.R. relations. Since work on these issues was accomplished with the help of numerous coalitions, the files which document these coalitional efforts were included in Series D. Getting the word out about the mission and goals of the organization took many forms: these were arranged under Outreach in Series E according twhether they had tdprimarily with fundraising, informational mailings, publicity, or articles/letters tgovernment/reports etc. Staff members and the Board President visited state and local groups and files relating tthese trips are alsunder
Series E. Files of the Field Division/ Membership Division are in Series E, and include the correspondence and other material which document the organization's canvassing efforts.
Series F is really a continuation of Series E. It contains material by and about state affiliates and local groups, and alsincludes information about state canvassing efforts. These files help document the changes that occurred when SANE groups merged with NWFC groups, with some affiliating with SANE/Freeze and others choosing not tdsbut helping out with SANE/Freeze efforts at times.
Events sponsored by the national office, including the yearly national congresses, and events attended by staff members are documented in Series G.
Series H contains reference material, primarily related tdisarmament, the peace economy, and the Persian Gulf War.
Series I is comprised of the material from the SANE/Freeze International office in New York City (now called Peace Action International), relating tits administration, correspondence, work, and events sponsored and attended.

Because smany staffpersons' files contained similar and/or duplicate material on program and outreach efforts, the decision was made tcombine their files as much as possible within series. An attempt was made tnote when a file came from a particular person. The Peace Economy Campaign (PEC) files in Series D were mostly from Ira Shorr and Monica Green. However, publicity and other material on local PEC efforts appears in the appropriate state/local file in Series F. Persian Gulf War material in Series D came primarily from Cora Weiss, Ria Pugeda, Ira Shorr, and Monica Green.

Trip files of William Sloane Coffin are in Series E under Visits tField, but press clippings about the trips and about Coffin himself are under Publicity in the same series. Press releases, publicity and statements were separated by format and year and placed in the appropriate locations. Files about the Canvass in Series E and Series F were mostly from Peter Deccy and Sue Udry, though canvassing material was gleaned from other staff members as well.

The difference between regional offices, state affiliate offices, local chapters, and local groups was not always readily discernible from the documents, sthat folder designations etc. may be somewhat unclear on this point. Much general material about canvassing, affiliation, and state and local group efforts relating tSANE/Freeze work was mixed in with material that dealt specifically with a state affiliate's canvassing. This material was separated out treflect the hierarchical nature of the Canvass for this organization, namely that the national Canvass Director[s] supervised the work of the regional and state affiliate office directors. Therefore, 1) general information and statistics about the Canvass is in Series E (Outreach) under "Field Division/ Membership Division" which directed the national Canvass. This includes files from the Women's Caucus, which was a subgroup of the Canvass; 2) information relating tcanvassing directed by regional offices and/or state affiliate offices, as well as affiliation agreements, is in Series F according tthe state of origin. Regional and state canvass files were arranged in conjunction with the material generated by state affiliates and local groups. A small amount of material from DG 58 (SANE) was incorporated intthe Peace Action collection; some older material in the SANE/Freeze papers was removed to DG 058, but for the most part it was left in this collection. Material donated by Frans Verhagen concerning SANE and SANE/Freeze in New York is in Series F. However, his files related tthe Coalition for a Nuclear Free Harbor were removed ta CDG-A of that name. Though New Jersey SANE is a separate collection (DG 132), this was not continued in the Peace Action papers since the New Jersey office is affiliated with the national office.

Re-File Box 1, miscellaneous material received 1994-2002
Re-File Box 2, miscellaneous material received 2010-date
Re-File [Current] Box, miscellaneous material received 1993-
Miscellaneous Branches, miscellaneous material 1998-2014


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The links provided here are for the convenience of researchers interested in the history of the national Peace Action's web presence. The Swarthmore College Peace Collection has no control over the web sites or how they are saved by IA.

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Later Accessions Peace Action Records

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 off site
Checklist, removal sheets
History, statement of purpose
Guest log
Name change to SANE/FREEZE
Survey on name change [1993?]
Name change to Peace Action, 1993
Financial documents
Field Activities budgets/finances
Income raised by Coffin, 1987 (November) -1990
Merger financial account, 1987
Finances, 1987-1989
Legal documents
Search for office site / purchase of building, 1987
Office rental

Box 2 off site
501 (C) (3) status
SANE Education Fund legal papers, 1988- [file of David Cortright]
SANE/Freeze PAC by-laws, official records
By-laws re: merger (By-Law Committee, Structure Committee)
Proposed by-laws questionnaire, 1987 (September)
Legal Correspondence and notes re: merger
Executive Committee re: merger
Restructuring Log, 1990 (April - July)

Box 3 off site
SANE/Freeze Unity Commission
SANE/Freeze Unity Commission: Listening Project
SANE/Freeze Unity Commission: Structure Committee, 1986-1987
Transition Team: Board of 100
Transition Team: PAC Task Force
Transition Team: Task Force on Field and Membership

Box 4 off site
Transition Team: Task Force on Field and Membership
State/local groups and merger
Local merger surveys
Consultants re: merger
Personnel Committee decisions re: merger
Search for Executive Director, 1986
Search for Board President
Unity Commission's draft credo paper "Turn Toward Peace," 1986 (September)
Reports on merger, "Progress Toward Unity," 1987 (April) and "Unity at Hand"
Merger publicity
SANE/Freeze 30th Anniversary to celebrate merger, 1987 (December) 8)

Box 5 off site
Board of Directors
Board of Directors - lists
SANE/Freeze Advisory Council [file of SANE/Freeze International Office]
SANE/Freeze Executive Committee [file of Cora Weiss]
By-laws Committee
Program Committee
Executive Committee Meeting; 1987 (April) 5 - 6)
Executive Committee meeting, 1987 (November 19)
Executive Committee meeting, 1988 (January 29)
Executive Committee meeting, 1988 (March 26-27)
Executive Committee meeting, 1988(May 6)
Executive Committee meeting, 1988 (October10- 11)
Executive Committee meeting, 1988 (October28-29)
Executive Committee meeting, 1988 (December 8)
Executive Committee meeting, 1989 (January 28)
Executive Committee conference call, 1989 (December 21)
Executive Committee meeting,1990 (April) 5)
Executive Committee meeting preparatory material, 1991 (September)
National Weapons Freeze Campaign and SANE board mtgs re: merger, 1987 (May)
Transition Team meeting, 1987 (June 6)
Board meeting, 1987 (October 18)
Board meeting, 1988 (January 30-31)
Board Committee meetings,1988 (June 24)
Board meeting, 1988 (June 25-26)
Board meeting, 1988 (December 8)
Board meeting, 1989 (January 28-29)
Board meeting, 1989 (April 22-23)
Board meeting preparatory material, 1989 (June 24-25)
Board meeting, 1989 (October)7)
Board meeting, 1990 (January 13-14)
Board meeting, 1990 (November 13-14)
Strategy Committee meeting,1991 (January 25)
Board meeting preparatory mailing, 1991 (January)
Board meeting preparatory material, 1991 (January 26-27)

Box 6 off site
Board meeting, 1991 (June 15-16)
Board meeting, 1992 (January 25-26)
Education Fund Board meetings
Third World Task Force
Board of Directors Leadership Session 1995 (June 22)
Memos to Board of Directors, 1987-1989
Correspondence with varied Board members, 1987-1988
Correspondence with Steven Brion-Meisels, Board member
Correspondence with: Elizabeth Campbell Elliott, Board member
Don Gardner, Board member
Michael Klare, Board member
Robert Schwartz, Board member
Don Shaffer, Board member
Jessie Stratton, Board member
Cora Weiss, Board membe
Mailings to Executive Committee
Monthly mailings to Board, 1988 (March)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1988 (April)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1988(May)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1988 (June)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1988 (July)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1988 (September)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1988 (November) )
Monthly mailing to Board, 1989 (January)
Monthly mailing to Board, 1989 (February)
Mailing to Board, 1992 (September)
Personnel Committee
Discussions re: personnel policy manual

