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Materials in English, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese
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The Indochina Resource Center was founded in 1971 to inform the American people, legislators, and the media about the war in Indochina. The IRC also disseminated information about the countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam where U.S. military personnel were fighting or bombing. The IRC changed its name to the Southeast Asia Resource Center in 1976. In 1982 the organization was absorbed by Asia Research Center.

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Gift of the Asia Resource Center, 1993 (acc. 93A-044) and 1994 (acc. 94A-075)
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Historical Background
The Indochina Resource Center was founded in 1971 to inform the American people, legislators, and the media about the war in Indochina. The IRC also disseminated information about the countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam where U.S. military personnel were fighting or bombing. The IRC changed its name to the Southeast Asia Resource Center in 1976. In 1982 the organization was absorbed by the Asia Research Center. The IRC published reports on the infamous "tiger cages" used to house prisoners of the South Vietnamese government. These reports were gathered by Don Luce who worked for International Voluntary Services in Vietnam.

Collection Overview
Includes background material; press clippings, reference files, and research notes.

Items removed:

Audiovisual items
Photographs and negatives

Arrangement of Collection
These records are unprocessed and in little or no order (as they were donated). Because there is an extensive photograph collection from this organization, a listing of the photo categories and boxes follows that of the box listing for the records.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [this material is located off-site]
Agent Orange
Vol agency book
Tiger cages
War damage / reconstruction (Vietnam)
Agent Orange
Children: Amer-Asian children
Children: Vietnamese orphans and street kids
Tin Lanh Church
Ecological damage
Development and reconstruction: student flood relief report, 1965 (March)
Agriculture: forage crops in Vietnam (International Voluntary Services)
Agriculture: soils of Viet-Nam
Agriculture: rice soils in South Vietnam
Agriculture: Vietnamese statistics ( U.S. Operations Mission to Viet-Nam), 1959
Children: (Don Luce, Lou Kudoicka re: orphans—SFRC (Congressional Record)
Children: Testimony re: Amer-Asian childcare by Don Luce, April 5, 1972
Children: Senator Hatfield (Congressional Record) re: children orphaned and wounded in Vietnam War, April 10, 1972
Children: adoption (Committee of 1000 Proposal)
Ecocide: Land War Craters; Leveling the Land; The Big Bomb, Pfeiffer and Westing, Environment, November 1971
Montagnards: Unlearned Lessons of History, Gerald Hickey, February 13, 1971
Reconstruction—D. Marr’s Proposal, February 26, 1973
Reconstruction: Luce—Canh—Ronk Response
Refugees: CORDS—Refugee News, November-December 1968
Honeywell Article—World
Honeywell Project
Ng. thi Dinh Memoir—Book Possibility (Mai Elliot has done Cornell translation)
Miscellaneous material on IRC [2 folders]
Reference Files
Loose material (various pamphlets/books about Vietnam)
--Breakdown of the Vietnam Ceasefire: The Need for a Balanced View by Indochina Resource Center
--Lecture: Southeast Asia by Edward G. Lansdale, Colonel, USAF
--Banh Chung Banh Day, The New Year’s Rice Cakes: A Vietnamese Folk Tale
--Children of Viet-Nam: A Storybook for Children
--Liberation (Spring 1971)
--Tell them we are people.: Organizing Guidline, Indochina Mobile Education Project
--The Politics of Food: Starvation and Agricultural Revolution in Cambodia by Indochina Resource Center