Box 7 off site
Personnel memos, etc.
Staff charts
Job description notebook
Job descriptions
Performance evaluations
Personnel files on varied staff
Personnel file on: -Nick Carter
-William Sloane Coffin
-David Cortright
-Carolyn Cottom
-Monica Green
-Ray Kelley, volunteer
-Ria Pugeda
-Aaron Schock
-Ira Shor
-Cora Weiss
Search for new executive director, 1990 [file of Cora Weiss]
Search for new Board president, 1990
Staff restructure, 1990-1991


Box 1 off site
General correspondence -
-Dottye Burt, 1988
-Angela Carter, 1989
-Nick Carter, 1989-1990
-Brenda Chamberlain, 1988 (March - June)
-William Sloane Coffin, 1987- 1988 (March)

 Box 2 off site
General correspondence -
William Sloane Coffin, 1988 (April) - 1989 (March)
Box 3 off site
General correspondence -
William Sloane Coffin, 1989 (April) - 1989 (December)
Box 4 off site
General correspondence - -William Sloane Coffin, 1990 (January - July)
-David Cortright as Executive Director, 1987-1988
-David Cortright as Director of Development, 1988-1989
-David Cortright as Senior Associate, 1988-1989
-Carolyn Cottom and David Cortright
-Carolyn Cottom
-David Cortright, SANE and Freeze merge (acc. 98A-075)

Box 5 off site
General correspondence -
-Monica Green as Director of Field Work, 1989- 1990 (May)
-Monica Green re: SANE/Freeze endorsement of N.O.W. pro-choice rally, 1989 (October) - 1990 (January)
- Monica Green as Executive Director, 1990 (July) - 1992 (January)

Box 6 off site
General correspondence -
Monica Green, 1992 (February) - 1994 (May)

Box 7 off site
General correspondence -
-Monica Green, 1994 (June - December)
-Sharon Griffith, 1988 (March -(May)
-Mark Harrison, 1988 (October) -1989
-Dan Houston, 1988 (March - August)
-Adrianne Jemmott
- Elizabeth Lewis, 1988-1989
-Robert K. Musil, 1987-1988
-Len Newman, (March - July) 1988
- Mary Price re: Dr. Coffin's speaking engagements, 1988 (November)- 1989 (September)

Box 8 off site
General correspondence -
-Duane Shank, 1988-1991
-Kay Shaw, 1988-1989
-Ira Shorr
-Sherri Shultz, 1988-1989
-Michael Wyson, 1989
-assorted staffpersons
In-house memos, 1987-1990

Box 9 off site
In-house memos, 1991-1994



Box 1 off site
Communications department
Publications department: graphic artists, 1986-1989
Action alerts
Background packet on Bush
Background packet on nuclear testing
Brochures/leaflets etc. on peace economy
Brochures/leaflets etc. on Persian Gulf War
Bulletins "Peace Empowerment Program," 1994 (February)
Fact sheets and briefing papers
Greeting cards
Peace Platform activist packet, 1988
Student organizing packet
Voting records
Monday lobby reports, 1987
Weekly legislation reports, 1988
Weekly legislation reports, 1989

Box 2 off site
Weekly legislation reports, 1991
Weekly legislation reports, 1992
Lobby updates, 1992
Weekly Washington reports, 1993
SANE/Freeze Education Fund videos
SANE/Freeze video: "Losing Control"
SANE/Freeze video: "Soldiers of Peace," 1989
Agreement with Evolution Film and Tape re: making of film, "Change the World"
"1996 Elections Bird-Dogging Guide"
SANE/Freeze Education Fund publication "The Arms Trade Reader," 1992
"Arms Trade Reader," (galleys)

Box 3 off site
"Blue Book Series" [1, 2, 3] produced by SANE/Freeze International
"Building a Grassroots Peace Network"
"The Coming of 100 Years of Peacemaking: Visions of Peace for the 21st Century," by Peace Action
"News and Views of SANE/Freeze International," Summer 1989
"Post-Soviet Union - The Commonwealth Independent States," issue brief by Kay van der Horst, SANE/Freeze
legislative intern
"'Road Map' to Grassroots Educational Materials on Global Security"
"SANE/Freeze Congressional Handbook" 1987-1988
"SANE/Freeze Grassroots Organization Booklet" for the Comprehensive Test Ban Campaign
"Who's Who and What's What in Nuclear Proliferation," by Nick Carter, 1991


Box 1 off site
Program planning
Strategy and goals, 1987-1995
Work plans of senior staff, 1988-1994

Box 2 off site
Management Team meetings
Program staff planning for Grassroots Organizer mailings
Program staff meetings, 1988- 1994 (January)
Staff mini-retreats
National SANE/Freeze strategy retreat, 1992 (November 18-22)
Questionnaire on mid-range goals, 1989
Survey of possible nationally-coordinated activities, 1990
Grassroots feedback questionnaire re: programming, 1992
Review Committee [file of Cora Weiss]
Review Committee questionnaire report [file of Cora Weiss]
International SANE/Freeze Office questionnaire on future and purpose of SANE/Freeze - answered by chapters, 1991
[file of Cora Weiss]
SANE/Freeze Affirmative Involvement Committee, 1989-1990
Strategy program planning questionnaire, 1993
SANE/Freeze Student Caucus meetings, 1988

Box 3 off site
Work on issues: arms control
Arms transfers to the Middle East, 1991 [file of Monica Green]
B-2 bomber
Biological/chemical weapons
Campaign against Proliferation [file of Monica Green]
Citizen's Train, 1986-1988 (ConnecticutB) [file of Ira Shorr]
Comprehensive Test Ban, 1988 (March)[file of David Cortright]
Comprehensive Test Ban Campaign, 1986-1991
Comprehensive Test Ban special project, 1992 [file of Monica Green]
SANE/Freeze national &;state resolutions on Comprehensive Test Ban, 1986-1987
Comprehensive Test Ban and "Amerika" [file of Ira Shorr]
Test Ban Caravan, 1987

Box 4 off site
General disarmament work, 1988-1993
Disarmament Campaign, 1991 [file of Monica Green]
Peace Action Education Fund Disarmament Campaign, 1992-1993
Disarmament 2000 Project
DOE nuclear testing
Keep Them Shut! campaign re: DOE
Joint agreement between national SANE/Freeze Education Fund and Puget Sound SANE re: Keep Them Shut!
Keep Them Shut! National House Party campaign
DOE Lobby Days re: nuclear testing, 1989
Opposition to nomination of Victor Stello as Assistant Secretary of Defense Programs (DOE), 1989
Involvement in PEIS Task Force re: DOE
Work on Plutonium Control Act, 1989

Box 5 off site
INF Treaty
INF campaign, 1988 [file of Dottye Burt]
INF campaign, 1988 [file of David Cortright]
MX missile [file of David Cortright]
Possible lawsuit against the Pentagon
Star Wars/Strategic Defense Initiative, 1987 [file of Dottye Burt]
Involvement with the Military Production Network
Involvement with Plutonium Challenge
Work on issues: Elections
Legislative Department, 1988-1989
SANE/Freeze voting records, 1987
Elections '88: SANE/Freeze electoral activities, 1988 (February) [file of David Cortright]
Elections '88 [file of Dottye Burt]
Analysis of candidates, 1988 [file of David Cortright]
1988 Democratic National Convention [file of David Cortright]
1988 Democratic National Convention [file of Dottye Burt]
Delegate selection for 1988 Democratic National Convention

Box 6 off site
Peace President Campaign, 198Peace President Campaign, 1988 [file of David Cortright]
SANE/Freeze media blitz on George Bush (Peace President Campaign) [file of David Cortright]
"Mr. Bush, Read Our Lips" advertisement and mailing, 1988 (October)
Responses to distortions of SANE/Freeze's message [file of David Cortright]
Alleged violation of FEC regulations re: "Read Our Lips" advertisement, 1988 [file of David Cortright]
Bush vs. Freeze: Setting the Record Straight
SANE/Freeze legislative coordinators/contacts
Elections, 1991-
Peace Action Washington legislative hotline
Grassroots lobbying proposal, 1987
Targeted grassroots lobbying program [file of Ira Shorr]
Grassroots legislative lobbying survey, 1987
Grassroots legislative lobbying survey, 1988 (Alabama-Nebraska)

Box 7 off site
Grassroots legislative lobbying survey, 1988 (New Jersey-Wisconsin)
Grassroots legislative lobbying survey, 1989
Grassroots feedback questionnaire, 1989
Grassroots legislative lobbying survey, 1990
Legislative grassroots network coordinator data, 1992
Work on issues: Peace Economy Campaign
SANE/Freeze finances re: Peace Economy Campaign
Grants to local groups re: peace economy
Correspondence re: peace economy
Letters to/from Congress and government officials re: peace economy
Sign-On letters re: peace economy
Work on Peace Economy Campaign, 1988-1995

Box 8 off site
Work on Peace Economy Campaign, undated
"The Buck Starts Here" postcard campaign
Call to Common Security campaign
Economic Conversion/Invest in our Communities campaign, 1988
Invest in America/Reinvest in our Communities campaign
Kick-Off (Inaugural) Campaign, 1993
Common Sense Awards Project
Fundraising for Peace Economy Campaign
Mailings re: peace economy
Publicity for Peace Economy Campaign [see state files for local publicity]
Radio advertisement re: defense budget, 1990 (March)
Speeches on peace economy by Ira Shorr
Peace Economy Campaign technical assistance survey, 1989
Involvment with coalitions:
1% for Peace
Box 9 off site
Involvment with coalitions- Campaign for New Priorities Coalition-
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities-
Citizens Budget Campaign, 1989-1993, undated-
Citizens Budget Campaign telephone survey re: election strategy, 1991-
Citizens Budget Campaign Field Working Group and Steering Committee-
Coalition of Coalitions
Common Agenda Coalition

Box 10 off site
Involvment with coalitions-
Invest in America Working Group Jobs With Peace Budget Campaign-
Monday Lobby Group-
National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament-
Proposed joint projects with National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament-
New Priorities Campaign-
Peace Economy Working Group
Tax Fraud Campaign
Tax Day activities, 1989
SANE/Freeze training sessions on "In Defense of Our Communities," 1989
Evaluations of training sessions on "In Defense of Our Communities"
Economic Conversion retreat, 1989 (June)
"State of the Union" event, 1990 (January)
Lobby Days, 1990
Peace Dividend National Town Meetings, 1990
Tax Day activities, 1990
Directors Summit, 1990 (June 27)
Tax Day activities, 1991
Directors Summit, 1991(May 31)

Box 11 off site
(May)ors' (March) "Save our Cities - Save Our Children!," Washington, DC, 1992 (May 16)
Joint Strategic Planning Session to Reorder the Federal Budget Priorities, 1992 (May 29)
Conversion Organizers' Retreat, 1992 (August) 29 - (October 1)
Peace Economy Campaign organizer's packet
Notes of Ira Shorr on the peace economy
Peace dividend - environmental needs
Peace economy - international efforts
Background material for house parties on "Moving to a Peace Economy"
Work on issues: Persian Gulf War
Work on Persian Gulf War, 1990 (August - December)

Box 12 off site
Work on Persian Gulf War, 1991, undated
Statements on Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991
Sign-On letters/endorsements re: Persian Gulf War
Letter to U.S. President re: Persian Gulf War
Involvement with coalitions:- Campaign for Peace in the Middle East [file of Monica Green]-
National Coalition to Stop U.S. Involvement in the Middle East-
Persian Gulf Information Network-
Women's Way to Peace in the Gulf [file of International SANE/Freeze]
SANE/Freeze Education Fund funding proposal "Peace in the Persian Gulf: A Peace Economy at Home," 1990 (September)
Press releases on Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991
Letters to the Editor/Op-Eds re: Persian Gulf War
Advertisement in New York Times re: Persian Gulf War, 1990 (December 26)
Negative responses to New YorkT advertisement

Box 13 off site
Positive responses to New YorkT advertisement
Media on SANE/Freeze's position re: Persian Gulf War
Chapter activity on Persian Gulf War [see also State files]
Notes on relation of Persian Gulf War and peace economy
Work on issues: U.S.-U.S.S.R. Relations
Filmmakers Exchange (a Public Education Project of SANE/Freeze Education Fund), 1987 1988 [file of Dottye Burt]
Filmmakers Exchange finances
Filmmakers Exchange correspondence, 1987-1988
Filmmakers Exchange publicity
Dialogue with Soviets re: nuclear moratorium, 1989
Reaction to coup attempt in Soviet Union, 1991
U.S. Delegation to Soviet Union, 1988 (May 21- June 5)
Soviet Delegation visit to U.S. sponsored by SANE/Freeze International, 1989 (April 15-20)

Box 14 off site
Soviet Delegation correspondance
Soviet Delegation (all groups) visits to New York and New Jersey
Soviet Delegation (first group) visits to Boston, Memphis, and Washington, DC
Soviet Delegation (second group) visits to Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco
Soviet Delegation (third group) visits to Madison (Wisconsin), Seattle, and Portland Summit 1990
Talk show appearances and Op-Eds on 1990 Summit
Soviet-American Joint Working Commission on Peace and Human Rights
Work on issues: Miscellaneous
Central America
National Agenda for Peace in El Salvador [file of David Cortright]
Winning Democracy Campaign re: El Salvador, 1988 [file of David Cortright]
SANE/Freeze response to U.S. Troops mobilization to Honduras, 1988 (March)
Days of Decision (re: stopping Contra aid), 1987
Box 15 off site
American Green Congress, 1991
Campus Greenvote Project
Middle East Peace Process
Involvement with Coalitions
20/20 Vision
Alliance for our Common Future
Arms Control Field Organizers, 1988-1989 [file of Ira Shorr]
Coalition on Human Needs
Director's Forum
Global Security Consortium
Interstate Freeze Lobbying Network, 1987 [file of Dottye Burt]
Spanish Language Task Force
Manhattan Project II Task Force
Task Force on PeaceMaking and the Use of Force re: Bosnia, 1993
SANE/Freeze Third World Task Force, 1997 [file of Dottye Burt]
Union of Peace Professionals
"Tips for Building Coalitions"

Box 1 off site
Fundraising meetings, plans and histories
Fundraising, 1987 [file of Monica Green]
Fundraising by Board members
Auction of artwork by Gary Trudeau
SANE/Freeze credit card
Consider the Alternatives fundraising
Mal Warwick and Associates proposal to fundraise for SANE/Freeze, 1988
Fundraising with foundations, 1987-1989
Fundraising trip to California
Foundation grants for Peace Economy Campaign
Funding proposal for Arms Control Network (SANE/Freeze Education Network)
Funding proposal for Rocky Mountain Regional Education Center, 1987 (June)
Funding proposal for Youth Action, 1988 [file of Dottye Burt]
Funding proposal with National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament, 1992 (March)
Funding proposal "Inaugurate Peace"
Funding proposal "The Next Generation: a High School Education Campaign Promoting Peace
Through Understanding"
Funding proposal "Peace Economy Campaign: To Invest in America"
Funding Proposal "Peace in the Persian Gulf: A Peace Economy at Home," 1990 (September)
Funding Proposal "Zero Option: Only a First Step," 1987 (June)
Funding porposal to Apple Corporation for computers 1990 [File of Monica Green]
Fundraising appeals to Hon. Hilda Mason
Phonathons - telephone scripts