--The War is Not Over: Press Clippings on U.S. Covert War in Indochina November 1972-January 31, 1973 by Indochina Resource Center
Peace Negotiations: Protests— Vietnam, pre-1975
Vietnam War, 1974
Box 2 [this material is located off-site]
Tiger Cages Project
Industrial Progress for Laos, 1966
“SVN in Struggle”: NLF Publication
Third Force
Newspaper and magazine clippings—Jean-Pierre Debris
Newspaper and magazine clippings—Van II
Bloodbath Myth / Vietnam
Vietnam Peace Plans
North Vietnam War Period
Indochina Resource Center (IRC): Laos
Laos—Foreign Relations, May 1975-December 1975
U.S. Invasion— Laos, 1974
Additional Evacuee Information
Vietnam War, 1968-1973
Laos, November 1973
Vietnam Religion
Vietnam Political Prisoners, pre-May 1975
National Student Union Statements
Folder 1 of 3
--Southern Laos and “Steel Tiger”
--Northern Laos and “Barrel Roll”
Folder 2 of 3
--Vietnam, North and South
--Corona Harvest
Folder 3 of 3
--Key Contacts
--Joe’s Stuff
--Last Hopes
--Good Letters
--Janiel Joeley
Correspondence from Mailing
--Ben. Contact
--Won’t Coop
--East Coast
--Ed and Elaine
--Address Unknown
Indochina Mobile Ed Project: Historical File
[folder for loose papers]
Box 3 [this material is located off-site]
U.S.—245 T: Environment and Economy
Clippings—Van I
Laos Chronicle—Clippings
Laos, January-June 1974
Laos, July and November-December 1974
South Vietnam—Economics, pre-1975
Vietnam Defoliation
Vietnam—Refugees, pre-1975
Box 4 [this material is located off-site]
David Truong Court Case
Laos: 1971
Not labeled [Bangkok-Vientiane map]
Air War on Laos
U.S. Intervention, 1973
Laos Miscellany
Laos—Thai Press, 1976
ICCS and Laos
Lao, Royal Government: Press Releases / Revue de Presse
Peace Talks
Arbuckle, Tammy
Laos—Government and Politics
History: Chronology, Factsheet
Background on Laos: American Embassy ( Laos)
Laos: North Vietnamese in Laos
Maps of Laos
Pathet Lao: Official Publications and Statements
Southern Laos
Pathet Lao
Lao History—Review of Conflict in Laos by Dommen / Norman Peagem
Los Annales de la Royaume de Xieng Khouang
Laos—Refugee Resettlement
Folder 1 of 19
Folder 2 of 19
Folder 3 of 19
Folder 4 of 19
Folder 5 of 19
Folder 6 of 19
Folder 7 of 19
Folder 8 of 19
Folder 9 of 19
Folder 10 of 19
Folder 11 of 19
Folder 12 of 19
Folder 13 of 19
Folder 14 of 19
Folder 15 of 19
Folder 16 of 19
Folder 17 of 19
Folder 18 of 19
Box 5 [this material is located off-site]
Folder 19 of 19
Not labeled [photo removal form and article “Les Femmes Lao dans la Lutte Contre l’Agression US pour le Salut National]
Villages of Origin of Plain of Jars Refugees
The Internal Development and External Relation of the Lao Communist Movement, John Scully
“Foreign Policy—Take Two”: A view of American policy on Laos, 1955-1962, Sarah E. Diamant
Comments by Refugees, July 3, 1970
Refugee Camps in the Vientiane Plain, April 1971
Refugees (Case Histories, etc.)
Not labeled [Notes and tape transcripts/refugees]
Villages: Water Resource and Farm Development Questionnaire and Statistics
U.S. Aid in Laos
EC. INFRA: Alphabetized Index, UNESCO
Laos, 1955-1960
Lao History: USIS Report— Laos: Problems Traced to Neighbors
American Influence on the Domestic Politics of Laos, 1957-1962, Ansil Ramsay
Not labeled [drawings of Laotian society and culture in pamphlet called “On Understanding Laotian Society”]
U.S. Aid to Laos (Military and Economic)
Military Conflict, 1970
Laos, 1972-1973
Military Aid to Laos
Air America
U.S. Involvement—CIA
Laos, 1970
Notes from Refugee Camp at Ban Donetay, January 16, 1971
Not labeled
Selected Press Reports
U.S. Economic Aid to Laos
Not labeled
Military Conflict, 1972
Laos, 1960-1963
Laos, 1964-1965
Laos, 1966-1967
Research—Notes, Laos
U.S. Intervention, 1970
Not labeled
U.S. Intervention, 1971
Laos Chronicle—Documents, Letters, etc.