Box 2 off site
Peace platform appeal, 1987 (June)
Merger appeal, 1987 (June) and (November) )
"Don't Stop Now" appeal, 1987 (October)
Year end appeals, 1987 (December)
"Consider the Alternatives" appeal, 1987
INF appeal, 1988 (January)
Election appeal, 1988 (March)
INF Treaty appeals, 1988 (April)
SANE/Freeze PAC appeal, 1988 (May)
Summit appeal, 1988 (May)
Bush appeal, 1988 (August)
Inaugurate Peace Campaign appeals, [1988?]
Keep Them Shut! appeal [early 1989?]
Peace Economy appeal, 1989 (May)
Department of Energy nuclear plants appeal, [1989?]
Year end appeal, [1989?-1990?]
Appeal from Cora Weiss, post-1990
Persian Gulf War appeal, 1991 (February)
Peace Economy appeals, 1991 (June - September)
Year end appeal, 1991 (November)
Citizen's Resolution appeal, post-1992
Landmines appeal, post-1993
Signing INF Treaty appeal
Correspondence re: membership and fundraising appeals
Donor/donation statistics 
Grassroots Organizer (GRO) mailings, 1987 (April) - 1990 (April)

Box 3 off site
Grassroots Organizer (GRO) mailings, 1990 (June) - 1992 (January)

Box 4 off site
Grassroots Organizer (GRO) mailing, 1992 (February) - 1994 (December)

Box 5 off site
Grassroots Organizer (GRO) mailings, 1995 (January - March) - 1999

Box 6 off site
Grassroots Organizer (GRO) mailings, 1999 (May) - current

Box 7 (1/2 box) off site
Grassroots Network Against the Arms Trade (GNAT), Fall 1993 - Winter 1995-1996
Mailings to activists, 1988
Mailings to activists and others, 1989

Box 8 off site
Mailings to activists,1989 (April)
Mailings to activists and others, 1990
Shorr mailings to activists, 1990 (November)
Mailings to activists and others, 1991
Mailings to activists and others, 1991 (January)
Mailings to activists, 1992-1994
Mailing to state affiliates/chapters, 1989
Mailing to state affiliates/chapters, 1990
Shorr mailing to state affiliates, 1990 (December)
Mailing to state affiliates/chapters, 1991- , undated
Bankrupting America mailings to activists and affiliates, 1989, undated
Mailing to Armed Services Committee, 1993 (April)
Press clippings re: William Sloane Coffin
Press releases, 1987-1991
Press breakfast, 1991 (November 4)
Press conference to launch ConnecticutB Coalition, 1988 (May 12)
Press conference and march for "Housing Now," 1989
SANE/Freeze press conference on Peace Dividend, 1990 (January 30)

Box 9 off site
Publicity, undated
Publicity on documentary film re: Soviet Union
Press clippings, 1987-1991
Articles/Letters to Government/Reports, etc.
Articles/chapters by William Sloane Coffin
Article by David Cortright
Article "After Bush's Speech: Talking About Real Disarmament" by Burton Glass
Article "What is a Grassroot?" by Bob Musil
Article "Bring Home the Cost of the Arms Race" by Ira Shorr
Editorials/ Op-Eds
Interview on "All Things Considered" by William Sloane Coffin, 1990 (December 28)
Interviews by William Sloane Coffin
Letters to/from Congress by David Cortright and Carolyn Cottom, 1987
Letters to/from Congress and U.S. government officials

Box 10 off site
Letters to the editor
Letters to the President
Letters to USSR officials
Notes for fundraising workshop by Ira Shorr
Notes for media workshop by Ira Shorr
Notes for public speaking workshop by Ira Shorr
Notes on 'how to change attitudes' by Ira Shorr
Program reports, 1987-1993
Service on boards/advisory councils by William Sloane Coffin
Sign-On letters
Speeches/sermons by William Sloane Coffin
Speech at Human Brigade Rally by David Cortright, 1987 (December 5)
Speech "Facing Our Own Guns: The True Cost of Weapons Proliferation at Home and Abroad,"
by Scott Nathanson, 1994 (October)8)
"Selling our Jobs" television documentary produced and narrated by Ira Shorr, 1995

Box 11 off site
Visits to field
Speaking engagements/field visits of Nick Carter, 1989-1990
Visits to field by William Sloane Coffin [see files called "press clippings" in Series D, subseries
"Publicity," for press coverage of Coffin trips]- Coffin speaking schedule
Speaking engagements, 1988 (January - March),
Planning and report for Coffin trip to Iowa, 1988 (February 1 -May) [file of Ira Shorr]
Trip to Spokane, Washington, 1988
Trip to Sacramento, California 1988 (April 13- May1)
Trip to Northridge, California for Peace Expo, 1988 (April 14)
Trip to Connecticut, 1988 (November)5-8)
Trips to Colorado, 1988 (June)
Trip to Ohio, 1988 (June 13-14)
Trip to Atlanta, Georgia, 1988 (July 14-17)
Trip to Lakeside, Ohio, 1988 (July 31)
Trip to Greenwich, Connecticut, 1988 (October 9- November)
Trip to Elizabethtown, New York, 1988 (October 12)
Trip to Elon College, North Carolina, 1988 (October 15)
Trip to Baltimore, Maryland , 1988 (October 18)
-Trip to Oregon, (October)28 - 1988 (October 2)
Trip to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 1988 (October)
Trip to Massachusetts, 1988 (October 6)
Trip to Berkshire, New York, 1988 (October 6)
Trip to York/Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1988 (October 12)
Trip to Jacksonville, Florida, 1988 (October 18-19)
Trip to Kansas, 1988 (October 20-24)
Trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1988 (October 30- (November 4)
Trip to North Carolina, 1988 (November 2-6)
Trip to Wisconsin, 1988 (October 26- (November 3)
-Trip to Macon Georgia,1988 (November 7)
Trip to Appleton, Wisconsin, 1988 (November 15)
Trip to Cinncinatti, Ohio, 1988 (November 18-20)
Trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1988 (November 22)
Trip to Battleboro, Vermont, 1988 (December 5-6)
Appointment book of Coffin, 1989-1990
Trip to Wilmington, North Carolina, 1989 (January 21-22)
Trip to Columbus, Ohio, 1989 (January 31)
Trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1989 (February 5-6)
Trip to Ferram, Virginia, 1989 (February 8)
Trip to Richmond, Virginia, 1989 (February 10)
Trip to Knoxville, Tennessee, 1989 (February 11-12)

Box 12 off site
Trip to Geneseo, New York, 1989 (February 14)
Trip to Michigan, 1989 (February18-21)
Trip to Madison, 1989 (March 1)
Trip to Phoenix and Tuscon, 1989 (March 1-4)
Trip to Manchester, Indiana, 1989 (March 5-6)
Trip to Chicago, Illinois, 1989 (March 7)
Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, 1989 (March 8-9)
Trip to Iowa and Illinois, 1989 (March 10-14)
Trip to Baltimore, Maryland , 1989 (March 11)
Trip to Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1989 (March 27-31)
Trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1989 (March 31)
Trip to California, 1989 (April 2-8)
Trip to Hawaii, 1989 (April 9-13)
Trip to Oberlin, Ohio, 1989 (April 21)
Trip to New York City, 1989 (April 27)
Trip to Chicago, Illinois, 1989 (April 29-30)
Trip to Connecticut, 1989 (May 1-2)
Trip to New York, 1989 (May 4)
Trip to New York City, New York, 1989 (May 11)
Trip to Buffalo, New York, 1989 (May 7)
Trip to Nashville, Tennessee, 1989 (June 2-4)
Trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1989 (June 8)
Trip to New York, New York, 1989 (June 29)
Trip to Claremont, California, 1989 (July 16-21)
Trip to Salisbury, Vermont, 1989 (August 6)
Trip to Seattle, Washington, 1989 (August 11-13)
Trip to Youngstown, Ohio, 1989 (October 18-19)
Trip to Dallas and Houston, Texas, 1989 (October 20-22)
Trip to Georgia, 1989 (October 23-26)
Trip to St. Louis, Missouri, 1989 (October 27-28)
Trip to Miami, Florida, 1989 (October 4-5)
Trip to Grinnell, Iowa, 1989 (October 11-12)
Trip to Connecticut, 1989 (October 15-18)
Trip to New York, 1989 (October 19-22)
Trip to New Mexico, 1989 (October 28-29)
Trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1989 (November 5-6)
Trip to De Pere, Wisconsin, 1989 (November 7)
Trip to Delaware, Ohio, 1989 (November 8)


13 off site
Trip to AK, (November 11-14) 1989
Trip to Orange, California, (November 29 ) 1989
Trip to New England, 1989 (November 30 - December 3)
Trip to Providence, Rhode Island, 1989 (December 3-4)
Trip to New York, New York, 1989 (December 4)
Trip to New York, New York, 1989 (December 8)
Trip to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 1989 (December 10-11)
Speaking engagements in Washington, DC, 1989
Trip to Newburyport, Connecticut, 1990 (January 14)
Trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1990 (January 21)
Trip to Darlington, Maryland , 1990 (January 25)
Trip to New London, Connecticut, 1990 (January 27-28)
Trip to Tampa, Florida, 1990 (February 9-11)
Trip to Geneva, New York, 1990 (February19-20)
Trip to Reston, Virginia, 1990 (February 25)
Trip to Baltimore, Maryland , 1990 (March 3)
Trip to Boston, Massachusetts, 1990 (March 7-8)
Trip to Buffalo, New York, 1990 (March 13-14)
Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, 1990 (March 15-17)
Trip to Santa Barbara, California, 1990 (March 21)
Trip to Potomac, Maryland , 1990 (March 25)
Trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1990 (March 28)
Trip to Dayton, Ohio, 1990 (March 30-31)
Trip to New York, New York, 1990 (April 1-2)
Trip to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 1990 (April 5)
Trip to Schenectady, New York, 1990 (April 7-10)
Trip to Amherst, Massachusetts, 1990 (April 18)
Trip to Westminister, Maryland , 1990 (April 20)
Trip to Minneapolis Minnesota, 1990 (April 28-29)
Trip to Cleveland, Ohio, 1990 (May 4 - 6)
Trip to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, 1990 (May 10)
Trip to New York, New York, 1990 (May 11)
Trip to Genesco, New York, 1990 (May 18-19)
Trip to Chicago,Illinois, 1990 (May 20-22)
Trip to New York. New York, 1990 (June 5)
Trip to West Hartford, Connecticut, 1990 (June 10)
Trip to Wisconsin and North Dakota, 1990 (June 26-28)
Speaking engagements in Washington DC, 1990

Box 14 off site
Speaking engagements of David Cortright, 1987-1988
Monica Green presentation at Ohio Campaign for Global Security Fall Retreat, 1990 (November 16-18)
Shorr trip to midwest, 1986 (July)
Shorr trip to northwest, 1986 (September)
Shorr trip to Michigan, 1986 (November)
Shorr trips/workshops, 1987
Shorr trip to S. California, 1987 (February20-24)
West Coast "Graduate School" workshop, 1987 (June 12-14)
Shorr trip to Oregon, 1987 (August)
Proposed Midwest Academy Training, 1988 [file of Ira Shorr]
Shorr trips to Washington and Oregon, 1988 (April 15 - May 1)
Shorr trip to New York, 1990 (October 23-29)
Field trip reports by assorted staff
Field trip reports by Dottye Burt
Field trip reports by Jenny Daughtry
Field trip reports by Peter Deccy
Site visit reports by Burton Glass
Field trip reports by Nancy Green
Field trip reports by Ira Shorr
Field trip reports by Ellen Spears
Box 15 off site
Field Division/Membership Division/Canvassing Department
Correspondence of Canvass staff
Correspondence from constituents
Correspondence of Monica Green re: the Canvass
In-house memos- -Dottye Burt
-Jenny Daughtry
-Peter Deccy to Arline Terry-
-Peter Deccy to Bonnie Kendrick
Peter Deccy to Carole Zý
-Peter Deccy to Dottye Burt (and others)-
-Peter Deccy to Duane Shank (and others)-
-Peter Deccy to Len Newman-
Peter Deccy to Monica Green [many include her responses], 1989-1994, undated

Box 16 off site
In-house memos- -Peter Deccy to Nick Carter
-Peter Deccy to Phil Schuler
-Peter Deccy to Rosalie Greene
-Peter Deccy to Canvass Directors
-Peter Deccy to assorted staff, 1987-1993
-Rosalie Greene
-Phil Schuler
-Sue Udry
-Carole Watson to Peter Deccy
-assorted canvassing staff

Box 17 off site
Field Division, 1987-
Field Division Reports, 1988-1990
Membership Division, 1987-
Canvass Department, 1987- , undated
Finances re: Affiliates, 1989-1990
Legal information re: canvassing
Membership and Affiliation Board Committee
Canvass Board Committee
Staff meetings
Canvass Director and Regional Canvass Director meetings

Box 18 off site
Staff retreats
Organizational charts
Job descriptions
Recruitment of Canvass staff and volunteers
Student organizing and campus recruitment
Internship program
Canvass salary structure
Canvass staff evaluations
Training information for canvassers
Personnel policy re: canvassers
Proposed labor union for peace activists, 1987
Affirmative involvement
Canvass five year plan
Communications plan, 1990
Box 19 off site
Staff workplans
Canvass offices expansion proposal, 1988
Affiliation data
Affiliation process [file of Monica Green]
Reachams to Affiliation Contrat
Legal Discussions re: Affiliation 1988-1989
Local/national affiliation contract and guidelines [file of Peter Deccy]
Mailings to affiliates re: affiliation, 1990
Affiliation revision, 1993
Dues sharing by affiliates/chapters
List sharing agreements
Member renewal agreement
Agreement with "Nuclear Times" re: subscriptions for SANE/Freeze members
Canvass office decentralization
Membership development [file of Peter Deccy]
Box 20 off site
Canvass Mid-City Hi-Donor Project
Canvassing for the homeless, Martin Luther King Day
Hispanic Canvass
Rainbow Coalition Canvas
Canvass mobile teams
Sides policy
Policy governing image and conduct of canvasses
Canvass driver and auto policies
Canvass vehicles
Canvass and accidents report
Fatal accident of canvassers, 1986-1987
SANE/Freeze members by congressional district, 1988
Membership recruitment and retention, 1988
Canvass membership recruitment, 1989-1990
Canvass membership report, 1990 (January - February)
Canvass membership recruitment and renewal, 1990 (March - July)

Box 21 off site
Membership statistics, 1987-1992
Monthly membership and revenue print-out, 1990 (October 5)
Canvass surveys
Monthly canvass reports
Canvass staff weekly reports
Peter Deccy's weekly reports
Report to Executive Committee on canvass structure by Dottye Burt, 1988 (October 28)
Reports to Executive Committee by Peter Deccy
Grassroots activities reports
Canvass report, "Last Year-This Year," 1988-1990
New member solicitation mailings, 1987
Planning for membership renewal, 1990
Membership renewal mailings
Mailings to [state] Canvass Directors and Regional Canvass Directors- -Sue Udry, 1989 (June 16)
-Sue Udry, 1989 (January 10)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (January 18)
1989 (January 23)
1989 (February 10)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (February14)
1989 (March 15)
1989 (March 16)
-Sue Udry, 1989 (March 29)
-Sue Udry, 1989 (April 7)
-Sue Udry, 1989 (April 12)
-Sue Udry, 1989 (April 20)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (April 20)
-Sue Udry, 1989 (April 26)
1989 (May 1)