Box 6 [this material is located off-site]
Indochina Resource Center, 1973
Southeast Asia Resource Center, California, 1977-1984
Indochina Resource Center, 1971-1972
Indochina Resource Center, 1974
"Vietnam: The Human Costs of the American Aid Programs," 1974
Indochina Resource Center, 1975
"Air War: The Third Indochina War - Lao Refugee Drawing," 1972
"Children of Vietnam: A Storybook for Children," 1973
"The War is Not Over," 1973


8" x 10" Size [acc. 93A-044] [this material is located on-site]

Box 1
Photos re: Vietnam War
- U.S. soldiers in Vietnam
- U.S. POWs in Vietnam
- Refugee camps and refugees (in Saigon only?)
- Political prisoners in Vietnam
- Prisoners released in Vietnam
- Air war
- Bombing of dikes

Box 2
Photos re: Vietnam War
- North Vietnam: bombing defense
- North Vietnam: bombing (of?by?), December 1972
- North Vietnam: bombing (of?by?); weapons; planes; etc.
- VNA Cambodia: Pol Pot overthrow [see also photos of wounded and dead from this campaign]

Box 3
Photos re: Vietnam War
- Devastation from war (buildings, land, etc.)
- Vietnam-China War, 1979
- Vietnamese people
- DRVN national minorities
- Vietnamese children
- Vietnamese buildings and landscape
- Paris Peace Talks?, 1977
- Laos: general/miscellaneous
- Artwork by Vietnamese children

Box 4
Photos re: Vietnam and Vietnam War from Fred Branfman’s scrapbooks

Box 5
Photos re: Vietnam War
- Wounded and dead people [VERY GRAPHIC]

Box 6
Photos re: Vietnam War:
- Anti-war movement (U.S.)

4" x 5 " and 5" x 7" Size [acc. 93A-044] [this material is located on-site]

Box 1
Photos re: Vietnam War
- IRC traveling exhibit/s
- Anti-war movement (U.S.): general
- Anti-war movement (U.S.): Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Mme. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thoa, Mme Ngo Ba Thanh
- Anti-war movement (U.S.): IPC speaking tour
- Anti-war movement (U.S.): protest in Washington (DC), January 27, 1975 [1974?]
- Anti-war movement (U.S.): Vietnam veterans
- Anti-war movement (U.S.): lobbying Congress
- Anti-war movement (Vietnamese): protests
- Vietnamese defense (male and female soldiers, etc.)
- Political prisoners in Vietnam
- Refugee camp/s (in Saigon only?)
- Vietnamese children
- DRVN national minorities
- U.S. soldiers in Vietnam
- U.S. POWs in Vietnam
- Weapons; airplanes
- Devastation from war (buildings, land, dikes), ca. 1971-1972
- Vietnamese people
- General/miscellaneous
- Photos by G. McT. Kahin, 1972
- Photos by Vietnam News Agency (Hanoi), 1975
- Photos by Vietnam New Agency (Hanoi), 1976
- Laos: general/miscellaneous
- Laos: U.S./Saigon offensive in southern Laos, 1971
- Laos: photos by Linda and Murray Hiebert [with MCC?]
- Laos: photos by Monique McClellan, 1975
- Laos: photos by John Yoder (MCC), 1979
- Laos: photos by Jacqui Cahgnon and Roger Rumpf (AFSC), 1979
- Laos: photos by ___ Hostetter and ___ Martin (MCC), 1980

Box 2
Photos re: Vietnam and Vietnam War from Fred Branfman’s scrapbooks

Box 3
Photos re: Vietnam War
- Wounded and dead people [VERY GRAPHIC]

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