Box 22 off site
Mailings to [state] Canvass Directors and Regional Canvass Directors-
-Laura Carnell, 1989 (May 3)
-Sue Udry,1989 (May 16)
1989 (May 25)
-Laura Carnell, 1989 (June 7)
1989 (June 23 )
1989 (June 28)
-Peter Deccy, (July) (March) 89
1989 (July 6)
1989 (July 11)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (July 18)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (July 27)
-Laura Carnell, 1989 (July)
1989 (August 3)
1989 (August 11)
1989 (August 17)
-Peter Deccy, (August 25) 1989
1989 (October 21)
1989 (September)
1989 (October 3)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (October 11)
-Alice [Grubb?], 1989 (October 19)
1989 (October 25)
-Angela Carter, 1989 (November 1)
1989 (Novembe 11)
-Peter Deccy, 1989 (November 15)
1989 (December 19)
-Peter Deccy, 1990 (January 31)
-Kate Kent, 1990 (February 5)
1990 (February 22)
-Monica Rohde, 1990 (March 1)
-Peter Deccy, 1990 (March 13)
1990 (March 21)
1990 (April 11)
1990 (April 19)
-Monica Rohde, 1990 (May 2)
1990 (October 11)
-Al Fuherman, 1994 (October 30)
-Monica Green 1994 (October 12)

Box 23 off site
Writings of Peter Deccy on canvassing
"Joining Together: A Resource Book for Developing Membership and Empowering the Movement"
Canvass "Handbook for Trainers," 1990 (June)
SANE/Freeze Canvass "Handbook of Turf Management," 1990 (June)
Membership and Affiliation Contract Guide
Membership and Affiliation Contract Guide, 1989-1990
"Canvass Shreds"
"Information for Women Canvassers" by Women's Caucus
Women's Caucus - general
Memos to Women's Caucus representatives, 1988-1989
Women's Caucus - state and regional reports
Women's Caucus - "Information for Women Canvassers"


Box 1 off site
Notes on and/or correspondence with state groups by Ira Shorr, 1986-1988
Notes on and/or correspondence with state groups in Ohio by Ira Shorr, 1986-1988
State affiliates - general
Local chapters and canvass offices
Grassroots network/contacts
Meeting at Presidents of Affiliate Boards, 1990 (February 15)
Alabama NWFC state affiliate
Alaska SANE state affiliate, 1987-1992, undated
Arizona state affiliate [Center to Reverse the Arms Race]
Arkansas Peace Center
California SANE/Freeze - general
Canvass file on decentralization of California offices

Box 2 off site
Canvass file on Western Regional office, 1987
SANE canvass file on northern California (San Francisco) regional office, 1986 1987
Canvass file on
northern California (San Francisco) regional office, 1988
Northern California (San Francisco) regional office, 1989
SANE canvass file on southern California (Los Angeles) regional office, 1986-1987
Canvass file on southern California (Los Angeles) regional office, 1988

Box 2a off site
Canvass file on southern California(Los Angeles) regional office, undated
Southern California (Los Angeles) regional office, 1987
California local chapters/groups - assorted
Sacramento SANE/Freeze (California) - local

Box 3 off site
Canvass file on San Diego (California) affiliate office
San Diegans for a Bilateral Nuclear Weapons Freeze (California) - local
San Diego Council for Economic Conversion (California) - local
San Gabriel Valley (California) - local
San Mateo County (California) - local
Canvass file on Santa Barbara (California) office
Santa Barbara (California) office
Westside County (California) - local
Work on peace economy in California
California Peace Action, 1994-1995
Canvass file on Rocky Mountain (Boulder, Colorado) office
Canvass file on Colorado local chapters - varied
Colorado Peace Action
Canvass file on Hartford (Connecticut) state affiliate
Hartford (Connecticut) state affiliate
Connecticut local chapters - varied
Third CD in New Haven (Connecticut) - local
Connecticut Peace Action, 1993
Box 4 off site
Canvass file on Washington, DC - local groups
Florida local groups - varied
Canvass file on Southern regional office in Atlanta (Georgia)
Southern regional office (Atlanta, Georgia) and Athens (Georgia) state affiliate
Southern regional office (Atlanta, Georgia) [file of Monica Green]
Hawaii state affiliate (Honolulu, Hawaii) office
Canvass file on Hawaii state affiliate
Canvass file on Chicago (Illinois) state affiliate office
Box 5 off site
Chicago (Illinois) weekly canvass reports
Chicago (Illinois) state affiliate
Illinois local groups - varied
Work on peace economy in Illinois
Illinois Peace Action, 1994-1995
Canvass file on Indiana
Indianapolis (Indiana) NWFC - local
SANE/Freeze Comprehesive Test Ban campaign in Iowa, 1987 [file of Dottye Burt]
Canvass file on Wichita (KS) area
Kentucky Peace Action, 1995

Box 6 off site
Canvass file on Maine state affiliate office
Maine Peace Campaign state affiliate
Work on peace economy in Maine
Peace Economy Project (Maine)
Maine Peace Action, 1994
Canvass file on Maryland
Maryland SANE/Freeze state affiliate
Anne Arundel County (Maryland ) SANE/Freeze state affiliate
Maryland - local chapters
Maryland Peace Action, 1995
Canvass file on Massachusetts

Box 7 off site
Massachusetts SANE/Freeze (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - state affiliate
Massachusetts - local chapters / peace economy campaign in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Peace Action, 1995
Berkshire SANE/Freeze (Massachusetts) - local
Canvass file on Michigan
Michigan SANE/Freeze state affiliate office
Detroit area SANE/Freeze (Michigan)
Canvass file on Minnesota
Minnesota SANE/Freeze state affiliate office
Minnesota Peace Action, 1995
Canvass file on Mississippi
Canvass file on Missouri
Missouri Peace Action
Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Freeze Coalition (Missouri) - local
St. Louis Freeze (Missouri) - local
Canvass file on Nebraska
Canvass file on Nevada
Canvass file on New Hampshire

Box 8 off site
New Hampshire Action for Peace and Lasting Security state affiliate
New Hampshire Peace Action, 1993-95
Canvass file on New Jersey
New Jersey state affiliate office, 1986-1991

Box 9 off site
New Jersey state affiliate office, 1992-1993, undated
New Jersey Peace Action, 1993-1995
Canvass file on New Mexico
Canvass file on New York state affiliate office
New York SANE/Freeze and New York Sane Council in New York, New York - regional
New York SANE Council, 1984-1985 [file of Frans Verhagen]
New York SANE Council, 1986-1987 [file of Frans Verhagen]
New York SANE Peace Council [file of Frans Verhagen]
New York: misc. papers of Frans Verhagen
New York, New York Mailing list [file of Frans Verhagen]
Brooklyn Heights SANE/Freeze (New York)
Downstate New York petition drive re: INF treaty, 1988
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (New York) - local

Box 10 off site
Great Neck SANE/Freeze (New York) - local
Metropolitan New York SANE/Freeze Council [file of Frans Verhagen]
Metropolitan New York SANE/Freeze, 1989
Queens SANE/Freeze (New York), 1985-1986 [file of Frans Verhagen] - local
Queens Festival Peace Square/Tent, 1985-1987 [file of Frans Verhagen]
Queens Festival Peace Square, 1988 [file of Frans Verhagen]
West Chester SANE/Freeze (New York) - local
Westside Action SANE/Freeze (New York) - local
New York local groups - varied
Work on peace economy in New York

Box 11 off site
Canvass file on local New York SANE/Freeze groups
New York Peace Action, 1990-1994
Canvass files on North Carolina
North Carolina SANE/Freeze
North Carolina local groups - varied
Canvass file on Ohio SANE/Freeze (Columbus) state affiliate office
Ohio SANE/Freeze (Columbus, Ohio) state affiliate
Ohio Peace Action, 1988-1992
Canvass file on Cleveland SANE/Freeze (Ohio) office
Cleveland SANE/Freeze (Ohio) office
Cleveland SANE/Freeze (Ohio) office [file of Monica Green]
Peace Council of Youngstown (Ohio) - local
Box 12 off site
Work on peace economy in Ohio
Canvass file on Oregon
Oregon Peace Action, 1994
Canvass file on Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) regional office
Philadelphia SANE/Freeze (Pennsylvania) - regional
Canvass file on Pittburgh (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania local groups - varied
Pennsylvania Peace Action, 1995
Canvass file on Rhode Island SANE/Freeze
South Carolina SANE/Freeze
South Dakota
Canvass file on Nashville (Tennessee) state affiliate office
Nashville (Tennessee) state affiliate
Work on peace economy in Tennessee
Box 13 off site
Canvass file on Texas
Texas Campaign for Global Security state affiliate
Texas Peace Action
Canvass file on Vermont
Battleboro area SANE/Freeze (Vermont) - local
Canvass file on Virginia
Northern Virginia chapter of SANE/Freeze (Arlington, Virginia) state affiliate
Richmond NWFC (Virginia) - local
Canvass file on Washington
Washington SANE/Freeze state affiliate
Washington State Peace Action, 1989
Puget Sound SANE/Freeze (Washington) office
Canvass file on West Virginia
West Virginia SANE/Freeze
Canvass file on Wisconsin
Wisconsin SANE/Freeze (Madison, Wisconsin) state affiliate office


Box 1 off site
Events sponsored by SANE/Freeze
International Children's Summit, 1987 (December 2-9) [file of Dottye Burt]
Conference on the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty, 1988 (March 21)
Conference on "INF and Beyond: Common Security vs. Modernization," 1988 (April 11)
Global Security discussion series, 1989
Delegation to European Nuclear Disarmament Conference, Spain, 1989 (July 5-9)
Congressional staff briefing on Economic Conversion, co-sponsored by SANE/Freeze, 1989 (July 14)
Delegation to Nicaragua and Costa Rica - briefing material, 1990 (January 28 - February) [file of SANE/Freeze International]
Luncheon co-sponsored by SANE/Freeze, 1992 (November 18)
First National Congress, Cleveland, Ohio, 1987 (November 20-22)- Agenda Review Committee
File of Monica Green
Final decisions
Box 2 off site
First National Congress, Cleveland, Ohio, 1987 (November 20-22) Planning committee
Planning committee conference calls and meetings
Proposed resolutions
"SANE/Freeze membership and affiliation" booklet
Small groups
Strategy Committee: strategy papers, 1987-1988
Strategy working group
Voting delegates
Box 3 off site
Second National Congress, Atlanta, Georgia, 1988 (December 9-11) Ad Hoc Site Committee
Address book
Commemorative Program Journal
Final decisions and report
Funding proposals
1988 Congress [file of SANE/Freeze International]
Local coordinator
Messages from international peace and justice organizations
Planning committee
Planning committee conference calls and meetings
Box 4 off site
Second National Congress, Atlanta, Georgia, 1988 (December 9-11) Planning notes
Proposed resolutions
Small groups
Strategy development
Strategy survey, 1988
Voting delegates
Box 5 off site
Third National Congress, Oakland California, 1990 (February15-18) [postponed because of 1989 (November) earthquake Address book
Final decisions and reports
1989 Congress [file of SANE/Freeze International]
Local planning coordinators
Planning committee
Planning committee meetings
Planning committee notes
Proposed resolutions
Site selection

Box 6 off site
Third National Congress, Oakland California, 1990 (February15-18) [postponed because of 1989 (November) earthquake Strategy development
Strategy survey
Fourth National Congress, Chicago Illinois, 1991 (August 9-11) Address book
Final decisions and reports
Funding proposals
1991 Congress [file of SANE/Freeze International]
Planning committee

Box 7 off site
Fourth National Congress, Chicago Illinois, 1991 (August 9-11)
Planning committee meetings and conference calls Small group feedback sheets
Strategy committee
Strategy development
Voting delegates
Fifth National Congress, Nashville Tennessee, 1992 (June 26-28) Address book
Hiroshima exhibit
Planning committee
Planning committee conference calls and meetings

Box 8 off site
Fifth National Congress, Nashville Tennessee, 1992 (June 26-28) Poll
Proposed and passed resolutions
Strategy develoment
Sixth National Congress, Detroit Michigan, 1993 (July 22-25)
Seventh National Congress, Maine, 1994 (June)
Eighth National Congress, New Jersey,1995 (June 23-25)
Box 9 off site
International Working Conference on the Arms Trade, New York, New York, 1991 (October 30- (November 2) Arms trade reader / video orders
Briefing packet on arms control
Conference correspondence, 1991 (March) - 1992, undated
Consultants for conference
Delegations to U.N. missions
Final reports of conference
Focus on Burma at conference
UN forum on arms control attended by conference participants, 1991 (October 31)
Box 10 off site
International Working Conference on the Arms Trade, New York, New York , 1991 (October 30 - November 2)
Fundraiser for conference Media/publicity
Notes on proceedings
Participants of conference
Program committee for conference
Proposed International Communications Network on the Arms Race
Speakers (includes correspondence)
Global Town Meeting, Riverside Church, 1991 (November 1)
International participants (includes correspondence)
Logistics of conference
Box 11 off site
International Working Conference on the Arms Trade, New York, New York , 1991 (October 30 - November 2)
Transcripts of presentations
Events attended
UN Conference on Disarmament and Development, 1987
Peace (March), Brussels, Belgium, 1987 (October)
A Bridge to Peace: Summit '87, 1987 (December 5)
Third UN Special Session on Disarmament, 1988 [file of David Cortright]
25th Anniversary (March) on Washington, 1988
NATO Summit, Brussels, Belgium, 1989 (May 28-30)
World Disarmament Conference, Dagomys, USSR, 1989 (June 12-16)
Global Security Consortium meeting, Boston Massachusetts, 1989 (July 12)
Briefing for SANE/Freeze staff by members of EUROTOUR, 1989 (November 7)
National Town Meeting, Washington DC, 1990 (May 2)
Directors Summit, Washington DC, 1990 (June 27)
Midwest Leadership Consultation of the Alliance for Our Common Future, Chicago Illinois, 1990 (August 24-26)
National Campaign for Peace in the Middle East Lobby Day, 1991 (January 28), and March, 1991 (January 26)
Conference on General and Complete Disarmament, 1991 (December 18)
Box 12 off site
Monday Lobby Retreat, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, (January) 14-16 1992
U.N. Conference on Environmental and Development, Brazil, (June) 1992 (including material from preparatory meetings)- SANE/Freeze communications re: UNCED-
NGO Working Group on Militarism, Environment, and Development-
U.S. Citizens Network on UNCED
30th Anniversary March on Washington, 1993 [files of Monica Green and Ira Shorr]
Monday Lobby Conference, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, 1994 (January 9- 11)


Box 1 off site
Arms control
Arms transfers
Polls re: arms control
Arms Control Media Project
"Code of Conduct: A Response to the Issue of International Arms Sales," endorsed by Peace Action
"Economic Conversion and International Inspection: Alternatives to Arms Exports and Militarism," by Greg Bischak and James Raffel, presented at the International Working Conference on Arms Trade, sponsored by SANE/Freeze
Reference material on Central America
Study Guide: "Caring about Central America," by William Sloan Coffin, 1983
Elections and disarmament issues

Box 2 off site
Disarmament - Soviet Union
DOE Nuclear Testing
Reference Material on DOE
Institute for Defense and Disarmament
Amendment Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Testing, New York, New York , 1991 (January)
Writings of Dr. C.E. Sandy Thomas on nuclear war
"Countdown on the Comprehensive Test Ban"
Peace/Freeze movement

Box 3 off site
Peace Economy
Center for Economic Conversion
Defense Budget Project
Musgrove Conference on Changing Priorities, 1991 (April 19-21)
"American Priorities: A Local Activist's Guide to the Federal Budget""Conversion from Military to Civilian Economy: An Economic Alternative to the Arms Race"
"Does America Need Cities?", 1991
"The Federal Budget Yellow Pages"
"An Introduction to Economic Conversion," by Jonathan Feldman
"More Jobs, More Security"
"Plowing Under the Farmers: The Impact of the Pentagon Tax on American Agriculture"
"Quality of Life FY'90 Alternaitve Budget," Congressional Black Congress
"Reinvest in NH: Put Our Federal Tax Dollars to Work," 1992
"Restructuring the US Military: Defense Needs in the 21st Century"
"A Shift in Military Spending to America's Cities: What it Means to Four Cities and the Nation"
"Towards Achiving a Progessive Agenda: A Handbook for Organizing a Referendum on New Priorities"
Box 4 off site
Persian Gulf War
Reference materials on the Persian Gulf War
Persian Gulf War
"The Militarization of the Pacific," by Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
"On Impact: Modern Warfare and the Environment - a Case Study of the Gulf War," by William Arkin, Damian Durrant and Marianne Cherni
Peace Movement
Future of the peace movement


Box 1 off site
Finances 1988-
Grant proposals
Foundation grants
Donors, 1988-1991
501(c)(3) status
Office (free of rent) at Church Center for the U.N., New York, New York
SANE/Freeze International [file of William Sloane Coffin]
Box 2 off site
General file
Board Committee
SANE/Freeze International meetings with SANE/Freeze national office
Conference calls, 1993
Correspondence with Board
Internship program
Correspondence with national office, 1988-1993, undated
General correspondence, 1988
Box 3 off site
General correspondence, 1989-1992, undated
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Peace Pops
Proposed programming re: Peace Economy Campaign Mailings
"Nuclear Times" article on 1988 Summit, International SANE/Freeze's response
Endorsement of the Campaign to Oppose the Return of the Khmer Rouge
News updates/summaries

Box 4 off site
Report of SANE/Freeze International to the Executive Committee on activities of 1988 (August - October)
Reports on U.N. briefings
Resolution on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1988
Support for nomination of Nita Barrow as President of U.N. General Assembly, 1988 (August)
Work on Draft Convention on the Monitoring of the International Arms Trade
SANE/Freeze International as NGO representative of United Nations
International Peace Bureau [Cora Weiss, Board Member]
Ria Pugeda representation on National Disarmament Advisory Group, American Friends Service
Committee, 1991-1992
Ria Pugeda representation on Peace Committee of the American Friends Service Committee, 1990-1992
Ria Pugeda representation on Philippine Base Network, 1989-1990
Box 5 off site
Country Files
Costa Rica
Germany, Federal Republic of
German Democratic Republic
Soviet Union
Great Britain
Box 6 off site
Events Sponsored by SANE/Freeze International
Series on Global Security: Tea Time for Talk, 1988
Luncheon meeting for William Sloane Coffin, New York, New York, 1988 (May 17)
SANE/Freeze delegation to Moscow Summit, 1988 (June)
Luncheon for Genrikh Borovik, Soviet Peace Committee, 1988 (July 11)
Visit to U.S. by members of International Peace Communication and Coordination Center, 1988 (November 27 - December 4)
Joint meeting of the IPCCC, American Friends Service Committee, and BASIC with SANE/Freeze International, Washington D.C, 1988 (November 28) (Address by Bernt Carlsson)
Dialogue/meeting with Aleksandr N. Yakovlev, 1988 (December 7)
Trans Siberian Railway Peace Tour (postponed/cancelled?) 1989
Delegation to Nicaragua, 1989 (February)
Delegation to International Peace Olympiad, Athens, 1989 (March 13-20)
Soviet-American Women's Summit, New York, New York, 1990 (April 30 - (May 15), co-sponsored by SANE/Freeze
Delegation to the German Democratic Republic, 1989 (June)
International SANE/Freeze Delegation to China, (Proposed only?) 1989 (October)
Elena Ershova visit to the United States, 1989 (October - November)
Dinner for Le Thi Nam Tuyet, 1989 (November 14)
Seminar on Human Rights, Democracy and Disarmament, 1989 (December 8)
Lunch for Alexandra Momdjan and Irina Mannillova, 1990 (October 25)
Lunch with Oleg Steiffelman, New York, New York, 1990 (October)
Dinner for William Sloane Coffin, Riverside Church, New York, New York , 1990 (December 11)
Tour of U.S. by Julio Portillo (cancelled?), 1990
Discussion with Bello and Vu, New York, New York, 1991 (February 21)
Book launching The Sun Never Sets, 1991 (April 18) (co-sponsored by SANE/Freeze International)
Box 7 off site
U.N. tours and seminars 1989-1990
U.N. tour and seminar, 1989 (January 19)
U.N. tour and seminar, 1989 (March 16)
U.N. tour and seminar, 1989 (June 13)
U.N. tour and seminar, 1989 (October 5)
Events Attended
International Calendar of Events, 1988-
List of events/activities
Persons interested in representing SANE/Freeze at international events/conferences
SANE/Freeze representatives at international events/conferences
Report on European Nuclear Disarmament Conference, Sweden, 1988 (June 29 - July 2) by Charlie Brown, SANE/Freeze
Report on Destruction of Missiles, Kazakhstan, 1988 (July 29) by Bernice Bild
Weiss attendance at Women for a Meaningful Summit,
Athens, Greece, (November)07-091988 Report on International Conference on Nulcear-Free Zone Local Authorities,
(February) 1989 by Bernice Bild, SANE/Freeze representative
Monitoring of Soviet troop withdrawal from Hungary, 1989 (May) [includes report by Sylvia and
Georges Temmer]
Ecological trip to Nicaragua, 1989 (June) [includes report by Paul McNeil]
Cora Weiss attendance at Conference on Women, Ecology and Peace, Moscow, 1989 (June 1-6)
Cora Weiss attendance at European Nuclear Disarmament Conference, Spain, 1989 (July 5-9)
International Peace Forum, Bonn, FRG, 1989 (October 1- 3) [includes report by June Gerrish]
Cora Weiss attendance at Mass Media in Time of Crisis Conference, Vasteras, Sweden, 1989 (October 15-17)
Citizens' Congress for a Nuclear Test Ban, Alma Ata, USSR, (May) 1990 [includes report by Sylvia and
Georges Tummer]
Ric Rothschiller (Hawaii SANE/Freeze) attendance at Crossroads 1991: Towards a Nuclear Free, Bases-Free
Philippines, 1990 (May)
Steven Brion-Meisels (SANE/Freeze Board member) attendance at European Nuclear Disarmament Conference
Participation of SANE/Freeze members on International Peace Cruise, 1990 (July 20 - August 7)
Cora Weiss attendance at Peace Award ceremony, Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, 1991 (April 21)
Staff attendance at Peace, Justice, and Development conference, New York, 1991 (October 11 - 13)
Box 8 off site
Reception for Ruth Sivard, Washington, DC, 1991 (June 14)
SANE/Freeze sponsored breakfast meeting for representatives of
European Network Against the Arms Race, 1991 (November 4)
Reception for Walk Across America participants, 1992 (January 29)
Mailing list - US
Mailing list - foreign

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Peace Action Milwaukee, WI, 1996-2004
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Miscellaneous Branches, 1998-2014
Student Peace Action Network: SPAN Report / SPAN Update, 1998-2000
Education Fund: Action Alert [mailing], 1995 (December 1)
Education Fund: Grassroots Organizer [mailing]: Washington Report, 1998-2000
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